A Shark's Tale Or Just Another Hollywood Fable?

(You decide.)

Summer 2007


We have no problem with diversity when it's not meant for everyone, which seems rare in today's progressive America. So when advocates in Hollywood quietly sell their lifestyle to small children in a cartoon through the assistance of Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks, its being used as propaganda buried within a film's story line, it becomes all too clear to us its just another day for today's movie industry that would rather push boundaries than provide entertainment with a progressive agenda.

It just goes to prove again that Hollywood has truly become an island unto itself, no longer reflecting the country's majority values and needing to be cast adrift to attach itself to another nation.

A Shark's Tale, in the form of a cartoon, is another reminder how propaganda can be easily used as a tool by a small circle of self-serving friends that wish to push their radical agendas onto unsuspecting children and their parents, using the distribution system of theatres across the country.

Propaganda means the real message is purposely and cleverly disguised within another story. There is a word for this. It's called deception.

For Hollywood's elitists to assume they have permission to sell propaganda to our kids probably also explains why several big stars in Hollywood felt they, too, had permission to curse out conservative values at John Kerry's New York Gala Affair during the 2004 presidential election. Kerry said after hearing these stars, " they represent the best America has to offer."

It's why a conservative group put up billboards in Hollywood, thanking these actors in place of helping to get the conservative candidate elected to office.

And so goes the motivation for a A Shark's Tale, a so-called just for fun movie shown at a local pizza / theatre in Asheville called the "Brew and View."

As everyday grandparents might do during an uneventful day, some wanted to fill a lazy Saturday afternoon with non-agenda entertainment, obviously not realizing the hidden theme within this seemingly innocent cartoon.

As they sat there they must have begun to feel betrayed, disappointed, and then disgusted as they watched Hollywood use a cartoon as a tool to sell them, along with their grandchildren, on male cross-dressing.

In the movie, even the "Shark Mob Boss" is shown to tell others he was sorry he didn't understand [about diversity] the motivation of his cross-dressing finned son who wouldn't eat other fish.

Robert De Niro, who played the mob boss shark, should have gotten the message of the film and passed it by, our believing he could have easily found other useful messages for his amazing talent. Of course there may be a niche in future films that may need a strong male actor open to cross-dressing.

There is no other link to click on where Dreamworks discusses this subject as to why it's in the movie or why it's never mentioned in the plot, advertising, or the movie's trailer.

Even critics avoided discussing it, which of course is not surprising when understanding the guidelines politically-correct critics will follow these days.

Yet in the movie, the young-adult male shark is clearly shown, when hidden from his tough mob father by other sympathizing fish, to be delighted to be able to dress in women's clothing in front of his friends.

I don't care if this was the message of the movie. It's a free country. But why go out of your way to hide it's message? Because they knew it wasn't entertainment but propaganda for young kids to accept the lifestyle without realizing what they were watching. Hollywood calls it the "soft sell."

But instead, Hollywood wants you to put your dime down for deceiving you of their intention with this movie, understanding if you were told ahead the movie was about a cross-dressing shark not many would have allowed their children to attend.

In a non-politically correct world it is called deception. And that's were the problem lies. Deception is never a good thing, lying to people so they don't know what you are doing behind their backs.

And to make things worse, it's coming from Spielberg's Dreamworks, Spielberg the millionaire director/producer who is demanding that advocating leftists be role models for young boys in the Scouts. He claims he would be glad to support the Scouts again if they would simply allow themselves to become sanitized from their religious roots and join the secular ACLU world. Looking at what has happened to the Boy Scouts since 2007, Spielberg won.

Now let's look at the other side of the equation that "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."

What would happen, if in the real ocean, sharks were not allowed to be sharks but instead were just another fish that swam the seas to become a kinder, gentler, and more loving species of everything while not eating other fish?

If that happened, the entire ecology of the ocean would be thrown into chaos. So to tell children sharks that eat other fish are bad, well that's just plain stupid.

Advocating leftists need to learn to get along with the rest of America and stop shoving their lifestyle in the faces of other people and their families who just aren't interested in sodomy that goes along for the ride with their lifestyle.

