American Society of Newspaper Editors


It looks like the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) wants the media and newspapers to discriminate against people of faith being hired as journalists by their member outlets. Click below to read on online copy from the ASNE's diversity mission statement, leaving people's faith at best trapped in a watered-down statement within a category they have chosen to name "other defining characteristics."

People of faith should be highly offended by this statement from the ASNE, treating religion as an afterthought if they meant it to be included at all, "other" meaning maybe it's there, maybe it's not, or maybe we just didn't give a damn where it was.

"ASNE has adopted the following mission statement on newsroom diversity:

To cover communities fully, to carry out their role in a democracy, and to succeed in the marketplace, the nation’s newsrooms must reflect the racial diversity of American society by 2025 or sooner. At a minimum, all newspapers should employ journalists of color and every newspaper should reflect the diversity of its community.

The newsroom must be a place in which all employees contribute their full potential, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability or other defining characteristic."

Click here to view the current URL to the ASNE Web site where they provide their Mission Statement on Diversity and in turn their hiring recommendation for the nation's newspapers. About eight years ago the ASNE removed religion that has always been part of America's Constitution and founding documents, replacing it with sexual orientation.

It is amazing when societies become more sophisticated and intelligent, loving themselves beyond words, they actually become so lacking in diversity that their mission evolves to a tunnel vision excluding everything they find offensive except for their own aloofness.






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