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Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.   
Occupy Unmasked - Warning, violent images!


Judicial Watch “2011 Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Washington Politicians." Guess who is on it again.

Obama's Attack on 2012 Clean Elections



Unseal Obama's normal records.  What are you hiding, Democrats?!
Democrats want more of Romney's tax records. No, we want more of Obama's normal records!


Obama's Growth

Obama - "The One" Video.  At the end of his first term as president, the Democrats continued to hide his identity.  While David Axerod had claimed, "'The Higher a Monkey Climbs On The Pole, the More You Can See His Butt."  But isn't it interesting that with Obama Democrats have put up a screen around the pole?
A November 2008 video asked, "Who is Barack Obama?" In 2012, Americans still didn't know!

Still Giving the Crotch Salute

You say it doesn't matter?!


Occupy Unmasked - Warning violent images!


How America elected an Amateur   Stunning Sean Hannity Interview with Ed Klein, About His Interview With Jeremiah Wright


Partisanship in Washington (and American politics generally) is quite possibly at an all-time high, and the matters which have polarized the right and left are manifold. Particularly at the height of campaign season, our leaders are name-calling and bickering over trivial social issues and neglecting (willfully or otherwise) many subjects which put at stake the very security and freedoms which grant us the right to bicker.
A DVD on the real tale of two fathers losing their sons to radical Islam that the U.S. Government refuses to address . . . one son the shooter, the other the victim.
Losing Our Sons Trailer



Obama 1990: “We’re Going To Reshape Mean-Spirited Selfish America.”

Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama's Past

Holder 1995: "We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns"

Political Correctness: A T ool of Marxism

Pre-Existing Prevarication


Do you still think Voter ID Laws are unnecessary? Think again! Illegal Aliens caught voting and stealing elections in Florida in vast numbers Michael Savage: How Obama has fixed 2012 election.

But what Obama says continues to cause other patriots to feel they need to keep asking even after three years, scratching their heads, just who is this Barack H. Obama?!

However they did know who this other African American was, Terry Anderson, LA Radio talk show host and exactly what he stood for before dying in LA July 2010.

That a HOOT from the POTUS fake! Obama kisses the 1% that then RUN to give this faux Christian millions to push America into a pagan culture.


Newsbusted warns of new Democrat voters for 2012, undocumented Democrats.


Click on image for .pdf file of full report.
Click on above graphic for .pdf file of Judicial Watch Report
Judicial Watch Releases Special Report: “The Rebranding of ACORN”


There were eight attempts by members of Congress during the years Barack Obama was developing a power base and running for president to remove the Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural-born citizen," suggesting an organized strategy, according to a new video.
"Starting in 2003, eight attempts were made in 22 months to eliminate the natural born requirement for president of the United States in the Construction or redefine it." - WND


No longer content with simply stonewalling a congressional investigation into “Operation Fast and Furious,” President Barack Obama’s Justice Department is now engaging in a full-blown cover-up through the promotion of hostile witnesses as investigators within BATFE.
NRA - The Obama administration's Cover Up


United States Pipelines map - Crude Oil (petroleum) pipelines - Natural Gas pipelines - Products pipelines.
Obama's environmentalists shutdown the Keystone Pipeline due to environmental issues? Really?

As if from the movie Atlas Shrugged, with all the disgusting Congressional players in place to shut down business, Senate Democrats obey Obama and reject move to fast-track Canadian Keystone Pipeline


MONUMENTAL: In Search of America's Treasures


 The Life of Julia is a Web slideshow that shows a fictional everywoman named Julia at various stages of her life, and explains how Obama's policies would help her and Romney's would hurt her. Since the so-called "war on women" is also a war for women voters, Julia is going to be one of Obama's tools to lure them.
OMG! The Life of Julia
The Obama Administration's support for the Vagina Monologues Female Empowerment Movement
'The Higher a Monkey Climbs on the Pole, the More You Can See His Butt' - David Axerod (12/2011)

But without Obama's Progressive Spin, here's the Real Story?


Marxist-like Harvard Professor says Obama not far-left enough. Is university and its administration finally proving to be a traitor on American soil?


Obama‘s relationship with Communist Frank Marshall Davis from Dinesh D’Souza‘s ’2016' film


Obama honors Socialist Leader at White House. He then proudly adds he stole her slogan for his own campaign for president, “Yes We Can.”


Jimmy Z's Ballad to OWS


Koch Industries BLASTS Obama Administration For Thuggish, Misleading & Dishonest Attacks Against US Producers


Welcome to North Carolina, President Obama. North Carolina's Democrat Party Head is in a sexual harassment problem. But your buddy, North Carolina's Governor, says, "Get over it. It's an (cough) internal matter."


Lib Charlie Cook: Obama Is “A Metrosexual President”


Robin Leach: Obama Is a Socialist - whipping Up This Racial War and This Economic Divide


President Obama Asks Medvedev for Space on Missile Defense


Bill Gwatney Murder Linked to Obama


Obama celebrates Holocaust Day by putting an anti-Jew radical on Atrocities Board


Surprise, surprise! Axelrod (monkey up the pole) defends Bill Maher’s “C-nt”


Original Occupier: Bell Blames '1%' for 'Racial Hostility'


Glenn Beck and his guests dissect Skyrocketing Gas Prices and the Obama Administration's "Misleading Facts" about oil production


The Con Artist


Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

The current administration in Washington seems determined to extract ever more concessions from Israel, and to respond to each setback in the peace process by placing more pressure on the Israeli government. This policy of making one-sided demands on Israel has failed to produce progress and has only emboldened Israel’s enemies.


Stop apologizing!


How about some common sense for a change!


Obama: Do as I say, not as I do?


Obama's record doesn't match his rhetoric on his accomplishments
It is a dangerous thing to cling to myths about the Great Depression. Bader says “Big government liberalism is a religion, not a school of rational thought. A false understanding of the history of the Great Depression is the cornerstone of left-wing ideology . . . ”


Shock: Solyndra Caught Destroying Millions of Dollars Worth of Parts


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez



Activist Shepard Fairey, of Obama’s ‘HOPE’ poster fame, designed the cover image for Time’s “Person Of The Year.”

TIME Magazine continues to be the "waterboy" for the Obama administration, promoting the protestors Obama just loves as an Alinky follower.

TIME Magazine had also commissioned Mr. Fairey to create the cover portrait of Barack Obama for its Person of the Year issue in 2008.

It was Mr. Fairey in 2008 who stylized the "Hope" iconic poster of Barack Obama, which became one of the most highly visible images of Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.

- Content from New York Times


No leader can ever gain control except with permission of the people.
He is their savior, as they cry out in submission, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama!


The Russian Media Gets it!


Rush brings up fact that Obama is using the Governor of North Carolina to carry some water for him in the 2012 election - Don't have one!
Rush: 'Barry Soetoro' elected with 'no identity documents' - Warns of president's strategy to avoid defeat at polls by suspending election


President Barack Obama at the Miami Dade College North and West Campus graduation on April 29, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak.)
Photo source: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak
American Education - Progressive wolves guarding the hen house.


In Stop Islamization of America, the renowned activist Pamela Geller lays bare the chilling details of the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy of steady subversion and erosion of our freedoms, while offering a practical guide for how to fight back.
Stop the Islamization of America


Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush Catherine Austin Fitts blows the whistle on how the financial terrorists have deliberately imploded the US economy and transferred gargantuan amounts of wealth offshore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class. Fitts documents how trillions of dollars went missing from government coffers in the 90′s and how she was personally targeted for exposing the fraud.
The Looting of America


The RNC and Obama's pride of (cough) acomplishments.

For the 2012 election, the RNC is more than delighted to help Obama bring to America's attention all his accomplishments as president.
"It begins with us?" You bet it does to fundamentally change America, Obama feeding the flames with racist remark that grandmother was a typical white person! - The Music - The Lyrics


President Obama's speech on the capture of bin laden.  It goes on and on, with Obama's "I" statements glorifing his personal decisions in capturning bin laden.

Barack Hussein Obama Speech after Capture of Bin Laden

Good evening.

Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world, the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

It was nearly 10 years ago that a bright September day was darkened by the worst attack on the American people in our history. The images of 9/11 are seared into our national memory -- hijacked planes cutting through a cloudless September sky; the Twin Towers collapsing to the ground; black smoke billowing up from the Pentagon; the wreckage of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the actions of heroic citizens saved even more heartbreak and destruction.

