In The Pristine Mountains Of Western North Carolina, Some Love To Mix It Up With Socialism And [former] Air America

(Posted to the Web in June of 2006, a few link updates added in January 2010. Older page shows that somethings never change)


In the pristine Western North Carolina Mountains there is a revolution brewing to compromise America's freedom and turn it over to a socialist ideology in the name of a progressive government.

The "People of the Mountains" are hard working with wonderful American traditions going back to early heroes such as Daniel Boone. Yet these same people are being attacked by a new progressive movement created by outsiders moving into the area and to a city where its earlier residents had call it the Jewel of the Mountains.

We are speaking of Asheville, North Carolina, its downtown strangely not mentioned by any of the retirement sites we had researched before moving here several years ago from New Jersey. We soon discovered the reason for the omission.

However, when Money/CNN looked for the best place to live in North Carolina in 2005, selecting twenty potential cities from the state, Asheville was not to be found among them. In further research, it was discovered Asheville had double the crime of the other twenty, which should be no surprise for a secular-progressive environment where anything non-Judeo-Christian is welcomed with open arms.

That's not surprising, as Asheville is better known under the breath of many locals as Little San Francisco, liberals moving into the area and bullying their secular-progressive values onto the everyday people who used to own the surrounding green mountains. In addition, it looked like the permissive progressive environment in Asheville had been also telegraphed to freeloaders, who moved here to embrace the city while demanding daily handouts from tourists. Store fronts with the smell of urine remind one that a homeless individual may not be far away. In fact the city is so open to homeless people surrounding communities including at least one we read about in South Carolina drop off their unwanted homeless here.

That's because progressive governments relate more to the controlling values of Communism and its protection of the collective rather than the rights of self-determination guaranteed to individual American citizens through their Constitution. This unique way of life had started with a dream by America's founding fathers, making this country the most sought out by the world's immigrants. So why do progressives look for change where no change is needed? It's all about control as is the case with any Communist system.

We see dangerous progressive attitudes even seeping into the social fabric of North Carolina public schools, as some liberal school boards refused to celebrate Memorial Day by keeping classes open. One president in a Hendersonville County school system reportedly told a veteran of foreign wars that Memorial Day was just a northern holiday, anyway.

Certain North Carolina counties would also not allow honor students to show their achievement tassels on graduation day in June of 2006. That leaves the question to be answered, "Are some educators so ingrained by their training from America's socialist university system that they suddenly view the tassel as offending students who have achieved only average grades?" This is truly the stuff of early Communism, ideologies that reward conformity to the state rather than the accomplishments of the single individual. And it has been coming from places like the Teacher's College of New York's Columbia University to indoctrinate every child these liberal progressives can get their hands on.

To add to this, the new University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA) president had been heard to say she was concerned that students should be taught their right to express their free speech. This was a remark she made in regards to UNCA radicals surrounding U.S. service recruiters and preventing them for a short while from being able to talk with students interested in a career in the military.

So how do liberal progressives allow Communist concepts to enter into an American community like Asheville?

First, they need to attract people who are extremely liberal and already comfortable with the limitations of a socialist agenda. They sometimes call it preserving democracy for the good of the people, with the word democracy used to comfort and sooth those who may disagree into thinking it is a better deal than they have now with their right of self-determination. However, anything that says it is better than the freedom of self-determination is a lie. That is socialism at its best, and Communism at its worst. Look how these communists have used the weather to try to force their agenda on society, hoping to bankrupt America and in turn take it over.

Next, this seems to have locally been put into motion while a new secular-progressive city council for Asheville was being swept into office in late 2005 through a changing demographic of voters, which had been evolving over the last decade. It would eventually represent the ideals of secular-progressive liberals that would successfully isolate the peaceful, simple religious people of the mountains away from their city culture. Those locals living outside the city, had their roots in the area through generations of families who had maintained the land and kept faithful to their simple culture, which was pure Americana, now sneered at by the progressives as so much trailer trash.

While Asheville was filled with empty store fronts almost two decades ago, these stores have since been filled to the brim with a cultural center that more resembles the west coast than middle America. The local daily newspaper in Asheville calls it progress, a publication we suspect is at the heart of the new immigration of progressive outsiders.

