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The ACLU’s untold Stalinist Heritage; new released documents finds ACLU's founder tied to Stalin Communism, the purpose to use Russia's success against people's freedom to undermine the capitalist profit motive in America. [Sound familiar to the ACLU's continued attacks on Christian family values in line with vile Marxist progressive organizations, the ACLU train still rolling down the tracks toward Communism.] - January 2010


So you think you know the media's darling, the ACLU?

As the ACLU goes against agendas such as the Boy Scouts and their right to determine the make up of their own private organization, are you aware the ACLU was itself founded on what it today calls discrimination . . . its goal then to control and change the destiny of America's society? Today this is referred to as daming elitism . . . where the elites see you as the bug and they have assigned themselves to be the bug controllers.

Their supporters see Christians as "seething"* radicals that need to be pushed out of the American society, misinformed people who believe in the "myths" of the Bible.

Now that you know about Roger Nash Baldwin, their founder (on right), just who runs the ACLU today?


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Source: The Extra Mile

* - 'The enduring mission of the ACLU is a reflection of Roger Baldwin's mission in life: to assure that the Bill of Rights, which guards against unwarranted governmental control of citizens, is preserved for each new generation. Historian Samuel Walker has written “Respect for civil liberties is not a natural impulse, certainly not in American society with its seething religious, ethnic and racial tensions" . . . '(underline added)

OneLook defines Seething as an adjective that means to constant agitation. Their example: "A seething flag-waving crowd filled the streets"


Want to stop the socialist organization, the ACLU?  Check out this stie.

The Promised Land - Not!

"The [Israel] operation is codenamed "Samson's Pillars", a collective punishment of the 1.4 million Gazans, subjecting them to a Lebanese-style offensive that has targeted the civilian infrastructure by destroying water mains, the main power station and bridges."

Source: Anne Penketh in Gaza City, The Independent, UK


Is the ACLU a Civil Rights Organization or a Religious Organization?

You decide!

Jews and the Evangelicals


The following quotes are from a bio on Roger Nash Baldwin online at the The Harvard Square Library where you can read the entire article.- "He was, at the same time, one of the nation's leading figures in left-of-center circles.

Founder and long time director of the American Civil Liberties Union, Baldwin was a firm Popular Fronter who believed that forces on the left side of the political spectrum should unite to ward off the threat posed by right-wing aggressors and to advance progressive causes. Baldwin's expansive civil liberties perspective, coupled with his determined belief in the need for sweeping socioeconomic change, sometimes resulted in contradictory and controversial pronouncements."

"Raised in the Boston suburb of Wellesley Hills, Baldwin's ancestral roots were rich and comfortable. Relatives included Mayflower Pilgrims, a general in George Washington's army, and the founder of the Boston Young Men's Christian Union. Family friends ranged from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Oliver Wendell Holmes to Booker T. Washington.

Reared in a patriarchal household, Baldwin had parents who considered themselves "agnostic Unitarians." - "Baldwin ended up in New York where he became a leading figure in the American Union Against Militarism."-

"While Baldwin and Evie never took wedding vows, he served as a stepfather to her two sons and they had a child of their own, a daughter. The Baldwin-Preston clan lived comfortably in a pair of adjacent Greenwich Village townhouses; a farm in Oakland, New Jersey; and a large estate on Martha's Vineyard."- "Believing that only the best sorts of people should be involved in an organization like the ACLU, Baldwin sought to limit the membership rolls.

At the same time, theACLU became involved in a series of noteworthy cases, including those involving Sacco and Vanzetti, John T. Scopes, and the Scottsboro Boys. ACLU attorneys helped to reshape American constitutional law, with the idea of the First Amendment providing a shield for "preferred freedoms" beginning to take hold.

All the while, Baldwin continued to back a number of left-wing endeavors, supporting various United Front and Popular Front enterprises, writing about and visiting Soviet Russia, and urging that radicals and liberals in the United States join together to fight fascism, racism, and poverty."

