Warning Written in 2003

Look where we are in 2022, two decades later.



It was reported a doctor said a fetus feels pain beginning at 20 weeks of gestation, yet the ACLU tried hard to suppress while representing the National Abortion Federation recently in court of law on March 23, 2004.

Should we be surprised that an organization that says it prides itself on fighting for civil rights suddenly wants to ban from a court of law information that will influence opinion. We just need to be aware that there are many new age agendas coming from the halls of the ACLU.

The ACLU is one and the same that recently filed a brief in a Kansas City case in the fall of 2003 where an 18-year old adult was caught having continued sex with a 14-year old disabled child in a group home environment, even after having been told twice to stop. The third time put him in jail.

The ACLU's brief in this case shouted that the membership of the ACLU now supports the belief that thirteen-year old children should be able to give consent to sex with anyone.

It concluded that if the ACLU's belief had been in effect while this man was having sex with this child, he would have been set free. "Set free? But why?" The link in the above paragraph provides the following statement from the Kansas attorney general:

"Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline told reporters, 'The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) states specifically in its brief that it is a constitutional right for any child age 13 and older to consent to have sex with anyone.' "

With this brief, the ACLU's membership is now effectively saying it openly promotes an agenda that agrees with the North American Man / Boy Love Association (NAMBLA*), an organization whose goal is to make it legal for their membership to have oral sex and sodomy with young males.



America's mainstream media at times has followed sting operations of U.S. businessmen who have traveled abroad and arranged to have sex with young children in Asian countries. Yet suddenly this same media is silent when the ACLU proposes opening the flood gates for adult sex with America's children. Why?

While it looks like political correctness gone mad, be assured it is not. This is only more proof that Americans are being seduced and lied to by the newspaper and television network editors who would not cover this story. They promote instead their selected ideologies as they sit in judgment on the information that is disseminated to the public.

Many mainstream media outlets have become the wolves among us, rather than the white knights of truth. And by accepting this brief without challenging it in their newspapers and on their television screens, they have made it past the hen house and into your home. They are seducing the American public into accepting the selected vision they have for this country as dictated by the membership of organizations they align themselves with . . . such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), GLAAD, the North American Man / Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), and the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) through their daily coloring of the news the public reads.

Our forefathers could have never conceived that the Fourth Estate would be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Their answer for keeping a democracy strong was to use the concept of a free press as the freedom to report, not the freedom to distort. Never have so few lied to so many.



Now enter the ACLU's active fight against the Boy Scouts of America to force the national organization to accept sexually active advocating homosexuals into the scouts as the ACLU's agenda with NAMBLA becomes even more clear. The ACLU's whining about the scouts being an organization that discriminates is just a mask to hide the ACLU's greater agenda for children, as written in their Kansas City brief.

The real agenda of the ACLU is to use this hammer to finally break down the American family and the traditions that made America unique. And history is on their side. Remember Hitler's successful attempt to destroy an ideology by replacing it with another through the entire society? Read next how he did it.



If you saw the recent series on the History Channel about the effects of the German Youth Movement in the 1930s on German society, you would have discovered through interviews of Germans still living from those times along with Hitler's film archive that the destruction of the family was Hitler's first agenda in removing the everyday citizen's resistance to his Third Reich.

He did his by convincing children to turn against their parents while beating up other youngsters who would not follow the banner of Hitler's Youth Movement, and the family units came tumbling down in the millions.

To this end, the membership of the ACLU is now using the mask of civil rights to change laws that will lower the age of children to consent to sex with adults in its vision of a Secular society.

This act would pit children directly against their parents, just as Hitler did to German families before World War II. The ACLU has become so arrogant in its Secular agenda that it has decided to show its hand early, probably believing Americans are no longer supporting the traditional family values that had once been taught to them by their grandparents.

It was these patriarchs who made America the strongest country in the world through their support of the right to instill in their young children their personal and individual family values based on their origin, traditions, and beliefs. We have recently seen through the eyes of the French what happens when Secularism roots its politically-correct tentacles into a society's social fabric; nothing else is tolerated or allowed to flourish in the Secular garden. Secularism becomes its own religion.

If the ACLU and its network of supporting newspapers such as the Boston Globe, L.A. Times, and New York Times, to name only a few, are successful in bringing Secularism to America, it will be this country's first state religion.



