Al Gore, global warming, and today's rampant political correctness . . .

The Perfect Storm!

Fall 2007, Webmaster


Individuals like Al Gore could be seen as more dangerous in the end then the dictators who ran to the Axis Powers during WWII. I am, for instance, well aware of who Adolph Hitler was and do not use these names loosely. But let's examine this idea and then you can decide about the times we are living in and if they represent the coming Perfect Storm.

Adolph Hitler used the Arian Race and its resulting nationalism as a way to promote German society's return to power in the world, a country at the time that was surrounded by enemies that had defeated it in WWI, causing great depression on its population. Hitler used this to motivate the population to build an even larger military complex, one that would be conquering the countries on Germany's border within a decade. He also created a public relations campaign that generated a hatred of the Jews, their business dealings an easy scapegoat for Germany's woes.

At the same time, Hitler created an attack against the strength of the German family unit using his popular Youth Corp, where young boys would be encouraged to tell on their parents if the views at home went against Hitler, the SS, and his Third Reich. This strategy would rally his SS officers while demanding unquestionable allegiance from all Germans, his telling them their democracy would need to be sacrificed for the greater good of the country. They obviously agreed, 96% of the voters thrusting him into office in 1932.

A clear line began as Germany's military moved out from its borders, cowardly nations such as France and Britain had not wanted to tread over it, instead seeking peace with the Third Reich. This also included the attitudes of some American businessmen represented by wealthy individuals such as Joseph Kennedy, who had established a lucrative financial arrangement with the Third Reich, and who in turn had actually tried to stop America from entering into the war. His conflict of interest was discover, and he was recalled from England and removed as its ambassador.

America would later enter the war against Germany, but soon found itself attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941, the small island nation wanting to re-establish its shipping routes for oil for its war machine that America had tried to shut down. This was the beginning of WWII in ernest around the globe. But this war, as with all others, had always been about individual nations, border lines, and armies easily identifiable by their uniforms, everyone therefore knowing full well what side they were on and where to attack to weaken an enemy's resolve. When it was over, there was a surrender and life went on in the world. Those days of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for the end of a conflict I believe are gone in this new world of Internet connectivity of nations and their peoples.

Now enter Al Gore, an international hero to many of the world's member states represented by the global United Nations.

The United Nations had already sought to control world opinion in some areas through political correctness, sometimes using far-left advocates to represent its goals through individuals such as Harry Belafonte. Belafonte is still an activist, who had compared America's Homeland Security to the Third Reich's SS at a meeting of the international Arts Presenters Members Conference in January of 2006, where they stood up and applauded him.

But it was the Iraq War that finally showed the United Nations to be one of the most corrupt organization in the world, its Oil for Food Program exposed as the greatest fraud in human history, but only because of America's attack on the vile leadership of Iraq.

Up to that time, men like Belafonte and the UN had bloviated how billions of dollars were feeding starving Iraqi women and children, and that America didn't need to attack Saddam. But the truth of the matter was that children were instead being thrown in jail and women raped, Saddam and his two sons literally controlling all the money for their own personal interests.

Those running the program for the UN knew exactly where the money was going and what influence was being bought. I believe it is what caused Vice President Cheney to create a list of all the countries who were doing business in oil with Iraq, allowing at a glance the establishing of what nations would be supporting Saddam, and in turn against any aggression to remove the mad man from his position of influence in Iraq and the Middle East. And he had also been an thorn in the peace process of Israel and Palestine, paying the equivalent of $20,000 to Palestinian families of suicide bombers, who had gone into Israel and blown themselves up in crowed markets.

I believe this was also the list the New York Times published in a personal effort by its publisher to undermine this country's attempt to win a very difficult and different war while its military was under restraint, the newspaper siding with the anti-war objectives of far-left organizations such as Ironically, I believe Judicial Watch, a conservative watch dog organization, pushed for the release of the list under the Freedom of Information Act. In either case, both sides got their face into the business of the U.S. trying to win a war and stabilize a Middle East, an objective that no other president had been able to do through fancy speeches and faux public relations campaigns.

