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Something Horribly Wrong

Source:  Michael Savage / NBC

Ismail Ax: The Shooter Was Another 'Son of Sacrifice'

"He hated America from the beginning."

European press blames Charlton Heston - the same ones America had to save in WWII because they were weak on defense. Looking back, that probably was a mistake, our losing too many GI's for these societies that should be speaking German today.

"What the hell gave the greedy moguls of NBC the right to put their logo over Cho's picture?  They didn't create the materials, and unless Cho gave them a letter of intent, the material wasn't their's to trademark. 

NBC, with their logo on Cho's wild-west gun picture, shows they were trying to profit from simply receiving the material overnight from Cho, and therefore on the backs of his 32 victims.  

Cho seemed to simply choose NBC to be a conduit to the world.  By NBC not giving all the information directly to the authorities to allow them to source it instead to all the media as deemed necessary, Cho was born again thanks to NBC

The families were correct to cancel their interviews with NBC, a vile network that continues to lose its way with the American people." - Webmaster

Now its ABC News that uses Cho's act to hide poll's findings for political correctness - ABC Poll Finds Twice as Many Blame Culture as Guns, yet ABC Spikes Story!

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 required the Attorney General to establish the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS.)


The Dark Side of Diversity



"Freedom is Knowledge"