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"It is important that Western countries avoid impeding Muslims from practicing their religion 'as they see fit.'" - President Barack Obama; 2009 Cairo Speech, Blessing Sharia Law


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Geert Wilders Of The Netherlands:

"War Has Been Declared against Us" - GatestoneInstitute

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Why Did Obama Bow To A Mayor Of A U.S. City?

Honoring his early years of instruction in the Muslim faith, President Obama was photographed bowing down to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio.

Why? How about for her designating a day in November of 2008 for Muslim organization, CAIR, acknowledging Tampa Muslims. The document has since been removed from its online URL.



"While a mosque is one step closer to being built in New York City blocks away from Ground Zero, a church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks has yet to be restored." - CBN, August 4, 2010

While Obama's lips said he understood the feelings of families of the victims of 9/11, he tried to put his position on supporting the Mosque at Ground Zero on the backs of America's founders, suddenly seeing them as a light for him to use in his dark view of America. It is why I believe nine years after Pearl Harbor, a president Obama would have allowed a Japanese Shrine build over the battleship Missouri. But in 1950, he would have done it at his peril, unlike the America today that seems confused what it is to believe about their country.

Yet where is the Greek Church (see photo on left taken on 9/11) that was destroyed by the 9/11 towers collapsing on September 11, 2001. Obama still says nothing about why this structure was NOT allowed to be rebuilt!



Stunning Warning in Canada in 2011 from Indian Muslim, a Former Fascist, on the coming Islamic Fascism to the West. Watch.





Never Forget The Original Design That Was Attempted By Obama's Progressive Park Department For Our Pennsylvania Memorial To Flight 93


But what is most disturbing is the silence just before the November 2010 elections from Congress, Obama, and the liberal media about another memorial to 9/11, this one being built in Shankesville, Pennsylvania. It was reported it had been scheduled to be opened the same day as the Mosque planned for New York City just blocks from the 9/11 site, September 11, 2011.

The original memorial to Flight 93 looked more like a memorial to the terrorist that flew those 40 Americans into the ground. Laura Bush and Michelle Obama were scheduled to speak at the site on September 11, 2010, as American construction workers bulldozed the hollow ground for a memorial that was designed to be as deceptive as the radical Islamicsts who dove Flight 93 into American history.

A friend sent me a video of the Flight 93 Memorial, my never having seen it before. The video questioned the design of the memorial, looking as if a sophisticated structure to be built to honor Islam and those that had died for Allah.

National Park Service's updated (summer 2010) .pdf file on memorial drawings.

I took the main circle of the design from the planner's .pdf file, made it slightly transparent, and for fun laid it over a map of Shankesville and the northeast from Mapquest. (See graphic to your left.)

The circle design, (brown area is rows of trees that highlight the crescent shape from the San Francisco architect), points due north in the .pdf file. The Mapquest graphic also points due north. The red star barely showing under the center of the circle is Mapquest's mark for the positioning of Shankesville, Pennsylvania.

The dot over the Mapquest red star is a dot noting the very center of the architecture's design, which I used for approximate placement.

The author of the video pointed to just one of the strange anomalies of this total design where you can draw straight line from the two bottom edges where the trees end to cross over Washington D.C., the destination of the terrorists not the passengers that were supposed to have been flown to San Francisco. I wanted to see for myself before reporting it to others.

When I used the pen tool in Illustrator and lined up a straight line with the end of the trees and extended the line southeast, the line crossed directly over Washington D.C. I was stunned at the revelation, the design honoring where the terrorists were going, not the passengers. Then I started listening to the video more intently.

The video said more trees on the left helped to guide a straight line that was perpendicular to the line drawn to Washington D.C., ITS CENTER WHERE FLIGHT 93 HAD DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND. The author reports his second line points directly to MECCA on the other side of the world. Finally, since the Crescent is the Islamic symbol (with a star in the open end of the crescent, if the star would be added to this design it would fall right over where Flight 93 had crashed.

The memorial was being designed by Obama's National Parks Service, my remembering the political correctness in another U.S. agency, the U.S. Army, which had tried to remove Lt. Col. West from the service for firing a gun near a terrorist's ear in Iraq. West had gotten the captured Islamic terrorist to reveal an ambush that was going to kill American soldiers. West later ran for the U.S. House of Representative in Southeast Florida, able to keep his pension that the Army wanted to take away yet still had to resign after 22-years of service.

