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John Edwards, who comes from a conservative southern state, North Carolina, was reported to be FOR partial-birth abortion. Yet knowing this fact, John Kerry said to a midwesterners audience when he was running for president in 2004 that he believes life begins at conception, while calling his vice-presidential running mate at the time, John Edwards, a man of "integrity."

Someone is lying!

Stepping back four years ago, Al Gore discovered that you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all the time . . . especially in the state where one represented the people in Congress. The voters of Tennessee rejected their native son in the last presidential election.

We don't know why, but it probably had something to do with their view of integrity not translating to Al Gore's known character. Americans, having their eyes opened as they watched Al Gore since his loss in the last election, must have figured out by now that the people of Tennessee were pretty smart folks in judging leadership, Al Gore losing Tennessee in the presidential election.

You see, if the former VP had been an honorable man in the eyes of his own voters, Al Gore would have been accepted by his own state and today be president, with Tennessee putting him over the top. But that didn't happen. Tennessee voters, in a majority, instead selected Bush for president obviously hoping by their vote that Gore would be defeated.

So, in light of what happened to Al Gore, Edwards also suffered a similar fate with John Kerry as his running mate in the November 2004 presidential elections with the voters of North Carolina. The people from Edwards home town, who believe in basic American values taught to them by their parents, must have wanted to question Edwards asking,

"Is this . . .





. . . the definition of integrity?"

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(Note: the above photo is an example of a Third Trimester Abortion.)


While Planned Parenthood says that abortions protect the life of the mother, the overwhelming majority of all abortions, (95%), are really done only as a means of post-intercourse birth control . . . a result of poor planning or laziness to use birth control before sex.

Only 1% of abortions are performed because of rape or incest, 1% because of fetal abnormalities, and 3% due to the mother's health problems. The truth is almost all abortions are done because the child is an inconvience to its mother, not because of the myth that it's endangering her life.



Benny Goodman - born in poverty.  But his parents gave him the chance to find his way, and he changed the world of music forever.





Benny Goodman, 1909-1986


With all things considered:

The above statisics probably reflect a Darwin-like evolution for any democracy that has achieved excessive wealth and power going from an "us" (or team society) to a "me" society, probably a natural spin that eventually archives it to history's trash pile.

Plato believed democracies could never survive. Since there are no existing democracies today except recent ones, his observation over 2,000 years ago was probably correct . . . and that human beings are unable to successfully deal with being free, their egos eventually allowing the destruction of their superstructures be they Roman, Greek, or American.

The above child would have been given a name by its mother, some mothers taking their aborted babies and providing a headstone at a bodiless grave site.

This real human being could have been named John Smith, John Doe, John Edwards, or John Kerry. But this real human was obviously denied its civil rights, just as the law denied the civil rights of millions of humans in Germany in the late 1930s.

Courts are never the place to determine right from wrong. They are instead the place where laws are enforced. Always remember that fact, a key to the success of the ACLU.

So the law denied this human its civil rights, and this young man will never be able to go to college, have a family, or be able to run for office to change the world he was denied to enter based on a simple legal technicality . . . "that all of his body was prevented in making it 100% out of his mother's vagina." That sounds like intentional murder to terminate life to many Americans today.

Because of this, the Benny Goodman's of the world will never play their clarinet nor the scientist,who was to find the cure for AIDS, never born. It's like justice served.

As with many parents of those children who rose out of poverty in the early 1900s America to find world fame, the real Benny Goodman's parents were also virtually penniless when he was born, qualifying them today to abort Benny compliments of an awaiting local Planned Parenthood office. It would also be making a profit from Benny, so the abortion doctor would have to be careful not to damage the more lucriative parts.

In earlier years, Americans would have called this "goolish." It was actually so offensive to drivers FedEx had to change the name of the contents that described the baby parts inside being shipped as disassembled tiny people to an awaiting biotech industry, a remnant of a SciFi journey into the hell of Soylent Green**.

But France is already realizing that they have dwindled their numbers via abortions and planning smaller families, while the Muslims in their country that serve as their servants are growing in leaps and bounds.

All those humans lost in French abortions will never defend France from its enemy, and the people of France could lose their identity forever in just a few decades.

One could view it as justified payback to a selfish and ugly society that forgot the basic law . . .

"It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature."

** Soylent Green movie trailer


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A personal note:

Doing research for this page, I came across the horrific pictures that are now linked. I had never seen these before. As I looked at each of these dismembered human for hours, I could not distance myself that these were little people who were denied their civil rights by a very selfish and self-serving society of wealthy American women.

I support the idea of individual women making their own decisions, but something has gone very, very wrong. If this is the best America can do, the world's most powerful country, we are far worse than the cave men and women the Discovery Channel says we evolved from.

With couples wanting to adopt, it is hard to believe we cannot find places in our society for these unwanted babies . . . in fact too many among us preferring "to kill" then to find answers "to save."

The pictures of these human beings, who were poised to bring new ideas to America and later defend it if needed, were eliminated while this country easily makes room for millions of aliens from Mexico each year that pass into this country's borders as if they had a private pass.

Cold and cunning American women who make up the abortion advocates have left the original objective of helping individual women deal with pregnancy to supporting a full-blown extermination machine they run and operate that is in the obscene business of selling human parts for profit. And when you talk to them about it, they don't blink an eye and will usually smile at the camera, like it's none of your business. They remind me of the teenagers that kill today and not only don't give a damn, but wonder what all the fuss is about.