And yet we know that the worst images are those that were unseen to the world. The empty seat at the dinner table. Children who were forced to grow up without their mother or their father. Parents who would never know the feeling of their child's embrace. Nearly 3,000 citizens taken from us, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts.

On September 11, 2001, in our time of grief, the American people came together. We offered our neighbors a hand, and we offered the wounded our blood. We reaffirmed our ties to each other, and our love of community and country. On that day, no matter where we came from, what God we prayed to, or what race or ethnicity we were, we were united as one American family.

We were also united in our resolve to protect our nation and to bring those who committed this vicious attack to justice. We quickly learned that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by al Qaeda -- an organization headed by Osama bin Laden, which had openly declared war on the United States and was committed to killing innocents in our country and around the globe. And so we went to war against al Qaeda to protect our citizens, our friends, and our allies.

Over the last 10 years, thanks to the tireless and heroic work of our military and our counterterrorism professionals, we've made great strides in that effort. We've disrupted terrorist attacks and strengthened our homeland defense. In Afghanistan, we removed the Taliban government, which had given bin Laden and al Qaeda safe haven and support. And around the globe, we worked with our friends and allies to capture or kill scores of al Qaeda terrorists, including several who were a part of the 9/11 plot.

Yet Osama bin Laden avoided capture and escaped across the Afghan border into Pakistan. Meanwhile, al Qaeda continued to operate from along that border and operate through its affiliates across the world.

And so shortly after taking office, I directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network.

Then, last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain, and it took many months to run this thread to ground. I met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside of Pakistan. And finally, last week, I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action, and authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice.

Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.

For over two decades, bin Laden has been al Qaeda's leader and symbol, and has continued to plot attacks against our country and our friends and allies. The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation's effort to defeat al Qaeda.

Yet his death does not mark the end of our effort. There's no doubt that al Qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. We must -- and we will -- remain vigilant at home and abroad.

As we do, we must also reaffirm that the United States is not -- and never will be -- at war with Islam. I've made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a mass murderer of Muslims. Indeed, al Qaeda has slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries, including our own. So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity.

Over the years, I've repeatedly made clear that we would take action within Pakistan if we knew where bin Laden was. That is what we've done. But it's important to note that our counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding. Indeed, bin Laden had declared war against Pakistan as well, and ordered attacks against the Pakistani people.

Tonight, I called President Zardari, and my team has also spoken with their Pakistani counterparts. They agree that this is a good and historic day for both of our nations. And going forward, it is essential that Pakistan continue to join us in the fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates.

The American people did not choose this fight. It came to our shores, and started with the senseless slaughter of our citizens. After nearly 10 years of service, struggle, and sacrifice, we know well the costs of war. These efforts weigh on me every time I, as Commander-in-Chief, have to sign a letter to a family that has lost a loved one, or look into the eyes of a service member who's been gravely wounded.

So Americans understand the costs of war. Yet as a country, we will never tolerate our security being threatened, nor stand idly by when our people have been killed. We will be relentless in defense of our citizens and our friends and allies. We will be true to the values that make us who we are. And on nights like this one, we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al Qaeda's terror: Justice has been done.

Tonight, we give thanks to the countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who've worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome. The American people do not see their work, nor know their names. But tonight, they feel the satisfaction of their work and the result of their pursuit of justice.

We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exemplify the professionalism, patriotism, and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country. And they are part of a generation that has borne the heaviest share of the burden since that September day.

Finally, let me say to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 that we have never forgotten your loss, nor wavered in our commitment to see that we do whatever it takes to prevent another attack on our shores.

And tonight, let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. I know that it has, at times, frayed. Yet today's achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people.

The cause of securing our country is not complete. But tonight, we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history, whether it's the pursuit of prosperity for our people, or the struggle for equality for all our citizens; our commitment to stand up for our values abroad, and our sacrifices to make the world a safer place.

Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you.

May God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America. - Sunday, May 2, 2011

- Number of Government-Owned Limos Has Soared Under Obama -

President Bush's Speech on the capture of Saddam, short and to the point, statesmen-like.  Also notice all of Bush's "I" are a statement to others, not to Bush himself.

George W. Bush Speech after capture of Saddam Hussein

Good afternoon.

Yesterday, December the 13th, at around 8:30 p.m. Baghdad time, United States military forces captured Saddam Hussein alive. He was found near a farmhouse outside the city of Tikrit, in a swift raid conducted without casualties. And now the former dictator of Iraq will face the justice he denied to millions.

The capture of this man was crucial to the rise of a free Iraq. It marks the end of the road for him, and for all who bullied and killed in his name. For the Baathist holdouts largely responsible for the current violence, there will be no return to the corrupt power and privilege they once held. For the vast majority of Iraqi citizens who wish to live as free men and women, this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever.

And this afternoon, I have a message for the Iraqi people: You will not have to fear the rule of Saddam Hussein ever again. All Iraqis who take the side of freedom have taken the winning side. The goals of our coalition are the same as your goals -- sovereignty for your country, dignity for your great culture, and for every Iraqi citizen, the opportunity for a better life.

In the history of Iraq, a dark and painful era is over. A hopeful day has arrived. All Iraqis can now come together and reject violence and build a new Iraq.

The success of yesterday's mission is a tribute to our men and women now serving in Iraq. The operation was based on the superb work of intelligence analysts who found the dictator's footprints in a vast country. The operation was carried out with skill and precision by a brave fighting force. Our servicemen and women and our coalition allies have faced many dangers in the hunt for members of the fallen regime, and in their effort to bring hope and freedom to the Iraqi people. Their work continues, and so do the risks. Today, on behalf of the nation, I thank the members of our Armed Forces and I congratulate 'em.

I also have a message for all Americans: The capture of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of violence in Iraq. We still face terrorists who would rather go on killing the innocent than accept the rise of liberty in the heart of the Middle East. Such men are a direct threat to the American people, and they will be defeated.

We've come to this moment through patience and resolve and focused action. And that is our strategy moving forward. The war on terror is a different kind of war, waged capture by capture, cell by cell, and victory by victory. Our security is assured by our perseverance and by our sure belief in the success of liberty. And the United States of America will not relent until this war is won.

May God bless the people of Iraq, and may God bless America.

Thank you. - December 14, 2003

And then you can understand why there's no Similarity between Reagan and Obama


Obama Justice Department moves from Gangster Government to Fascism, stalking Gibson effecting job?
Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., has responded to the August 24 raid of Gibson facilities in Nashville and Memphis by the Federal Government. In a press release, Juszkiewicz said: "Gibson is innocent and will fight to protect its rights.

Where is the Republican Party on this issue?

Obama's Justice Department bullies Gibson Guitar, shutting down its Memphis plant without charges, bringing in Federal armed agents and sending employees home while confiscating wood. This also happened two years ago without charges, reports the CEO in this video. Update reports the raid was an act of madness by the Obama administration. Listen to another interview with the CEO.

Environmental Enforcement by Obama's Feds Leaves Musicians in Fear
Gibson Guitar CEO on Obama DOJ Raids: ‘We’re Being Persecuted’
Gibson is a contributor to the Republican Party. Remember what Obama's Gangster Government did to car dealerships that were contributors to the Republican Party?


The case at hand was filed against the Social Security Administration because Obama's number indicates a Connecticut residency, yet there is no evidence he ever lived in the state. He claims he grew up in Hawaii and apparently had a Social Security Number there, as he reported he worked in a Honolulu ice-cream shop.
Federal Judge Rules in Obama SSN Case! Says It doesn't matter if Prez broke law!


Fundamentally changing America! What, exactly, is a “US Day of Rage?” Well, on September 17th we may find out for certain, but until then, The Blaze is revealing what information does exist about this very nefarious-sounding campaign.
Obama's election encourages his Marxist cockroaches to come out into the light. (Note the standard Communist image on the above poster.)


What a hoot! " Bad news down at the United States Postal Service. They’re having trouble with their new President Obama postage stamp. Turns out the stamp isn’t sticking to envelopes very well."  (Click on graphic to read more.)
Source: ihatethemedia


Badda bing: “Obama is anti-E F Hutton. When he speaks no one listens.”