So when many were surprised last year as the ACLU pro-bono and sudden support of NAMBLA against a law suit to take its Web site down, which was informing its members how to seduce young children while avoiding being arrested, the ACLU's claim that it was an issue of free speech can now be viewed as bogus.

To refresh your memory, in 1997 a NAMBLA member killed a ten-year old boy, Jeffrey Curley, by forcing the boy to breath gasoline fumes from a rag while he held the boy down in the backseat of a car after kidnapping the child.

The boy's parents later brought a law suit against NAMBLA that if won would force the organization to take down its Web site, the parents hoping it would prevent other boys from being murdered by other NAMBLA members.

Slain Jeffrey Curley's Parents Jeffrey Curley.  
Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis The ACLU wants children to be able to give permission to have sex with men, calling it a civil right's issue.  

But these parents probably never dreamed the ACLU's membership would come to NAMBLA's defense and aid against them and their dead child. The suit alleges that NAMBLA's Web site was continuing to provide materials on how its members could avoid the authorities while having sex with young boys . . . the kind of downloaded materials reported to have been found in the apartment of one of Jeffrey Curley's kidnapper and murderers.



People have a right to know why card-carrying members of the ACLU, which includes college professors along with Hollywood elite, support the organization's push to legalize sex with thirteen-year old children.

The ACLU is an organization that seems to have about only 300,000 paying members in the United States and abroad. Yet many members can be very influential and elite individuals in America's entertainment industry, political environment, educational institutions, and the halls of government.

We all need to ask why these elite and nameless individuals want our thirteen-year old children to be able to give permission for sex with whomever they want.



The ACLU, GLAAD, and NAMBLA would have had a vested interest in stopping the presses on another story of the horrendous death of another child, the thirteen-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, murdered by two men in September of 1999, one being 22-years old and the other 49.

And that is exactly what they did in the early fall of that year when the newspaper presses across the United States stood still in regard to the death of Jesse Dirkhising.

The newspapers had finally shown their ugly face in unison. . . that national editorial positions held within the national press were refusing in rank to print Jesse's story under the public's right to know. The three major television networks followed in suit.

This proved once and for all that the editorial suites within the elite media were owned outright by the memberships of GLAAD, NAMBLA, and the ACLU. Your right to know was trashed the day the press stood still.

You can click here to read the stunning affidavit on Jesse's death from the police department's files in Rogers, Arkansas  

GLAAD's proclamation in 1999 that it now owned the high-ground with the press has come true.

Americans could have never known the evil that was going on to suppress their right to know, as Jesse's story never made it past the senior editor's desk of newspaper after newspaper nor onto the presses.

The story therefore never made it to most of the American public. The same had happened for the networks, anchors refusing to report on Jesse's horrible death in front of their network studio cameras.

Our free press no longer reports the news until it had been first filtered, colored, and then smeared with its personal ideologies. Only then does it make it to your front door.

In fact, when was the last time you read or saw an investigative report by a newspaper editor or a on-air network television investigative reporter on the agendas of those who were the members of GLAAD, NAMBLA, and the ACLU?

And why hasn't the media challenged these same groups about funds received from overseas organizations that would have a vested interest in America changing into a Secular society? Why aren't these obvious hot-button issues that concern your family and its welfare being covered by the media to protect you? Isn't that their job?

The last story I can remember questioned the membership of the ACLU. It was printed in a Washington, D.C. Newspaper. The story was read by accident while I was waiting for a connecting plane to land at the then Washington National Airport.

The year was 1982.

GLAAD, NAMBLA, and the ACLU membership is very elite, wealthy, and influential.



For one thing, we can become more active and challenge what we read and what we don't see being reported. The newspaper and television station should be doing updates on stories like those of the murder of Jeffrey Curley along with interviews with Jeffrey's mother if they are really watching out for your interests. If not, ask why.

The media should also explain why it didn't make GLAAD accountable when the organization made a "no comment" on the murder of Jesse Dirkhising, the media instead suppressing the boy's death from the general public.

While the media was glad to hold the feet of Catholic Bishops to the fire over the child abuse scandal of homosexual acts by their priests, why did they allow GLAAD to hop, skip, and slip away without a mark or scratch? Ask them the question.

