The Story of the Seal and a Cross



ACLU goes after the removal of the tiny cross on LA Seal.



The Seal and a Cross


The city administrators of the great city of Los Angeles in a majority vote of three to two said it doesn't want to offend. Therefore, it will do whatever the ACLU tells it to do and not ask the people of Los Angeles, who elected these members to office, if the people wish the administrators to defend their city's seal.

Ironically, it will now cost the city more to remove the tiny historical cross from all aspects of its use, from letterhead to police cars, than to defend itself from the threat of the ACLU. Changing the seal throughout the city will therefore take money from other needed programs, which the ACLU has no interest in if that gets in the way of its personal agenda.

And while they are removing the cross, why don't they also save money and remove the religious goddess from the seal at the same time? But that seems not to be necessary because the ACLU didn't direct them to do it. So it looks like the lawyers and administration of a private organization took their crooked finger located in Washington D.C. and stuck it into the eye of the people of Los Angeles.

To make matters questionable as to the effectiveness of the city administrators who represent the people of Los Angeles, as a group they never asked if any private group would want to defend the people's right bro-bono; that is to have their seal left alone as they are attacked by a private organization whose request of them seems nearly Fascist in nature. Instead, this liberal council caved in as if they had met their Pearl Harbor. As the City of Los Angeles goes, so will go the rest of the country in not being able to defend against this extortion by the ACLU.

This is another sad day as our flag of freedom that guarantees our right to protest has again had the ACLU wipe its dirty feet on its historic cloth. The people's will in this matter will never to be known.

The ACLU was reported to be quite blunt in their arrogance; either do what we tell you to do or suffer the consequences of disobeying our membership's order to your city.

But then why is the image of the goddess allowed to stand if the separation of church and state is so important to the elitism at the ACLU? It was said the ACLU chose not to respond. One can only assume from their silence that while it too, is obviously a statement on religion, the ACLU sees it as harmless . . . and in the way of their mission statement to focus on only Christian symbols of faith and historic fact.

Next will come an attack on your sons and daughters fighting in uniform where they will be told by the ACLU, and not asked, to stop any prayers they have while in harms way if wearing a government uniform or riding, flying, or floating in or on government property. This is exactly what was dictated by Russia to its military during the cold war, Americans proud they had freedom of religion and speech while Russia suppressed the rights of its people that served. But under the ACLU's new guidelines, Russia in those years of the 1950s was properly following the separation of church and state.

Circa early 1980s, a Washington D.C newspaper disturbingly reported that over 70% of the membership of the ACLU was made up of mostly of members from one religion. That was shocking considering the sudden number of law suits filed by the ACLU a few years later after the article had ran, and specifically against Christian holiday symbols seen on government property, as ACLU members drove around in the dark on the streets of American communities in New Jersey.

Add to this the ACLU's objective to now have pure Secularism dominate America, one has to also ask just how much of the ACLU's funding is coming from contribution from other Secular countries overseas that would applaud the ACLU's rape of the Christian religion in America?

The ACLU is attacking all aspects of Christian values in America, its next objective in the filed in their Kansas City brief will be to allow your children who are of 13-years old (or younger) to choose to have sex with whomever they want. The ACLU will obviously support the children at that time if any parent disapproves of their child's "civil rights to choose." It was Hitler who knew that the only way to take over a country was to destroy its values and then to destroy its family units.

The ACLU well understands this. As one could have read on a Web site, "The ACLU has done for Communism what it could have never done for itself."




"Freedom is Knowledge"