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Michael Solomon was a 15-year veteran of the New York City Police Department and served  in its drug enforcement division, receiving well over a dozen awards for his excellent service
Date: September 20, 2007   Vol. 2 2- Issue 14

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

There has and continues to be much talk about the Liberal Left that denies there is a war against terror. Even democratic candidate John Edwards said there is no war on terror. He said it was a "Bush bumper sticker slogan, used to justify the war in Iraq and bludgeon his political opponents."

Edward's now declares his independence from a phrase that politicians have been brandishing with vigor for over five years. At a recent Democrat debate in South Carolina, moderator Brian Williams, of NBC, asked the eight candidates: "Show of hands question: Do you believe there is such a thing as a global war on terror?"

Senator Hillary Clinton's hand shot up. After some noticeable hesitation, Senator Barack Obama joined her. Edwards did not raise his hand. He told Time Magazine in an interview that he will no longer use what he views as "a Bush-created political phrase."

In a 2006 article by Heather Mac Donald for the National Review, she wrote, "It's official: The Left doesn't believe that Islamic terrorism exists. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, terror watch lists are nothing more than the product of John Ashcroft's paranoid imagination, and should play no more role in government policy than a compendium of his favorite anthems. The ACLU's dismissal of terror information is just the latest manifestation of the Left's blindness to national-security reality. The only remaining question is why such postures continue to influence national defense."

I have to respectfully disagree with Ms. Mac Donald. The Left does acknowledge there is a war on terror, they just do it by what has become a submission to demands by terrorist sympathizers, mostly Muslim activist groups, like C.A.I.R. with the blessing of the ACLU.

It is what I call the "Bully Syndrome." When I was in school the bully of the class would terrorize all of the other students by pushing them around and creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Most people tried to appease the bully (terrorist) by giving in to their demands.

How does this equate to the current war on terror? Suddenly we find that since 9/11 there has and continues to be unbelievable accommodations to appease the Muslim community, so just as the bully, they (terrorists) will not bother us. Most of these accommodations have been put in place by the liberal left with the blessings of the ACLU and upheld by liberal activist judges; all in the name of Political Correctness.

If we were to look back prior to 9/11 you will see that the Muslim community was going about their business, being part of their community. They never made demands that we bend over backwards to accommodate them. There was not any discrimination against the Muslim community as a whole. Even during the days after 9/11, it was made clear that the Muslim community in America was not in compliance with the terrorists. There may have been an atmosphere of fear amongst some Muslims because they may have felt somewhat guilty by association. After all, Muslims committed the dirty dead. Just as some peaceful Germans felt guilt over the Holocaust after the war.

So why do I believe the Liberal Left really believes there is a war on terror - because they are trying to appease the Muslims with concessions that we do not afford any other religious group in America today; in effect trying to appease the bully.

The latest battleground over religious accommodation is the San Diego public school system. Every day in a San Diego public school, an employee of the Board of Education comes into a classroom and leads the students in daily Muslim prayer. No other religious group, Christian, Jewish or Mormon are allowed to have their own prayer service. The ACLU claims to allow Christian's and Jews to pray would be a violation of the first amendment's provision of separation of church and state. And, Muslim prayer services are not? It will not be long before it comes to a school near you. So, where is the outrage?

In federal prisons, they are removing all religious books in the libraries. However, the issuing of the Quran to Muslim prisoners is permitted. Where is the outrage?

Congressman Ellison (D-MN) was sworn in as a member of Congress with his hand on the Quran not the traditional bible that has been used since the first congress. If Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT), a Jew, wanted to be sworn in holding the Torah, he would have been laughed out of the Senate. Where is the outrage?

College campuses are installing footbaths for Muslim students. Religious accommodations for any other organized religious are forbidden. Where is the outrage?

Airport terminals are setting aside prayer rooms for Muslim travelers, but Christians, Jews or any other religious group are not accommodated. Where is the outrage?

Stephen Jukes, Reuters' global head of news, decreed in an internal memo, that the giant wire service's 2,500 journalists should not use the T-word unless in a direct quote. "We all know that ones man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and that Reuters uphold the principle that we do not use the word terrorists."

Why is it that we must appease the Muslims by giving in to their intimidating demands? However, when it comes to wanting to recognize that there really is a war on terror, the left admonishes and berates those who want to remember what took place on September 11. How long will it be before we start to recognize Sharia law and prosecute Muslim offenders of U.S. Laws under Sharia Law? It is happening in Germany.

In an article written for Town Hall, Sept. 11, 2007, Lisa De Pasquale wrote of a High School student she had featured in a previous article.

"Last week I wrote about students who are bucking the trend of today's college campuses and speaking out as conservatives. After reading my column mentioning high school senior Toni Woods, her teacher asked her, 'Why would anyone talk about a 16- year-old no-nothing?' After word got around about the article, another teacher called Toni a "traitor." After years of teaching with a liberal bias, Toni went off and became a conservative. How dare she! There are thousands of young conservatives that walk into classrooms every day with a smile and the intent to annoy their liberal professors."

Two girls at Walt Whitman High School in New York were told by their principal that Never Forget buttons they had made up could not be distributed because their "pins could be used as weapons." Some other excuses used by various administrators from others schools included calling the flags a fire hazard (only the left could come up with this one) and insisting that the campus conservatives must camp outside so the flags could be watched 24 hours-a-day.

Today's children are members of a new generation - the September 11 Generation.

In a poll conducted by Dr. Drew Pinsky of the Tarrance Group for the Independent Women's Forum, showed nearly every student said September 11 changed their behavior. Many said they now pray more or volunteer more. Pinsky observed, "I think that the students have changed - my perspective is that their attitude has shifted from a sense of entitlement to one of gratitude."

It seems like the woodsman hero of "Little Red Riding Hood" is beginning to reappear to fight off the constituents of the big bad wolf, whom the left claims does not exist. Wake up America, before it is too late.

And, that is my opinion.

Michael Solomon

Author of 'Where Did My America Go?"


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