Obama's battle bus no symbol of hope.  Obama's battle bus no symbol of hope.  Michael Dukakis: The Photo Op That Tanked.

Obama's 2011 Magical Misery Campaign Bus Tour
Obama just doesn't get it! One-million dollars plus went to Canada to build the bus


President Barack Obama’s upcoming bus tour through the Midwest states typically viewed as swing states during presidential election years will be paid for by the taxpayers, the White House says.

Obama taxpayer funded bus tour - always running, never leading.


Source: Edited from Internet, removing questionable statement.


Tea Party members, not made up hate mongers and union leaders that carry and show Marxist fist symbols, are accused by Obama's union friend, Trumka, on MSNBC (BSNBC?) in trying to destroy the American government.

Obama‘s Union Buddy Trumka Says Tea Party Is Actually Trying to Destroy America’s Government and That Is Super Hard for the President to Deal With.


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


"liu bolin is a young beijing based artist who has exhibited primarily in china until last year’s solo show at paris’ galerie bertin toublanc and a group show with the gallery in miami. he recently finished up a show at eli klein fine art in new york showcasing a variety of his pieces including some form the series camoflague.’"  - designboom - <>

This is what is very wrong with America. While this amazing Chinese Camouflage Artist, liu bolin, wants his freedom to express his art without interference from the Communist Chinese Government,, Barack Obama allowed the Chinese Communist Flag to be raised near the White House to honor the 60th year of Communism that had murdered over 50-million Chinese. This is while Obama's filthy-rich far-left progressive supporters still bathe in excess wealth after trashing millions of Vietnamese who only wanted their freedom. One Vietnamese businessman, who made it to America, referred to this far-left liberal Senator as Mr. Jane Fonda.


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


"It remains to be seen whether Redford and company will give WU radicals the glorified Hollywood treatment (The Motorcycle Diaries' is an example that comes to mind), or depict them as the narcissistic, deluded criminals they were." - The Blaze
In a new movie "The Company you Keep" Hollywood liberal Robert Redford is reported to play a Weather Underground Terrorist. Real Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers has unabashedly said that he still refuses to denounce the Weather Underground's violence. In this video Ayers calls John McCain "the" War Criminal. Ayers wrote the program for the socialist Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was chaired by Barack Obama who was reported to have given out millions of dollars on behalf of the CAC. Guess who else was reported to be involved in encouraging the CAC? Former Arkansas hippie, Bill Clinton, the CAC reported to have gathered one-billion dollars. Candidate Obama refused to say he even knew Ayers during the presidential election. Obama's ability to so easily lie was to become his legacy as president. Of course with the liberal media loving another liberal, you can see the successful results of Obama's election and the smiles on the faces of network hosts. Voters then took the media lies with them into the voting booth in 2008. It reminded me of the propaganda from Marxist dictators and the media outlets they ran, backed up by the self-serving designs of Obama's visual icons.


The law discourages employers from hiring in several ways: (Click on link in text below or on this graphic.)

Private-sector job creation initially recovered from the recession at a normal rate, leading to predictions last year of a “Recovery Summer.” Since April 2010, however, net private-sector job creation has stalled. Within two months of the passage of Obamacare, the job market stopped improving. This suggests that businesses are not exaggerating when they tell pollsters that the new health care law is holding back hiring. The law significantly raises business costs and creates considerable uncertainty about the future.

Congratulations to the 39 new recipients of coveted Obamacare waivers.   Go to here for updated information: <>


Jackson Lee reaches into her deck of playing cards and pulls out the one with Race written all over it saying, "Congress complicating debt ceiling because . . . wait for it . . . Obama is black." No, he loves Saul Alinky, embraces Marxist followers, tolerates NAMBLA, a union thug supporter, and he lies, lies, lies! Did your doctor cut off your feet, Ms. Lee? Next time pull out the card with Liar, Liar written all over it. It's the Reds one, not the black one.


Huffington Post and AOL declares war on the conservative wing of the Democrat party, protecting progressives while trashing conservatives in office.  The Huffington Post writes, "Fake Democratic Candidates Go Down In Recall Races."

HuffingtonPost and AOL openly aid war by unions against taxpayers in Wisconsin

Across America union dues are feeding democrats for the war of 2012. While Republicans rely on one-on-one donations, unions take forced membership dues and shovel it over to the progressive/Marxist side of the democrat party while trashing conservative democrats.. While Obama's 800-million stimulus was not shovel ready, the unions for Obama are.


off the mark joined United Media, in 2002. off the mark has twice been nominated for Best Newspaper Comic Panel by The National Cartoonists Society and for Best Humor Book by The Independent Publisher's Association.
DIAL Cartoons are the property of Mark Parisi of off the mark
CBS - Obama wants bigger debt deal - up to $4 trillion!


"It's only been two and a half years. I got five and a half years more to go." - Real Clear Politics

No 1776 Here!

America Burns as Obama Fiddles . . . and Philadelphia crowd cheers?

Since when are July 4th Parades right wing?


Obama's Union Rats

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled on Thursday that labor unions should have the right to display 16-foot, rat-shaped balloons outside businesses with which they disagree.

Union rats celebrate Memorial Weekend blessed by Obama administration

“The agenda pursued by President Obama’s labor board in support of job-killing policies that encourage union bosses to intimidate workers is appalling,” Wszolek said in an email to TheDC. “There is no mistaking that job creation is the American people’s top priority, and it is deeply unfortunate that our government is more committed to rewarding Big Labor than standing with job creators struggling through an extremely challenging economic period. The White House should understand very clearly that they will be held responsible for the actions of the individuals they have nominated and appointed to the National Labor Relations Board.”


Candidate Obama continued his BS in 2008 said he felt the people's pain when gas was around $2.50 a gallon, saying hard working Americans couldn't get to their job.

Marxist Candidate Obama in 2008 says he feels the people's pain with high gasoline prices under George Bush. But when Obama took office those prices were down to under $2.00 a gallon. After two years of an Obama presidency, gas has now reached $4.00 a gallon, an 100% increase. Take a listen to Washington Democrats when gas prices under Bush dared to hit $3.00, their saying Bush was in with the oil companies. Yet when gas hits $4.00 a gallon under an Obama presidency they're pie-holes were suddenly silent. Obama actually told Americans to solve the $4.00 a gallon problem by going out and buying a new hybrid . . . starting at around $30,000?


“Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business. We are a pro-business organization. So we have to stand on the side of business, and the benefit of our members, which are black entrepreneurs.”

Remember this exchange in July of 2009, Senator Barbara Boxer taking on Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC)?

Well is he mad now! Obama obviously doesn't like conservative blacks like Mr. Alford, Obama reported to be forming his own NBCC in the White House to go around Mr. Alford's African-American business organization. This is not surprising, remembering Democrats in North Carolina murdered conservative black businessmen in the massacre of 1898. Democrats never looked back, running the state until 2010. Even the Democrat's state fundraiser was named after White Supremacist, Charles Aycock, for over 40 years starting in the mid 1960's.

I admire Mr. Alford for his honesty and bravery, also admitting like many African-Americans will not that he voted for Obama in November of 2008 because Obama was black. Now Mr. Alford sees Obama as many Americans had already warned the voters before the election of 2008. Obama is a Marxist.


88-Page Portfolio on SEIU Tactics - Candidate Obama's Favorite Union

SEIU Drops Mask - Welcomes in Communists

Not about justice.  Not about freedom.  Not about America.  Marxist Obama reminds SEIU members, "It's about the POWER!"

Obama at 2008 SEUI Meeting, talking like a Marxist.

Not about freedom! Not about justice! Not about America. It's all about the POWER!
Marxists take over SEUI as Communists invited to march in parade.
Note the Marxist fist symbol!  It's the same one that popped up in the Wisconsin teacher and firefighters' unions, their fighting for power over the taxpayer.  How's that hope and change working out for you, America?
Note the Marxist Fist in the above Communist sign. Think you've seen it before?


You would expect this from a foreigner.  Humm!

Obama's Gaffes

On his 57-state comment, Snopes covered Obama saying (cough) he was tired . . . not wrong. When someone says these basic stupid comments along with Obama's famous crotch salute in 2007, it's as if he doesn't even know much about the country. Hmm!

And then there's more

Watching the Americans sitting behind Obama and cheering, you get a better perspective of the meaning of the phrase useful idiots, a term that described Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. Wow, some things never change.


