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Michael Solomon was a 15-year veteran of the New York City Police Department and served  in its drug enforcement division, receiving well over a dozen awards for his excellent service
Date: February 8, 2008   Vol. 3 2- Issue 4

Thou Shalt Not . . .

When I wrote my first book, "Success By Default, The Depersonalization Of Corporate America," in my introduction I described some businesses that operate by what I termed the eleventh commandment. "When in business the first ten do not apply."

In recent weeks, I have come to realize that the rule appears to apply to politics as well. It seems that the candidates of both parties have taken the gloves off and seem to be bare knuckle fighting like two kids on the street. The rhetoric has been designed to strike low blows to the opposing candidate in an attempt to distract them and throw them off balance. However, is it working? The only judges that sit ringside in these matches are the voting public. Moreover, I really do not believe they can be fooled unless they close their eyes.

When John McCain stated that Mitt Romney called for a timetable for the withdrawal of our troops in Iraq, did you believe it? Let us examine what Romney reportedly said. He stated that when two parties discuss any negotiations, be it for business or war the two negotiating parties need to be clear on when, where and how they will proceed. In business if you are negotiating a contract you must be specific in dates and times certain events will take place. E.g., delivery of goods, payment terms, etc.

When two parties negotiate the terms and conditions of changing strategies of war, it is understood that, just as in business, there must be some meeting of the minds as to when changes will take place. For example if the President privately told Iraq that we would like to have your troops in place by next summer so we can start to redeploy ours, is that a public timetable for withdrawal? Alternatively, is it just negotiations? Stop playing on words.

When Bill Clinton, who acts like a corner man in the ring who wants to jump in and start throwing punches when his fighter (Hillary) seems to be getting tossed around, makes comments about Obama in South Carolina like, "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88, Jackson ran a good campaign and Obama ran a good campaign here," Is he playing the race card? Why would anyone believe the Clintons are running a race-baiting campaign to remind voters that Obama is "the black candidate?" (My sarcasm)

Those tactics are some of what has transpired over the past few weeks. However, since Super Tuesday, the landscape on the campaign trail has changed dramatically. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney withdrew his bid for the presidency, leaving McCain the clear front-runner. I can only imagine what backstage deal was made between McCain and Romney. Are we perhaps looking at the pick for Vice President in the former Massachusetts Governor? One can only guess.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama won 13 states. Although, he did not win Bi-coastal California, New York and New Jersey, which was left for Hillary Clinton, he did win most of the flyover delegates, which leaves the Democratic race too close to call. Only a little over a hundred delegates separates them.

Now here is where the eleventh commandment starts to apply on the Democratic side, it is in the so- called, "super delegates." There are approximately 800 party insiders crowned as "super-delegates." Delegates, whose votes are not coupled to the results of any state's caucus or primary, may also influence the nomination and they can vote anyway they want. They can vote en-mass. If they all go to Hillary to put her over the top, stabbing Obama in the back, watch out!

It is my belief that there will be an uproar in Denver that will make Chicago 1968 look like the Paris Peace Talks. If you do not believe that there will be blood on the convention floor or in the streets of Denver, you may be very well mistaken. I would buy stock in Johnson & Johnson bandages.

I wonder if Hillary will get the combatants free medical care. If that happens, the Democrats should just pack up and go home. If that is the way they act while choosing a candidate, how will they act if they get control of the White House or Congress with all their in-fighting?

As a side note, the usually union coddling Democrats have decided to choose a non-union arena in Denver to hold their convention. The unions are now threatening to disrupt the convention. To make matters even more unproductive, Colorado's Democratic governor, Bill Ritter, vetoed pro-union legislation he had promised to sign.

In Mel Brooks' movie "The History Of The World," Moses is depicted coming down from Mount Sinai carrying three tablets with 15 commandments. He proceeds to drop one, which smashes, to the ground. Perhaps the only people who really know what that third tablet said are the members of the RNC and DNC.

It may have contained the eleventh commandment, which said, "When in politics the first ten do not apply."

If I wrote the commandment it might say, Thou shalt not rile the passion of the leading candidates.

And, that is my opinion.

Michael Solomon

Author of 'Where Did My America Go?"


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