Frightened? You better be!


Below are two seemingly insignificant news stories released on April 21, 2006, that could affect your life forever.


4/21/2006 - By temporary, AAA and other experts said the shortage situation could be for as long as 30 days. The news was unwelcome to drivers who saw a big jump at the gas pumps overnight. On Thursday morning, NBC 10 reported that prices at some local gas stations had hit $3 per gallon. An NBC 10 news van stopping in Conshohocken, Pa., saw gas selling for $3.09 for a gallon of regular unleaded at a local station. Don't expect those prices to go down in the near future. Overseas on Thursday, crude oil prices hit a new record intraday high of $72.49 after weekly data showed a drop in U.S. gasoline stocks. This is raising worries that refiners don't have an adequate inventory cushion ahead of the peak summer driving season. - Drudge - News


4/21/2006 - Scrap dealers across New England have doubled the prices they pay for some metal because of rising world commodities markets. As a result, old bed frames, candlesticks, pipes, silverware, tools, hot water heaters, and wheelbarrows are being emptied out of basements and sold to dealers. ''If it's made out of metal, it's coming here," said Mark Gitlin, manager of Mid-City Scrap Iron & Salvage Co. Gitlin estimates he has bought 20 percent more material from homeowners this spring than last. He's also hired two more workers to handle the rush. ''People are leaving here with more money, and I'm sure they're telling their friends," Gitlin said. - Drudge - NBC10


Frightened? You better be! Do you think trying to fill your gas tank in New England in April of 2006 was an accident? It wasn't. It turns out it was actually an accident ready to happen.

It only took a scheduled change in seasonal fuel additives to slow down output at related refineries, which created the above first story to report sporadic fuel shortages at gas stations throughout the Northeast. Suddenly a non-event became very unsettling with Americans, who discovered their refineries had actually overreached their capacity to create gasoline. The news reported it would only take 30 days to correct. 30 days in America's commerce can feel like forever.

The same dedicated terrorists that planned 9/11 would surely know how to take advantage of this, crippling fuel supplies on purpose in a single, but effective attack. It would not be the loss of fuel that would be dangerous to the country, but the panic it would create among the population as fuel supplies would be rationed to commercial airlines, freight trains, and the trucking industry, all fighting with the military and domestic usage to keep their businesses afloat.

Let me tell you a true story that should raise the hair on the back of your neck.

I remember when working in the electronics industry in the 1990s, there was a downturn in the economy by the general public. Government, education, and the corporate world reacted by holding back on their purchases of more expensive items as profits dropped.

There was a healthy national chain of commercial-industrial electronic distributors that helped to feed the professional equipment needs by video production facilities that had been built into America's educational communities, corporations, and the call-letter television stations across the country, as well as lower-end professional video production companies.

When purchases by these users had been reduced by a down turn in the economy, the chain had to cut back on its purchases of new inventory from a variety of providers. By doing this with many of its suppliers, it suddenly discovered it no longer qualified for its normal 3% rebate off the wholesale cost of the products it bought. That small 3% loss in profit would eventually cause it to have to close all its distributors across the country declaring bankruptcy.

That's how close some American businesses stay afloat.

The effect of selfish Washington Democrats pushing political correctness for decades, as they overstressed environmental issues to the people for the single purpose of strengthening their own political base, has finally reached its conclusion. These politicians have successfully prevented the building of new oil refineries in America. This is no joke. That is exactly what they have done.

Sadly, you just can't suddenly go out and build a refinery when an emergency hits. When the terrorist attack comes, and it will, the time will have passed to correct the weakness the leftist politicians have imposed upon this country's superstructure, which supplies America with its fuel. The issue will instead evolve to who in America will have access to fuel and who will not.

It will have a catastrophic effect on the psychic of the American public

Not one single new refinery has been built in America in the last 30-years, as Democrats even continued to fight as recently as a few months ago to stop their construction. That's outrageous in a country that could be easily crippled by a single terrorist event. Didn't any of the Democrats in Washington watch as Hurricane Katrina came ashore. Did they not get the message? Did they not understand what their political correctness has done to allow the shut down of a country due to well-placed terrorist events on a single day?

Ironically in these same exact thirty years, these same politicians have also been rebuilding a dangerous foundation for America to sit upon, one that is not built upon the bricks of past successes but instead upon the destructive abstract values taught by too many university administrators and their hired guns, elite professors who promote a brave new world of values. Along with associated leftist organizations and a biased media, they have forced intolerance and a faux diversity upon a society that had always flourished until recent times. It is as if a shadow of divisiveness has covered the land.

This foundation, though, will not stand under its own weight of lies when this country is attacked, but will instead buckle and fall. That's because those who hate us will have built stronger bricks to stand on. It really comes down to something that simple.

And that's why virtually all civilizations throughout history have fallen from within, and not from without. You're living right now in the middle of history ready to be rewritten. Two generations of Americans have been educated by liars employed by our universities, professional elitist who are so full-of-themselves that they are at the root cause of tens-of-millions of young Americans to be unprepared for real a crises when it finally appears. These generations have been lead to believe they can dip into America's well and steal from her bounty without return.

They will discover that events like civil wars are natural cleansing counties go through as their populations try to right themselves. Frightened? You better be!

But that's just a part of the above stories release on one day in April.

Just like the gasoline shortage story mentioned above, the second story released shows that America is at risk again, but this time by selling its home-based resources to Asian counties like China.

So what do you think China's leaders are doing with all the scrap metal that comes out of the basements of American homes as so-much excess garbage? This is all part of a sequence of events that the media is not reporting to America, its attention selfishly diverted to meaningless domestic political correct issues.

First, China is creating "real" wealth through its use of America's scrap metal for the purpose of manufacturing products it can then market and sell to other nations, made possible by its own natural resource, cheap labor.

Too many Americans feels they are too high on the food chain in the world, believing cheap labor is only a by-product of under-developed nations. It is a result of too many American citizens no longer wanting to get their hands dirty doing America's daily work like making beds in hotels, picking crops in the fields, or cleaning up.

So where do you think this part of the American economy is now going, if it isn't being done by American citizens? It's being transferred out of America by millions (and growing by the day) of illegal aliens for the sole purpose of enriching their own homeland. And where do you think all of America's resource of scrap metal is going to? In the past it has been used to create weapons for a country's growing military.

So now do you really need to ask why a story on dirty old scrap metal is important when it is leaving America's shores by the millions of tons?

The acquisition of power by countries like China is the kind of "real" power that eventually overruns other nations, whose societies have become so into themselves through political correctness they would never see it coming until it was already upon them. That's what happens when people become blinded by their own faux of self-worth.

Frightened? If you live in America, you better be!

The above are just two seemingly insignificant stories that are signs of coming change that will one day affect the security of your world forever.




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