The attack by the United States on Iraq also finally proved that France was actively supplying military hardware to assist Saddam in his attack on countries such as Kuwait, raping its women and killing children while its male citizens were taken hostage to Iraq and never seen again. This is in addition to Saddam having tried earlier to wipe out the Kurdish Race located to his north, using weapons of mass destruction to murder tens-of-thousands of innocent human beings . . . their bodies proof of the massive amount of WMD he had kept in storage in Iraq, gas that must have later grown legs and disappear into the desert in the middle of the night.

However, far-left liberal interests in America had been working since the 1970's, taking over the mainstream media and infiltrating in America's universities. Socialist organizations went on to strengthened themselves or were created in the 1990s under Clinton's legacy of "I did it because I could." They included now familiar names such as the ACLU and, turning the war in Iraq into a politically correct agenda against the United States, seeing it as a country built on the now offensive premise of self-determination.

Over the last decade, they have been able to bring together other socialist organizations that would expand a negative influence on the values of the American people and the American family, their suddenly advocating a borderless world where the population's use of energy and goods would be controlled for the good of the human race. They discovered an excellent way to achieve this end through the threat of a new agenda they called global warming. It was the perfect cause to rally around, using a willing mainstream media and an entertainment industry that hated conservative government. With this they could maybe even change the dynamics of world governments. It all came together for them as Al Gore would rise up to the cause with his Hollywood produced movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," a former vice president of the United States.

You couldn't create a better marriage in secular progressive heaven.

Gore Outlines Grand Climate Change Plan

They proclaimed that without their intervention into stopping global warming, billions of people would die around the world from rising water via melting ice and radical shifts in the weather, all related they said, (and the core of their socialist agenda), to the release of CO2 by an over industrialized planet. They decided to launch a public relations campaign to the populations of the world that if the CO2 could be brought under control, the world would be saved. The only problem for the population was that when you control CO2, you literally take control of the daily lives of all human beings around the globe through monitoring and distribution of their energy, what they eat, and what the expel as waste.

The smell of Communism filled the air, but not one in the media dared to use the name, calling it instead "being carbon-neutral." By any other name, the rose would still be red.

To this end Al Gore, with the assistance of the United Nations along with radical far left organizations that now included names like PETA and groups for human-only consumption of vegetables, is now using global warming as justification for an immediate radical change in how humans live. Therefore the focus on CO2 is at the heart of their religion. Without it the secular progressive church dies on the vine, and why they fight like hell today to protect their science, wanting no one near it that could prove it wrong.

Now you understand the sudden crescendo of threats and intimidation from all on the far left of any scientist in the world that tries to prove that global warming is caused by minor changes in the sun, and not CO2 from man. Even the Weather Channel got into the fray, threatening to remove the certification of forecasters that didn't go along with the ruse. It is as if you had taken a magnet that could draw out all the far-left liberals into the sunlight, allowing you to see the entire amusement park and who was running it.

And that is exactly what has happened.

If these secular progressive organizations can convince nations and most of their citizenship that they're in danger of dying from the release of too much CO2 into the atmosphere, these groups under the leadership of Al Gore and the United Nations could suddenly control people and what kind of energy they would be allowed to consume, as they are already doing in Africa. It would even include what foods the people could eat, claiming that the farts from humans eating meat and the meat itself when alive as cattle, were releasing gasses that would assist in melting the ice caps.

Therefore, unlike WWII, the new global warming war would be a declaration on governments to all act together as if there were no borders to protect or cross over. There would be no uniforms. There would be no weapons to make or distribute . . . no bombings. No surrenders.

Where Hitler dealt with enemies that could be easily identified by territory, borders, and uniforms so winning could be easily understood, today's global warming frenzy is instead causing citizens of nations to fight within their own borders, its goal to subdue enough of the world's population that it would agree to allow their governments to decide their daily lives. World organizations would then scientifically determine what people may use to run their lights, their heating plants, and in essence their superstructures. They would determine what industries would be allowed to consume what energy products, what people would be allowed to eat, and what animals, if any, would no longer be domesticated for consumption as food for humans.

