The American STD Epidemic

"Why are newspapers suppressing your right-to-know?"

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Should you care a leading newspaper in Western North Carolina tried to hide a press release by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, from its readers? The CDC had reported in its release that an epidemic, where half of this country's teenagers (50%!) would contact a STD by age 25, was not getting out to the population.

Want to bet the handling of this critical health issue was the rule, not the exception, for other newspapers across the country? We wrote USA Today's Gannett Publishing, the owner of this WNC newspaper. We asked why they were giving awards to a newspaper that was suppressing news from its readers.

Gannett never replied.

So how do we, as Americans, challenge managing editors to not be so politically correct and protect our values? Read below how we did it, then decide what you will do to counter Americans voters being treated like children, their right-to-know censored by a few progressives employees who, as we see it, misuse the local press for personal political agendas.


In The Pristine Mountains Of Western North Carolina, Some Progressives Love To Mix It Up With Socialism And (the former) Air America.

The Asheville Citizen Times Online (Logo is the property of the AC-T.)

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That's the good news. The bad news is to your right to know.






























Naked Bike Run in Asheville, 2005
Naked Bike Run 2004 (covered up) in Asheville.
Naked Bike Run in Asheville, 2004
Naked Bike Run 2004, Toronto, Canada, eh?
Naked Bike Run in Toronto, Canada, 2004

These are NOT pornographic photos. They are photos compliments of Naked Bike Run Web site.

The Naked Bike Run Web site says one of its purposes in 2004 was to protest America's continued involvement in Iraq and to protest for peace, civil rights and personal sovereignty.

Since one year has now passed, we hope when the six came through in 2005 they stuck a purple finger in the air to thank this country's service to people in Iraq for peace, civil rights and personal sovereignty it brought to eight-million Iraqis.

For more information on life in the Middle East, see the trailer for a story on the plight of a teenage girl while living under the rule of the Taliban. No Naked Riders there, eh?

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The Asheville Citizens-Times (AC-T), a newspaper that sometimes reads more like the jaded New Jersey Newark Star Ledger than a newspaper whose boilerplate reads the "Voice of the Mountains," has been accused of pushing a liberal-left agenda on the innocent people of Western North Carolina. These people simply want to be left alone to their basic lifestyles that were taught to them by their parents and grandparents.

There is no large competition for the AC-T, so it is what it is, the only major news print outlet serving an entire area where local news is funneled through the eyes of a small "nest" of what many see as liberal editors.

This could be one of the reasons why a story of importance, one that speaks of a continued epidemic of STDs among the backbone of America's future, its youth, somehow found itself buried back near the comics by the progressive editors of the AC-T

Someone at the paper had to point with a finger saying, "That story must be put way back in this issue so few find it." How else could that happen, since we know stories just don't float by themselves to any spot on a page?

Many of those living in western Carolina have been here all their lives, trying to get along with the outsiders who have moved into their area for reasons of retirement or to build a second-home, as many residents from Florida have already done known as "half-backs.". It's a very polite and respectful area where three religious organizations have built centers, including one by Billy Graham that you might have heard of called The Cove.

The STD information provided belowwas originally released as a warning in the summer of 2004 by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. It documents the growing and serious crises of the spread of STDs among our youth and its infecting one in every two teenagers at a cost to America's medical community already in the billions of dollars.

Some editors of the Asheville Citizen Times literally not only buried the CDC's story near the back of its paper in 2004, but also condensed it into a tiny article printed on a lower left-hand page. Any advertiser will tell you this size and position for an ad in a newspaper is the kiss of death when wanting to get a message out. Therefore the story would be almost impossible to find by parents. The far-left newspaper understands that.

How arrogant! In essence, they thought their hands were clean.

This was the exact response we expected from the publisher when this issue came to light in 2005. It was communicated to him from our complaint in March 2005 to the owners of the Asheville Citizen Times, Gannett Publishing, which also owns USA Today, several British newspaper outlets, and many other newspapers in the United States, qualifying Gannett as a media empire parents would seem to rely on for accurate information that helps them protect their families.

Nor should there be any surprise with the ACT when one discovers the annual North American Naked Bike Run as they wound their way across North America, but also through Asheville's "rediscovered" downtown.

The bike riders were probably not joyous that they had to cover up their private parts while peddling through the downtown area, one that in the past year had welcomed their arrival. In 2005 they rode through with six riders, one a very sensible young lady keeping her underwear on (see pix on left.)

Gannett publishers, as mentioned the owner of the giant national newspaper, USA Today, never did acknowledge our concern that was sent to their CEO. We had asked how could a newspaper bury a very important story on STDs away from the parents of Western North Carolina, while giving front-page attention to the rumor that a movie producer might be wanting to buy another residence in Asheville's downtown.

This was at a time when Gannett had already been providing awards to the AC-T for some of its reporting, which obviously includes more than the news and we assume hopefully well deserved.

If you want to see the different STDs and how they affect the body and the ugly symptoms that go with them, which infected teenagers have to look forward to, click now on the files at the bottom of this page to be taken to a Web site on STDs run by NBC's Channel 5 in Chicago.

This public information may cause you to ask, "What is going on over at the Asheville Citizen Times that the newspaper would not want people in the area to be warned of this, since getting a STD can be a lifetime event or evolve to a life-and-death event."

