August 16, 2006


Dear Amazon:

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with Amazon’s political correctness. Is Amazon now becoming one of those new, elitist international corporations that could care less that its corporate headquarters sits on U.S. soil?

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 provided Rudy Giuliani with a Churchillian political opportunity: while Bush was whisked away by the Secret Service, Giuliani seized the moment, striding stalwartly along ruined streets, an image which may well propel him to the White House. Barrett and Collins' investigation proves an illuminating counterpoint to Giuliani's unofficial christening as "America's Mayor," highlighting the critical errors Guiliani made before, during and after the attack.

I say this because I discovered today, and by accident, that the ONLY Editorial Review Amazon created for Rudi Guiliani's new book "Grand Illusion," was from the acid-left progressive Village Voice, the very editors who didn't want backpacks searched in rail stations in New York City. Isn't that just like the dirty flea floating down a river on his back with an erection, screaming for the drawbridge to open?

Maybe international companies like Amazon have forgotten the near destruction of the American economy it sits under when ben laden beat the crap out of the United States economy, with Guiliani one of few who rose like a Phoenix out of the ashes of lower Manhattan. I lived 20 miles from Manhattan at the time, remembering the chaos as sirens went off and children were rushed home from school in northern New Jersey. If you go out to San Francisco they have no idea what you’re talking about. But Amazon executives in Seattle probably already know that.

I even remember members of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. singing "God Bless America" on that infamous day while standing on the steps of our capital, as if they even understood the words that were coming out of their mouths.

So is Amazon now in the dangerous business of promoting the opinions of progressive Democrats against upcoming potential presidential candidates, and if so what the hell is that about? I hope Amazon posts another review on Guiliani’s book page that reflects someone who was with Guiliani during 9/11 and understands what really went on, the man and those that surrounded him almost killed by falling buildings. If not, I'm taking my dollar’s elsewhere.

Sadly, though, I see this as no accident from the new meg-worlds of corporations such as Amazon, Google, or Starbucks. But they may soon discover again it's Americans like Giuliani who will act like the adult among the children when the next terrorist attack rips out the bottom line of progressive corporations, their business success suddenly riding again on the whims of Muslims who hate and despise their elitism, a social group Americans used to laugh at as camel jockeys.

But it’s not so funny anymore, is it? By the way, the socialist agenda of the progressive movement of those who run the Village Voice is not unlike what my parents used to call Communism in the 1950s. It's all just the same old message wrapped around a new name and tied up with a pretty red ribbon of change. I should know, now living ten miles north of progressive Asheville, North Carolina, a place that in 2001 Rolling Stone Magazine called the Freakiest City in America.


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