Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so

You have surely been deceived when those who say they represent you instead apologize for you. - Webmaster

August 8, 2009


Having the media behind it has encouraged the Obama campaign to take the Audacity of Hype to appalling extremes of arrogance. Obama's Fight the Smears site even denies that BHO worked for the Radical Left vote fraud outfit ACORN, even though it is public knowledge that he was a top trainer for ACORN brownshirts (or rather, redshirts), and represented them as a lawyer as part of their campaign to force banks to make mortgage loans based on race instead of ability to repay — a contributing factor to the subprime meltdown that led directly to the current economic crisis.

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Here is how I see it from all the news links I have put on my site. It is all simply amazing. You couldn't write the script. No one would believe you. Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so.

What Obama and the DNC are complaining about today -- disruptions from upset Americans simply exercising their free right to gather at town hall meetings -- is EXACTLY what Obama had done over ten years ago, training ACORN members to go after banks while he served as their attorney in the 1990s on the southside of Chicago.

Around that time Obama had also accepted membership in the now defunct Chicago New Party, (a Marxist third party), in the mid 1990's seeking their help to get elected to the Illinois Congress's 13th State Senate District. The New Party was reported to have started in 1992 by a former staffer for Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential campaign and a sociology and law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Obama was obviously comfortable serving in these radicals groups.

(Note: this information was updated in June of 2012 that this organization's literature suggests that Obama willingly paid dues to belong to this communist organization that had helped him to become the Democrat's candidate for Senate.)

So when Obama and the DNC said that town hall protestors were like thugs organized by the Republican Party going after the Democrat's health plan, it was like the kettle calling the pot black. This is coming from a man reported to have been elected president by voters who had been well informed by conservatives of his radical background. They had been warned their candidate had a documented interest in the teachings of socialist Saul Alinsky. They had been warned that their candidate had worked with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, passing out millions of dollars to promote a social justice program written by none other than William Ayers.

It was Ayers that Obama referred to when insinuating he never knew the man, Obama saying he was eight-years old when the Weathermen were active in the bombings. But the bought and sold mainstream press blew off the Obama remark and those who had pointed to its motivation.

When looking at all this information and how ordinary Americans are being attacked today, we need to finally admit that the mainstream press and Democrat Party knew it was backing some kind of Communist sympathizer for President of the United States! To say they didn't know would be laughable. There is just too much documentation to the contrary.

Going back over ten years ago when Obama had trained his ACORN members, these organizers were NOT being trained for engaging in civilized energetic debates like the ones going on in town halls across the country. ACORN's members were instead being trained by Obama to disrupt business meetings and even frighten families at the homes of bank executives. ACORN had even accused CEO's of being racists.

It was no different back then, than it was this last spring when ACORN buses went up to those homes in Connecticut to frighten wives and children of AIG employees who received bonuses. One Democrat Congressman even said those who had received a bonus should kill themselves! Those tactics by ACORN and the Democrats bordered on thugs running over the people's rights, one article referring to it as rent-a-mob!

I had not seen these vile tactics from any of those who had attended these town hall meetings. These are Americans coming out of their homes who usually say nothing, upset that decisions about their lives and country have been stolen from underneath their feet. Pelosi even said yesterday, without any proof, that there were Swastikas at meetings. Really, Nancy?

Those banks back in the 1990s, under huge pressure from socialist Democrats like Obama in Chicago, finally caved in when Clinton's Reno, head of the Justice Department, joined in the fray. Reno had accused bank CEO's of redlining neighborhoods and added if they didn't stop, she would establish new banking regulations. (Did you note the other name with Janet Reno in this September 1994 news article link of 15 years ago, liberals having many lives?)

The Democrats going after the banks were using Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) passed during Carter's failed administration, a time when home interest rates reached 20% and there were long lines at gas pumps.

But caving banks needed to know what to do with the bad loans they were going to make, which in the end would be creating a new voting block for Democrats. So Washington Democrats offered Freddie and Fannie to take the loans off the hands of the banks, which I believe today hold nearly half of America's mortgages.

Now add this to a report yesterday saying that by 2011 about 50% of all mortgages in the U.S. would have homes worth less than the paper the mortgages were written on, and you've got real trouble in River City. **

The government convinced banks that common-sense rules of hundreds of years of solid business practices in America were gone, allowing in their place 40-year mortgages with nothing down. Customers were allowed to send in interest-only payments for the NEXT ten years, since they couldn't afford the whole amount hoping personal financial situations would change. In addition, the banks also offered ARMs to make the initial payments even lower, a time bomb waiting for the 2000 millennium.