This is the same tactic that has been used by the secular progressives, literally trying now to remove the use of everyday words from the English language such as "man" or "women," "boy" or "girl," telling the part of the population that will buy into it these words are offensive and gender specific. They have also in their quest added the word "other" to describe the changed sex of human beings. Using just one issue, they have been able to begin to change the very meanings of basic words while trying to eliminate others from the everyday vocabulary of Americans.

By doing this, they have taken your established traditions and turned them upside down and inside out, even some teacher colleges claiming that human achievement in learning is now offensive to others and why colored tassels of achievement are coming off of mortar boards during some annual graduation ceremonies at high schools last year, eliminated by administrators trained by the secular progressive left in America. And this offense at achievement has spread to local community sporting events of young players, where if the score gets too lop-sided such as 24 - 3, the score board will suddenly correct itself and read 0 - 0. This is going to create children who will believe if they don't achieve as adults, someone will always be there to adjust for their lack of performance. What a sick message to send to a nation that was once the most powerful on earth, now quickly fading into mediocre.

The secular progressives first entered into the American university system beginning in the 1970's, where they could begin to control what was taught in the elementary and secondary schools of America. Then once in control they could easily shift the thinking of the young away from issues of patriotism and love of country, calling these attributes unproductive and discriminatory, even convincing the United States Congress that the U.S. flag was an issue of freedom of speech and could be burned at will.

Of course, the goal was not the flag or the language, or the patriotism. It was to remove the independence of people to take care of themselves and decide their own fate, to one where the government would take care of their needs and decide what they can and cannot do for the good of all. We have seen this in earlier warning from film directors through classic movie titles you know today as "Logan's Run," "Fahrenheit 451," "Soylent Green," and "Night of the Body Snatchers," a theory where people wake up and no longer share the values you were raised with, the new "bodies" wanting to change the old saying, "It's easy. You wouldn't even know it happened." Now go to sleep and ignore this life size pod next to your bed. A more recent movie speaks of coming times of the rich vs the poor, it titled "The Island."

This is the very world Al Gore is trying to claim for the human race, a world that first divides nations and then evaporates their borders for world control for the good of human kind. Of course as with any Communist society, those at the very top such as Al Gore, his followers in the form of far-left socialist organizations, and leaders of the United Nations would have the luxury of dictating what food humans may eat, what energy they would be allowed to consume, and maybe even what words they would use or not use. And of course they would control where their investments were be placed based on their decisions, making profits off the production of recommended goods.

They would have to identify and suppress opposition to the global warming agenda by calling it hate speech, purging it from the Internet and from mainstream media reporting, something that would be easy with today's advocating journalists ready to do their bidding. Then with the assistance of international organizations such as Google, which has recorded years of keystrokes by individuals on their keyboards, tracking Web site access, what they are looking for, and their habits . . . one person at a time throughout the world . . . they could monitor the world's population.

No borders. No resistance. No old fashioned nationalism to get in the way. No democracy with the right to own weapons. Elections wouldn't matter, as they would control the spin, the news, shaping the image of those they wanted to win and those they wanted to lose, creating false claims that would be impossible to check up in a late race.

For the first time in human history a man like Al Gore, with the assistance of ultra-liberal European nations and influenced by a sympathetic world media controlled by personal ideology, could use the faux created science of global warming to control the habits of citizens no matter where they live for the good of the world.

It makes Revelations of the Bible almost life like, this scenario even attracted by the technology that would allow microchips implanted under the human skin, a technology that already has been proven workable. Suddenly with these marks they could eliminate cash, forcing everyone to carry the mark so their where about's would be known anywhere a satellite signal could reach.

And this is why I say that men like Al Gore can do more harm and be more dangerous than an Adolph Hitler. Twelve-million dead could be a tiny fraction of what this global warming group could behold over time if in control of world politics in the name of protecting the world's population from itself.

