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Date: May 25, 2008   Vol. 3 2- Issue 11

How To Turn A Fantasy Into A Miracle

Nothing else is working so why not try subliminal messages. Do you believe Bill and Hillary could have dreamed that one up? It is possible! Let us look back at the history of subliminal advertising, which was banned in the 1970's after some advertisers tried to use it on television and in the movie theaters.

According to the Webster's dictionary, the word Subliminal (sub·lim·i·nal) adj. is defined as "In psychology, existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual: a subliminal stimulus; subliminal advertising."

A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another medium, designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. These messages are considered unrecognizable by the conscious mind, but in certain situations can affect the subconscious or deeper mind and later actions.

Subliminal messages have been used in advertising. Their purpose, effectiveness, and the frequency of their application of such techniques have been debated.

During the 1970's, subliminal messages were inserted as a momentary, usually less than one-half of a second, into an advertisement or as a flash-frame during a movie. The brain notices and digests it, but your conscious mind is unaware of what is happening. As an experiment during the 1970's, in a move theater in New Jersey, the message "Drink Coca Cola and eat popcorn," flashed across the screen. It was determined that popcorn and Coca- Cola sales increased 50% during that movie.

The question you are probably asking yourself is what does this have to do with the Presidential campaign?

Recently, Barack Obama was accused of using subliminal messages in his political ads. Actually, according to one report, there is a subtle reference in a Hillary ad about a gasoline tax plan that includes a newspaper headline titled, "Obama Attacks Clinton's Gas Tax Plan." The headline was rewritten and placed over an article about "Troopergate."

If you remember, Troopergate is the story of two Arkansas state troopers who allegedly arranged a sexual tryst for Bill Clinton when he was still in the Governor's mansion. It is rumored that a pro-Obama supporter, who had worked on the advertisement, placed the graphics in the ad.

Most people would never even notice it. The ad runs too fast for anyone to actually read the script. Even when I tried to read it during a freeze frame, I needed a magnifying glass to try to raise the fuzzy print to a readable level. Only then could I make out the words: Governor, Arkansas and Troopergate. Therefore, it must be true. Nice job, whoever you are.

Now that Hillary and Bill [they are part of the same package whether you want to believe it or not] have apparently exhausted all their options and can only hope to rise like a "Phoenix," what will they do next?

In her latest mis-speak [LOL] responding to a question from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader editorial board about calls for her to drop out of the race, she said: "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know I just, I don't understand it," she said. Hillary said she didn't understand why, given this history, some Democrats were calling for her to quit.

Is that her "Phoenix" Obama assassination?

Sixty-four year old Sirhan Sirhan, who was convicted of murdering Robert (Bobby) Kennedy, is still serving a life sentence.

This isn't the first time the thought of Obama's early demise was broached in public. Michelle Obama acknowledged this in an interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," in which she was asked if she fears for her husband's life as a black candidate.

She said, "I don't lose sleep over it because the realities are that as a black man Barack can get shot going to the gas station. You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen."

On a recent edition of The Morning Show, CBS's Harry Smith, while interviewing Sen. Ted Kennedy, suggested the enthusiasm for Obama's role as an agent of change makes him a potential target of an assassination. Smith inquired: "When you see that enthusiasm, though, and when you see this generational change that seems to be taking place before our eyes, does it make you at all fearful?"

Kennedy either did not get the point or avoided addressing the obvious reference to the assassination of Kennedy's two older brothers, John and Bobby. Kennedy's non-answer lead Smith to reiterate his ominous warning about how, "sometimes agents of change end up being targets, as you well know. And that was why I was asking if you were at all fearful of that."

Therefore, did Hillary mis-speak or did the Main Street media [subliminally] plant the seed in her mind.

As I listened to her speak and later apologize for her words, I was reminded of the names of other Clinton associates. Vince Foster, who was found dead, apparently by his own hand. He reportedly, committed suicide by shooting himself in the right temple; he was found still clutching the gun in his right hand. It was further reported that Foster was left- handed.

Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman, was reported to have died on impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported he saw a hole in top of Brown's skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death, Brown was being investigated by the Justice Department. He spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors.

These are just two names that come to mind. I know that there are many other persons, too numerous to list here who had been associates of the Clintons and met an untimely end.

Therefore, I asked myself, are the Clintons turning to "Subliminal Advertising?" Are they hoping that there is some deranged person out there who may have heard her message? Someone who hates Obama as much as the Clintons do. [My belief] Someone who is stupid enough to receive a subliminal message and act out Hillary's fantasy. Will it be the Clinton miracle or all miracles?

A Subliminal suggestion is a great way to change your life or turn around a campaign with very little effort at all. All the Clintons have to do now is just sit back and wait. Are the Clintons thinking they should have issued just one more pardon before Bill left office?

I can hear Hillary now: "Bill and I were playing Gin Rummy in Chappaqua when we heard the news. It is a terrible tragedy for his family and America."


And, that is my opinion.

Michael Solomon

Author of "Where Did My America Go?"


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