The Result of Selling out for Thirteen Pieces of Silver

Obama and the Washington Democrats, with their obvious thirst for power instead of protecting our freedom, have now embarrassed those American citizens who love this Republic and respect those who have given their lives for it over the decades and centuries.  These citizens are unlike too many others who voted for this Alinsky-driven community organizer and his carrot stick of income distribution.  

They chose 13-pieces of silver in trade for individual freedoms and a Constitution that protects those freedoms.  Now look what they have given us, the result in on Obama's first test for that 3 a.m. phone call to the White House, the one ironically posed by Hillary Clinton who now takes her orders from The One who failed her test this last week.  Isn't payback interesting?

Instead of being seen as a leader, Obama is being looked upon as a coward for freedom in the face of adversity, not by conservatives but by the Iranian candidate himself screwed in the mock election results. 

Instead of standing behind the Iranian students, as Reagan stood behind those trapped in East Germany not giving a damn what the Russia leaders thought or Ted Kennedy, who tried an end run around Reagan, Obama called the Iranian students’ opposition "the supreme leader" as if endorsing the flawed results! 

I keep telling people after that Obama bow to the Saudi Prince, he learned his lessons well in his early childhood training in Indonesia.  (I have an assignment at the end of this message for those you might pass this to.) 

An article yesterday on the Obama/Iranian situation aptly titled, Frozen Custard for Obama as Iran Burns, shows exactly where Obama's head was in the midst of a Middle East crisis. 

His arrogance was no different from his using Air Force One to take his wife on a date in New York City while millions of Americans are out of work.  In fact, I heard Glenn Beck read a script from one of the networks this morning reporting exactly what kind of custard Obama had and what kind of toppings the girls had.  We have been betrayed again by the elitists in Gotham City!

The other above comments are NOT my opinions.  Read the following stories released today, the following copy pulled directly from the articles:

 1.  "The president of the United States should be the leader of the free world. In the past week, we have discovered he is not.  That mantle has been firmly grasped by Gordon Brown, the prime minister of Britain."

2.  "The letter, addressed to Obama, takes the president to task for the remark, calling it "a grave and deep insult, not just to Mr. Mousavi but especially against the judgment of the Iranian people, against our moral conviction and intelligence, especially those of the young generation that comprises a population of 31 million."

Finally, here is a test that I have completed myself.  Go to my Web site (listed below) and scroll down in the middle column to a side photo of Obama bowing to a Saudi Prince. A link to a video is also available for viewing.

Looking at Obama's position to the Saudi Prince in the full bow, get someone in your family slightly shorter than you and see if you can shake his/her hand without bowing.  Now in front of that same person, take Obama's position to the Saudi Prince.  You will discover you cannot see yourself shaking hands, but you are, indeed, bowing while your partner is looking at the top of your head, and you, at the ground.

The White House denied this. But i f you agree with your own test, write to the White House and ask how we can trust a president who doesn't even know when he is bowing.  At least George Bush knew when he was kissing.

See, it's still true.  The more things CHANGE in Washington with these bums, the more they remain the same.




"Freedom is Knowledge"