But this also created a new career for creative business people who saw a way to make huge amounts of almost instant money in a short amount of time, inventing a new meaning for the word "flipping." This would compound the problem, because housing costs would seem to have no ceiling with easy money to be made by all.

Even Wall Street picked on the changing of the guard from secure business practices by these politicians, bundling some of the bad loans into securities and selling them around the world as golden investments that would pay forever.

But Bush complained of the dangers in 2001, and then McCain in 2005, both warning about the bad mortgages held by Fannie and Freddie that had been given out to people who couldn't afford them, saying a dangerous collapse was inevitable.

However, corrupt-looking Democrats in Congress getting rich off of Fannie and Freddie contributions were not about to touch the goose that laid the golden egg. One who really believed this was Barney Frank, who was given the responsibility over these financial groups in early 2007. Reportedly his lover, or spouse, was one of the group's executive officers. How could it get any worse?

Bush, probably shell-shocked from being beaten down by the Democrat-run progressive mainstream media, couldn't use his bully pulpit effectively to warn the American people again and again about what the Democrats had been doing over the last decade.

In fact MSNBC looked so much in the tank for the Democrat Party, I called the cable channel, "The Obama Television Network, A place where progressives love to hate you."

Of course Bush and McCain were right while Democrats were creating future voting blocks at the expense of the health of the nation, a dangerous practice for those in power. Then the predicted collapse arrived as Obama entered into office.

Ironically as already mentioned, this exact same man a little more than ten years earlier had helped to set up this very disaster using this new crisis now as president to promote a social justice agenda to take over the banking system ACORN members had intimidated. It was as if the corruption had gone full circle. Like I had said at the top, you couldn't write this script. No one would believe you.

It seems to be no accident that Obama continues this agenda. I believe this to be no different from the same road other countries traveled on to reach Communism, where the purpose is power and control by one party over the people now called the collective. This is always accomplished by pitting a massive number of the poor against a smaller group of successful business people, the ones who take the risks to create the profits and the jobs a democracy's engine runs on. It is what community organizers do best.

In the end with a Communist takeover, the poor stay poor, some of the wealthy learn to work with the government to survive, and local small businesses no longer have an impact on creating the economy. Yet the government party leaders somehow find themselves filthy rich, like our Congress today, while people around them are starving, creating a new morality just for themselves as we have seen for Barney Frank. It is why Americans have said this is the best Congress money can buy.

This reminds me of Nancy Pelosi's plans next week to hold a backyard dinner at her million-dollar home for her best Democrat supporters, while food stamp usage around her reaches the highest since the great depression. You can't make this up about these arrogant elitists who see "We the People" as an annoyance to their game.

Stalin threw the masses straw. Obama throws the masses promised money others have earned, Jefferson saying when this happened the Republic would be over. And maybe it is.

I think America might be walking around like a healthy business man who assumes all is fine, planning a trip to Europe with his wife while having no idea he will be soon told that he is dying from terminal cancer. Suddenly the healthy and exciting daily life he (or we) had been counting on comes to an unsuspecting and abrupt end, sadly with less warning for those who chose not to be aware of what was going on around them.


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(First image top of newsletter for documentation of date. Second image is newsletter's delight in Obama's win.)

** I experienced an example of what can happen when the value of a home is worth less than the paper on which the mortgage is written. This started thirty years ago in the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania near a town called Tobyhanna.

That was when the area took in an influx of mortgage buyers who wanted their kids out of the crime-ridden streets of the boroughs around New York City. But the corrupt developers sold homes that were worth less than the paper the mortgages were written on while drug dealers had followed their young customers into the mountains on the weekends.

This along with a New York metro train line into the city that never came to pass, and parents having to get up a 5 a.m. to get to their jobs in the New York City area, put a knife into thousands of dreams of escaping the low standard of living in the city.

When I left New Jersey five years ago, there were thousands of vacant homes in this area of eastern Pennsylvania, people having simply walked out of the homes they had bought, leaving the keys on the kitchen counter, and returning to where they had come from.

Tobyhanna was left with high crime that police, city officials, and real estate agents refused to even comment on, especially when asked by someone unaware of the problems, innocently looking to buy a secure home in the lush green mountains just west of New Jersey.


So you thought Obama was just a Socialist? Think again.




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