Date: January 30, 2012

Subject: Lt. Col Alan West - (Starts one minute after clicking on the video.)

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Listen to Lt. Col. Allen West, U.S. House of Representative from Southeast Florida, speak at a GOP Meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida, for its Lincoln Day Dinner held February 28, 2012.

You will be impressed.

If you have time to continue to listen while working on your computer, you will then shortly hear Herman Cain endorse Newt Gingrich and then hear Gingrich speak. When you hear Gingrich speak, you will understand that putting up Mint Romney against Barack Obama will be like putting up John McCain against Barack Obama, voters confused in 2008 by Democrat heavy vs. Democrat-lite.

When Americans question Barack Obama as their leader, Washington's Congressional Black Caucus will call them racists. When Americans then say let's replace Saul Alinsky supporter Barack Obama with African American Allen West, a former Army officer who served in Iraq, the faces of the Congressional Black Caucus will scowl and say, "No Uncle Tom allowed in here."

And there-in lies the problem. That's because Washington's Congressional Black Caucus will tell you there is black and then there is black. It's not the people that are racists. It's the Congressional Black Caucus that is racist.

You need to remember it was Lt. Col. West, while serving several years ago in Iraq, who had fired a weapon near the ear of a terrorist not believing what was being said, the terrorist then revealing an ambush that would have killed American soldiers.

But the Army's politically-correct elite said West wasn't playing fair and tried to drum him out of the military for firing the weapon, intimidating a captured terrorist. The Army's attempt enraged many Americans, causing the Army to allow Lt. Col. West to . . . wait for it . . . keep his pension, West then retired from the military after 22 years of decorated service.

When Lt. Col. West then ran for the U.S. House of Representative from Florida in 2010, the far-left West Palm Beach Post newspaper labeled West a hothead because he had fired a weapon near the head of a terrorist, conveniently forgetting the act had saved the lives of American treasure.

Enjoy the following speech. Then if time allows, keep listening. Let's change America back on November 2012.


Source: C-SPAN



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