In Barbara Curley's Own Words


This was posted many years ago to not forget a mother's broken heart over the needless torture and murder of her young son.



Dear Friend,

It could easily have been your own child - or grandchild. Or perhaps your neighbor's boy.

But it was my little boy Jeffrey. Only ten years old.

And when they told me he was dead it was like they ripped my heart out of my chest, I went into total shock. I couldn't believe it.

Little did I know then that Jeffrey's death would pit us in a landmark case against the ACLU, their powerful attorneys bracked up with millions of dollars, and their most notorious client ever - the North American Man/Boy Love Association - otherwise known as NAMBLA!

You see, during the criminal investigation of Jeffrey's death police found out Charles Jaynes, one of his killers, was a member of NAMBLA.

NAMBLA is no doubt the most sick, perverted organization on the face of the earth. There are around 900 dues-paying pedophile members, whose ranks even included Nobel Prize winner and media darling Allen Ginsberg.

And our lawyer says wherever there is child porn, or men buying and swapping little boys for sex in this country, you find members of NAMBLA are always involved.

Charles Jaynes wrote in his diary that NAMBLA drove him to do what he did. NAMBLA helped him overcome any inhibitions he had about having sex with little boys.

And he documents in that diary the way he seduced other young boys. He even viewed NAMBLA's web site the day he and his homosexual lover killed Jeffrey.

The fact of the matter is, NAMBLA encourages men to have sex with young boys, and members actually trade

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how-to information about seducing and having sex with children. They share information on how not to get caught, and what to do if they are.

NAMBLA is an ongoing criminal enterprise of pornography, rape, kidnapping and prostitution. And, as is so evident by what happened to Jeffrey, they condone violence to any who oppose them.

And as hard as this has been for me, I know God put this on Jeffrey's dad and me for one purpose. To put NAMBLA out of business.

The plague of pedophilia is worse than you might think. In Great Britain, 1 in 200 adults are pedophiles!

Charles Jaynes and his lover, Sal Sacari, are now in prison. And because Massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty, I pray to God they'll never get out.

We filed a wrongful death suit against them after they were convicted of kidnapping and murder in criminal court. The result was the third largest civil verdict In U.S. history. But we'll never see a penny as my son's two murderers are penniless.

However, we filed that first lawsuit because it was a necessary first-step to suing NAMBLA for wrongful-death in my boy's murder. The bottom line: We want to see NAMBLA shut down and prevent what happened to Jeffrey from happening to other boys.

It's a class-action wrongful death lawsuit not only against NAMBLA but also its Internet service provider. And, if we can pay the court costs, I'm confident we'll win.

What's more, since NAMBLA Is merely an association of members, and not a legal corporation, we can legally go after the members as Individuals, and all their assets! But I'm writing you today for several reasons:

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First, we need your prayers that our wrongful-death case against NAMBLA will be successful and that we'll raise enough funds to adequately make our case in federal court.

We're up against a group of people worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

And the ACLU is also a very powerful, wealthy organization. Our victory will also be a victory against them.

The ACLU sees nothing wrong with NAMBLA! According to John Roberts, Massachusetts ACLU Executive Director, NAMBLA publishes "erotic stories, poetry, pictures of nude boys. But he claims there was nothing on NAMBLA's Web site that constituted a "criminal act".

The last I heard, child pornography was illegal!

Secondly, we are looking for other families of children who have been raped or molested by men who are members of NAMBLA. The more victims who pin our lawsuit the better! Just use the backside of the form I'm enclosing with this letter to let me know if you know someone who may be interested in joining our lawsuit. We'll honor their confidentiality.

And thirdly, as difficult as it is to ask, I want you to consider sending a gift to the Traditional Values Coalition dearly marked "For the Curley family lawsuit against NAMBLA."

You see, we need to raise another $50,000 over the next few weeks for legal costs if we are to succeed. Attorneys and other legal costs must be paid. I've been told I could probably count on a contribution of $50 from you, even if you have already given.

I don't know if I can ever pay you back, but won't $50 be worth it if we can keep what happened to Jeffrey from happening to just one other child? If you can't afford $50, anything you can send will go a long way to putting NAMBLA

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out of business.

And if you can afford $100, $250. $500 or perhaps even more, it'll help us reach our goal of $50,000 that much sooner!

The fact of the matter is there are thousands of victims of NAMBLA every single year! But now, as a result of Jeffrey's tragic sacrifice, we have the opportunity to stop them once and for all. Already our lawsuit has forced them to shut down their pornographic Web site!

Founded by Rev. Lou Sheldon, TVC has done more to expose NAMBLA for what they are than any other organization. They are also on the forefront of other key issues such as stopping the teaching of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle to our children in public schools.

And Traditional Values Coalition has a tremendous and effective presence in Washington and in many state capitols where a great battle is being waged for the minds and, yes, even the bodies of our children!

I still think about Jeffrey every minute of every day. Even now I can't force myself to go into Jeffrey's room.

