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Note: Frederick Douglass founder, Tim Johnson, died at 50 - ChristianNewsWire, January 2015



Introducing Mr. Tim Johnson of North Carolina

A tough African-American you need to watch!

Posted Summer 2009


Tim Johnson, Republican Vice Chairman for the State of North Carolina (left) shown with Asheville, NC, Councilman, Carl Mumpower.

Most of you probably never heard of Tim Johnson.

Tim is a great everyday American, a true example of the meaning of self-determination guaranteed by our Constitution for anyone who call themselves a citizen, be they white, black, brown green, yellow, or pick a color.

He has had his ups and downs. But I love this man when he gets angry and pissed off! This is a leader who has been through it all, and one I would want representing America when times got tough. And today we have reached that point..

While Tim was running for Vice Chair for the Republican Party for the state of North Carolina, someone with an agenda in a local RNC tried to destroy him by releasing parts of a private video of RNC district leaders having a conversation with Tim about an incident in his past, and putting it up on the Internet.

Then a progressive-looking Asheville Web site took the video and challenged Tim's "Christian Values," saying in effect, "Oh dear, is this how Christians should talk?"

This tactic, used here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, is a Saul Alinsky's 13 Power Tactics, which is to take someone's beliefs and use those beliefs against them again and again until the opposition is destroyed into a pile of wet rags. Well I'm a Christian, too, and I'm tired of the stereotypes the Democrat Party drops on conservatives:

Progressives say conservatives can't say naughty words,

. . . yet progressives can show our young children how to engage in dangerous sex acts, teaching them sexual habits that could eventually lead to STDs, AIDS, or even eventually death through disease or suicide.

. . . yet progressive out going leader of the NEA can call conservatives bastards in front of eight-thousand cheering educators, (that's what they call themselves), at the NEA in their July 2009 national convention. They confirmed at the convention teachers of the NEA are not about teaching America's kids values that will help them succeed in life. They confirmed instead that the NEA is about Obama's POWER TO THE UNION. *

* - Note, video will download from this site's server.

. . . yet progressives can spend millions of dollars of our tax money on their special pork projects of a Congressional Bill none of us were allowed to read, Barack wanting it passed immediately. Once law, Obama went shopping in Chicago with his yuppie family. Knowing Barack, he probably went to the best of retail shops on the Magnificent Mile.

. . . yet its okay with progressives for open orgies in restrooms at Disneyland where there are kids whose parents had unfortunately selected the wrong day to show up to see Mickey Mouse.

So let's take a closer look at Tim Johnson, an African American who has had his ups and downs like anyone else:

1. He completed 21 years of military service with the United States Army, serving as enlisted soldier and commissioned officer (attaining the rank of Major) on active, reserve and national guard duties.

2. His military honors include:

Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal (3rd Award), Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal (2nd Award) National Defense Service Medal (2nd Award), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Device, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, NATO Medal and Soldier of the Month.

3. Re-elected as the Chairman of the Buncombe County, North Carolina Republican Party, Tim was a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention. He is also a founding member of The Frederick Douglass Foundation, a member of the 2009 Black Republican Forum Advisory Committee.

4. His current and past services on boards and advisory councils include:

University of North Carolina in Asheville Foundation Board, Unity Fellowship of Churches, North Carolina Housing Coalition Board, Big Brother/Big Sisters of Western North Carolina Board, Leadership Asheville Program Advisory Council, US Department of Labor/ETA, Federal Committee on Registered Apprenticeship, YouthBuild USA Directors Council and Support Network AmeriCorps Alums National Leadership Council.

National Eagle Scout Association (Life Member), Veterans of Foreign Wars (Life Member), Reserve Officer Association (Life Member), Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Rotary Club, Master Mason, Scottish Rite and Shriner (Prince Hall Affiliated).

5. Tim holds degrees from The University of Arizona, Troy University and LaSalle University. He is an adjunct professor at Shaw University’s College of Professional and Adult Education Asheville campus.

6. Timothy is married to Latessa M. Johnson and the proud father of four children and two grandsons.

But then a bunch of RINOs in the 11th District Republican Party of Western North Carolina went after Tim when he decided to run for vice-chairman of the North Carolina State Republican Party.

During that run, Johnson's criminal past of 13 years ago was brought to light and actually provided to the local liberal media, are you ready for this, by the Chairman of the 11th District GOP! The leadership had discovered Tim had pleaded guilty in 1996 to a felonious assault on his first wife, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, his receiving a suspended sentence. It was reported by an Ohio newspaper that Johnson was at the time running for an Ohio legislative seat as a Democrat.

Using this information, the local party in Western North Carolina tried to dump Tim into the trash can. Rather than running away, Tim became mad as hell. At the same time, progressives of Asheville jumped on Tim Johnson with the Republican leadership and said, "Oh dear, look how this Christian man is talking. Decent Progressives would never do that!"

Republicans like these locals would hang their party around the clean-looking Mark Sanford's of the world. But when its comes to men like Tim Johnson, progressives and Democrats just want to hang them as they tried to do in the Wilmington massacre of 1898.

Below is a link to watch of a short video how Tim reacted to this attack machine. Watch and listen for yourself, remembering a weasel in the Republican Party released this private video for uploading to the Web. And you wonder why Conservatives say, "How do we dump this damn party?"

Listen and watch, and decide for yourself if this man is as tough as nails! *

* - Note, video will download from this site's server.

After watching the video, I say maybe conservatives instead need a bunch of Tim Johnson's to give the Republican Party a good old fashioned enema, flushing out the RINOs who belong on the right side of the Democrat Party. In 2008 standing in a voting booth in Buncombe county I looked at the names of McCain and Obama and said to myself, "Which Democrat do I vote for, the real one or the pretend one?"

