The Attack on our Republic


Look at the ENTIRE picture of all the elements that are tearing this country apart and ask yourself, "What is the fix?"

You would think what I was suggesting would be very easy to accomplish. But the secular progressives will fight you tooth and nail, such as Mr. Sensitive himself, Senator Ted Kennedy. What will he and others fight you on?

For starters, how about a simple and basic right for the English language to be the official language of the United States to protect its sovereignty. If this was WWII, Kennedy would have already been removed from Congress. How? Just like his father was removed by the president from the office of ambassador to England for his supporting the Nazis in personal business dealings, therefore against the United States going to war with Germany in the early 1940s.

To Joe senior, the killing of millions of Jews must have been just so much acceptable collateral damage in his personal goal for power. What else are we to believe, since the rumors were flying at that time of what was happening to them in the world of the Third Reich? But don't look for the same to happen in today's political correct environment to his son, Ted Kennedy, and his interests against the basic values of those who love this country. . . a country that we believe is to be protected with pride and passion. Without that, then our only purpose becomes to multiply and consume as much as we can from the land . . . sucking the very life out of it for personal gain.

So is asking our native language to be protected too much to ask? It probably is to a secular progressive, one concerned with internationalism and the power to be gained from it. "Like father, like son," they say.

Are you getting tired, as much as I am, of seeing the Spanish language printed about every place you go these days, even on products you bring into your own home? (See examples at end of article.) And are you also tired of having to use your taxpayer dollars to train illegal alien children to speak English because their parents will not do it?

If you are, one way is to stand up and demand that the English language be used by law in everyday applications, from corporate packaging to in-store advertising and government communications. But this simple law was stopped from passage by a few secular progressives just last year. It now needs to be resurrected. It's the brick wall we all need to say "enough is enough" to Washington, and more importantly to send a message to our representatives in Congress that it really isn't that hard to bring them home if they're bored with listening to the people's will.

I believe we, as Americans, need an immediate brick wall like this that will DEMAND a basic and simple right . . .that all normal communications and writings are to be in English as it has always been up to now. This would force anyone coming into the country to have to learn the language and for corporations to stop patronizing them in stores and with product packaging in Spanish. Immigrants up to the last few decades never questioned their responsibility to learn the language of the country they moved to.

It would also save tens-of-millions of dollars for each state where immigrating families refuse to teach their young the English language, seeing it as an inconvenience and leaving it instead to the government to spend the money for instruction, something that doesn't even happen in their own country.

If your congressional congressmen and senators in Washington refuse to pass this law, call them home through established procedures of removing officials from office. Then send a representative that will respect the will of the people. Until the American people do this, they will continue to not be in control of their own country, a new phenomenon since liberalism had entered the society. With America's opinion about the usefulness of its Congress down to near single digits, the time has come for major change and major demands by the American people.

This change in attitude in America started with popular Democrats who represented the wealthy liberals of America, which included the elite Hollywood culture represented by directors such as Steven Spielberg (A Shark's Tale.) Spielberg left the Boy Scouts because he didn't like their 80-years of core principles. Yet he and these same Democrats have no problems with organizations such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and its associate North American Love / Boy Association (NAMBLA) . . . along with the acid-left haters who contribute content to Web sites such as the DAILY KOS, a site that is visited by an estimated half-a-million.

It was the Daily KOS, as brought to light in July of 2007 on the O'Reilly Factor, which had published a cartoon to its site of Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut ready to give President Bush a blow job. The cartoon, according to The Factor, had actually been up for more than a year.

That was just another example of the attitude and lack of morals from the far-left, during the recent elections, making comments about Lieberman's Jewishness while he was running for office in Connecticut as an independent candidate.

Others joined in for the feast, which included many far-left Democrat from other states along with the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both delighted to make fun of Lieberman. Sharpton was already well known for his previous hateful comments against Jews. Even a few national morning television shows obviously worked in step with the DNC's agenda, gushing and blatantly asking on-air why Lieberman wasn't stepping down. They weren't not even ashamed to spit in the faces of their conservative viewers.

He didn't listen to these bubble heads and won.

Senator Dodd, the other senator from Connecticut, when asked by O'Reilly why he was going to the KOS convention knowing that the Lieberman cartoon had been welcomed on the site, gave every excuse in the book why it was an event he felt proud to be connected with.

"Wow, really Senator Dodd?"

Now you can easily see how our country has gotten off track and not just with the immigration issue. America is growing weak as it follows a growing attitude similar to that of the Netherlands, a country that's on the abyss of self-destruction. All you need to do to understand what is happening in America today is to simply connect the dots we have provided for you.