The city council follows in the footsteps of a city that had been referenced as the Freakiest City in America by Rolling Stones Magazine in I believe 2001, as the same local progressive newspaper, the Asheville Citizen Times, continues to support that label. That's not surprising as the newspaper has welcomed events like the Naked Bike Riders coming into the city in 2004 and 2005. Today the bike tour has migrated to the northwest coast of the United States and into Vancouver, Canada.

You are welcome go to the biker's web site to see what cities of the world welcome the Naked Bike Riders Association along with their agenda, which seems to have less to do with being naked and more with uniting people under communism . . . similar to the old overused hippie movement statements of "to make peace, not war."

Once the elected "progressive fab four" took over the keys to the city council of Asheville in 2006, they immediately kicked out conservative committee members and reduced public comments at their meetings to three minutes. They also established group meetings to decide the future of the city, some locals complaining that the deck looked stacked against them when trying to add input. To them it looked like the council had invited enough of their own people to support the progressive agenda, guaranteeing in effect that other unwelcome ideas brought up at the round tables would be quickly squashed.

Like giddy teenage girls, this new secular progressive group of elected officials almost soiled their pants with their election sweep and victory, immediately inviting (the former far-left) Air America to do one of its national radio shows from Asheville with its ultra-left progressive host, Al Franken.

While FOX News generates all its revenues from advertising dollars via a huge incoming audience, Air America looks less like entertainment and news and more like vile liberal propaganda, its show promoted with dozens of biased news articles from the liberal New York Times while its operating funds are not even close to being supported by its small base of listeners . . . instead reports surfacing that finances had come from socialist sources such as European billionaire, George Soros.

Air America has been so anti-American and negative in its views against this country and the conservatives who live here, it was understandable why it could not even begin to support itself in a free market of ideas. Air America instead acted as if a mouth piece for a socialist regime that had the intention of getting out a message to what was seen as a mass of citizens that needed indoctrinating into the correct way of thinking.

The city's only major daily newspaper of record is the Asheville Citizen Times (AC-T), which one could easily believe is in partnership with the new progressive movement in Asheville, helping to fuel a cloned San Francisco lifestyle as being healthy for the mountains, while daring to refer to itself as the one and only "Voice of the Mountains," its boilerplate.

We say this with all confidence, because if the new city council had instead requested a live national interview on the Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh Shows right after the election, there would have been hell to pay from the left-wing editors at the AC-T for months. But in this case, the overall silence to what was going on right under their noses was not only condemning to the objectivity of this local newspaper of record, but proof a personal agenda was going on behind its walls. And it was one that had nothing to do with its boilerplate, "The Voice of the Mountains," now looking more like an oxymoron than a statement of content.

But this was no surprise, our already having come to that conclusion early on. Our truth buster was a simple test to find the heart of the matter; "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck, it's probably a duck."

To this end you can visit our Web page that documents our first year of dealing with the AC-T after moving to the area for retirement from New Jersey in late 2003. We were looking for the friendship and politeness of the people of the mountains but were, instead, discouraged to find far-left liberal values usually attributed to the worst of America's left coast.

The AC-T's editorial staff can be viewed as a "nest," which continues to arrogantly support the Asheville area being secured into a secular-progressive example for other median American cities to follow.  As mentioned earlier, many move here from outside the area seeing the progressive atmosphere. This, in turn, generates the majority of liberal votes along with locals who sadly blindly vote Democrat to create to attack and compromise the existing Western North Carolina culture that as born here.




For an added reference, the following guest column was submitted by this Webmaster to the Asheville Citizen Times and makes reference to an excited article they published on a reading of Allen Ginsberg's poetry in the Black Mountain area of Western North Carolina, the poet gloriously mentioned in Hudson's above bio. This submission, not to our surprise, was denied, proof the AC-T would not print the truth to their readers. They had said that our comments about a local radio host was incorrect, their not wanting to disrespect the space they had available for other views. We have since cancelled our subscription.