Not only does the message become confusing and dangerous to the thinking of America's children, it hides the dangers of certain habits along with realities of life in the ocean. But leftists will never change. They will always die on their sword then ever admit there were other ideas to consider.

We ask Hollywood and its arrogant anti-hero, Steven Spielberg, who walked away from so many disappointed young boys in the Scouts in the early 1990's, how about another cartoon on this subject to help the country?

It starts out with two male sharks trying to mate, one suddenly being infected with a disease. As one spreads Shark spread the disease to others, suddenly after years of unnatural sex among sharks the entire population sees pockets of other sharks becoming sick and disabled, in turn affecting the ecological balance across entire oceans of the world! Wow, there's a special effect.

But this is not meant to be funny.

This is no longer an issue of diversity, but from Darwin's own mouth instead on the issue of survival of the fittest. And with 50% of today's teenagers expected to be infected with an STD when reaching 25-years of age, nothing is funny about what the leftist agenda is doing to families across America with its extremes, especially while using children's cartoons as a tool for deception of the real message.

So don't hold your breath on any movies from Hollywood on these subject to warn America of the coming changes to the society. When gay marriage becomes mainstream it will all explode in everyone's faces. Hollywood is not about common sense. It's about elitism and political correctness, which are the real dangers to a democracy as cross-dressing sharks are to the real ocean.

By the way, for those who think the world is filled these days with only colored balloons and the past is gone forever, similar to Steven Spielberg's walking away from the Scouts, we need to remind everyone that over three thousand Neo-Nazis marched in Germany at the 2005 Munich Festival designed to only celebrate the end of WWII.

It was reported that the three thousand were among an estimated five thousand that had met earlier on that day. And in Sweden skinheads are marching not for any Nazi cause, but to protest Swedish leftists having sex with children. Wow!

Which side will you want to be on, and which one could you defend to the death? It's an interesting question in a time when political correctness is ready to explode across the country. - Webmaster, 2007

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Is It Indoctrination When It Comes In Threes?

With a Shark's Tale and now Stardust, how will he get serious roles?
Source: Paramount Pictures

Robert De Niro played the advocating blade in the boring children's movie, Stardust, continuing a disturbing trend in Hollywood for animated and fantasy features that are aimed specifically at indoctrinating America's young children.

While Hollywood stands on its progressive soapbox instead of giving America just good-old fashioned entertainment, De Niro is made to play a cross-dresser where everyone feels sorry that he must hide his desire to dress like a woman, the movie giving his character a coming-out party.

The Mob's shark son gets help from dressing, the screne of him trying on a skirt not in the trailer.
Source: A Shark's Tale Trailer

But De Niro's voice had already played a tough mob boss in A Shark's Tale, where the character is made to feel bad for being so tough on his son, (are you ready) a cross-dresser himself and a vegan, too.

The animation was produced by Dreamworks, which is co-owned by Spielberg and the director that had stuck it to the Boy Scouts, saying he would be delighted to represent them again but only it they allowed advocates as Scoutmasters.

Of course, the Scouts had already allowed the garden variety of advocating adults into their ranks, the rule for all Scouts to turn boys into men, not boys into women. That 's left to an organization called the Girl Scouts.

The Boy Scouts through-out its history has discouraged any member from discussing sexual preferences, be it gays liking boys or boys liking to eat at Hooters. That was never allowed by the Scouts, no merit badges intended for sex among the knots.

Cross-dressing character, from Shrek III, the same production campany that created "A Shark's Tale."
Source: Shrek III Trailer

Then we recently noticed Shrek III is presenting its audience with yet ANOTHER cross-dressing character, this one well-endowed as seen on the left. The character is heard to say near the end of the movie, "Prince Charming makes me so hot I feel like a day in July." Huh!?

When adults are written into the script to say that for children's ears, it reminds us more of the goals of NAMBLA than the life of an animated Ogre. We suspect Disney will soon follow to put a character into their movies, too.

Of course, this subtle Brainwashing 101 by Hollywood elitists on children is allowed by parents who forget that you become what you eat.

So when Obama told you during the election he wanted real change in America, he wasn't taking about switching school milk cartons for orange juice.

Family films fare 438% better than R-rated in latest study - March, 2008




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