America, What Happens When You Leave The Basics Behind.


So who are these people?

You deserve the government you elect to represent you.

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They lead a values culture in the 1990s, which has now delivered a generation to you of young adults that are now the most sexually diseased in American history. The CDC had even been forced to report in 2004 that when today's children reach age 25-years old, 50% of them or half, would have contacted a sexual disease, some of these diseases non curable for life and affecting basic life decisions such as marriage.

After reading the information below, you will discover they also forced fuzzy math skills upon your public school teachers, making over time your children's math skills 15th in the WORLD, when the previous generation in 1989 had been #1 in the world.

And their invention of political correctness has brought a curse upon almost every college in America, creating new terms like Speech Codes and Gay Pride Days where no one speaks in the classrooms, not even the professors. How intimidating to other students who paid hard-earned money to be in the classroom simply to earn a degree, instead discovering they have been sucked into on-campus Fascism.

Therefore, would it be any surprise to also discover that there has been a huge drop of students actually seeking graduation from American colleges, as discussed in the article below this section.

They also endorsed the messages of advocates, today some homsexuals now so brazen and nasty they call married straights "breeders."

So who are these people? First read the article below. Then once completed, you can click on the above picture to see just who has changed your life and the lives of your children forever. Once you see the picture you should not be surprised at the results of their life's journey.

And because of this the United States of America may already have seen its best days, supporting Plato's belief that no successful democracy can ever survive. (Seen any really old ones around?)

Plato was thought to believe that the end times of a democracy would be represented by "puppy dogs standing on their hind legs demanding their freedoms, too." Sound familiar to today? He continued on by saying citizens would then become so disgusted with their society, they would do anything to bring it back to the way it was . . . even at the expense of their freedom! Remember Germany's national vote in 1932?

Here is probably the never-changing human condition Plato was referring to:

1.  From bondage to spiritual faith;
2.  From spiritual faith to great courage;
3.  From courage to liberty;
4.  From liberty to abundance;
5.  From abundance to complacency;
6.  From complacency to apathy;
7.  From apathy to dependence;
8.  From dependence back into bondage "

So again, who are these people?

Read below and then click on the picture.

Surprise, surprise!


This 2006 Article Shows The Changes To Our Education System In Just One Decade.

Parents know the right equation for teaching math

September 25, 2006,
Phyllis Schlafly

"Despite widespread parental opposition, in October 1999 Bill Clinton's Department of Education officially endorsed 10 new math courses, based on the 1989 "standards," for grades K-12, calling them "exemplary" or "promising." Local school districts were urged to adopt one of them, and were baited with federal money inducements.

One department-approved "exemplary" course, "MathLand," directed children to meet in small groups and invent their own ways to add, subtract, multiply and divide. It's too bad the kids weren't told that wiser adults have already discovered how to do all those basic computations rapidly and accurately.

It wasn't only parents who quickly sized up fuzzy math curricula as subtracting rather than adding to the skills of schoolchildren. On Nov. 18, 1999, more than 200 prestigious mathematicians and scholars, including four Nobel laureates and two winners of the Fields Medal, the highest math honor, published a full-page ad in the Washington Post criticizing the "exemplary" curricula.

But Clinton's Education Secretary Richard Riley refused to back away from the department's endorsements and the 1989 "standards" adopted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

With such vague parameters for courses in math, trendy instructors began advancing their political agenda by injecting ethnic studies into math textbooks. Some taught what Diane Ravitch calls "ethnomathematics," the far out notion that traditional math is too Western and therefore students should be taught in ways that relate to their ancestral culture.

The diversion of math into the teaching of political correctness was illustrated by the "anti-racist multicultural math" curriculum adopted by Newton, Mass. It's no wonder that test scores dropped after this "math" curriculum's top priority became "Respect for Human Differences."

Fortunately, during the fuzzy math era, a few students were fortunate enough to have teachers who dared to be heretical. Some 300 public schools adopted Singapore Math and those students are turning in good scores. Home-schoolers are very successful with Singapore Math, too.

The new National Council report tries to finesse its dramatic switch back to memorization by recommending that the curriculum focus on "quick recall" of multiplication and division, the area of two-dimensional shapes, and an understanding of decimals. It takes a pompous expert to avoid admitting that memorization of multiplication tables is the best way to have "quick recall."

Before the 1989 mistake, U.S. students ranked No. 1 in international mathematics tests. Since then, U.S. students have dropped to 15th, far behind the consistently high performance of Singapore and Japan and behind most industrialized countries.

Added to the humiliation of international tests is the appalling percentage of college students who must take remedial math before they can enroll in college courses. That means the taxpayers have been paying twice to teach students the same material.

Another dirty little secret that has emerged as Page One news is the small number of college students who graduate even after six years. Graduation rates at 50 four-year public universities are below 20 percent, and below 50 percent at many more universities."

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