A troubling article you need to share that we're not hearing about from Democrats

February 16, 2010


"Some American and Afghan troops say they’re fighting the latest offensive in Afghanistan with a handicap — strict rules that routinely force them to hold their fire." - Source: Stand Up Americans


The Taliban now understand, via Obama's on-going political correctness, that they're being given permission to run and hide among women and children even when under attack, a tactic to guarantee their survival to kill more American troops another day, the private citizens who back them up, and the training of the next bomber to take down one of our commercial jet . . . or worse.   

Remember it was the Taliban who allowed bin Laden to train his terrorists for and the completion of the execution of the hijacking of American commercial jets that brought down the world trade center on September 11, 2001.  Obama had recently suggested as president of the United States that America should consider negotiating with those that had murdered over 2,700 on 9/11. 

God, talk about this Democrat administration giving the enemy hope they can win one day, Obama acting as if he's still an arrogant professor in a radical university classroom with the American people just another control group of students, this class finally questioning his far-left ideology. 

Of all the African-Americans who could have been the first president, 95% of blacks voters chose a smooth-talking Kenyan African trained in the Muslim faith who listened to the hate speeches of Rev. Wright's promoting the Black Value System originating from the colonialism of Ethiopia.  If you had made a movie of this no one would have believed you.

It was Wright's "Christ" that Obama was trained to accept while he hung around radicals such as Bill Ayers, a Christ that would not save us from our sins but one who was going to free the blacks from the whites.  I believe too many blacks still hope for that today, as I have heard even university courses becoming available to them on the subject. 

What is amazing is that it is reported that Wright is now living in a million dollar home in a gated community.  So much for hating the life in America, eh, blacks saying nothing.  Here is the interview Hannity had with Wright on this issue.

But this should not surprise anyone, records popping up of Obama as a teenager being taken to a Unitarian Church in Hawaii that took in radicals from the SDS.

But that was then and this is now, the SDS back and a group now openly operating on the UNC Campus at Chapel Hill who also  have a small following in Asheville, North Carolina.  The group in Chapel Hill was the one that had thrown rocks through the window of a university classroom at UNC last year causing a former U.S. Congressman, Tom Tancredo, to flee for his life

To that end and how the mainstream media has purposely and successfully suppressed and treated all this, we need to remember the following from CNN on October 24, 2006, running a terrorist "snuff" video of the killing of one of our boys with the terrorist on the tape says, "Wait, don't shoot.  Let the women and children get out of the way!" 

What BS!  No wonder CNN hosts loved Obama and wouldn't vet him.  There should be a continued call to removed this network from our airports. For the record, here is CNN's excuse for running the snuff video.

It looks like political correctness is going to kill more of those who serve in the military, as it had at Fort Hood, until someone in Washington stands up and says, "Enough!"




"Freedom is Knowledge"