What's going on in Hazleton, Pennsylvania?


"Every time we answer a domestic incident, our police, every time we answer a nuisance call, every time there's a traffic accident involving illegal aliens, it takes police away from their patrols.  Every time we send a code enforcement officer, every time we send a health officer, every time we send a fireman involving an incident with illegal aliens, it drains the City's resources and we realized we needed to do something.

I could no longer wait for the Federal Government to do anything.  Illegal Immigration is not a federal problem.  It's a local issue.  We deal with it every single day.  So we crafted an Ordinance that would do one of two things.  It would punish businesses that hire unlawful workers because it is illegal to hire unlawful workers.  We also punish landlords and hold them accountable for harboring illegal aliens because it is illegal to harbor illegal aliens."

\Mayor Barletta, Hazleton, Pennsylvania

What the city tried to do about illegal immigration because the Feds wouldn't (.pdf)

. . . and why a Clinton appointed judge and the ACLU fought it.


What Judicial Watch said about the issue. (.pdf)

"According to New Judicial Watch – Zogby Poll : 66% of Likely Voters -- Including Majority of Hispanics – Support Using More Law Enforcement to Stop Illegal Immigration." . . . read more


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