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Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours

Our Annual Message For The Season

December 25, 2016



"In the midst of an overly connected world where everyone shares everything, often with fake perceptions, it’s easy to feel inadequate. It’s discouraging when everyone seems to have it all together when you don’t. And it’s hard to remember that you are enough just the way you are.  Everywhere you look it seems that people are doing amazing things. Especially during the holiday season. There’s elaborate Elf on the Shelf ideas, perfectly decorated Christmas cookies, creative homemade gifts, beautiful wrapping jobs, expensive presents, and more. When everyone seems to have more talent, time, and money than you, how are you enough?" - LivingWellMom.  (Click on link to read more.)

Photo compliments of Living Well Mom



- Christmas Sermon, 1818, Worchester, Massachusetts -

- Christmas 1944 -



To Our Friends Of Freedom Is Knowledge

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Friends - Michael W. Smith

Friends: Lyrics




For Those Who Have Lost A Loved One

It's A Different Kind Of Christmas (when you've lost a loved one.) - Mark Schultz









The Joy Of Christmas Fills The Air

Paris, France, a secular society that stills knows how to celebrate Christmas with its city lights. (December 2013)

Source: YouTube




Hey American Christians, look how the kids Worship Christmas at St. Paul's in New Zealand. (2011)




Ray Stevens - Merry Christmas

Source: YouTube




Pentatonix 2014: That’s Christmas To Me - YouTube

Official Web site - Pentatonix




Rhema Marvanne: The First Noel - YouTube




Mel Torme singing "The Christmas Song." - YouTube
Source: YouTube




"White Christmas" - YouTube







The Joy Of Classic Songs Of Christmas From Over Many Decades

Michael W. Smith - Agnus Dei

Source: YouTube




Michael W. Smith - Amazing Grace

Source: YouTube




Thomas Aquinas College Flash Mob Christmas




Christmas Song From King's College, Cambridge, England

O Holy Night : Kings College, Cambridge




Once in Royal David's City, King's College Cambridge




And Christmas Would Not Be Complete Without A Song From Home Free!

Home Free!
Source: YouTube / Full Of Cheer







While Around The House Before Or On Christmas Day, Here's A Collection Of Three Hours Of Christmas Music

180 Minutes of Classic Christmas Music





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