You may be surprised at the answer. They don't care.

And reports have come out on cable news channels that homosexual materials have been available and are now read in some church seminaries. Why? Who is allowing the information to be brought into these seminaries, which has caused so many problems over the decades for the Catholic Church? Why isn't it being stopped?

Why aren't these church leaders being removed to start real change? You can also challenge advertisers asking why their products sponsor agendas that offend foundational family values.

Here is an real-life example of what can happen when corporation discover their image is being tarnished by the media without their knowledge, as reported on the O'Reilly Factor on the FOX News Channel.

A father was training his son to drive the family car. The son said, "Driver gets to select the radio station, right Dad? "The father agreed and the two went on down the road.

The next day the father drove to work in the same car, the radio station still set to the same station. Suddenly there was Bubba the Love Sponge giving out pornographic URLs on the radio and telling listeners if they were even under 18-years old they could go see how to set up their own similar sites. (I knew of a teenager who did exactly that last year, running his own porn site.)

The father was outraged and thought, "Not to my kid, you don't!" The father then wrote to ALL the corporate sponsors of the show, providing them with what Bubba was saying on the radio to teenagers. Letters started coming back, corporations saying they didn't know . . . their advertising was being handled by advertising agencies.

Suddenly Bubba started to loose corporate sponsors. And then the FCC found out about the story. Soon Bubba was fined and Clear Channel Radio fired him. And it all started with a father training his child how to drive.



You can see from the above story that cable news is one of the last bastions of the free press that can be trusted for reporting all the news.

Since the agendas of the network news organizations and many local newspapers have now become apparent, be suspicious of the reporting of these sources and challenge them.

If a local newspaper will not publish your letter-to-the-editor when it follows their guidelines, cut the cord and stop giving them your subscription. Without money, they die.

That weakens the agenda of the press and their usefulness to the organizations that are controlling them. Cable news channels are available through your local cable and satellite providers. If you don't have one, get on! Don't give blank trust to your local newspaper anymore or your local television stations. They may not report on certain subjects unless you demand it.

Never trust just one cable news source. Tune in to all of them to hear all the opinions of their many guests. It is the only way one can be educated and stop the attempted take over of your values by elite organizations centered in Washington, D.C.

CNN is too much like an international news organization aligned with the attitudes of Europe more than those of America. During Saddam's rule of Iraq, it was reported CNN had finally admitted that during its many years in Iraq, its bureau in Baghdad had purposely not reported to the American people many of the atrocities that were happening in that country.

Their reasoning was that Saddam would have not allowed them to continue to stay in the country. That is the kind of blatant abuse to the Fourth Estate you need to make yourself aware of. Of course, remember the principle of the Fourth Estate is an American concept.

Finally, consider contacting your local Congressmen or Senator when you see change in the social environment through another unsuspecting source . . . that of new-age activist judges that want force their own political agenda on your family's values, creating law rather than evaluating current law.

By the way, need proof that FOX News is giving you all the news and not just their agenda, the rest of the media telling you FOX is the media outlet for only the far right.

Well they lie. When Jesse's murderers went on trial for his torture and horrible murder, you would think the media would want to cover the details of his heinous killing.

But only one cable / network television outlet sent a crew to cover the story. Just one, and according to the local police it was only FOX News that cared about justice for Jesse. They wouldn't suppress the story, and why you can trust FOX News for ALL the news, not the other media's censored news outlets.



The Interstates you've driven on . . . the bridges you've crossed . . . many of the building you've walk into . . . the electricity you've used . . . the water systems you've taken a shower with . . . the damns you've seen or driven over. . . the airline terminals you've entered . . . the trains you've see going down the track with America's freight inside. . . the 18-wheelers you've seen that carry America's goods from town to town . . . the cars you've driven . . . the telephone system you've used to make calls . . . the radio stations you've listened to . . . the television shows you've watched . . . the movies you've attended . . . the pictures you've taken of your family . . . the home appliances you've used . . . the homes you've lived in . . . the restaurants you've eaten in . . . the foundation of the space program that exists today. . .and the morals that made this country unique in the world . . . were all created by our grandparents.

We are using the stuff they created. All we have done is to add to some of it.Yet in just forty years of selfishness and too much wealth, America is now beginning to rapidly roll down the path that Plato warned us of . . . that successful democracies can never survive.

