Read the vile hate speech, Robert Kennedy, Jr., your own anger has helped to launch


The following e-mail is a sample of the kind of hate speech that organizers of the Draft Sarah Palin Web Site receive almost every single day. I have advised them to turn these vile pieces of progressive liberal hate crap over the to FBI.

So next time, Robert, you have a report written for the Boston Herald about your complaint of right-wing so-called hate speech from conservative hosts, you better look first to your own back yard.

The right-wing hosts speech you complain about is really opinions, angry for instance over bills the Democrat Congress has kept the voters from reading. This is not hate speech. This is demand for the Constitutional right to know.

These conservative complaints should NEVER EVER be compared to the"hate the bitch and hope she dies" hate speech below that comes from YOUR side of the isle, so-called educated progressive liberals that you have inspired who now want to murder conservatives.

Read the words below that too many of your progressive liberals live off of today, then think about what you have done to contribute to the Nazi-like mentality this Web site receives almost daily.

I believe it is an understatement to say your father would find these words simply stunning, the kind of hate that took his life. He would be embarrassed you had even a small part in this kind of hate being thrown at the feet of a Christian woman, your father Catholic. Even your own late mother was kind enough to have taken time to send me a post card many years ago when I was much younger.

Shame on you! In my opinion, you have disgraced your family's name in front of the world.


E-mail received August 3, 2009 on the Draft Sarah Palin Web site

Robert Kennedy Jr. should be ashamed of the kind of anger his rhetoric has launched against this Christian Woman.  What would your kind of hate speech have done to Jews in Germany, Robert?  Go see the movie, The Striped Pajamas, to find out.

She appears to be a Dick Cheney in skirts. Firing people who tell her things that may be true, but she does not want to hear. Sarah Palin is Ms. McBush. She is a nasty bitch and a Bush wannabe in a dress. She hates people who don't agree with her.  She is scary.  

CNN is committed to make her lose. Sarah Palin is a bitch. She will be President "when pigs fly". That means never. Sarah Palin is a Bitch&Cunt.  Says she's not a diva.  Bullshit. Ever since this Ugly Ho was picked for VP.  

Sarah has been acting a Prima Donna Diva. The Fug sure enjoyed her so called sudden fame.She was a nobody then and still is a nobody.  Says she didn't spend $150 G. Bullshit. Four eyes sure took advantage of the Republican committee.  

Another stupid vintage move made by Pitbull Sarah, claiming false accusations against Obama. He has Terrorism ties? Yeah whatever loser. Sarah is Crazy in the head.  Just think,what would of happened if those two morons got elected. The country will be in hell.

She wasted McCain's campaign money on clothes. I mean clothes, come on!!!! Them slutty clothes make her look like a prostitute, which she is. You suck Palin. You are a specky retard, who should be shot.  The Wicked Witch of Alaska,Big Bad Sarah or You're the reason Republicans are Ugly. What a twat!

Palin is the worst, most horrible person I have ever seen. She is not very bright, knows little to zero about politics, the economy and current events and needs to STFU!  Of course I would still "do" her if I could duct tape her mouth tho...after all she is the first political MILF.

I wouldn't elect you as a councillor, let alone President, you slut. Sarah Palin is a specky retard, who should be shot in the tits. She is a cunt, who thinks she has power over America, which she doesn't and never will. In 2012, her campaign slogan should be "Lets Go Back To War".

She is an obsessive war-loving freaky bitch, who thinks she is so important, wearing slutty clothes, which she spent McCain's campaign money with. That whore is the reason McCain lost. Shame on that retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope she dies. Who's with me????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitch, slut, whore, you are all of them things. And we thought Bush was bad. She is worse. 1000,0000 times worse. Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or this one!

You campaign will die. It won't last 5 minutes in 2012. With you as President, America doesn't stand a chance. Everyone will die if you win. You're nothing but a dirty slut who has bedded 40 men. Each one richer than the last. Whore.

Die! Moose killer.

Remember, the Web site below gets one of these vile progressive e-mails almost every single day!



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