"He opposed the prosecution of native fascists and Trotskyists alike, just as he later challenged the moves by government officials to abridge the rights of communists."- 'Margaret Sanger, an ally from his St. Louis days, declared, "The name Roger Baldwin and Civil Liberties are synonymous in the minds of all people in the United States. You have fought the good fight, Roger." '

' He continued to travel widely, visiting South Vietnam, where he both criticized the repressive regime of Ngo Dinh Diem and termed him "a charming idealist but tough on dissenters." By contrast, in Puerto Rico, Baldwin remained close to Governor Luis Munoz Marin, a former fiery socialist: . . . '- "Baldwin became less happy with the Popular Front approach and concerned about the very existence of the ACLU after the announcement of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact in August 1939.

The following spring, in an effort to stave off criticisms of the organization and the cause he had devoted much of his adulthood to, Baldwin orchestrated a campaign to revise the ACLU charter. Henceforth, those affiliated with totalitarian organizations would not be allowed to serve on the ACLU board. The immediate target was the former-Wobbly and present Communist Party member, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn."

"As the 1960s began, Baldwin remained a presence within the ACLU, which had become, to his displeasure, something of a mass organization under his successor, Patrick Murphy Malin."

"General Douglas MacArthur arranged for Baldwin to serve as a civil liberties consultant in Japan."

Source: The Harvard Square Library


Thanks to ACLU's fight to allow kids to have sex with adults, Man Found Not Guilty in 'Dungeon' Rapes - April 2007



The most obnoxious group in America

May 24, 2006,
Burt Prelutsky

Having said all that, I wish to announce that I despise the ACLU for its relentless attacks on Christianity and Judaism. It's bad enough that they will wage battle on behalf of any busybody looking to banish Christmas and Hanukah symbols from public places, including one's own front yard.

However, these very same lawyers will eagerly go to the mat to safeguard a Muslim's right to wear a disguise on her driver's license, a Navajo's right to smoke peyote, and a cultist's right to ritualistically slaughter small animals.

The ACLU proclaims that they're merely abiding by the Constitution's insistence on the separation of church and state. The only problem with that position is that the Constitution says no such thing.

Although the secular Left has glommed on to that catch phrase like a pitbull gnawing on a shinbone, the First Amendment simply states: "Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

That is a far cry from forcing apartment dwellers to remove holiday wreaths from their door, or insisting that communities remove Nativity scenes from parks, or compelling small towns to change "Christmas Holiday" in their high school calendars to "Winter Break."

The problem with the ACLU is that it is composed in equal measure of self-righteous fools and fascistic bullies. Because so many of their members are rich and privileged, they will, on the one hand, blather on about their love of democracy, while, at the same time, assume they alone know what's best for everyone else.

Because they are so out of step with the majority, they can rarely have their way via a democratic ballot. There are, in fact, only two means by which they ever have their way.

The first is by getting liberal judges to set aside election results, as they have done over such issues as capital punishment, illegal immigration, and affirmative action. The second way is by intimidating those -- be they individuals, cities or organizations -- that lack the backbone or the financial wherewithal to defend themselves against the ACLU's mob of shysters.

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The trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is a growing human tragedy!

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See artist Brian Fairrington when visiting Cable-Slate - the source for some of the best political cartoons from around the world.


Jewish membership of the ACLU puts Christians in jail!

Guess who doesn't like electronic chips on backpacks to protect school kids - January 2008

The ACLU Never Forgets Its Pro-Communist Roots - June 2007

Why Does the ACLU Think Sexual Predators Have More Rights than Children? - March 2007


Secular Jews of the ACLU attack Christians, Christ their "Dirty Jew."

A few Rabbis, while nearing the 2005 Christmas season, begged the Jews to stop using the ACLU to sue Christians. It has gone so far that we now need laws to prevent their hate cleansing People of Faith from the American landscape like their vile former attorney, Michael Kross,** of the ACLU. They have gone so far now as to try to actually change the names of American cities with Christian names in them. This not an issue of civil rights, but of ethnic cleansing.

** Webmaster's note: Kross had no problem arrogantly proclaimeing that his Old Testament was a myth while on Hannity & Colmes, and that Christians believed in a fairy tale, while a guest on Glenn Beck in the summer of 2006. Through Kross you can see the very evil heart of the ACLU, its agenda now clear out of the mouth of one of its most famous and determined former secular attorneys.

In other words, Kross is using his own personal view that the Bible is faux to intimidate those of faith he sees as stupid, just as the Nazis had intimidated the Jews to stop their influence in Germany. The only difference is that we have not seen how far the ACLU is willing to go!





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