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In the days during the campaign for president, Barack Obama kept saying that he didn't know what all the stir was about over William Ayers, saying again and again, "I was only eight years old when the Weatherman tried to bomb the Pentagon." That was true, but only the tip of the iceberg on Obama's relationship with William Ayers.

However, your mainstream media could have told you the truth, but didn't. As high-level media people such as Chris Matthews admitted after the election that his job was to get Barack Obama elected while Jon Stewart demeaned free speech from conservatives as treasonous, these men do so and did so to distract you, the voter, from the truth about the relationship of Ayers and Obama. Of course when it came to president Bush, the hands off suddenly went south.

While it is true Obama was eight years old when Ayers' group murdered authority figures, Ayers was set free because of a technicality in the information against him, reported to have said after being released, "Guilty as hell, free as a bird, what a country!"

He went on to get a PhD. from Columbia University, later hired as a professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Illinois where he met Barack Obama. Later Obama was reported to have started his campaign for Illinois Senator in Ayer's home, Ayers, Obama, and Lewis Fericon reported to have all been living near each other on the south side of Chicago.

When Obama denied starting his campaign in Ayer's home in the national televised debates, McCain, who had brought it up, simply wilted away like some kind of dead RINO. What can you expect from a Republicrat, the right of the Democrat Party running against the far-left of the Democrat Party in a laughable 2008 presidential election. One might say, "Guilty as hell, free as a bird, what an election!"

Obama went on to work with Ayers in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) to help fund what was thought to be the sponsoring of radical educational activities. Obama, on its board, was responsible for the distribution of tens-of-millions of dollars of grant money. The mainstream media avoided informing the public exactly what kind of educational activities these were. You don't have to stretch your imagination very far to understand the agenda, hearing Obama in sound bites call Caucasians on several occasions, "typical white person." It was a horrible racist statement, just as "typical black person" would be. But to the media it didn't matter. Obama was their man and no secular progressive God can do wrong in their eyes, trashing conservatives at every opportunity who tried to bring the truth to the surface.

But more to the point what was going on at the CAC under the direction of many including Ayers and Obama, some leftist Web sites actually trying to downplay its activities as, well, unimportant. I was able to find more straight-forward information on the CAC without spin, which is copied below for you to read and absorb. It shows that the CAC was indeed a radical group attempting to influence and push its agenda onto the Chicago City Schools.

Most of this information was sourced from the NationMaster Encyclopedia under the heading, Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The CAC was started in 1995 and disbanded in 2002.

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The Chicago Annenberg Challenge

The CAC's successful grant application was written in 1993 by William Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After extensive community-based discussions also involving Anne Hallett of the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform, and Warren Chapman of the Joyce Foundation.

At its founding, the Annenberg Challenge was made up of three constituent parts:

The Collaborative was the operative on the ground body of the Challenge. It was made up of representatives of various constituencies in the Chicago school reform movement. That reform movement had begun in 1987 in the wake of an unpopular strike by Chicago teachers. Bill Ayers was active in that reform effort through a group called the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools, or ABCs. ABCs was an alliance of various activists and reform groups that included the Developing Communities Project which Barack Obama headed up at the time as well as Chicago United, a business sector group, that was headed up by Thomas Ayers, father of Bill Ayers.

A key accomplishment of the reform movement was the passage in 1988 of a new state law that established local school councils in every school in Chicago as a competing center of power relative to the teachers union and the Chicago school administration.

The Collaborative's responsibility was to help identify potential grant recipients, prepare requests for proposals and develop other means for the Challenge to intervene in supporting the local school council-led reform process in Chicago. In 1995 the mayor of Chicago succeeded in the first of several efforts to undermine the power of these councils. But the Challenge fought back by funneling millions of dollars into the councils and associated reform groups, including $175,000 to the Small Schools Workshop. The Workshop had been established in the early 1990s by William Ayers who hired Mike Klonsky, a Chicago cab driver who had earned a Ph.D. in education from the University of South Florida, and former activist with Ayers in Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS. Klonsky had achieved limited notoriety in 1977 when he traveled to Beijing to seek the endorsement of Communist China for a political party he had helped establish in the United States, the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist).

At times the attempt by the Challenge was controversial. An effort to funnel $2 million to the Local Schools Councils was criticized by one Challenge board member, Arnold Weber, a business sector representative and former President of Northwestern University, who saw the Councils as a potential "political threat" to school principals. Of course, the councils were formed precisely to provide parent and political activists with the power to influence schools.

The Board would engage in fundraising and approval of grants. The Board also hired a Executive Director, Ken Rolling, from Woods Fund of Chicago.

