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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2016



New Year's Eve In Times Square - Earthcam/New Year


Earthcams from all over the world / U.S. / Live Stream Times Square 2017 - Earthcam/World


Paris New Years's Eve 2017

New Year's Eve / Paris 2017 - ParisCityVision

The Best New Year's Eve Events - ComeToParis

Paris Webcams - GoAndRoam

Graphic Source: Tower In Vegas - VegasSeven




Dubai Downtown 2017 Spectacular New Year's Eve - DubaiNewYear

Video Source: Downtown Dubai YouTube - YouTube




What A Difference A Year Makes!

Remember When Cruz Was Running For President In 2016?

Remember the Christmas story by the U.S. Senator who once read "Green Eggs and Ham" from the Senate floor during the middle of the night to an empty chamber devoid of its normal pariah? - YouTube




"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?: (By Seth MacFarlane, 2010) - WebHop




An ABBA Traditional New Year's Eve Song

From another time when Sweden was a free spirit country. - Webmaster

Happy New Year From ABBA (1980) - ABBAVeVo





What Man Was Capable Of Without An iPad In Sight

(Note: If your computer wants to save the animation, click "cancel" to allow it to load. Then move the 3-D image with your mouse.) - Webmaster

Run around the Sistine Chapel with your mouse.  Can you find the logo of who created this amazing adventure?

Sistine Chapel. Rotate picture 360 degrees and magnify (left bottom icons) using your mouse. - Vatican

Graphic Source: Vatican




A Reminder Into The New Year That "Necessity Is Still The Mother Of Invention," Proven To Us Again By The Less Fortunate In The World.

The "Landfill Harmonic Orchestra:"

Amazing hope generated by the poorest in the world. Yet these creative young children have displayed a unique and simple humbleness rarely found in our aloof and very arrogant failed Progressive Socialist Western world provided to us by the Communists of the New Democrat Party that include Pelsoi, Reid and the Obamas, Michelle (I have no hope) and her husband, Braoke. - Webmaster

Hey American brats. You've set a new record for young American adults who now live at home with mommy and daddy, cuddled up to your video games. Real Courage Never Needs A Safe Space - Webmaster

Great Job, Braoke! Percentage Of Young Adults Living At Home Reaches Highest Rate Since 1940 - TheBlaze

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra - YouTube

Source: YouTube

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra: Buy the DVD - TheLandfillMovie



Nine Bizarre And Endearing Inventions From 100 Years Ago - TheWeek






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