They are like the Nazis the world hated except the Swastika and uniforms are missing, replaced by pretty dresses, make-up, and a "girls gone wild" mentality that seems made perfect for a Steven King novel. While German school teachers, factory workers, and bakers were trained to help kill Jews while singing songs seen on historic films made by the SS, American women today who advocate the killing of unborn babies have a similar level of brevity that reminds us you don't have to have a war to find people who can terminate life under the banner of convenience without a single molecule of remorse.

With the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reporting that half of today's teenagers will contract a STD by 25-years of age, America has now reaped its reward accepting this statistic as acceptable collateral damage in this age of abortion-on-demand, as children have unprotected sex at the drop of a dime knowing the local Planned Parenthood is there to give them an abortion as easy as it is to order out a pizza.

Planned Parenthood has been so aggressive in creating PR releases using a willing and sympathetic media to reduce the image of an unborn child's to the American public as a "nothing," they have in their quest reached the fever of the Nazi's in their equal attempt to sell to the Germany people through their media that Jews were a "nothing," too . . . some Germans even using human skin for lampshades while melting down the gold and silver in teeth of the dead for profit. What is amazing is that the holocausts of the Jews along with the holocaust of the millions of abortions in America since Roe vs. Wade were both blessed by the highest courts in the land. This brings light to the mentality of the abortionist via our former president's comment about his relationship with an intern, his writing in his book, "I did it because I could."

White I watch abortion advocates talk on the subject of abortion, they remind me of the movies of the Nazi death camps as Hitler's youth were so condition to kill they still murdered their helpless Jewish prisoners with joy even as the British soldiers were entering the camps, testified on film by a commander at the time on the History Channel. In today's environment where some life is considered valueless, it is not surprising then that Roe vs. Wade would also be based on corrupted facts presented then on the premise that any means justifies the end.

And it continues.

As shown on the news in the early summer of 2004, Hillary Clinton, a New York Senator, lead a trainload of women abortion advocates with some carrying signs that read Barbara should have aborted George . . . that Barbara Bush, a former first lady, should have aborted her son, the current president George Bush. Seeing the ugly world these women have created, I was not surprised to see a hospital name tag around an aborted baby's arm in the pictures I found, meaning the child might have been used for other purposes before it met its planned death.

Now Planned Parenthood wants to give birth control pills to 12-year old girls. And with the ACLU wanting this same age group to have the civil right to have sex with whomever they want, you can see the growing conspiracy that is out to destroy the judea-Christian family unit to force a Secular state upon all American people. These organizations know exactly what they are doing, and it's not about kids. It about power and politics.

Parents need to cry out and say to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, "Keep your hands off our kids."

I silently hope the Iraqi people will never copy America's view of freedom. As our smug society embraces a system that looks at the millions of deaths of the unborn as nothing to be concerned with, I suddenly realize the Iraqi's dictator, Saddam, along with his view on the value of Iraqi life, is alive and well hidden within an abortion industry filled with passion to terminate life . . . simply because it can.

So much for the dream of a shining city on a hill.



We hold true to the great and historic creeds of our Christian faith: the Apostolic Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. We reject all modern heresy and apostasies, including the ?Apostolic Mantle? doctrine. Furthermore, we assert that mankind is created in the image of God Almighty. Because of this, we assert that all violent assaults upon innocent human life defy the revealed will of God. Those assaults that end an innocent human life are murder.


"Fortunately, Roe v. Wade is on a collision course with reality," said WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower Editor Joseph Farah. "Science is on the side of life, the facts are on the side of life, and the Constitution is on the side of life. This issue of Whistleblower may well hasten the day Roe v. Wade joins the Dred Scott decision in the trash heap of corrupt and inhuman Supreme Court decisions we finally realized were wrong."

Highlights of this Feb 2006 issue include:

  • "The real Planned Parenthood" by Joseph Farah, unmasking the world's largest abortion provider.
  • "The fraud of Roe v. Wade" by David Kupelian, exposing the shocking lies and deceit that led to the Supreme Court's 1973 abortion ruling.
  • "Roe v. Roe" by Art Moore, showing how three decades later, the "winner" of the landmark abortion case is struggling valiantly to overturn it.
  • "How 'cunning, wicked lawyers' legalized abortion," in which Sandra Cano, plaintiff of Roe's companion abortion case, Doe v Bolton, reveals how activist attorneys manipulated an "uneducated, defenseless pregnant woman."
  • "I dissent!" Scathing insight from two justices on the Roe court who blew the whistle on the activist majority's contempt for the Constitution.
  • "Pro-lifers hail Supreme Court ruling" by Art Moore, about a recent decision that many say "lays the foundation to chip away at Roe."
  • "Harry Blackmun's abortion secret" by David Kupelian, revealing the hidden reasons today's Supreme Court so easily and willingly ignores the Constitution.
  • "So much for 'super-duper' precedents" by Jane Chastain, on the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court confirmation process.
  • "Hush, little fetus ..." by Jill Stanek, in which the veteran nurse reveals that unborn babies do indeed feel pain – a fact too painful for many to face.
  • "Associated Press' bogus abortion poll" by Sarah Kupelian, on how major pollsters are deceiving Americans with flagrantly misleading poll questions.
  • "Making a bloody fortune" by Dr. Kelly Hollowell, a shocking and in-depth expose of how your tax dollars and twisted science are targeting the unborn.
  • "7 in 10 Americans want greater abortion restrictions."
  • "Babies and blacks not human?"
  • "The real 'Jane Roe' " by Julie Foster, an exclusive interview in which the famed abortion lawsuit plaintiff says uncaring attorneys "used" her.






"Freedom is Knowledge"