A curse on the youth of America


Warnings Ignored Circa 2008

Now years later these teens are adults with kids of their own, as STDs continue to rage around the nation.


The Myth Of 'Safe Sex'


Teen Drug Evolution: A Parents Resource Guide

Child Only Health Plans In The United States

National Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy


Project Reality's funding to help kids stay safe lost it budget from the state of Illinois.

Young college adults and teens are faced with incredible pressures to become sexually active.

Note: this site lost funding from the State of Illinois:. Read report.

Nearly all teens surveyed (93%) said that today's youth should be given a "strong message" to abstain from sexual activity. Despite claims that adolescents cannot be expected to abstain from sexual activity, research shows an increasing number of teens are doing just that.

According to the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, most high school students today have never had sexual intercourse, and of those who have, a significant majority say that they regret their decision and wish that they had waited.

Note: A Gannett daily newspaper in North Carolina buried a CDC 2004 warning in a tiny box back on the lower left hand side of a page back near its comic section. The CDC had warned that 50% of today's teens would contact an STD by age 25. When I complained to Gannett Publishing, asking how its CEO felt about one of its newspaper hiding the CDC report from teens and their parents, the corp never replied to my concern instead communicated directly with its publisher.

The publisher answered, copying me writing to his boss at Gannett, "Well, we did published it."



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1 in 4 Teen Girls Has Sexual Disease

It's actually hard to believe it's this low. - Webmaster

At least one in four teenage girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease, or more than 3 million teens, according to the first study of its kind in this age group.

A virus that causes cervical cancer is by far the most common sexually transmitted infection in teen girls aged 14 to 19, while the highest overall prevalence is among black girls—nearly half the blacks studied had at least one STD. That rate compared with 20 percent among both whites and Mexican-American teens, the study from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

About half of the girls acknowledged ever having sex; among them, the rate was 40 percent. While some teens define sex as only intercourse, other types of intimate behavior including oral sex can spread some infections.

For many, the numbers likely seem "overwhelming because you're talking about nearly half of the sexually experienced teens at any one time having evidence of an STD," said Dr. Margaret Blythe, an adolescent medicine specialist at Indiana University School of Medicine and head of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on adolescence . . . read more



Teen magazine tells kids pregnancy is an Accident

A cover piece relates to the magazine's young, impressionable readers: "Sex is so confusing. On the one hand, you're being told not to do it (by parents and teachers) -- that it's "wrong," that there's no way you're ready, or that it could lead to diseases. On the other hand, you see (in real life, in movies, and on TV) that sex is a natural, healthy and fun part of loving relationships.

You also have information about birth control coming at you from every direction: friends, TV commercials, maybe sex-ed class. You think you know how to protect yourself, but it seems like such a hassle when all you want to do is focus on those totally romantic, wonderfully tingly feelings you have about your guy!" . . . read more




The most sexually diseased generation in history had been called the Valtrex Generation, after the STD drug as if nothing had changed.

Please always remember to thank secular progressives if you're a member of the most sexually diseased group in America's history. We're of course talking about the secular progressive's Valtrex Generation.

In its television ad, Valtrex warns the viewer with on-screen print that people who have a relationship with a person infected with genital herpes have a 70% chance of contacting the disease, which of course is incurable. That's then used as a segue by the ad's writer to have the young television character say, "So I have to be careful." Sadly all that is tossed away at the beginning of the ad with the following:

Infected character: "I have genital herpes."

Uninfected date: "And I don't!" (smiling.)

Of course, based on the information on how many people contact the disease in a sexual relationship, I would want to add a little truth in advertising in the response, saying instead "And I don't . . . at least not right now."

So just what are the potential permanent symptoms for a man or woman who contacts the disease? Read for yourself and then decide if you really want to be a character in a Valtrex television ad.

Oh, if you question today's youth are the most diseased, here is something to think about. Corporations don't spend money on national ads to only reach a few customers and the CDC really is not in the business of making people fee good about their bad choices.