Allow me to ask you these questions for a reality check of these times, the older you are the more frightened you will become having more history to make judgments from:

Did you ever think there would be a time when educators and elected officials would try to remove simple words like man and woman from your child's text books? Did you think that college students, such as those at William and Mary, would be required to see explicit sexual demonstrations to pass respective college courses or they could not obtain their degree? Did you ever think you would see a day when a specific lifestyle, such as that of homosexuals, would be glorified with its own day of silence where no one speaks on campus, not even the professors, and it you did you would be intimidated and threatened?

Did you ever think that a supreme court justice in her writings would want to see the girl and boy scouts eliminated as separate organizations, their serving in only one group with the sexual notation removed of a boy or a girl, or that males as the accepted leader of certain households would be held as offensive to the society?

Did you ever think you would see a day when children would have three parents, a father and two mothers, with the custody of a child going to none that had blood relationship to that child, a case that had actually gotten through a lower court in a lesbian marriage gone bad? Did you ever think you would see the create of disabled children from birth on purpose for a lifestyles personal enjoyment, as actually happened with a deaf leftist couple only a few years ago?

Did you ever believe you would see an organization that sponsored abortions, making billions of dollars off the sale of the fetuses they aborted, the unborn humans produced by the poorest of our society who wouldn't be allowed to earn a dime from the transaction that had been taken from their womb, the organization selling the parts to huge biomedical corporations involved in human cloning and organ development? In this environment, would you believe this would go on while scientists contemplate the need for ethics when dealing with future androids and how their owners would treat them?

Did you ever think your government would force talk radio sources and church ministers to register as lobbyists, their not being heard during elections to discuss the pros and cons of candidates, and it they did they would be under penalty of jail and huge fines? Even in North Carolina, a brand new state ethics committee is not required to make its findings public while the individuals they are investigating are allowed to hide their identifications from the general media if they so choose. It is also on far-left North Carolina campuses where you will find heavy speech codes and suppression of the right of decent. In Asheville last year, students were allowed to surround military personnel on career day and keep them from speaking to students. The new president of the campus said that it was good experience for these students to learn their rights to suppress the ideas of others, and was excited at her new administrative challenge.

And did you ever think you would see a day where illegal aliens would jump in front of your car to sue you and your insurance company for damages, or force you to rear-end one of their cars so they could sue you and your insurance company for your being unable to stop? Did you ever think there would be over twelve-million illegal aliens sucking up the funds that maintain the medical and financial assistance superstructures in America, ones that had been used only for American citizens?

Did you ever think that you would see seventeen-thousand Muslim protest a war while on American soil, while many in the media would not report the story because to do so would be seen as profiling and being insensitive? And did you ever think you would see your national mainstream media used by reporters for their own avocation of personal issues, a prime example being where a writer published the entire list of legal gun owners in the state of Virginia, his saying if newspapers could print the names of sexual offenders registered by the government, it could also print the names of gun owners registered by the same? Did anyone consider the ramifications to those not on the list, criminals suddenly knowing who had the guns and who didn't? Of course not. That was not part of the objective.

Did you ever think news outlets like NBC would censor the news, providing stories from their executive's point of view on political correct issues, while the network purchased a Christian cartoon and then removed any reference to God as offensive to its viewers? All this while a cable world news outlet on American soil, CNN News, actually release an insurgent video of an American soldier being shot by terrorists, the voice over by the terrorists saying quietly, "Wait, don't shoot until the women and children are out of the way."

Did you ever ask the question if this was just poor judgment or the managing editors at CNN knowing full well that the video they were running was a PR message created by the terrorists to help defeat the United States military, purposely running it around world? In WWII, CNN would have been shut down and pad locked, its administrators going before military courts as traitors.

Al Gore knows exactly what he is doing in this new secular progressive world. His followers also know full well that they could be on the edge of overthrowing the population of the world without firing a single shot. And that is why if you don't become active in protecting your right as an individual, you're not going to have it much longer.

Read all of the above again of what is going on in your world today and tell me that this all couldn't happen within the next decade. It's a Brave New World, and it's arriving on your doorstep in bits and pieces every day.

Remember this one prophecy if you remember anything!

"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely" **

Just asks the Jews, who survived the concentration camps, how fast it happened.




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** An observation that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. The statement was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.





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