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Is mass resignation too much to ask?

By Brigadier General Jimmy L. Cash, Ret.

July 17 , 2009


"My Friends, it is time to stand up and wake up America."

One of the things I learned a long time ago is that I am so average that my thinking is very similar to at least 75% of the American people, regardless of political party affiliation.  Let's see if that holds true in this case.  If so, politicians beware!

You know, I am not a Bush fan.  However, I am really tired of hearing his name still repeated over and over by the far-left, and always associated with something bad.  If President Obama is as astute as the far-left would have us believe, he would never mention the name Bush, or refer to "the mess he inherited" again. 

George Bush is history.  Nothing can be done to change history.  We might as well get over it, and let's look to the future, the only thing that can be changed or controlled.  In my opinion, the damage to this nation by the Obama insanity in his first 130 days is 100-fold worse than everything both Bush Presidents did combined.

We must get a grip on our government.  We are beginning to resemble the chaos I observed in the Philippines while attending Snake School en route to Vietnam in the 1967.  That was an unpleasant memory!  Have you ever seen a 12-foot King Cobra? But, that is another story.

The current path chosen for our country is more dangerous that I have observed in my lifetime.  That is saying something, as I was trying to command a F-15 Fighter Squadron when Jimmy Carter was President.  I thought times were bad then!

After observing the most far-reaching, far-left changes in our country's history occur in the past 130 days, there are a few things I would like to see changed again . . . and very soon. 

How about you Mr. and Mrs. America?

I just want Obama's insane spending to stop.  We must stop listening to the far-left politicians and staff members who are paid to support this nonsense.  Our debt is already beyond ever being repaid, unless the dollar is devalued to the point where it is worthless.  Maybe that is the plan.  If not, there is no plan. 

I would like to see our President stop apologizing for America.  It makes me believe he does not understand and appreciate the enormously positive role this country has played in maintaining freedom around the world.  For example, Europe would be speaking German twice over if it were not for American blood and treasure.  The World War II generation was the last generation to truly understand sacrifice for freedom.  We should treasure them, and NEVER apologize for their contribution to saving those to whom our President appears to be constantly apologizing to.

I would like to see the majority of both Democrats and Republicans voted out of office, and replaced with young patriots who support term limits.  A good place to look for replacements is our returning soldiers, who have served in the Middle-East.  They understand and appreciate life in this country.  They were willing to die to protect that way of life.  How many of our present-elected officials can make that statement?

I would like to see strict term limits set at six two-year terms for the House and two six-year terms for the Senate.  And for goodness sake, leave the President's term limit alone at two four-year terms.

I would like to see even the mention of ear-marks and pork-spending become a felony!

I would like to see our military rebuilt so strong that no country on this planet would dare attack us.  Deterrence prevents war.  And while we are at it, let's insure this nation buys the right stuff.  For example, I would like to see the buy on our new F-22 fighter increased to the point of maintaining air-dominance for the next 50 years, as it has been for the past 50 years.  I like lots of insurance when it comes to protecting this great nation.  Boy, will that one burn Obama and his cronies' whiskers!  They are destroying our military as we speak, as they're convinced Obama is gifted to the point of talking his way out of anything.  North Korea, Iran, China and Russia are all laughing their butts off over that one.

I would like to see us completely pull out of Afghanistan.  The Soviet Union proved many points there, and none were good.  It is a totally different situation than Iraq.  To win in Afghanistan, first we must win in Pakistan, and the American people are not willing to pay that price.  It will become Obama's Vietnam, and for what reason?  Enough of our young have died in the Middle-East.  Please see the above again concerning building our military strong enough that it will never need to be used.

I would like to see our health care system left alone.  Let's offer a plan for those not covered, but do it through the private sector.  Government should be kept as far away from this program as possible.  I lived under a socialized medical program for over 30 years.  It was called military health care and it sucked.

I would like to see our government severely limited and forced out of the auto and banking business.  If a company can't cut it, let them use bankruptcy as our law allows.  Who came up with this idea of too big to fail?  It had to be someone in government drawing a salary far too large for their level of thinking.

I would like to see taxes reduced and in proportion to what is paid.  If we want to reduce unemployment and see the economy soar, reduce tax rates on small business and provide assistance at that level, as opposed to General Motors.  Where do we get these Harvard lunkheads who can only suggest government intervention and massive spending?  This is not Rocket Science.  They just want you, the American people, to think it so.

Did I say already that even the mention of pork-spending by our Congress should be considered a felony, and retroactive?

I would like our guns left alone.  There is no controversy here.  We have an Amendment to our Constitution clearly giving gun rights to American citizens.  By the way, did I already say that to even allude to a "living Constitution", or suggest any deviation to our Constitution should be considered a felony offense?

I think we should maintain separation of Church and State.  But we should fully understand what that means.  It does not mean that we cannot post the Ten Commandments anywhere we wish, use white crosses to mark the graves of our fallen soldiers, use the word "God" on our coins, and let those among us worship as they please.  Does that not ring a bell even for those who skipped high school and went directly to Harvard?  One of the factors leading to the founding of this nation was the search for religious freedom.  I often wonder what is really being taught in our schools, when basic thought like this is not understood.

Well, there is so much more I would like to add, but I am already worried about the far-left attack and destroy tactics being planned for me, and Hobbs (my Chinese Pug).  However, those guys had best be careful.  Those high-paying government jobs are probably going to no longer be available if Sara is elected President.  They might want to start hiding in the woodwork now.


Jim Cash, B/G, USAF. Ret.
Lakeside, Montana


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