President Obama gives his most patriotic speech, reporting Osama bin laden was killed by a special military unit of brave American soldiers. But will Obama FINALLY now distance himself and his administration from Van Jones, who on this video link the day after 9/11 celebrated the attack saying, "It's the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders."


Huffington writes with glee dripping from its pen, "After a week when Obama released his long-form Hawaii birth certificate, he said Trump could now focus on the serious issues, from whether the moon landing actually happened to 'where are Biggie and Tupac?'"

With acquisition of Huffing Post, AOL turns further left sticking it in the face of its millions of conservative members, as illustrated by their selected photo.

Obama's presentation started after the wrestler Hulk Hogan's patriotic anthem, "Real American," played. Images of Americana from Mount Rushmore to Uncle Sam were shown on the screen, alongside his birth certificate. And then he offered to show his live birth video, which turned out to be a clip from the Disney film, "The Lion King." (Still no answer why Obama could have shown the doc in 2007, yet refused, messing with America's Constitution as if an toy.)


Two year into President Obama's term, Bill looks at how far short the rhetoric and promises of 2009 have fallen in 2011.
Obama at Halftime


Watch! - Only after becoming President of the United States did Barack Obama openly defend Sharia Law, saying Muslims have a right to practice their religion as they see fit. (Viewed best in Windows Media)
President Obama also says in the above video link that he will use the office of president of the United States to stop all negative Muslim stereotyping around the globe wherever he finds it. He must also mean those who complain about the murder of Christians and the burning down of their churches at the hands of Muslims in radical Islamic countries. Franklin Graham, for example, was called a hate monger and pulled from the Day of Prayer at the Pentagon in 2010. Obama refused to get involved. The issue is not whether Obama is a Muslim. The issue is why did he not run on these new policies as candidate Obama, hiding his core beliefs from the voters.
| The entire video on Obama's stunning passion to support one religion | Why many believe this is just the tip of the iceberg |


Surprise surprise! All traces of America pride in country have been quietly removed by Obama's Justice Department, replaced with a quote from a former Communist.
American Spectator's comment on why this has happened!


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


You Should Have Listened to Farrakhan When You Were At His Table: New Black Panthers.
Vicious attack by Black Panther on Obama


If you're a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, you might put off a vacation.  - Barack Obama
Top 10 POTUS Leisure Activities During Tough Times



Obama: Corporate Profits "Have To Be Shared By American Workers"
Obama openly lays out a typical Socialist / Marxist plan to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tell your members to share their profits but not their personal risks.


Obama White House Defends Anti-American State Dinner Music.
Lang Lang plays his third concert for Obama, playing a song at the White house with a silent lyric that calls our treasure that answered the call to serve their country in Korea in the 1950s, Jackals! The Obama administration believed it was a nice tune.


Hu Jintao jets into Washington.
Asia cartoon shows Obama as the West's progressive jerk . . . a fool!


Jefferson warned if the America voter took free stuff off the backs of others the Republic would be over. He was right.


Arizona Memorial was an Obama political event that continued never let a serious crisis go to waste.

Remember - Never let a serious crisis go to waste? Here are “Together We Thrive” T-shirt pumped out for Arizona Memorial, the promo from Obama’s Organizing for America. (And a blog posting in 2008 promoting the theme on Barack's personal site, which was then used at Arizona Memorial as a political statement.) So who paid for the T-shirts?


Granted, many of those waking hours were spent golfing and playing basketball, but sucks for a listening, learning, man of the people to stay in Washington, which is clearly no place for a president to be during a crisis.


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.
Cartoons by Michael Ramirez
"A man and his (fill in the blank.)"

Obama, America's Sock Puppet


Source: Heritage Foundation
So this is what Harvard taught its graduates, George Bush and Barack Obama, about hope and change? - Webmaster



On November 3rd, Nothing has changed!




The following people have pledged to give the majority of their wealth to pilanthropy.

40 billionaires commit to giving most of their money away . . . well sort of.


President Bush was not perfect. But there's no doubt he was an American and loved his country. During his presidency, Americans felt safe. Evil men feared his resolve. With Obama about to let Bush's tax cuts expire and raise new taxes, Americans who voted for "hope and change" are feeling buyer's remorse. In honor of President George W. Bush and the conservative cause, we're pleased to introduce the new "Miss Me Yet?" Bumper Sticker.


Obama doing the Gangsta Rap with B.O.B.


FOX Nation - Obama's agenda since his days at Columbia!


After over forty years, in August 2010 North Carolina's Democrat Party FINALLY pulled Aycock's name for its annual fund raiser from its clenched fist, an event Obama had happily attended in Asheville in 2008. Aycock was a white supremacist who provided the environment for 24 conservative blacks to be murdered in North Carolina in 1898, the date North Carolina voters honored the Democrat Party and never looked back. Like I said last year, the heart doesn't fall far from the sheets.


Go to to download this song or to read the full story behind "The Great Reneger". Lyrics included below. Please pass on to your friends. You can also order a CD/DVD.
Song called The Great Deceiver, which was formerly named The Great Reneger, was changed as far-left Democrats squirmed over that name - yet okay to wish Palin and her kids dead, eh?


Video producer "Just a Deputy" has had enough!  Impressed wtih radio host Michael Berry's evidence about Obama, he put together this seven-minute video titled, "I'm Taking Action."  Glad someone is finally getting it.
Houston Radio Host Michael Berry gathers the evidence, "He don't give a crap about you!"


Media Research Center captures the war the mainstream media has engaged in against conservatives on behalf of the liberalism and progressives of the Democrat Party.  It doesn't get any easier to understand.

Fight Obama's Shock Troops


Among the best parts of watching the election results last night were the excuses the various talking heads tried to make for their favorite politicians.  MSNBC talkers bent like pretzels trying to find excuses for their liberal politicians and why they were getting such a shellacking.
Obama morphing into Jimmy Carter

Obama - Please, not as I do!

As the U.S. economy endures high unemployment and a jittery stock market, President Barack Obama has preached sacrifice and fiscal discipline. But the pictures coming out of a sun-splashed Spanish resort may be sending a different message.  (Remember when she said she wasn't proud of America, whining about the cost of piano lessons? ) - Image - Drudgereport 080710

The rest of you, "Eat Gulf Shrimp!"

"Meanwhile at the five-star luxury Villa Padierna, where the group have chosen to spend their mini-break, preparations were under way for Marbella's event of the year – a star-studded charity gala hosted by Hollywood A-listers Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria." . . . read more

Humility from The One - Obama's Birthday Bash

"You know things are going well when your political opponents resort to the lowest form of Demo-goguery -- race baiting."  -  Mark Alexander, July 22, 2010 , The Patriot Post.


Think the media isn't corrupt? What if Bush had said this about Katrina?


Marxist Obama mocks America's founders as men of wealth, as if Obama didn't buy the White House for 600,000 million dollars and brings an entourage wherever he flies to that would make the Queen of England blush!  Liar, liar, pants of fire!

Obama celebrates on July 4th, 2010, principles that are timeless, his saying these principles "were tenets declared" . . . . are you ready, "by men of property and wealth," forgetting to mention they were men who stood by their rights of freedom to maybe be hung for their beliefs! Obama then goes on to speak of recent rights, as if our founders had nothing to do with the Republic that has blossomed today allowing new rights Obama speaks. Obama is a normal everyday Marxist, mocking our founders wealth when he bought their White House in 2008 for 600-million dollars, his vacationing at the expensive Grove Park Inn in Asheville while in his short term golfing more than Bush had in eight years. Liar, liar, pants on fire!


Where was the media June 28, 2006, when candidate Obama laughed and openly mocked books of the Bible?


Another popular suggestion, The POTUS Cap, on how to plug the Gulf oil leak
TKS to Don of Weaverville, NC


Uncovered: Obama's mystery college years
Obama tied to Ayers' group, extremist groups operating on campus


Hawaii elections clerk: Obama not born here!


[Progressive] Liberal media matron Helen Thomas has a growing fan club in the Middle East.  - First Things
Hamas Terrorist English Web site, Al-Qassam, praises progressive journalist Helen Thomas and her comment, shows picture of Obama embracing her!


King Obama?

