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Enough is enough. It's time for change. stands behind the man who puts his life on the line again and again, who makes life or death decisions in the blazing heat, exhaustion, fear and confusion of war while conducting combat operations intended to capture or kill the enemy and as a result of his actions in combat becomes the subject of an investigation or even formal charges. stands behind the man who puts his life on the line again and again, who makes life or death decisions in the blazing heat, exhaustion, fear and confusion of war while conducting combat operations intended to capture or kill the enemy and as a result of his actions in combat becomes the subject of an investigation or even formal charges.

Newsmax magazine reports on an incident last year out of Iraq, which is copied below for you to read taken from an article in their April 2005 issue. To come back later and read the complete story as reported, click the above link.

We don't normally get way-out angry, but we have a young one in the service, and we feel a time is coming for a revolution to clean out America . . . sort of like the country taking a laxative.

We believe a very clear majority of the American people have had it with a few million on the elite left trying to tell them what they can and can't say or do, like what is coming out of the communist membership of the ACLU, the organization formed by a socialist for that very purpose and intent.

These elitists are the tail on the dog, and the tail needs to be cut off when it tries to wag the dog it's attached to. From liberal professors who think their s**t doesn't stink and their piss isn't yellow, to the managing editors of liberal newspaper who live in fancy homes, make large salaries with mucho medical benefits, and enjoy the freedoms they had nothing to do with creating, many of us have simply have had it with their arrogance and their continued hate for the country we happen to like.

You told us for the last thirty years if we didn't like what you were saying, singing, and video taping to our kids to just turn it off. Well in the same spirit, we say to you if you don't like it here, get the hell out.

It's our opinion that when our young men and women are asked to make sacrifices in serving their country, political correctness, a word derived from early Communism, has no place in the military.

So, in essence, thumbs down to the New York Times, the ACLU, The Boston Globe, and the L.A. Times, just to name a few, who have created this damn environment where every action by our kids in uniform is judged as as if they were CEO's making decisions for a multi-million dollar corporation.

The truth is the base pay for these heroes is about $1,000 a month, and they are only there because they want to serve and be rewarded with an education because they weren't born with a silver spoon up their ass like those yuppies at America's universities. They come from farms, homes, inner cities, and places where their parents have scraped a living together, never complaining while expecting a lot from their offspring. That was America in the 50s. We need to go back to that time when all Americans agreed on the basics of what kept a country healthy and strong.

To put any of one of their children, who serve in the military, on trial because they chose in an unexpected incident to protect their comrades first, and not the enemy, is unacceptable. But then when the military chooses to put them on display at the same location at which they received their training, it all becomes a damn slap in the face to all of us who encouraged our children to serve.

These kids chose to volunteer to protect their country, not understanding that the visionless liberal left in the United States would do everything in their power to embarrass them whenever possible.

I was at Parris Island when our son graduated, one of the proudest days in our lives. Now I smell something very rotten and I don't like the stink!

The Pentagon needs to put the genie back in the bottle and tell the editors of the above newspapers and organization to go stick it where the sun don't shine. These newspaper elites serve no purpose but to weaken our country while pushing their personal agendas of socialist and communist upon its readers.

It's so bad, one man immigrating to the United States and moving to California north of San Francisco, was reported to had said he felt he was more free in Estonia under Russian rule where he had come from than living in this politically-correct hell. He found himself being criticized by his neighbors for mowing his lawn, their stopping him saying the bugs also had a right to live. This part of the country is where, the article reports, "Even the swatting of flies in public can invoke similar responses."

That's how far off course the state of California has gotten from the rest of the country, or didn't you know? Freedom is knowledge.

And now onto the story we found in Newsmax.

The story you are about to read should get you fired up, knowing that if the described vehicle was found in front of any of the above mentioned newspaper headquarters and a policeman had saved the day, the managing editors of these Red publications would have buried the cop in political correctness for killing the terrorists, as this American soldier is being buried from an incident in Iraq.

Here's the story as pulled from Newsmax. You decide, and then contact Defend the Defenders and the U.S. Marines, and tell them that political correctness is not why our kids joined to serve. If that's going to be the game, we're going to pull our kids back from recruitment and force the military to have to draft the party animals from our socialist universities. Then let those yuppies get their butts squeezed by their own political correctness!

That's our word.

Here's the story that led to this hero being accused of premeditated murder in the shooting deaths of two insurgents near Fallujah, Iran, last year. His hearing starts on April 25th at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Iran must be laughing at us, putting our soldiers on trial who are doing the duty of a soldier while the leftists in San Francisco want to harass people for killing flies.

What a $#@*& up country!


On April 15, 2004, while serving as a platoon commander in Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment in Iraq, Pantano was ordered to reconnoiter a reported terrorist hiding spot. He led his "quick-reaction" platoon to the site, a home in the town of Mahmudiyah, south of Baghdad and not far from the bloody town of Fallujah.

Pantano's orders were to raid the house and neutralize the reported nest of insurgents holed up there with their arms cache.

The intelligence turned out to be correct, and Pantano's Marines discovered weapons and bomb-making equipment in the house. As the Marines were securing the building, two Iraqis bolted from the site to a nearby truck, a sport utility vehicle.

The Marines charged after the suspects and brought the vehicle to a halt by shooting the tires out. Pantano ordered the pair out of the truck and, in accordance with standard operating procedures, told the captives to tear the interior of the truck apart to ensure it was not booby-trapped.

What exactly happened next remains unclear.

The Marine Corps has not released any official rendition of what it alleges happened. However, Pantano's civilian attorney, Charles Gittins, says that the two Iraqi men began chattering to one another, then one of the Iraqis made what Pantano determined to be a threatening move. When told to stop in his native language by Pantano, they continued in his direction.

As Pantano described it to the Naval Investigative Service:

"After another time of telling them to be quiet, they quickly pivoted their bodies toward each other. They did this simultaneously, while still speaking in muffled Arabic. I thought that they were attacking me, and I decided to fire my M-16A4 service rifle in self-defense. ..."

After the fact, it was determined that neither suspect was armed or rigged with explosives.

It was not until Pantano returned to Camp Lejeune that he was informed he was being charged with premeditated murder in the deaths of the two Iraqis – a charge that theoretically could carry the death penalty.

Several Marine officers who served with Pantano in Iraq, and who spoke to Time magazine on condition of anonymity, criticized the Marines for pursuing the case. Pantano, they maintain, had two choices. He could hold fire and risk his life and those of his men, or shoot to kill.

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Marine Corps drops all charges against officer. - 5/31/05 - Marine Corps Times





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