Into the Mouth of Madness?

Reuters ran an article on June 1, 2004, titled "Amorous Swedes to Get Emergency Condom Deliveries," reporting that Swedes were starting a ridiculous emergency delivery condom service that looks like a tribute to a failed government that doesn't want to offend anyone. (Note: The Reuters link to this article has been deleted.)

While this could be viewed as funny, not surprisingly the Swedes now find themselves facing the hard lessons of having given in so easily to diversity at any cost; political cowards who would not exercise their right to say "No" when attacked by elites who didn't want to be inconvenienced with moral standards they saw as "religious." Those decades-old decisions now are literally infecting new generations of Swedes with the lie that anything is okay, and that there are no consequences.

My grandfather came to Ellis Island from Sweden in the early 1920s, working in the railroad yards of Minneapolis, Minnesota, while living with relatives. After saving up for three years, he finally was able to afford the cost of steerage to America for his wife and three sons. A few years later when settled up in Westchester County, New York, two sons would be lost to disease and illness before reaching adulthood and the third would be lost in the Pacific for a while during WWII. I was proud of my grandfather's hard work and in recognition had his family name itched on the marble "Wall of Honor" located on Ellis Island.

But today, for me they can take Sweden and toss the country in the toilet. I'm ashamed of the lack of moral leadership from generations of Swedes who since the beginning of WWII have contaminated the country.

Sweden had been overly friendly towards non-heterosexual lifestyles right after WWII and unbelievably allowed the pornographic exploitation of its children. It would not be until more than 50 years later that the country would begin to realize that maybe Sweden's young were worth protecting from the abuse of those adults who wanted their sexual needs fulfilled by the ultra young and didn't care that the youth of Sweden were suffering the highest rate of teen suicide in the world.

It had also caused the rise of skinheads in Sweden. These were not the skinheads of Nazi, Germany, as Swedish officials might want you to believe. They were instead ones who would riot and carry signs demanding that homosexuals stop exploiting the children of Sweden. Swedish gay groups calling these skinheads "hateful." (Somethings--even around the world--never change. Remember Jesse Dirkhising from Arkansas? When there were questions about his death, GLAAD name-called those who asked as "homophobic.")

The skinheads wanted to send the message through violence that continued abuse would not be tolerated, believing there was no other way to stop the sexual predators since Swedish legislators appeared too cowardly to change things.

But while the legislature seemed to finally stand up for some sanity, they still allowed Bestiality across the land. As Swedish veterinarians reported their concern over the increase of sexual abuse to animals, they also reasoned that since children were no longer easily accessible for self gratification of a few, animals would naturally become the next legalized target for a country gone nuts in political correctness.

This lesson of the Swedes, who are now backed into a corner, should be a loud wake-up call to Americans as groups on our soil like the ACLU, GLAAD, and NAMBLA try to take this country down the same dangerous highway paved by the Swedes . . . one that Plato had warned democracies to never travel upon if they want to survive.

The ACLU recently filed a brief in Kansas City, hinting that if children as young as 13-years old should be able to give permission to have sex with whomever they desire. This would ultimately allow the release of gay adults convicted of child abuse. The ACLU's sick mission to fulfill their strange view of civil rights for children is now heard loud and clear as if a shot had been fired across America's bow, daring anyone to challenge their desire to commit this country's moral ground to the Twilight Zone.

The Swedes have clearly shown us what happens when a society doesn't stand firm when its basic moral values are attacked. The CDC is already warning us that half of today's teenagers will have contracted a STD by the time they reach age 25. And we worry about global warning being our next catastrophy.

Sweden is a warning to all of us that democracies are not always a good thing when they stray into strange human behaviors. Following its lead into this brave new world is to dwell in the Mouth of Madness.





"Freedom is Knowledge"