I suspect when Obama named a Jihadist's act of violence at Ft. Hood "Workplace Violence," denying the dead and wounded Purple Hearts, West would have not been surprised over the treatment he had received in Iraq by a military morphing to honor political correctness over lives lost. The Jihadist went to prison, (which means he can get out one day), yet the Obama media in 2014 continuted to bury the story that this Jihadist while in a U.S. prison tried to join the ISIS movement overseas.

So there should be no surprise the National Park Service would also be infiltrated by this political correct ideology, the same ideology that had also kicked Franklin Graham from the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer in May of 2010 because Graham exposed Islamists around the world documented murdering Christians and burning down their churches, tons of news reports and photos supporting his claim. Yet Obama made sure Franklin didn't attend the day of prayer, denying his request in a private meeting at Graham's home in North Carolina.

So what of the memorial's design?

The entire layout as seen from the air can be viewed on the architect's .pdf file on page two. (See graphic to the lower left.) Note the Tower of Voices later shown on a page in the file, is a crescent-shaped tower hanging 40 chimes that are supposed to represent those who died on 9/11 in Shankesville, Pennsylvania, trying to save the plane.

But this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Flight 93 architectural drawing of the planned site as to be seen from the air.

You can watch a more exacting video of how the architect planned a tribute to Islam. It is detailed and about 11 minutes long. There were way too many symbols and lines formed not to question the Flight 93 Memorial's design objective, Islam itself responsible for mathematics, the compass, and the circle.

While America builds a simple Wall of Honor to those who died in Vietnam where family members can touch the names, looking at the site page with amazement how patriot it is, this Flight 93 Memorial being designed by Obama's Park Department was as if from a Dicken's Novel . . . maybe even Edgar Allan Poe.

While this Islamic memorial design is accused of dishonoring those who tried to keep Flight 93 from crashing into a building in Washington DC, remember that Americans can dishonor our heroes, too.

The American FOX Television Network did an excellent job of mocking our Vietnam Vets look as if chickens for a slaughter. Watch the actual Family Guy cartoon that trashed our treasures who died in Nam, Murdoch getting away with it for profit. But of course, Americans laugh at Family Guy, proving the grass roots of America has grown rotten.

It is as if God has made America's heart hard, like He did to the Pharaoh of Moses' time, knowing the people have become corrupt as he knew the heart of Pharaoh was not going to release the Jews. It is as if written again in stone, thousands of years later.

If you have begun to wonder what the hell was going on with the Flight 93 original memorial design, here is more information in Part II of the video. Note this specific video investigates the Park Service's 44 blocks planned within the memorial. That's right, 44 where 40 Americans had died and no one on the ground was killed. Watch the video if you want to know what the four additional blocks represent and whose lives they quietly honor.

But for me the most disturbing design is the Tower of Voices seen on the left, which hangs 40 symbols of those brave Americans murder on Flight 93 by four Islamists trained to attack the Great Satan, their efforts tied to the training of the Muslim pilots of the other three planes that had hit the Trade Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, a day that shall live in infamy. But it seems supporters of Islam are doing their best to honor the Muslim pilots while the others are seen as trash - infidels.

In the above videos you will watch that this tower is also an Islamic sundial, pointing to the four days of required prayer.

Note the tower itself is also shaped into a crescent whenlooking at the top edge. It is as if Islam has trapped these American souls into a fuselage shape that was rammed into the ground at Shankesville, turning it into a Muslim symbol that would entombs their enemy.

While Americans in their naivety would see this as a memorial to their dead, it is Islam that will understand this design proclaiming those American souls who died on Flight 93 are now surrounded by Islam. It is as if those 40 murdered Americans have become entrapped by their Muslim hijackers forever in a tower of Islamic symbolism.

Coincidence? Not with radical supporters of Islam. Like bin laden, who hated the West and is now dead, everything was planned down to the last box cutter while our tears for those lost in 9/11 are turned into their victories right under our noses through many levels of our own infiltrated government. Look what Communist Van Jones said, (a vetted appointee for one of Obama's Czars), the day after 9/11!

The terrorists listened well. It's a shame university indoctrinated Americans are not.

Even RINOs had gotten into the fray,
Senator Hatch having approved the Mosque at ground zero.




Muslim Cleric Warned FOX News In 2011; We Are Coming!

“Sharia will come and it will remove the corruption of democracy, and freedom, and all of your exploitation,” Muslim Cleric Choudary said. You are worried because you know Islam is coming to your backyard.”





"You always have to be on the lookout for backdoor schemes by Washington D.C. politicians as they pander for votes while dismissing the plight of the American people." - Former U.S. House of Reprentative, Allen West

Is Obama White House Treatment Of Military And Vets Part Of A Grand Plan? - Allen West





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