Our nation needs answers to some troubling questions about honesty in reporting by our national media.

But don't hold your breath.


Remember photos like these?

Historic Floods in Downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa!
Photo source: Jeff Roberson, AP
- See a video from local media coverage -

Looking at this one photo of a middle-sized American city, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which is among hundreds of miles of flood devastation, how about some answers to the following questions:

- Why weren't there liberal Hollywood celebrities holding telethons asking for help in restoring Iowa and helping the folks affected by the floods? It needs to be asked again. Where were these elitist hypocrites and the pictures of them climbing out of their limos fueled by carbon unit credits?

- Why wasn't the drive-by media asking tough questions about why the federal government didn't solved the problem? Or asking where the FEMA trucks and trailers were?

- Why didn't the Federal Government relocate Iowans to free hotels in Chicago and for months?

- Why didn't the Federal Government give Iowans $200 vouchers that they could spend on alcohol, drugs, and vice?

- When will Spike Lee announce that the Federal Government blew up the levees that failed in Des Moines, Iowa?

- Where did Sean Penn and the Dixie Chicks go?

- Where were all the looters stealing high-end tennis shoes and big screen television sets?

- Why didn't we hear Governor Chet Culver say that he wanted to 'Rebuild a Vanilla Iowa, because that's the way God wanted it?'

- Where were all the hysterical 24/7 drive-by media clowns and their complete coverage with reports of cannibalism, rapes, and sharks swimming up the Mississippi?

- Why didn't the national media fly in their elitist news hosts into the affected area by remote choppers, their hair all messed up with mic in hand screaming, "Look at the devastation. Where is FEMA?"

- Where were all the people declaring that George Bush hates Caucasians, those rural Bible caring and gun toting people?

- How come after several weeks a major city in Iowa had been flooded and in ruin, you will likely never hear again about the Iowa flooding from your national media?

- Did anyone ask if maybe those who had been flooded had figured out how to take care of themselves, along with their local governments springing into self action, would have had anything to do with the lack of coverage by the national media?

Notice the national media coverage went dark even before the floods had finished with their devastation. Will the elitist drive-by media be asking the above questions in the future? Well, they haven't, have they, so don't hold your breath.

You have seen this truth with your own eyes and you have heard the silence with your own ears. So are you now asking why?

How about because it's doesn't sell newspapers. How about because it doesn't create divisions among the American people that will help the liberal Democrat Party win an election. How about it doesn't put the national television networks into a light of being the only God that can deliver wisdom to the American people.

This is why the media has been little or no use to those Americans who want to make good decisions on their own about their democracy without attacking others in the process.

Want to help solve the problem?

Turn off the damn network news. Put down your local newspaper if it has become a water boy for the Associated Press (AP). You can easily tell by watching if AP national and international news articles have been dropped into your newspaper's pages without editing the words or headlines that drip with political correctness and liberal agendas.

This has a name.

It's called Coloring the News promoted also by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) beginning in the 1970s now adding to that the Society of Professional Journalists. Why? Because too many of the elitists that run your news don't trust you to make the right decisions anymore, so they want to do it for you.

But don't get mad.

Get even by no longer pushing your remote control's buttons to watch ABC, CBS, and NBC network news. Monitor your cable news channels trusting nothing you hear until you can check it out via other independent sources on the Web and the Internet, or calling people in the effective area if it is that important to you.

Trusting nothing means you stop being a parrot and repeating what you read and hear until checking it out.

So if you're an American citizen whether Black, Mexican, Muslim, Jew, Chinese, Caucasian, European decent, Vietnamese, Russian, Australian, etc., you need to remember that you need to be the one who controls your democracy and its destiny. To trust those in the drive-by media to do it for you is to trust the local drug dealer with your medication supply. And you wouldn't do that, would you?

And Hollywood? Well, if you're not a far-left loon than you know Hollywood already, don't you?

Enough said. You've got the picture. How run with it or shut up about what is happening in your country.




"Freedom is Knowledge"