You probably knew that in March 2009 Obama went to London for a G-2 conference? But did you know ScrippsNews reported that Obama arrived with 500 staff in tow, including 200 Secret Service agents, a team of six doctors, the White House chef and kitchen staff with the president's own food and water. And you voted for Obama to fill your gas tank and pay your mortgage! . . . read more


The Manchurian President exposes an extremist coalition of communists, socialists and other radicals working both inside and outside the administration to draft and advance current White House policy goals.  With more than 800 citations, the brand-new, autographed title from WND senior reporter Aaron Klein bills itself as the most exhaustive investigation ever performed into Obama's political background and radical ties. Klein's co-author is historian and researcher Brenda J. Elliott.


The Many Lies of Barack Obama

What he said and when what he said expired!



French Leader Sarkozy Slams Obama, Warns He Might Be Insane!


Thirty years of law enforcement in Miami, Florida, including sixteen years working homicide, gives Marshall Frank a huge reservoir from which to draw insights into the problems facing America today. After retiring from the Miami-Dade P.D. in 1990, Frank went on to become a writer, now with eight published books, five fiction and three non-fiction.
Marshall Frank

The Mysterious President

The fact is, we know less about President Obama than perhaps any other president in American history and much of this is due to overt efforts to hide his records. This should concern Americans.

A nation-wide network of researchers have attempted to fill in blanks, but at every opportunity, and quite suspiciously, Obama’s lawyers have successfully blocked access to various records.

Obama’s legal team has spent well over $1.4 million dollars repelling inquiries and legal actions to unveil documents every American should have access to. The big question is: Why would he spend that money? . . . read more


America's Future Brown Shirts?

Germany's Youth

This national day of service will fall on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 19, 2009 and, unlike past calls to service, President-elect Obama is calling on all Americans to do more than just offer a single day of service to their cities, towns and neighborhoods.  He is asking all of us to make an ongoing commitment to our communities. Never has it been more important to come together in shared purpose to tackle the common challenges we face.


President Barack Obama greets Chinese President Hu Jintao during the official arrivals for the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, Monday April 12, 2010.
And again to Chinese Communist leader, Hu Jintao


U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area.
Obama, honoring his years of instruction in the Muslim faith, bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Why? How about for her designating a day for Muslim CAIR in Tampa in November 2008.
Official City Copy of Certificate Honoring CAIR


"The objection is not Obama's colour but his politics. I like him as a person, I just wish he was genuine."


Evil! Obama returns ACORN full funding from Taxpayers
Evil! Obama returns ACORN full funding from Taxpayers


Counter-protest the Obamacare Road Show; St. Louis Oba-Kabuki event is closed-door, invitation-only
Obama promotes invitation-only speech!


I Told You So – Yes I Did!

A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.
Obama, when America's young understand what you're doing, your game is over!


You Better Wake Up!

Lie to your opponents and disarm them by pretending to be moderates . . . - Saul Alinsky (Teachings listed as Tool on NEA's Web site.)

Click this graphic to watch video on Obama's use of icons.

What don't you get about Obama's agenda, throwing in your face he's fundamentally changing America?

The Obama/Soetoro Dossier.

Look at the above icon created by the Obama campaign in 2008. Now as president, it is extremely troubling Obama and his DNC have decided to toss out the Presidential Seal and instead, in many cases, use Obama's own personal "O" seal on official government Web pages. spitting in the face of American tradition.

In the above 2008 icon, see the American eagle fly away and our flag fall towards the ground as our e pluribus unum is shown to fade away into Obama's blue background. Click on the above graphic to watch a video on Obama's [Marxist] icons. If you wait around for the progressive media to tell you, you wouldn't have a country left to protect. Meanwhile, grab a cup of coffee and watch "Dossier." Many of the comments found in "Dossier" I also found and put on my site before the election of November 2008!


A picture is still worth a thousand words.



The Obameter: Has trouble finding Broken Promises


President Barack Obama has repeatedly claimed that his budget would cut the deficit by half by the end of his term. But as Heritage analyst Brian Riedl has pointed out, given that Obama has already helped quadruple the deficit with his stimulus package, pledging to halve it by 2013 is hardly ambitious.
Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures


President Barack Obama, accompanied by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, speaks to the media after a discussion with 6th grade students at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010.
I'm sorry Obama voters, and you said Bush looked like an idiot?!


Busted! Obama praise planted in U.S. newspapers!
Bogus messages from 'president's supporters' infests America's print media



Thick blobs of Tar begin washing up on Alabama shore – as Obama goes golfing . . . again!



Indonesia proud of its native son!


Rush Limbaugh lobbed shots across the airwaves Sunday at President Obama -- "immature, inexperienced, in over his head," with an "out-of-this-world ego," offering the country "radical leadership" and laying siege to the economy.
Photo source: Drudge 11/3/09
An Obama Child Image?

I Was a Teenage President

Why a picture is still a thousand word!



Obama’s political theatre - the child is king?

(If playing, pause music at bottom of page.)


Clown alert: Janet Napolitano says the “system worked;” Update: And now…J-No’s about-(clown)face.
An Obozo Clown Alert


- Narcissistic Rage in the White House -


Savior or Saboteur?


President Obama’s first eight months on the world stage are deeply troubling. It is not just the repeated apologies for alleged American transgressions. We are witnessing a disturbing pattern that extends a hand of cooperation to our enemies while turning a cold shoulder to our friends and a blind eye to their suffering.
Iran replaces the U.S. Dollar with the Euro, and so it begins!


Gee, wonder why the Obama media pushed this aside?

The rest of Sarkozy’s remarks were, well, remarkable:

“President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.

“Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.

“I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state off the map,” he continued, referring to Israel.

The sharp-tongued French leader even implied that Mr Obama’s resolution 1887 had used up valuable diplomatic energy.

“If we have courage to impose sanctions together it will lend viability to our commitment to reduce our own weapons and to making a world without nuke weapons,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy has previously called the US president’s disarmament crusade “naive.” . . . read more!

- See full spread of front page -


Remember last year when that video of school kids singing about Obama appeared on the net to creep out parents? Here’s a new one of school kids being taught to sing praise of Obama. No one knows yet where this took place, or what school." - Source copy -
Dictator-type propaganda infects school - small kids taught to praise Obama by Black author / teacher

(If playing, pause music at bottom of page.)



More Dear Leader in the classroom: Obamacare propaganda pop quiz!


He was a disgrace when he . . .


Obama’s Human Rights Disaster

Obama’s left-wing allies are preparing plans to re-brand 9/11 as a national service/eco-zealot propaganda day.

America's Future Brown Shirts?

Voters are asked if they know who Obama is, dropping McCain platform.
Howard Stern asks voters if they know Obama

(If playing, pause music at bottom of page.)


What Obama's vacation tells us

Obama's Rocky Mountain High IQ


Apologies for the singing. It's not exactly my sort of tune. (We thought it was great!)
One Single Payer System - Sort of from Chorus Line
(If playing, pause music at bottom of page.)


Obama White House launches Health Tattle-Tale Site - then kills it!

OMG, it's the leader of the collective, the Democrats pseudo-Communist the media just slobbers over.  It's Barack, the savior of the day, Newsweeks' intellectual progressive publisher calling him "a GOD!"
Jib-Jab does it again!
(Note - Flash followed by Jib-Jab ad - sort of tacky but they've earned it.)
(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

Barry, Barry, Quite Contrary

Levin often uses the term "soft tyranny" to explain the modus operandi of the Obama administration and Congress, and weighs in with a powerful, in-depth Whistleblower exclusive, titled "The antidote to tyranny: Time for urgent action, as 'liberty once lost is rarely recovered.'"

Barack Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic

Obama’s White House is Falling Down

Radical ObamaCzars and the First U.S. Imperium

Obama's 1983 College Article - written by a raving Anti-American Kook
Now morph forward to Obama July 7, 2009 - "The future does not belong to those who gather armies on a field of battle or bury missiles in the ground."

READ! What a Honduran says about Obama and his support of a Dictator

Want to get a handle on how to play in the Obama Administration?  Try Bamopoly, Chicago style.  (Disclaimer - source of graphic unknown.)
Play Obamopoly, just like they do in Chicago!
(Source unknown)


Obama is here to save the day!

On the sides of America's highways, the Obama administration is tooting its own horn.

The Obama administration is so eager to make Americans believe its economic stimulus law is working, it is erecting signs proclaiming each new road repair or construction project is funded by the stimulus law. The Federal Highway Commission said in a sign-guidance statement: “President Obama made the commitment that all projects funded by the American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA) “will bear a recovery emblem to make it easier for Americans to see which projects are funded by the ARRA.”   

Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-MI, has said on the House floor, “Upon entering a construction zone in Michigan. the federal government is mandating that you know where the funding originated by forcing” local governments “to post notification at stimulus-funded sites.” Some $92 million will be spent in street and highway projects in four counties in Michigan alone. 

Hoekstra states each sign costs $1,000, although a DOT spokesperson holds in some states, signs will cost less. Depending on the size of the project, multiple signs may be required. So, publicizing thousands of projects will cost many millions of additional dollars – which, needless to say, won’t provide a whit of stimulus. 

The signs, touting The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, must be designed to meticulous federally dictated standards as to their size, design, colors, and wording. Each sign is to bear, in large type:


Atop each sign is another sign 10 feet by two feet with government-dictated precise dimensions as to placement of the wording and art. It says in bold letters “PUTTING AMERICA TO WORK” – as if no other Americans were employed in the private sector . . . read more


The administration that promised unprecedented transparency and accountability has instead stymied independent investigations of costly government programs, kept crucial information from the public and defended its predecessor’s widely criticized secrecy policies in court . . . read more


A poster of Barack Obama in Heath Ledger-style Joker make-up with the legend 'Socialism' beneath it has been popping up recently on surfaces around L.A. It does not appear to be in the same category as the many benign take-offs on the Shepard Fairey 'Hope' poster, such as the one by Australian James Lillis, (more of a straightforward spoof that merely substituted a Shepardized image of Heath Ledger as Joker on the Obama poster).   Also seen in Hollywood area.
Source: Pamula Getter of Atlas Shrugs
"It's no joke!"


Mass Resistance!

Listen in their own words! Then ask Obama why he wants GLSEN to teach your kids


Rush Limbaugh hits the nail on the head in his July newsletter of the Three Amigos.
When Community Organizers Get Together for a Chat
Source: Limbaugh Letter, July 2009

Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

READ! What a Honduran says about Obama and his support of a Dictator


Explaining Obama: Our First Islamist President?

How about, "Yes!"


Something like this sound right for the 2020 world?  "Farmer in Scotland sentenced to five years in prison for insulting burglar's choice of firearm."
Source: The People's Cube

Headlines from the Year 2020


America proclaims: Obama is 'the One!'

Human Events notes with this painting on January 20, 2009, "Clouds of doubt enshroud the liberals' new Sun King."
Source: Human Events, Artist unknown
The Obama Era begins, by Jeb Babbin - Human Events

How he did it!


How's that goddamn America working out for you, (cough) Rev. Wright?
Obama's former "goddamn" America pastor lives in luxury, just like Obama, the church providing a million-dollar home in the White suburbs of Chicago in a gated community. The chickens have again come home to roost!

How's that 2008 vote working for you?






We Tried to Warn Obama voters up to this point, but easy money seems to grease the palms in America, eh?
On Election day twelve Obama voters were interviewed extensively right after they voted to learn how the news media impacted their knowledge of what occurred during the campaign. These voters were chosen for their apparent intelligence/verbal abilities and willingness to express their opinions to a large audience. This rather shocking video seeks to provide some insight into which information broke through the news media clutter and which did not.
Stunning! Voters reveal where they got their information for voting on Obama for president - from the same Marxists that run the mainstream media
Unfortunately, these Americans thought they were informed about the truth simply because they watched CNN and MSNBC



Let' just say it like it is. Why bother with the informalities, eh?

TIME wets it panties for person of the year, dribbling in its copy, "Obama is cheerfully showing his visitors around, gripping the souvenir basketball he received from Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, explaining a snapshot taken the day he played pickup with the University of North Carolina hoops team. ("They are so big and so fast and so strong, you know.") Then, since those two items basically exhaust the room's décor, Obama sits down on one of the mesh chairs and launches into a spoken tour of his world of woes."

"The America's voters finally got the government they richly deserve. With Clinton he had to say 'I didn't inhale' to get elected. Sure! But 16-years later the American drug culture really doesn't give a damn if their candidate inhaled, sold, or grew the stuff. Now move 16-years more into the future and you may see people emigrating out of the United States, as Jews had done in Germany in the late 1920s, six-million others wishing they had."

The more things CHANGE, the more they remain the same?
The fix was in as TIME wets its pants for 2008 person of the year . . .
. . . just as TIME's Washington bureau chief departs for Biden post in the Obama administration.

Original photo source: Drudge 12/17/08 - (Clinton said he didn't inhale. America has sailed far in such short a time.)


Click to watch this 30 second ad.  None of the mainstream media would run this paid ad.  Freedom of the press?  You decide.
(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

None of the mainstream media would run "The Facts" as a paid ad. Freedom of the Press?


President Obama laughs at speech that borders on hate. When the Daily Kos could have gone after Snow, it didn't. So who decides hate as Congress wants to legislate free speech?

(If music playing, pause on homepage.)


I remember your calling Caucasions "typical white" people. So what do you call this display, Mr. President?

Typical white people, Mr. President?

Welcome to Dr. Obama Clinic

When politicians Bait and Switch

But arguably Obama’s most egregious, unconstitutional “power-grab” as president may have been his very first – being elected to the highest office in the land while steadfastly refusing to offer proof he is a “natural born citizen,” as required of all presidents by the U.S. Constitution.

Nothing great is ever accomplished by one person. - Sheryl Leach, Bits & Pieces

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Obama's deck stacked in faux billed 'open' forum - picks his campaign supporters to ask questions at 'online' town hall

Alan Keyes Loyal to Liberty Blog

The Alinsky Model - Democrats’ Platform for Revolution

Barack Obama and Alinsky's Rules for Psychopaths


"My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly a difference." - Harry Truman

Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.
Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

- So you want real change? Try these ideas -

| Obama has little in common with Lincoln | Washington's New Power Chart | The Audacity of the Obamas |

| The Tale of Sharon Jasper, a new benchmark for poverty in America | Obama the Revolutionary |

| He's my president but I don't have to like it | Questions About Barack Obama's status as a "natural born citizen |

Saint Obama selling in San Francisco at $12.95 a pop, over 1,000 reported to have been moved from inventory.  What can we say?  It's San Francisco, where in the daylight they masterbate in the streets during certain holidays.   Remember comedian Woody Woodbury' of the 1960's, during one of his sets about WWII saying, "Can you imagine me protecting you?"  We thought that appropriate with this candle "stichk."   (Source:  Atlas Shrugs - click on picture for site.)

The Obama re-election campaign in full swing

Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs
| Obama's Website: Why the hate and terror? | Obama's Shadow Government | Obama's Corruption |
| Obama's Contributions: Foreign and Domestic | Obama's Birth Certificate | The Muslim Issue |

Obama and the Disunited States

The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology

Obama's Tactic: Shock and Awe

Obama's Class Act: the one the drive-by tried to hide!

To England with love: "To my special friend Gordon, Prime Minister of England, 25 DVDs. and a few helicopters from the White House gift shop. We can't thank you enough for your soldier's sacrifice in Iran." March 2009

Barack Obama sends bust of Winston Churchill on its way back to Britain, Prime Minister offered to stay in U.S. during administration, but Obama said, "No thanks."


It was a very discomforting moment for me and other Americans who (1) don't think an American president should bow to any King and (2) no American, president or otherwise, should bow to a King who oversees a Wahhabist state which seeks to export Shariah law and violence against anyone who is not Male and not from the same extreme form of Islam.

President Obama photographed bowing to Saudi King Abdullah. Did we miss something, Democrats, during the election of your candidate?


Citizen Obama/Biden Watch

Liberal Isolationism

Hey Mr. President! - What was that about our Judeo-Christian nation?
(If music playing, pause on homepage.)


"We are one?" Obama becomes U.S. president, saying let's work together as crowd boos Laura & President Bush . . .

and Obama's Hollywood elitists keep up the bitchy hate.
(If music playing, pause on homepage.)


Click here to see larger image of HBO poster, We are one.  Or is that, We are One?

Democrats cash in on the People's Inaugural, sells rights to HBO

Another promise of "change" from Obama's campaign, this one on the altar of money as Democrats sell the People's Lincoln Memorial Inaugural Celebration to HBO. Only people who had paid up front for HBO or digital service from providers could see the event. Check out the stars who knowingly participated or supported the Democrats, cashing in on the People's House, from Steven Spielberg to Tom Hanks.

