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Michael Solomon was a 15-year veteran of the New York City Police Department and served  in its drug enforcement division, receiving well over a dozen awards for his excellent service
Date: September 20, 2007   Vol. 2 2- Issue 15

Why Even Think About It?

It is unusual for me to write an Op-Ed piece one day after the other. However, the news in the last twenty- four-hours has left me outraged.

President Ahmadinejad of Iran is arriving in New York City, to address the United Nations, General Assembly. Unfortunately, we cannot deny him access to New York City for his visit, because Iran is a member nation of the U.N. However, we should not afford him any other courtesy than to attend the U.N. meeting. If it were my decision, I would confine him to the U.N., his residence and his embassy while he is here.

Part of my outrage stems from the fact that he wants to visit the hallow ground of the World Trade Center (Ground Zero) so he can pay tribute (so his ambassador claims) by laying a wreath there.

Even though that fact leaves me outraged, I am more outraged about the way it has been handled and what has been said about his intended plans.

According to news reports, "the request to enter the fenced-in site was rejected because of ongoing construction." That statement was attributed to a Port Authority Police Department spokesperson Paul Brown. Brown also stated that, "Requests for the Iranian president to visit the immediate areas would also be opposed by the NYPD on security grounds." Therefore, what is it, construction or security?

According to an AP newswire, The Port Authority, which owns the trade center site and is the only agency that could grant permission to go inside, said it attended a meeting with police regarding dignitary visits, not specifically about Ahmadinejad. Right! (My comment) At the meeting, it was determined that no dignitaries would be allowed inside the site due to ongoing construction, said Port Authority spokesperson Steve Coleman.

That is where the rest of my outrage lies. It lies in the fact that we would even discuss it. I am appalled at the fact that they would have a meeting about it.

According to the AP, "It wasn't clear whether Ahmadinejad wanted to descend to the base of the trade center site, where the twin towers once stood, or lay a wreath on a public sidewalk outside the site." The Port Authority said there was construction going on. Some excuse that is.

If Tony Blair or John Howard of Australia was in town and wanted to visit the site, I am sure they would halt construction for an hour. The Port Authority now says the NYPD refuses because of security. Stop making lame excuses. Stand up to the man.

Mohammad Mir Ali Mohammadi, representative for the Iranian mission to the U.N., said, "We are hopeful that we can still work something out with the police department." Work what out? This isn't a kid going to his mother and asking for something and getting the answer "Go ask your father." What part of 'NO' don't you understand? I don't even want you in my country let alone have you set foot on that hallow ground.

This is a man who wants the destruction of the United States, denies the Holocaust, and calls for the annihilation of Israel and ignores the United Nations sanctions placed upon him for his nuclear proliferation. If I was the Secretary General of the U.N. my executive order would be, if you ignore the world body's sanctions against you, stay home. You are not invited here until you obey the rules.

I cannot wait for Jimmy Carter (I will not call him former President he has disgraced the office) to chime in. Maybe they can visit the site together. I can picture the two of them sitting at the curb sharing a bag of peanuts.

The good news for Ahmadinejad is that Columbia University has invited him to speak. If you read my last Op-Ed Newsletter, it sounds like another move to appease the 'bully.' Maybe they will dedicate a new footbath to him.

The latest report is that Ahmadinejad says that it doesn't matter what our decision is, he is going to visit the site anyway.

Here is the ironic part to all of this. The one question no one has asked throughout all of the meetings, considerations or consultations is simple. No one has asked it so I will ask it now. Does Ahmadinejad want to lay a wreath for the victims or the hijackers?

Are you outraged yet?

And, that is my opinion.

Michael Solomon

Author of 'Where Did My America Go?"


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