Plato implied that with successful democracies strange ideas of freedom enter into the literature, the arts, and then into the government, with the day eventually coming when even puppy dogs would stand up on their hind legs and demand their freedoms.

Sound like today? It is. Plato went on to say shockingly and if you want to know the future, that the people would become so disappointed with their new society they would do anything to bring it back to the way it was even at the expense of their freedom.

That is what happened in Germany in 1937 when the German people voted their democracy dead by 96% of the vote, people hoping they could return the country to its previous traditions and values.

Of course, that is never possible when a democracy has been archived to history per Plato's predictions of 2,000 years ago. Instead their country was destroyed in 1945 by the rest of the world.

Take this lesson to heart. Look at where our country is at today. If you wondered what happen to the Greeks and the Romans, stop. You already know the answer. Democracies can never survive. Look at America today for the signs of strange things entering into the society that Plato warned of.

The nation has been quickly overrun by immigrants, not unlike the Muslims overtaking France, because too many young citizens no longer want to do dirty jobs.

95% of all high school students are reported to go onto a university. Yet they're so consumed with their own pleasures, the CDC reported in 2004 that STDs were now beyond epidemic levels, the health organization reporting that HALF of today's teens will have contacted an STD before reaching the age 25.

With come STDs incurable, a teen or young adult's future will be held in the hands of their future infected lover. Will they be told of the infection, or will be simply be passed on?

In twenty years, as the infected of this group reaches 40-years old as their disease begins to ravage their bodies, they will most likely overwhelm the American health system.

The CDC reported the costs for treating the already infected has already had a profound effect on our country's medical superstructure.- University professors want to be employed by campuses that are protected by America's military.

Yet too many stick their finger up in the air to ROTC classes on their campus . . . that they are too good to have military people on their campus. They believe the less fortunate should be grateful they can serve in the Armed Forces and be paid.

The voters of the city of San Francisco in 2005 voted to ban recruiters from talking with high school students about a career in the military. One city official even asked, "Why does America even need a military?"

The ACLU now wants children of thirteen- or fourteen-years of age to be able to determine who they will have sex with, over riding their parent's will.

A Kansas City prosecutor said the ACLU if getting its way would probably then give its 800-number to all American teenagers in care parents restrict their civil rights.

Canada recently has allowed consent laws for teenagers to be dropped to 14-years old, setting up a possible scenario:"Ding dong" . . . "Honey, your professor is here to take you out. She wants to know if you have the condom."

Peter Singer, a popular professor at Princeton University in liberal New Jersey and a member of Princeton's Center for Human Values (whatever that means), believes humans should be able to have sex with non-humans (animals.) How he has gone one step further, telling a reporter in 2004 that if parents want to conceive a child simply to use its organs for an existing ill sibling, that would be morally acceptable to him.

America can no longer be seriously referred to as the city on the hill. Ironically, it was reported that an estimated 80% of the troops that provide protection for America through its military are Christians.

Something is wrong when a army made up of 80% Christians is assigned to protect a country that is being driven toward a Pagan society with every passing day, the so-called Fourth Estate that was supposed to protect our democracy helping to lead the charge under the ACLU's new banner of the separation of church and state.

If you allow others to tell you how to live and do nothing about it, you deserve the government you get. In addition you're going to loose the family's values that were passed onto you by your grandparents.

That's important because they in their prime were the lighthouse for America's ultimate success in becoming the strongest and most profitable country in human history.

It's because of their real diversity while advocating responsible freedom, and not through today's faux diversity of exclusion, that this country flourished up until the 1960s.

It was then that everything started to change from "we" nation to a "me" nation, flower children believing there was an easier way. But there never is when running and protecting a society.

1950's family icons were strong and determined, knowing who they were and what they believed in and never easily swayed like too many Americans are today. These pioneers understood struggle and were extremely street smart, many coming to this country as immigrants who were invited with only the shirt on their backs. To not continue to support their values is like kicking them in the face with designer shoes.

We all need to stand up and fight for the principles taught to us by our past generations. It is the only safe harbor we have to plant our family values, our traditions, and those heritages that were handed down to us by our family roots.


* NAMBLA is an organization that GLAAD's membership has not distanced itself from.





"Freedom is Knowledge"