Date: December 29, 2011

Subject: I Have a Confession to Make  . . .

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Bernard Goldberg; I Have a Confession to Make . . .

"It may be a bit late for confession, but here goes anyway:  I never felt comfortable with any of the Republican candidates for president.  Not after they opened their mouths, anyway.

I could be wrong but I get the feeling that Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum would turn the country into a theocracy if they had the clout to get away with it.  I thought Rick Perry might be someone I could support, until he started talking – about anything.  Jon Huntsman, the liberal media’s favorite Republican, oozes sanctimony whenever he pontificates, which is not an attractive trait.  Herman Cain never had the chops to be president, sex scandal or no sex scandal.  As for Ron Paul, he’s not as crazy as a lot of his critics make him out to be, but he’s crazy enough.  That leaves Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

I really wanted to like Newt.  But the man with a million ideas ought to keep a few of them to himself, like the one about inviting judges to Washington to explain decisions that Newt doesn’t like.  And if they don’t come voluntarily, hey, what’s the U.S. Marshall Service for if not to round up judges and haul them before Congress to explain themselves?  Sorry Newt, that was a bridge too far.  But honest, I’d still vote for you if I thought you could win.  But I don’t.  The presidential election should be about one person – Barack Obama.  If Newt gets the nomination, it’s going to be about him." . . . read the complete article


"Makes sense, on paper anyway.  But I’m not sure I’m buying it." - Bernard Goldberg

Source: Bernard Goldberg


When you're done reading Bernard Goldberg's article about who could win the presidential election in November of 2012, you can read the following comment I posted on his site:

Sadly, I think you are correct in your outcome. 

As Obama openly throws taxpayer money away on lavish vacations, White House parties that embrace Hollywood’s 1%, pork for his liberal brothers and sisters in Congress, and extravagant dresses for a wife who had dared to complain, when not First Lady, about the cost of paying a teacher’s minimum wage for her children’s piano lessons, where are the people’s complaints? 

Instead we hear, “Well, Obama is president.  He has a right to rest.” 

So I have to ask during the 2007 and 2008 campaign, or even before when Obama was doling out millions for the CAC while working with Ayers in the late 1990s, where did he learn to play golf when having referred to his late grandmother as a “typical white person?”

A sitting president is supposed to be a role model for thrift and a motivator for success for the country's citizens, especially during dark times.  But as Obama continues to keep his 2008 campaign promise to fundamentally change America, he will do neither.

With too many Americans not making Obama accountable, especially those in the Democrat Party that surround him and enable, even celebrate, his deceptions, the will is missing for “We the People” to right the ship in the next election.  Tragically, it will continue to take on water as if hope and change really floated anything except the lies those words were formed on.









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