With Asheville having one of the top 100 medical centers in the United States, there is no excuse for a newspaper to hide these important warnings from its readers, who sadly, as with many other communities, have only one major print source to depend on for their news.

There can be no logical excuse for a newspaper to suppress this kind of information except for a selfish political-correct agenda.

As a VP once told me when I managed a department for a Fortune 100 company, "The fish always stinks from the head."

You can't make this stuff up.



Nation Failing to Curb the Spread of STDs Among Young People. American Social Health Association Releases Report!

- 4/8/05 - American Social Health Association, NC

"It is estimated that 1 out of 2 sexually active youth will contract an STD by age 25, according to a recent report by researchers at the University of North Carolina. The estimated direct medical costs of the 9.1 million new cases of STDs in 2000 among youth 15 to 24 were $6.5 billion."

- 4/8/05 - American Social Health Association, NC

You may have a chuckle, but then should really become angry at how one award-winning Gannett newspaper, the Asheville Citizens-Times, handled a similar warning last year by the Center for Disease Control (CDC.) The CDC release noted that the medical costs for STDs were already in the billions of dollars and that half (50%) of all teens today, when reaching 25-years of age, would be infected with an STD.

The Asheville Citizen Times is sometimes one of the strangest newspapers we have ever read. Scroll down and decide for yourself.

Also check out the file charts below we have titled, "Next time you're thinking about having free sex, check your partner's file!" They are provided by NBC's Channel 5, Chicago.


Compliments of Mediscan.
Compliments of Medicscan.
Compliments of Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Compliments of Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
STD / Herpes Simplex

"Go Ahead. Enjoy Yourself?"


If you have an incurable STD, have you considered suing your local newspaper for suppressing the CDC's STD information from you by burying the article in its pages through a selfish and established political correctness policy initiated by a dictatorial managing editor under the approval of the paper's board of directors?


Next time you're thinking about having sex with someone you barely know, check out your partner's file that may read like the one below. The file was composed by a Chicago television network news channel to help educate their viewers on the seriousness of STDs, unlike the Asheville Citizen Times in North Carolina. It can save your life - preserve your health. - Webmaster


(Graphic owned by Channel 5 Chicago.) Wonderful chart you need to read before having sex.  It might just save your life!

Compliments NBC Channel 5, Chicago

Click here to go to Channel 5 Web site in Chicago to see this excellent action reference chart on STDs. Once there, click on the tabs to see everything you need to know about the specific STD. Note the graphic as shown above, and owned by NBC Channel 5, is showing how Gonorrhea is spread. Click on the other tabs and then the markers to see more information on each specific STD such as symptoms, rate of infection, effects, and possible treatment.

We applaud Channel 5 for stepping up to the plate to finally address this serious issue, which could cripple our medical system as these teens become adults, their numbers increasing by half as their STDs begin to effect their lifestyles.

Dr. James Allen, president of the nonprofit group American Social Health Association, says half of sexually active young people will get an STD. He says about two-thirds of young people assume they're being tested for STDs during regular health visits when, in fact, such testing is not routine.




Concerning the frightening story on the epidemic of STDs on today's American youth, as of 10:15 A.M. on April 11, 2005, the Asheville Citizen Times provided zero hits on a search of its seven-day Web archive when the following words were used; "Nation Failing to Curb the Spread," "STD," "STDs," "American Social Health Association," and "ASHA."

No story could be found when instead checking the physical pages of its April 8, April 9 or April 10, 2005, newspaper, although we didn't check the auto sales, classified, sports, or real estate sections.

It could have been missed as a small article back near the comics, similar to the position that was created for a CDC story on the same topic run in 2004. The archive, to our amazement, never picked up the CDC story as being printed in the AC-T either, yet it had been there in print.

Please note that the American Social Health Association press release was picked up by the Drudge Report on 4/7/05, which pointed back to NBC Chicago television station, Channel 5. Even more interesting, the ASHA has its headquarters located in North Carolina, the same as the Asheville Citizen Times, so it's hard to believe their far-left progressive editors never saw the release.

In doing a search on Google, its database found seven (7) news sources that picked up the story;, DPM News Agency, India, New York University,, PRNewswire, along with and (sourced from PRNewswire.)

It's obvious that when our Founding Fathers created the Fourth Estate to protect their new concept of democracy through the free flow of information, they forgot to include safeguards against corruption and political correctness and its desire to not only control the flow, but to decide what flows and what doesn't.


According to the article below, the AC-T may be so out of touch with is Generation Y readers, it's putting them in harm's way through its obvious suppression of information from the CDC and ASHA on STD warnings as reported on this page.

"However, although many of these young Americans worry about getting good grades and finding work after school, their biggest concern is the solidly "moral" issue of non marital sex . . . 35 percent of Generation Y members are 'very worried' about 'getting a sexually transmitted disease,' the study noted."

"Generation Y embraces choice, redefines religion," By Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times, 4/12/05

From the study, "OMG!: How Generation Y is redefining Faith in the iPod Era," BJPA

(Note: As of 2017, this probably isn't true anymore though the propaganda of Planned Parenthood and its relationship with the new progressive Democrat Party.)

(See documentation below from page 16 of's .Pdf report. For the entire report click the downloadable .Pdf link provided below.)


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