The Big Picture is in! What Went Wrong with America

Well the big picture is in what went wrong with America, the result of the far-left infiltrating our schools and keeping conservative thought out.  We can now see the effects of too many far-left professors discouraging the tolerance of individual conservative ideologies in the classroom, taking over the teaching of our kids in K-12 and beyond.  The results are in via a recent poll of America's youth shown below.

What could we expect when it was discovered several years ago that the Teachers' College of Columbia University was training future classroom teachers and administrators that self-achievement was racist

What could we expect when we saw the effects of that right here in North Carolina in several county schools a few years ago, where liberal-taught administrators made graduating seniors remove their color tassel of success from their mortar boards during graduation ceremonies.  Why?  It was reported because "their success might offend other less achieving students!"  That was Marxism right here in River City. It was seen as so outrageous, it has disappeared for now.  But let’s not hold our breath.

Below is the sample text taken from the following article, proving American values of individual freedoms backed by our Constitution are no longer important.  It is promoted by a corrupt media, found in comments from media moguls such as the publisher of Newsweek Magazine, saying not only was Obama "like a God," but that as a country we were beyond "talking about the importance of America," instead looking at this country as being a simple part of a global plan to change the earth.  What?!  

Here are the shocking stats:

"Over 70 percent of young voters between 18 and 24 believe that President Barack Obama’s message of change has matched his actions in office."

"60% of 18 to 24 year olds view Supreme Court gender and ethnic balance as important."

So what more proof do we need that Social Justice, and not the basics of our Constitution, have been successfully taught in our public schools and universities by Marxist liberals.   These many years of teaching Social Justice among the three R's has taught our youth to believe balance and gender are now MORE important to our Federal Supreme Court than the rule of law, the protection of our basic freedoms, and the words written in our Constitution that protects our way of life, which HAD become the most successful in the history of the world! 

This is the same far-left ideology taught to Obama in his liberal education, who as president will soon use many of these same youth for his National Civilian Work Force (Brown Shirts,) his wife getting the ball rolling last week.

He will then use YOUR tax money to pay these students to live in American communities across America during the summer in exchange for college loans.  These students will obviously do what they are told if they want the money.  They will then teach "Obama's charity work" to local residences on the importance of far-left Democrat Party Social Justice issues such as global warming, the spread of wealth, gay pride over straight morals, etc.  

This is being done as Obama stops Americans earning over $250,000 dollars a year from being able to deduct to charities of their own choosing from their taxes, this DEMOGRAPHIC group formerly responsible for 50% of the income going to charities, churches, museums, etc., across America.

Our Republic is quickly being replaced by Communism through Obama's new socialist programs.  This is going on as a Puerto Rican-born Democrat Congressman from the Bronx now sponsors a House Bill to get rid of the Constitutional law that allows only two election terms for a U.S. President

Thinking about the ramifications of the bill, look at what Obama has been able to accomplish in just five months, thanks to these naive young voters destroying the opposition for him, far-left Social Justice programs sailing through Congress in a one-party rule environment.  We still have 43 months to endure in just this first term. 

Speaking of Social Justice, we celebrate Father's Day on this one Sunday in June.  But now Obama has given gays the ENTIRE month of June to celebrate gay ideology with even NASA directing employees to get involved in gay celebration in their communities.  And if there isn't one, they are encouraged to start one by NASA! 

And this is for the agency that is supposed to be representing all Americans in space exploration on the taxpayer dime, now pushing gay agendas as Social Justice in NASA.  Does that mean sodomy in space will now be part of the text for teaching how to live outside the earth?  AIDS in space and not a hospital in sight.

If makes you wonder, for a military that is reported to be 80% Christian, how long moral men and women will continue to serve and support a country that is so quickly morphing into a Communist society.

In reading all this, we can understand that Plato was obviously right. Our country is changing before our eyes as it did in Germany in the late 1920s.  Plato believed successful Democracies could never survive because of the strange ideas that entered into the society through the arts and literature and then went mainstream, saying that eventually even puppy dogs would demand their freedoms, too. 

Now we can fully understand what Plato was warning civilizations about 2,800 years ago.  In today's fast moving society, it is crystalline clear: Democracies can't survive unless those who want them fight for them; that’s why it's sometimes called a revolution and people die.  Looking at the news today, it would appear that Iranians want freedom more than Americans want to keep theirs.  




"Freedom is Knowledge"