Date: November 18, 2011

Subject: Throw Them ALL Out!

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Below is the book Sean Hannity has been raving about.

It concerns the corruption in our Congress, where members can make investments based on what is about to be passed or rejected, either buying stock knowing it will rise or selling stock knowing the government is not going to approve a merger or a new life-saving medication, thereby avoiding a loss while the stock is high.

This is as the rest of us get screwed, not knowing what is about to come around the corner. It gives new meaning to the phrase they work for us, instead a joke on us. Just ask Martha Stewart.

And it's all very legal wrapped up in a nice red ribbon, a Senator or House Member able to fatten their wallets over their term in office. Now you know why they work for such low salaries.

For many in Congress, it's not the service to the people they so often openly proclaim as the reason for running. It's the perks that make going to Washington D.C. worth the trip and all the campaigning. Members can make themselves and their family very rich, such as Nancy Pelosi, while anyone else doing this would pass GO and head straight to the slammer.

Below is the book, Throw them all out. Click on the image for the Amazon Web address if you wish to purchase it.

And below that is the 60 Minutes story where the liberals at CBS saw nothing wrong with the corruption . . . just a normal day for Progressives in Washington, D.C.

Don't get mad, get even, and Throw the bums out! They are the real 1%!


One of the biggest scandals in American politics is waiting to explode: the full story of the inside game in Washington shows how the permanent political class enriches itself at the expense of the rest of us.


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It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti

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