If you didn't have digital cable or satellite, we hope you enjoyed the back of the bus!

Watch and listen to message from President-elect Obama.  Please turn off music at bottom of page.    Click here for larger view.  Click here for larger view.


The media just drools, and the man hasn't done a single thing but make promises he can't keep.  America reminds us of the story of how to catch wild pigs.
Source: Big Hollywood
It’s Official: Obama just keeps on the campaign spin with Spidey now in the Tank for Obama (& Ashford & Simpson, Too)


"Funny Money: How Barack Obama bought the White House.


Barack Obama, The Making of a Candidate

2007 Series, The Chicago Tribune



Dear Mr. Obama has received over 11 million page views as of 11/03/08.
Dear Mr. Obama!

(If music playing, turn off on homepage.)


Shocking 2001 Obama Radio Interview - He Knew!

In this radio interview, Obama complains in his own words that the U.S. Supreme Court did not address the Redistribution of Wealth during the changing Civil Right years, forcing Americans to shell out their income to others without consequence what that money was to be used for.

Now in 2008 as he runs for president, he is reluctant to even mention his intentions, laughing at the Republican's claim he wants to redistribute wealth, until that fateful meeting with Joe the Plumber in Toledo, Ohio.

Obama has almost denied his stand on this issue as candidate Obama, hiding his true motivation from the American people who will foot the bill. That is to take money earned by others and give it to those who don't pay taxes. Nothing has changed in his motivation to create social engineering in the United States through the federal courts for seven years, and why over 90% of that voting block wants Obama as president.

Duh, sucker!

(If music playing, turn off on homepage.)


A grass-root snapshot of the political world surrounding Barack Obama in the summer of 1996

Chicago New Party


The Story of Little Red Hen

Free Ice Cream

Wow! A Ghoulish Happy Halloween from Barack Obama

Obama Campaign Gave ACORN Current Fundraising List - Oct 31, 2008

Obama's Kenya Ghosts! - Oct 31, 2008

Obama Campaign Admits Accepting Millions From Untraceable Donors - Oct 31, 2008

Fact Checking discovers Obama's prime-time ad skips over budget realities - Oct 31, 2008

Oh my, Comrade Obama? - Oct 31, 2008

'Smug' Obama campaign boots journalists - Oct 31, 2008

Wow, had enough? Obama's friend and board mentor, William Ayers, had dedicated book to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Attorney General Robert Kennedy - Oct 31, 2008

No Diversity - as West Hollywood homosexuals hang "Gov. Sarah Palin In Effigy" - Oct 31, 2008

First they're not patriotic, now they're ‘Selfishness’ - New code word for Obama's New Attack on those who don't want higher taxes - Oct 31, 2008

Socialism In Action - Global Poverty Act And Other ‘Spread The Wealth’ Schemes - Oct 31, 2008

A Big Red Flag of Narcissi um - Obama 'Raffles' Chance To Join Him Election Night - Oct 31, 2008


Statment by an every day American that needs to be heard now!
Video Source: Compliments of Fox News

So you're voting for Obama? Are you one of those laughing in the background?

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Candidate Obama sends his Democrat attack machine out to crush Joe the Plumber, while his rally audience laughs (check out the faces), an American who simply asked Obama a question about taxes.

If candidate Obama will get an everyday middle-class blue-collar worker fired, what do you think President Obama will do when he has the power at his fingertips?

Now listen to this everyday American's opinion and you decide. It will stun you!

Wake up America. A tsunami is coming your way that will crush you as it did Joe the Plumber.


OMG - Look who were involved in grooming Barack Obama


Bencal, who sings the anthem for a number of school events and is actively involved in local community theatre, had been contacted by the Obama campaign to sing the anthem. He agreed to do so, then was told later in the evening the anthem had been scratched from the program. Bencal said he was told by the campaign the decision was a simple programming change to make room for another speaker.   "I guess it just wasn't meant to be," Bencal said.   Sandra Abrevaya, communications director for the Obama campaign's Manchester office, confirmed the choice had simply been a last-minute scratch from the rally's program, which included the Pledge of Allegiance.

Watch Video - Allow to download


You shouldn't be as the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance are scraped by Obama's team at a New Hampshire event simply in favor of time constraints, they said.

Source, The Union Leader, October 17, 2008


All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man," continued Gadhafi. "They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.

A Muslim knows who is of his faith

Deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in a June 11, 2008, speech identified Obama as a citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim.

Gaddafi, in this Arab video run on Al Jazeera television, tells a huge crowd he looks forward to Obama winning the presidency in the American election, as Gaddafi refers to former President Reagan as a "dictator such as Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and the rest of the tyrants."

The following are direct quotes on Gaddafi's speech from the above video translated by MEMRITV  . . . not my writings!

At 7 minutes, 17 seconds: "We still hope that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic Identity, and in his faith."

At 2 minutes, 16 seconds: "We hope that this [promises Obama made during the election] is merely  an election "clearance sale," as they say in Egypt.  As you know this is the farce of elections."    "Then when the people say you promised this and that . . . this was elections propaganda."

At 1 minute, 51 seconds: " . . . when our African Kenyan brother, who is an American National . . ."

At 1 minute, 08 seconds: "Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origin, a Muslim."

Source: Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI, were aired on Al Jazeera in June


The preacher of hate that Obama followed for 20 years was the foundation of Obama's powerbase.

The mainstream media suppressed Wright's speeches. Now you can watch Wright's preaching while Obama was in his south side Chicago church for 20 years. Obama says he can't remember hearing these, yet he has called Caucasians "Typical White People."

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"Ladies and Gentlemen! The next President of the United States and his Director of Education for America's youth."

"Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Obama, when asked about this picture said that flag pins and putting your hand over your heart had no meaning for love of country.  Really?  Then why during his campaign for president suddenly he had flags surround him on the stage, in his logo, and on his coat at every debate?  Liar, liar, pants on fire!

William Ayers, Weatherman Radical bomber now of course a professor at the University of Illinois, used his home to help Obama start his campaign as an Illinois senator, leading to his running for president.

What do you think the two men discussed in those days, Obama distancing himself from Ayers while a candidate for president when asked about the relationship, saying "I was a little boy when he was trying to kill Americans." Really, Barack?

Watch Video - Allow time to download

Photo from the October 1, 2007 edition of 'Time,' shows Obama, Hillary and Bill Richardson at the Steak Fry of Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) on September 17 in Indianola, Iowa, during the National Anthem. Richardson and Clinton have their hands over their heart. But not Obama! Does he perhaps believe that, like not wearing the flag pin, the hand on the heart isn't 'true patriotism'?" . . . read source

- ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess -


In 2008, McCain Documented Obama's Ties To Ayers At CAC!

2008 McCain campaign ad showing ties of Obama to terrorist Ayers- McCain

In 2014: 50 Examples Of Corruption, Dishonesty And Incompetence - Townhall



Obama's letters for Rezko


The Fix Was In!

Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Shed Light on Barack and Michelle Obama's Chicago Connections


Look who assisted Obama to get into Harvard!

Birds of a Feather

Saul Alinsky

In a revelation tying Barack Obama even closer to radical community organizing, WND has learned that a renowned disciple of the late socialist agitator Saul "The Red" Alinsky wrote a letter of recommendation for Obama when he applied to Harvard Law School.

Obama approached Northwestern University professor John L. McKnight – a loyal student of Alinsky's radical tactics – to pen the Harvard letter in the late 1980s. McKnight serves on the boards of radically anti-American groups in Chicago, including one accused of thuggery.

Obama in his 2006 memoir alludes to McKnight – whom he describes as an "older man who had been active in the civil rights efforts in Chicago in the sixties" – but stops short of identifying him by name. He referred to him only as "my friend."

But McKnight, who enforced affirmative action for Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was far more than that to young Obama. He helped train him in the agitation tactics of Alinsky, who wrote the organizing manual, "Rules for Radicals," which he dedicated to mankind's "very first radical, Lucifer." . . . read more


Nobel Peace Prize winner turned anarchist, Al Gore, urges civil disobedience to stop the building of new coal plants



Another Weatherman terrorist a player in Obama campaign

Rudd went underground in 1970, when a bomb exploded in a townhouse in Greenwich Village in New York City, killing three of his comrades. He lived for seven and a half years in hiding as a fugitive, finally surrendering in 1977, facing only low-level state charges after federal charges against Weathermen leaders had been dropped. He resurfaced as a teacher in New Mexico.
Former Weatherman, Mark Rudd

One of the main founders of the Weathermen terrorist organization is a signatory to an independent organization acting to ensure the election of Senator Barack Obama, WND has learned.