I mean, who would have guessed that GLAAD would become so radical it would support the removal of basic words from our vocabulary of children's text books . . . words such as "mother" and "father." GLAAD and far-left liberals see these words as being offensive, saying unbelievable that they are gender specific . . . in other words "dirty words." Can you imagine a world where you would be called "homophobic" for saying mother or father in a public school situation?

Other disturbing issues are also represented by presidential political candidates such as Hillary Clinton, one of the top-ten most corrupt politicians rated in 2006 by the American watchdog group, Judicial Watch. In fact, it was Hillary who made the brazen socialist statement during her 2008 campaign, "Something has to be taken from some people." Who is she talking about, the rich? What rich, people making $150,000 . . . $100,000 . . . or even $80,000 down the road?

It was also Obama, another Democrat politician running for the office of president in 2008, who wants your kindergarten children in public schools to have specific sex education training. Even the far-left branch of the Methodist church wants this activity for American children, asking can you believe what is wrong with five-year olds learning such words was vagina, penis, uterus, or vulva.

We're talking about children who may have yet to learn their ABC's, watching Big Bird on Sesame Street along with purple dragons. Sex? You have got to be kidding.

Their excuse is that in a sex education class you can warn children about pedophiles. Well, that topic comes under the category of "Health and Safety" where it belongs. It would also keep weird guests from obtaining a pass into the classroom, ones who have specific radical agendas many parents would not approve of for their own family.

This is happening in our public schools were children are held captive to far-left radical adults, adults who have no problem taking advantage of children's vulnerability in a place that used to be the safest in town. Now in some locations it has become the place for the teaching of radical agendas of liberal activist groups.

Think that's all there is? Here's more.

You have the National Education Association (NEA) working with the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), advocates that seek to end a parents' traditional right to raise their children with their own values. It's reported that GLSEN has put out a video to train ELEMENTARY school teachers how to advance leftist agendas in schools, the video bashing Christians as bigots. Questions are also asked of high school students that include "What do you think CAUSED your heterosexuality," (as if a disease), or "If you slept with someone other than the same sex, how do you know you wouldn't prefer that?"


The Alliance Defense Fund reports the true colors of these movements in our public schools with an example of a high school health textbook for freshman that asked the student, "You may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents."

Now you know why the public schools are evolving into an anti-family environment, allowing parents to be treated simply as incubators instead of the protectors of long term family heritages some going back for decades -- even centuries -- to what was referred to as traditions from the old country."

This instruction that goes on in our schools lead by far-left radical groups has nothing to do with preparing young minds for a career. They don't even respect a student's right to be able to follow his or her's parent's teachings.

Add ALL these far-left issues to the immigration problem, which is tearing this country apart, and you have an example of change-engineering created by a secular progressives agenda that rotates around American families as if a dark funnel cloud of destruction.

Now understanding the full picture of the attack on the individual and the family, go back and read the NASCO's self-directive language again. Ask yourself what they mean by the word, "aggressive." Then study the board of directors and ask yourself how these people ever got together and more importantly, who brought them together? It seems today that everything against the family unit is aggressive, far-left forces trying to destroy a unique structure that has always been central to keeping a society free.

Yet there is another attack to our basic lives related to immigration that just popped up within only a few years.

Allow me to give you an example. Yesterday I was simply trying to buy some floor tile and had trouble finding the instructions in English, Spanish all over the product. This is at a time that Lowe's and the Home Depot have not only put their handing ceiling signs in English and Spanish, but now the Spanish is as large as the English. I have also noticed that the packaging on many products recently purchased from stores this year have Spanish as dominate as English, as if America had moved south of the border. Of course, we know that Mexico doesn't use English in its own country, right, only Spanish to protect its heritage.

What? I will repeat that. Mexico uses only Spanish because it wants to protect its heritage. I guess Mexico is obviously not controlled by secular progressives and why it is still looks like . . . Mexico!

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Hitler understood how to destroy a culture so it could be taken over (seduced) when he started his Youth Corps. Under Hitler's plan it was not long before children were telling the SS what was being said by parents at the evening dining room tables. Of course, if you don't know about these issue then get ready for a whale of a ride into hell that I believe is just around the corner for Europe and England.

Don't believe this can happen here? That's okay. The earth is filled with the graves of tens-of-millions who believed the same thing about their country.

"Been there, done that," they will gravel to you.






"Freedom is Knowledge"