Boulder Colorado - The Coming French Revolution?

See the original story, "Hate hotline puts speech on hold,"

By David Harsanyi, Denver Post Staff Columnist.

Can you believe this potential move by Boulder's city council, as the Secular ACLU sits there and scratches its head? To the few intelligent citizens that are left in America, where was this tried before? Don't know, saying maybe the Third Reich?

So you never heard of The French Revolution, where spies were planted among the local citizens. And when any speech was heard by these spies against the cause, the reported citizen had his or her head cut off . . . from their body.

The French revolution government, probably in spirit worse than Nazi Germany because everyone was suspect, was assisted by a very corrupt media in a highly charged politically correct society, its leader, Robespierre, not dissimilar from today's leadership in the secular ACLU.

Robespierre finally could not resist displaying himself as a secular god to the French people in a national ceremonial event . . . the people stunned but only after they had helped to murder tens-of-thousands of citizens and finally realizing their leader was a certified nut. Robespierre ironically was one of the last to have his own head cut off.

So let's start this up in America with the kind and gentle elected officials of the Boulder City Council as the ACLU wonders if this would impeded free speech? You have got to be kidding? This is the same organization whose Communist founder wanted control over who would be able to join, wanting to keep the membership small, secret, and controlled. The ACLU years later went after the private organization, The Boy Scouts of America, for being exclusive in its membership. You can't make this up.

Who would have guessed that the ACLU and its large secular Jewish membership, Jews the ones murdered in the millions through political correctness in Nazi Germany, would now wonder in America in 2006 if this hate-speech reporting would ice down free speech in Boulder as it had in Germany. Would you want these nuts looking over your name coming up on a list, maybe the report simply made up because the person reporting the hate speech, hated you?

Can you image saying something to your wife in an already "intolerant" Starbucks Store in a suburb of Boulder, to only find it being reported by a radical far left member. Will they just report it or will they have a voice recorder hidden on their person or a hidden camera aimed at your table?

If you live in Boulder, run like hell or figure how to impeach your city's leadership with an award of a free one-way trip to China.

Finally, Sweden has an ongoing gay hate-crime bill, where the gay decides if what was said was hate speech, the person then going to jail. Already a minister had been placed in jail for reading scripture out of the Bible, one of the most read book in world history. Sweden finally decided maybe he didn't belong there.


So with one out of five males in San Francisco being gay, and 25% of the gay men of San Francisco infected with the HIV-Postive virus, would you be arrested for hate speech in saying that the gay lifestyle was hurting others through the spread of a horrific and terminal disease? Why should I even have to ask that question where I am supposed to have free speech? And why is this even being considered by a city that must recognized the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

The America I live in today is truly as much a foreign country to me as France.


See the original story,"Hate hotline puts speech on hold,"

By David Harsanyi, Denver Post Staff Columnist.



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