Conversation with Stanley Kurtz

Source: The Limbaugh Letter, November 2008


So you ask, "How will President Obama rule?" After reading the following you might answer, "Just like the community organizers of circa 1925 Germany."


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"Their attempt to shut me down . . . and it was an attempt to shut me down, it was not just, 'We don't agree with Stanley Kurtz,' or, 'We criticize Stanley Kurtz.' They were trying to stop me from even being allowed to appear on the station.

Before I got to the station, I got a call from the producer. They had phoned the Obama camp, and asked the Obama camp to send someone to debate me. Not only did the Obama camp refuse to send someone to debate me, they insisted that I not be permitted to speak. The Obama campaign asked for the number of the head of the station, so they could call and demand that.

By the time I reached the station a half hour before air time, 7,000 people had already called, demanding that I not be allowed on the show. That went on with thousands and thousands more during the entire show. It did scare us, I have to admit, but it didn't stop the show, and I thought at the time that it was a terrible mistake, that it had back fired.

Then when David Freddoso, who has written a very find book critical of Obama, The Case Against Barack Obama, was invited to the very same show, the Obama campaign did it all over again. They wanted to run a campaign to de-legitimize Freddosos and make sure that he wouldn't be allowed on the radio ever again."

Stanley Kurtz


Source: The Limbaugh Letter, November 2008





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