Date: January 5, 2012

Subject: Free Speech Advocate is Canada's Glenn Beck

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Canadian free speech activist, Ezra Levant, nails the lies of progressives and their use of political correctness to try to spin their ideology to Canadian citizens.


Source: Ezra Levant

TKS to Len of Canada, eh?


So FOX News, where is your Ezra Levant? Oops, you fired him. His name was Glenn Beck. So what did FOX News do with the shift in its mission statement with Beck's exit? It hired far-left radical Jehmu Greene as a consultant.

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I've written before on my site that Greene is a huge Obama supporter. As a far-left advocate for abortion, Greene had actually tried to take a Focus on the Family 30-second ad that celebrated life OFF the Superbowl in February of 2011 . . . wait for it . . . even though she had never seen the actual ad.

Greene is also a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood. Yet this qualifies her to appear on the O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, (who says he hates abortion), and other shows as an "expert consultant." Obviously, the White House and Ailes had made a deal behind the scene to give the White House more access to FOX viewers through Greene.

In light of this, "Fair and Balanced" at FOX seems to be moving from a mission statement to a promotional slogan with the hiring of Greene. At the same time FOX obviously wants to give her as much exposure as possible.

As mainly an abortion advocate, FOX sees Greene to even be qualified to appear on the FOX Business Network financial shows on Saturday mornings, where guests are investment and business gurus that talk mainly about money issues. That is except for Greene, who promotes Obama agendas whenever she can even while, from what I have seen, her responses seem off target with what is being discussed.

Roger Ailes has taken FOX to the left, openly announcing this new mission for FOX News with a press release in the progressive Newsweek Magazine in September 2011. Ailes is reported to have said FOX didn't want to be identified as a supporter of the far right [Tea Party], but was steering the news agency instead to the center of the mainstream media.

I had warned my readers before that FOX News was in serious moral conflict with the FOX Television Network, both owned by the same parent company, NewsCorp.

The FOX Television Network has used its Sunday night adult cartoons to mock, among other things, Vietnam Vets, Terry Schiavo's loss of life reduced to a faux elementary school play,* Sara Palin's disabled child, and a father having oral sex with a horse* to name just a few.

(* - Video plays best on Windows Media Player. Please allow around 40 seconds to download.)

FOX also allowed Lady GaGa on its American Idol to mock a large Angel on stage, allowing a pagan-like dance routine to form under its wings while tens-of-millions of fans looked on with the large audience in the studio screaming and cheering.

Think this kind of national programming doesn't have a direct effect on American families and their children and what these children will say in school to their other peers? Watch this video and you'll understand why it may be already too late to turn America around after the damage progressives have done to its culture, some of the grass roots now rotten to the core.

Obama is simply the crown jewel of their accomplishment, their no longer having to hide their Marxist agenda to fundamentally change America after Obama won election in November of 2008 over RINO John McCain.

And America's morals continue to collapse around us like a freight train racing down the tracks, as Vanderbilt University is now going to allow the inclusion of pagan holidays on the school's list of religious "holy" days. A school spokesperson said that Vanderbilt's administration wants its faculty to be aware of pagan holidays, too, so they can be sensitive to all student needs.

In a warning two years ago, I wrote FOX News and the FOX Television Network could not continue to exist in these separate moral universes; that either the FOX Television Network would move to the conservative right or FOX News would move to the progressive left.

Now we have the answer.

It's why, when watching any news, I focus on the FOX Business Network with Lou Dobbs, the Judge, and others. It's hard to move left when you're reporting on profits and good business sense, although as mentioned FOX management has tried with appearances by Greene to be sure Obama's radical agenda is represented as much as possible to all potential FOX viewers.

What is stunning is that FOX News never even blinked at the change, the hosts simply obeying what came down from on high. We now also have the answer why Hannity walked away just 30 minutes from going live on his show at a 2010 Cincinnati Tea Party event, his being told by FOX management to walk away while giving no explanation to the volunteer host, who was stunned at the rudeness.

Reports would later discover that MediaMatters had incorrectly reported tickets were being sold to Hannity's Show at the Tea Party event, which was untrue, tickets simply helping to pay for the cost of the entire Tea Party event and unrelated to Hannity's appearance. Yet FOX News executives pulled Hannity from a live show on a faux news story from of all places, MediaMatters, a far-left news organization started with the help of Hillary Clinton.

You couldn't make this up if you wanted to.

PS: Some FOX contributors continue to become more acid left in their comments, remembering my writing in the last e-mail that Alan Colmes had mocked Rick Santorum's infant's death . . . saying Santorum took the dead baby home to "play with it."

This is just off the wall stunning stuff that more and more just flows out of liberal's mouths. So what will FOX News do? Fire Colmes as a contributor or allow this abuse of conservatives to continue.







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