Date: November 7, 2011

Subject: The Lynching of Herman Cain by the Mainstream Media

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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When I sent out this image last night, I told you there were 10 different links, documenting who is saying what about Herman Cain. But I added a new one tonight.

Can you find it?

(Hint: It's in the symbolism.)


Newsbusters slam Media's Double Standard: "Shielding Clinton, Pouncing on Cain."  Allen West is stunned at the liberalism of the CBC.  If Jesse Jackson was the top in his class at helping blacks to stand on their own, why is he still needed, and Herman Cain's comment about his plantation.     O'Reilly Factor stunned at silence of Jackson and Sharpton.  AARP's Man of Year Harry Belafonte calls Cain a bad apple, Belafonte's award in question when it was given, forget the issue with Cain.  MSNBC guest says Cain should be lynched if guilty, MSNBC not blinking an eye.  MSNBC guest says Republicans like Herman Cain because he knows his place.  Politico published 91 stories on Cain in five days.  Politico ran 91 stories in five days on Cain, more like shooting of the drive-by media than news reporting. Clarence Thomas accuses Congress of a "High-Tech lynching" in October 1991. Herman Cain's answer to the elite Washington blacks who treat him like a sharecropper.  Graphic source: My Little Pony Trading Post.  Graphic Source:
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The Liberal's 2012 Herman Cain Lynching Tree!





It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti

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