We go to the cemetery to celebrate his birthday, and I have to force back the tears, I just expect him to come running in one day and say, "Mommy, mommy, make me something to eat, I'm hungry!" I never told him good-bye.

The last time I saw Jeffrey he was on his way over to my mother's house to wash our dog.

We didn't know he had been hanging around in the local park with Sal Sicari and his "partner." They took him for a ride and let him steer the car. And they took him to nice restaurants to eat while we thought he was playing with

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neighborhood children.

These perverts lured my little Jeffrey into their car that October day by promising him a new bicycle. They knew his bike had been stolen. But I had already told Jeffrey he'd have to wait until Christmas for a new bike. I wanted him to learn responsibility. But just think, if I had just bought Jeffrey a new bike, he might have been with us today. And I wonder if those perverts would've moved on to someone else.

When Jeffrey, in the back of Charles Jaynes' Cadillac, fought off Jaynes' sexual advances, Jaynes - nearly 500 pounds - sat on him and smothered his face with a gasoline-soaked rag.

I say smothered. But they said he fought for a good twenty minutes till the fumes finally burnt up his lungs.

Then they took Jeffrey's body to Jaynes' apartment and did to Jeffrey's corpse what he wouldn't let them do while he was alive.

Sal finally confessed the evening after they killed him, and after days of searching, police found his body in a river in Maine. Sal and Jaynes filled his mouth with lime and poured it all over his naked body, stuffed it into a 50 gallon Rubbermaid tub, filled the container with concrete, taped it closed, and then dumped it in the river.

Please, I beg of you to help us put NAMBLA out of business. These people are the sickest of the sick. They prey solely on little boys. Lawyers and police investigators familiar with NAMBLA testified that they are "the most cunning of all predators."

Floyd Jozitis, a drug and alcohol counselor for New Hampshire Department of Corrections who infiltrated NAMBLA, said "children are being abducted and shuttled from pedophilia house to pedophilia house. They trade off

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child pornography like playing cards. NAMBLA uses all type
of manipulations, verbal and physical, to convince kids that this is okay."

Police found pornographic NAMBLA literature in Jaynes' apartment and even in the backseat of his car where he killed Jeffrey.

Another of our goals is to see that the list of NAMBLA members is made public. They will be made public, because they are all defendants in our wrongful-death lawsuit.

So please, do what you can now in memory of Jeffrey to totally demolish this sick and perverted organization.

If you can't write a check now, you can still donate by using your credit card. But I really need your help today. We've just got to raise another $50,000 now!

So please, take a moment to ask the Lord what you can afford. And send your help today.


Signature on direct mail

Barbara Curley

PS: A few years ago there was a group called Uncommon Desires, advocating men having sex with young girls. They were driven out of business in the same way we're going to drive NAMBLA out of business. But it's going to take your help to expose these deviants for what they are, and shut down NAMBLA once and for all!

Send your contribution for the Curley Family Lawsuit to Traditional Values Coalition, P.O. Box 131808, Houston, TX 77219-1808.

PPS: Apparently NAMBLA now sends money to Charles Jaynes in prison, and he's teaching other inmates how to seduce and rape children. Please, help us shut NAMBLA down!




Dear Mrs. Curley:

Please save little boys from NAMBLA! I'm 100% in support of your lawsuit. Stop them dead in their tracks! And don't let the ACLU get away with supporting this sick and evil group. Put NAMBLA out of business forever!!!

Here's my gift to Traditional Values Coalition. Use it to save the lives of other little boys like Jeffrey.

Note: Do not use the chart below to forward funds to Barbara Curley's cause. It is only part of the direct mail's printed request. When donating to her, please contact the Traditions Values Coalition on their secure Web site and advise them you want to pay using one of the following methods.

My gift is a $50 / $100 / $250 / $500 / $1000 / $5000 / Other ($_____)

My check is enclosed

Bill my credit card: - Visa. - MasterCard

Card # ___________ Expires ________

Signature _______________________




Mrs. Curley would like to know if you have a child abused or killed through the efforts of NAMBLA's membership. Mail your information to the following address or visit the Web site to contact her. Your name will be kept confidential:


Traditional Values Coalition

PO Box 131808

Houston, Texas 77219-1808

Or visit their Web site at


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Note in 2007 I read where the Curley family finally lost its fight with NAMBLA, it being reported a judge ruled the material downloaded to abduct her son wasn't convincing enough to have helped his two adult male murderers. The case would have been nine years old when the ruling was read, saying there wasn't enough material. Jeffrey would have been 19 years old.

The ACLU in the year 2000 defended NAMBLA's free speech right on the Web against the Curley family. Today the ACLU seems to now defend the pornography put out by Planned Parenthood as educational material.

The ACLU is supported by some radical secular Jews, such as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bater Ginsburg, a former ACLU executive. Establishment Republicans had helped vote Ginsburg onto the highest court in the land.









"Freedom is Knowledge"