Date: March 1, 2012

Proof CNN had the ability and passion to vet Obama in 2008, but wouldn't

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St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church once stood in the shadow of the Twin Towers but was destroyed when the South tower fell. New York Candidate for Congress George Demos is outraged that it has not been allowed to be rebuilt.   

As over 2,700 9/11 victims still call out from their graves for justice, including tens-of-thousands of Christians massacred around the world by crazed Muslim zealots that also burn down their churches, American Muslim leaders can still easily lead Obama's progressive mainstream media around by the nose like pigs in a pen. However, no one should be surprised.

Muslim leaders, with Obama's approval, continue to try to build a victory Mosque in New York City just blocks from 9/11, calling it (cough) a community center. Yet Obama and his liberal mainstream media still seem to have zero interest in rebuilding the Greek Orthodox Church that was leveled by the debris of 9/11, hoping the public will forget the religious landmark had ever existed (see photo on the left.)

Understanding the corrupt symbiosis formed by the Chicago-based Obama administration with the liberal's mainstream media, the following classic attack video from September 2010 by Anderson Cooper PROVES without a doubt that one of those prominent in the national media, CNN, not only had the ability and passion to vet Obama in 2008 but obviously wouldn't. CNN's progressive corporate culture seemed to have little interest in vetting the Democrat Party's 2008 mulatto candidate, Barack Obama. It wasn't like there wasn't any content.

Now watch Anderson Cooper of CNN in September of 2010 attack Renee Ellmers, (who at the time was running for the U.S. House of Representatives from Western North Carolina), for daring to challenge the building of a mosque near the 9/11 site.

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