"Few doubt, however, that accurately counting new HIV infections is unusually difficult. About one-quarter of people infected with the virus do not know they are.

The infection is largely "silent" for a decade in most people, and a substantial number go for testing only as they develop the symptoms of AIDS, the late stage of the illness." . . . read more



Next time you're thinking about having free sex, check out your partner's file!

(Graphic owned by Channel 5 Chicago.) Wonderful chart you need to read before having sex.  It might just save your life!

Compliments NBC Channel 5, Chicago

Click here to go to Channel 5 Web site in Chicago to see this excellent reference chart on STDs in action. Once there, click on the tabs to see everything you need to know about the specific STD. Note the graphic above, owned by NBC Channel 5, is showing how Gonorrhea is spread. Click on the other tabs and then the markers to see more information on each specific STD. We applaud Channel 5 for stepping up to finally address this serious issue that is going to cripple our medical system as these teens become adults and their STDs affect their lifestyles.

Dr. James Allen, president the nonprofit group American Social Health Association, says half of sexually active young people get an STD. He says about two-thirds of young people assume they're being tested for STDs during regular health visits when, in fact, such testing is not routine.



"The Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator is an online source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities in the United States or U.S. Territories for substance abuse/addiction and/or mental health problems.  The Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator is a product of SAMHSA's Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ). The Locator is compiled from responses to CBHSQ's annual surveys of treatment facilities (the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services and the National Mental Health Services Survey)." - SAMHSA



If you're not one of the 40,000,000+ that has been infected with an STD, you might want to read this.

Important news from the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia

"Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) continue to be a major health threat in the United States. CDC estimates that 19 million STD infections occur annually, almost half of them among youth ages 15 to 24.1 In addition to potentially severe health consequences, STDs pose a tremendous economic burden, with direct medical costs as high as $15.5 billion in a single." Source: CDC

Click here for the entire CDC report.

Compliments of Mediscan.
Compliments of Medicscan.
Compliments of Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Compliments of Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
STD / Herpes Simplex

"Go ahead. Enjoy yourself."

Other newspapers like the Asheville Citizen-Times, through politically correctness, might have also buried the Center for Disease Control's press release (CDC) closer to their comic section than their front page, as the Times had done in 2004, the CDC at the time warning parents and teenagers that 50% of all teenagers in the United States (2004) will probably have contacted an STD when reaching 25-years of age. If you have an incurable STD, have you considered suing your local newspaper for suppressing the CDC's STD information from you by burying the article in its pages, through a selfish and established political correctness policy initiated by a dictatorial managing editor under the approval of the paper's board of directors? It's your life.


The College "Hook-up" Culture

How Our Sex-Obsessed Culture is Hurting Young Women

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American Life League (ALL) warns of Sex Education that is motivated by pornagraphy and profit - ALL


Please . . .

Get Smart! ... Get Real! ... Get Safe!

Condom's can't prevent AIDS or other STDs. People do!

If you believe that, you've been lied to. They only will partially protect you from being infected. And once infected with genital Herpies, it's for life. Check out the above STD file folder. It's sort of like putting a gun to your head with one bullet in the chamber. Six times you're safe, but which six? The first, the last, or in the middle? That is the question?

So if you were infected with an STD because of poor or incorrect instructions by a high school teacher or university professor and you have the classwork to prove it, consider finding a lawyer to have restitution for your medical expenses and loss of life style.

It's not funny when it's the rest of your life!




If You're Suicidal . . . STOP!

Don't put your life at such a low value

Here is what others accomplished dealing with their adversity.

Jason Becker Documentary - JasonBeckerMovie

From not being able to move with ALS, yet now he composes new music to another having no limbs from birth yet becoming an accomplished wrestler, or the breaking of one's neck as a teenager to go on to become a world champion of motivation for millions even though being totally handicapped.

Looking at just these three individuals, it's hard for anyone to say, "I've got it tougher!"





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