You are welcome to read the original denied submission as posted below. It highlights some interesting reporting by the Asheville Citizen Times over the last year. Reading this along with another look at the overview of our personal experience in communicating with the AC-T, and you should clearly see a secular-progressive agenda bubbling all over on O'Henry Street in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, a soiled newspaper for a soiled jewel.


Asheville still the Freakiest City in America lead by its Citizen Times? Probably.


After my inquiring three times about the status of my previous submission for a guest column, I was advised that my writing about the recent beheading of a schoolmaster in Afghanistan by Taliban, angry he was using his new found democracy from the U.S. to educate teenage girls, would not be running as more important content had been selected over the several months it was morphing into old news while sitting on an editor's desk.  Ah shucks!

I had wondered if the AC-T was talking about the kind of content it had selected for its April 1st 2006 issue, where a citizen living in the area with a B.S. degree (no pun intended) from the University of Wisconsin (no surprise) reported that the farts from cows and humans that eat meat were polluting the earth’s environment.

Isn’t it enough Rolling Stones Magazine had named Asheville the Freakiest City in America?  Locals just hate it!  Yet in this same April issue, the AC-T boldly placed above the fold a story that at least six willing men had traveled from abroad and across the nation to come to the secular-progressive area to be castrated in “Master Rick’s” dungeon.

I bet the developers promoting those expensive condos at “The Cliffs,” using full-color double-truck ads in the AC-T, just loved their prospects reading this story on the newspaper’s front page.  The article went on to report; “ -- the [voluntary] surgical removal of the testicles -- is a form of sex change for some people.”   The AC-T could have used the more condensed and better-written Associated Press version and parked it on page three.  Don’t you just love living in these progressive mountains?

Then, oh my God (pardon my loss of secular words), again in the same issue an editorial complained of the lack of ethics reform in the U.S. Congress, listing Republicans who had taken funds.  Yet the name of a leading Democrat in Washington, who had received funds indirectly from the now famous Abramoffs but had said he wasn’t going to give back the money, was left out of the story.  Ah, shucks again.

The editor didn’t even mention that under the leadership of the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, there had been no ethics legislation to make North Carolina lawmakers accountable, as reported by Matt Mittan host of the 570 A.M. program, “Take a Stand.” 

Matt had attributed the recent abuses of Speaker Jim Black to the lack of ethics legislation in state government, the AC-T in another editorial not even giving Mittan credit for his being the only one in the media to push the issue to the front of the news, Mittan so aggressive that fifteen state newspapers could no longer ignore the story, including the AC-T, which had come to the party very late.

Need readers be reminded that the AC-T wouldn’t print the picture of a captured Saddam Hussein . . . that the newspaper had buried near its comics a 2004 press release from the prestigious Center for Disease Control (CDC), warning that STDs could come in contact with 50% of today’s teenage population . . . that this newspaper used an entire front page to report that Hollywood director Steven Spielberg might be (could be, should be) buying a condo in Asheville . . . that in December 2005 the AC-T had run a large article titled. “The Beat still resonates,” reporting on a local reading of Allen Ginsberg’s “The Howl.”  The article warned, “You wouldn’t want your children to come across it.”  At least they got that right.

Would anyone believe that while the AC-T glorified Ginsberg, it had somehow forgotten to advise its readers that Ginsberg was an active supporter of the North American Love Boy Association  (NAMBLA), Camille Paglia of writing about Ginsberg on her Web site:

“Seen from this pagan perspective, Ginsberg's celebration of boy-love was pure and sinless, demonstrating the limitations of Judeo-Christian paradigms of sexuality.”

The Asheville Citizen Times even lacked simple class when reporting a recent marriage of the popular Hollywood actress, Andie McDowell, who lives in the area.* An editor wrote in a lead-in McDowell would be marrying a used-car salesman.  Wouldn’t you think an award-winning newspaper owned by the Gannett Publishing Empire might instead report, “Andie McDowell to marry successful Asheville businessman?”

But what can one expect from reported articles published on April Fools Day?  You can’t make this stuff up.

* Ms. McDowell has since been divorced.





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