What is amazing about RINOs is that John McCain still believes people voted for him in the election, when many I have talked with voted for McCain were voting against Barack Obama and his socialism ruining America. Conservative saw who he was while the progressives were jumping up and down that they could finally destroy America as a moral nation, as you had watched for yourself in the aforementioned link to the 2009 NEA Convention. *

* - Note, video will download from this site's server.

Now a short letter to John McCain, a RINO who delivered to us Barack Obama for president of the United States with assistance from the policies of George Bush in never rejecting pork he didn't like.



July 27, 2009

Dear Senator John McCain:

Kerry and Jane made fun of you while you were serving in the Hanoi Hilton. Yet you came back after the war and said to them, "It was alright guys. I didn't mind you making fun of me while you lied and helped the enemy kill our boys."

Then 35-years later, ironically Kerry and Jane sent their progressive adopted son, Barack, to finish you off.

Meanwhile you still didn't get it, saying to Barack after one of those presidential debates you lost while patting him on the back like he really gave a damn, "Good job, Barack. Good job!"

Then around six months after losing the election, you trashed your vice-presidential candidate, Sara Palin, who had patted you on the back as a great American hero. Oh my, what a difference a day makes.

And acting like this through the election, you actually expected to WIN?

Your incompetence instead gave us the radical socialist Barack Obama as President of the United States. And Obama didn't even look for or need your pat on the back to know he had won, the community organizer beating the war hero to the White House. You can't make this stuff up.

Americans like me want to thank you now for the colonoscopy in 2008. It was an interesting experience, John.

Have a good day.





After listening and watching the video of Tim Johnson being attacked by his own local Republican Party, I believe this is the man we need to stand up against the media in the future along with the RINO pinheads.

These so-called elected officials have treated American citizens as if children, not even allowing them to read the bills Congress pens in the dark of night behind closed doors, so as to control what they see as a useless population, their believing those back home have no understanding of the bigger picture.

Tim Johnson and his wife's personal success is what America is all about, a man who should have run for president instead of this faux Obama that Blacks said was the best candidate they could find in America. Alan Keyes had wanted to run, protecting the Black unborn from becoming Planned Parenthood's human weeds, compliments of their founder, Margaret Sanger. Obama had praised Sanger during the election while Blacks laughed and said, "No thanks" to Keyes. You need to understand this sends a very disturbing signal to the rest of America where 97% of Black voters continue to look for entitlements through their support of Obama and his promise of Social Justice.

We have always believed taking handouts is for bums on the street, not for people that call themselves Americans. They are the ones who understand that self-determination was given to all of us by the tens-of-thousands who had died and carried our flag before them, passing it to us to take care of it for the next generation. I believe it's that simple to understand.

From Obama's association with William Ayers of the CAC project in Chicago, where Obama passed out millions of dollars of other people's money, (sound familiar), promoting Ayer's social justice education programs, to Saul Alinsky's power points on how to use a liberal media to kill your opposition, conservatives no longer need to ask the question, "Who is Barack Obama?" They already know the answer, and have since before the election, no thanks to the weasels in the national state-run media.

Ladies and Gentlemen! The next President of the United States and his 1990's CAC writer, helping America's youth accept socialism as the norm.

"Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Obama, when asked about this picture said that flag pins and putting your hand over your heart had no meaning for love of country.  Really?  Then why during his campaign for president suddenly he had flags surround him on the stage, in his logo, and on his coat at every debate?  Liar, liar, pants on fire!

William Ayers, Weatherman Radical bomber now of course a professor at the University of Illinois, is reported to have used his home to help Obama start his campaign as an Illinois senator, leading to Obama running for president.

What do you think the two men discussed in those days, Obama distancing himself from Ayers while a candidate for president. When asked about the relationship, Obama replied "I was a little boy when he was trying to kill Americans." Really, Barack? Just a little boy?

Watch Video

Photo from the October 1, 2007 edition of 'Time,' shows Obama, Hillary, and Bill Richardson at the Steak Fry of Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) on September 17 in Indianola, Iowa, during the playing of the National Anthem. Richardson and Clinton have their hands over their heart as taught to them as children. But not Obama! Does he perhaps believe that, like not wearing that flag pin of 9/11, the hand on the heart isn't 'true patriotism'?" . . . read source

- ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess -

Obama voters wanted this progressive America. Well they got it. Now Obama's healthcare bill if passed could empower physicians to make an "actionable medical order" to "limit some or all specified interventions... "In effect, an Obama government could determine that a "life-limiting" condition demands the withholding of treatment.

A retired dedicated conservative in Western North Carolina, Don Yelton, who had a local cable show on Asheville's URTV titled, Citizens Speak, and who had invited me on as a guest in February 2009 about Obama's coming health bill. A local man had called in, telling us our predictions of limited future medical care in America were impossible in this free country, and that the Democrats would NEVER EVER do this . . . telling us to stop scaring his eighty-year old mother!

Well now, because of callers like him sitting on their rear ends believing this Republic can be constantly beat up without falling apart, Obama's health care bill might become law with no thanks to men like him or WNC's House representative, Heath Schuler, who I recently saw praying on the stage at the Biltmore Baptist Church in South Asheville.

I saw the same thing going on in Florida when I had attended a church there in the late 1950s as a young teenager, watching the car dealers who were members of the congregation, work the crowd. I sensed something was very wrong then, and I sense something is very wrong today.



So who in the black conservative community will bring back Tim Johnson's dream? - Webmaster



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