The Research Consortium was responsible for assessing the impact of the expenditure of the Challenge's grant money. Ironically, they concluded that the $110 million spent in Chicago over six years had little or no impact on outcomes for students.

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge received a grant of $49.2 million from the national Annenberg Challenge based at Brown University. The grant was to be matched 2:1 by private donors. By 1999 the Chicago Challenge succeeded in raising an additional $60 million. Brown University is a private university located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Other CAC board members were prominent Chicagoans from both the private and non profit sectors.

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Source: NationMaster Encyclopedia, Chicago Annenberg Challenge

NOTE: The money provided to Obama and Ayers to push a dangerous social justice agenda on Chicago school children in the 1990's came from a grant in 1993 from the Carnegie Foundation of $500 million over five years.

In 2001 right after 9/11, the Carnegie Foundation would later give awards to Ted Turner (CNN), Gates Senior (investments in vaccines) and George Soros of the Open Source Foundation. Attending the awards of these globalists in 2001, three months after 9/11, was Dr. Fauci, who was directly involved in helping to shut down the world's economy over the COVID virus in 2020, believed to have been weaponized in a lab in China. - Webmaster


So what was the ultimate objectives of Ayers, Obama, and others who were working towards among other things the indoctrinating of America's youth in Chicago? From reading the documented links in the above there is an obvious direct connection to radical activists and some PhD's in the education community who are dedicated to creating social engineering in America. From working in organizations to remove guns from the homes of private citizens to global warming agendas, Social Justice is just another one of their projects that are included in the larger picture to take control of America away from the people and put it into the hands of the elite.

What is amazing is the amount of funding that was given these people in untold millions of dollars doled out from the very wealthy as if candy. With Obama buying the White House with over $600 billion in donations, you can see what segment of America is now funding a run towards socialism, with Communism obviously not far behind. The resulting society will obviously be top heavy with similar elites who had funded projects like the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Finally, below is a sample copy from the four page report that follows on the teaching of social justice. If you are not a far-left secular progressive, fire may shoot out your eyeballs of what the mainstream media hid from the American voters. We can only say that birds of a feather must still flock together, as most of the media through its silence approved the teaching of Social Justice to America's youth across the nation.

You know the names of the national television networks and newspapers that have hid the truth from you. So the question is, "What are you going to do about being treated as if a child, the media believing you had no right to this information?"

This says a lot about our mainstream media today. Not only can it not be trusted to provide the facts you need to make decisions when going into a voting booth, but that it has placed its trade on a road to propaganda not dissimilar to the one that eventually lead to the control of Germany by the Third Reich. Before that, Germany had a functioning democracy voting for Hitler over poor economic issues in 1932, which had struck the middle class. Sound familiar? When a free media becomes under the control of one ideology and then lies to the population of a democracy for access to unlimited power, you know from history that anything is possible. Anything!

The following report from The Eagle Forum is shocking. It proves again these network media personalities and newspaper managing editors support what is happening in many schools and the teaching of the Obama / Ayers agenda of Social Justice to our children through their deafening silence. Below is a sample of the copy that will stun you! The actual article follows.




The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) sponsors seminars with sessions entitled "Our Work as Social Justice Educators," "Teaching for Social Justice in Elementary Schools," "Dismantling White Privilege and Sup­porting Anti-Racist Education in our Classrooms and Schools," "Talking About Religious Oppression and Christian Privilege," and "Creating Change Agents Who Teach for Social Justice."

School boards and principals allocate large amounts of money for teachers to receive this type of so-called "professional development." Registration for NAME's November 2008 conference in New Orleans cost $375 per NAME member or $475 per non-member, in addition to airfare and hotel expense.

Lesson plans are available from a 30-year-old magazine called Radical Teacher, which was founded as "a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist journal on the theory and practice of teaching."

Education schools are lining up behind "social justice" teaching and forcing it on aspiring teachers so they will possess politically correct liberal attitudes and character traits. At Humboldt State University in northern California, Professor Gayle Olson-Raymer teaches the social studies methods class, which is required for prospective high school history and social studies teachers. Her syllabus states: "It is not an option for history teachers to teach social justice and social responsibility; it is a mandate."

When a teacher engages in this type of advocacy in lieu of teaching literature, math, history, or science, the teacher is engaging in political indoctrination.

Some "social justice" professional development seminars have urged teachers to begin inculcating "correct" sociopolitical attitudes in children as young as age two because it is so easy to impose their views on children who enter school at such a young age.

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The Phyllis Schlafly Report is the property of The Eagle Forum

The Phyllis Schlafly Report is the property of The Eagle Forum




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