Date: December 15, 2011

Subject: Obama's multimillionaire supporter goes on a bully rant

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Russell Simmons of . . . wait for it . . . the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, is reported to have gone on [Fascist-like] rant - “I will sic every civil rights agency on @lowes until they straighten this out.”

(Note: This was over Lowe's pulling its financial support from a Muslim Reality TLC Show.)


“U endorse hate. U may be held accountable we will promote a boycott if they don’t reinstate campaign and apologise #allamericanmuslim.”

Source: Zionica

Mia Farrow, Russell Simmons Urge Lowe's Boycott After Muslim Ad Drama


Foundation for Ethic Understanding

Occupy Wall Street embraces One-Percenter multimillionaire, Russell Simmons

Obama Booster and Multimillionaire, Russell Simmons, Caught in Corporate Jet Kerfuffle

Listen now to what Obama promised in 2009, using the office of U.S. President, that Muslims must be able to practice their religion in western countries as they see fit. (Allow short video about 40 seconds to download.)

However, it is a religion that includes Sharia Law . . . with the president's "as they see fit" meaning American neighborhoods. And so goes the rub. It's why Christians have become so upset. As one former candidate for U.S. Congress had put it, "Meet Any Baghdad Baptists Lately?"

Russell, again an Obama supporter, leaves this intolerance alone with the murder of Christians and the burning of their churches overseas. Check the violent list out and also what happened to Franklin Graham when he simply mentioned the murders.

Did Russell come to Graham's aid, Graham dissed by Obama in Graham asking to be allowed back into the May 2010 Pentagon Prayer Day? Graham was called a Muslim hate monger because he dared to mention that Islamists had been murdering Christians and burning down their places of worship. Where are the U.S. Muslim protests in the streets to the killings? Don't hold your breath.

And Russell Simmons? Maybe he just got off a corporate jet meeting with the OWS protestors, not unlike Michael Moore in farm-hand jeans, wearing that "I'm one of you" baseball hat. They just need to ignore that he can also buy them each a condo to live in . . . as Obama would put it, chump change.


This news story backs up again that Fascism has come to America, this time dressed in the gown of fairness, love, and of course ethnic understanding.






It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti

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