The group in question, Progressives for Obama, also includes among its ranks many former members of the 1960s radical organization Students for a Democratic Society, from which the Weathermen splintered, as well as current and former members of other radical organizations, such as the Communist Party USA and the Black Radical Congress.

In its creed, first published in March in the Nation magazine, the Progressives for Obama founders state their organization descended from the "proud tradition of independent social movements that have made America a more just and democratic country."

Progressives for Obama stated it can help the Illinois senator's ascent to highest office by contributing funds, using the Internet to reach "millions of swing voters;" defending Obama against negative attacks and making its agenda known at the Democratic National Convention.

"Progressives can make a difference in close primary races like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon and Puerto Rico, and in the November general election," the founders state . . . read more

Obama and your values and beliefs

Just Keep Giving?
Obama just keeps giving to the Republicans, calls war-hero McCain a pig, using Sara Palin's comment about the difference of Soccer Moms and Pit Bulls.  Sarah was funny.  Obama a clear producxt of 20 years in Wright's church, or at least that is what he calls it.
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'Lipstick on a pig' and 'it's still a pig' - Obama gets standing ovation from his supporters for the remark
"You botched the joke, Barry O"
'Spare Me the Phony Outrage,’ says Obama


The posting was published 11 days ago, well before Sen. Barack Obama drew sharp criticism yesterday when he jabbed at Palin and Sen. John McCain's idea of "change" by stating, 'You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.'"

Obama said it was an everyday comment, but his cheering Democrat audience obviously thought otherwise, eh!

Before Obama spoke on September 9, 2008, look what was allowed to be posted on the Democrat's Official Web site

The official web site of the Democratic Party has a blog posting entitled, "McCain's Selection of Palin is Lipstick on a Pig," illustrated by an altered photograph of a pig with makeup, designer glasses and pearls.

"Palin is a red herring, lipstick on the Republican pig to distract Americans from the real issue that under the leadership of the Republicans the last 8 years, our country is falling apart," writes the blogger, Elizabeth Berry, a self-described 49-year-old "progressive" from Texas . . . read more from these "diverse" pariah.


Obama is the darkest of characters of Gotham

"It is despicable, repulsive and beneath contempt that Barack Obama would attack Gianna Jessen," says Jill Stanek, a pro-life columnist who testified before Congress in support of the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act, in a statement on Jessen's website. "She is a courageous abortion survivor and living miracle who would not be with us today if Obama's policies had been in place when she was born."

No Shame as Obama attacks abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen. in smear political ad
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I don't what to say about this except it's like we're living in the times of  Revelations.
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Wow, while Michelle says she wants to change American history, Obama seems to want to change the Old Testament.


Wind him up and he'll say whatever you want to hear

The show business gossip blog Defamer lauded Russell Brand as the “most gleefully filthy-minded comic to come along in some time”, concluding that although he lost the audience: “We really do like [him]”.
Just in! MTV for Obama


"Did I Mention He's Black"


Obama's Web site Fight the Smear. So with all the links we have posted on this page from a variety of sources, YOU can still decide where the truth lies.

Remember that Obama comes from the same arrogant and Democrat city politics that created Al Capone, Rush Limbaugh using those times to reflect the world of today's mainstream media referring to journalists as "The Drive-By's."

But it is also these same politics that recently allowed Meig's Field's airport runway to be bulldozed without warning.

It was reported in a documentary on cable that aviation wouldn't support this major airport for America's flyers being changed to a park that was alleged to be named after the mayor's wife. So the stories go on. Click here to see the actual photos of how Chicago's Mayor destroyed this active airport without telling anyone, even those reporting to the control tower . . . that is except for the owner of the bulldozer, eh?

Obama the Messiah? Not really. Just another Chicago politician. Anyone remember all the Chicago love that was given to some on Valentine's Day?


Where does Obama's donations come from? Well, here's an interesting donor.

Barack, it's a fair question. How could you go to this church for 20 years and say you didn't know this man? That's why we have trouble believing anything you say.

"This ordinary boy just might be, come November the 4th, this ordinary boy from a single parent home with a daddy from Kenya and a mama from Kansas. This ordinary boy just might be the first president in the history of the United States to have a black woman sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania, legally," . . . read more

So is this a smear? - Obama and the New Party Member - evidence of Socialist ties in Chicago

Or this? - Law enforcement threats, intimidation likened to 'police-state tactics,' by Missouri's governor, an Obama supporter

Or this? - Obama hid $800,000 payment to ACORN through “Citizen Services, Inc.”

Or this? - Obama's 'clergy ad' avoids biblical issues

Or this? - Records document Obama's opposition to protecting born-alive babies

Or this? - Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member

Or this? - Obama the Slumlord Senator

Or this?- Pro-Obama Fascist Group, Accountable America sponsored by, threatens 10,000 donors with harassment if they donate to the Republican Party

Or this?- Obama tells 7-year-old America not so great

Or this?- Anti-Semites congregate on Obama's official campaign blog

Or this? - Obama-backed ally forged pact with radical Muslims

Or This? - Obama plans to grab oil company profits

Or This? - Here we go again, "Offshore Drilling, Another Obama Flip-Flop."

Or this?

Red Faces Over Obama’s Red Mentor

Maki, a political activist and union organizer with a long history of involvement in left-wing causes. Indeed, Maki confirms that he has been a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and was a communist decades ago when he was in the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Although he doesn’t support Obama because of his ties to Big Business, Maki wrote a blog on the Obama web site stating that he was grateful to Obama for bringing Davis to his attention, and that he, Maki, regarded Davis as his mentor, too. Maki announced establishment of a “Frank Marshall Davis Roundtable for Change” and invited Obama supporters to join it.

Maki did his homework, which is more than most of our own media have done, and he obtained Davis’s books. It is absolutely clear, Maki stated, that Davis was a communist.

In his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, Obama cites “Frank” as someone who gave him advice on various matters, including race, American values, and college, and read poems to him during his high-school years in Hawaii. One of Davis’s poems was a tribute to the Soviet Red Army. Another mocked the work of Christian missionaries.

New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon was the first to alert people to the fact that “Frank” was identified as Frank Marshall Davis, a controversial black writer and poet, by Gerald Horne, a writer for a CPUSA publication. Davis’s influence over Obama could help explain why the candidate associated with communists, socialists and anti-American figures through college and his political life in Chicago . . . read more

The Frank Marshall Davis Network in Hawaii

AP Lies About Obama’s Red Mentor!


Or this? Judicial Watch Files Senate, FEC Complaints against Barack Obama over Questionable Mortgage Loan

Or this? Obama's new liberal political action committee, Matthew 25, attacks Focus on the Family's base

Or this? Ego out of control? - Obama camp plasters posters at Western Wall Advertises Democrat candidate's web site, official slogan at Judaism's holiest site

Or this? - Obama: Healthcare for Illegals

Or this?

Terrorists' assignment: Protect Barack Obama
'Maybe the Israelis will try something,' hints militant bodyguard

Members of the most active West Bank terror organization are set to serve in security forces being deployed to protect Senator Barack Obama during his trip to the West Bank tomorrow, WND has learned.

Obama is due to visit Israeli officials in Jerusalem and leaders of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank city of Ramallah as part of a wider Middle Eastern and European tour that includes Jordan, France and Germany.

According to security officials coordinating deployments of forces with the PA for Obama's Ramallah visit, members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah's declared military wing, have been called upon by the PA to participate in the protection of Obama, particularly in securing the perimeter during a scheduled meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas . . . read more


Or this?

Source: WND

As part of a month-long aircraft makeover, a painted American flag was removed from the tail of Senator Barack Obama's official campaign airplane and was replaced with the presidential candidate's trademark "O" symbol.

The refurbished 757 was unveiled to members of the press today, 41 of whom boarded the craft and took off to meet Obama in Amman, Jordan, where the presidential candidate will stop as part of a Middle Eastern and European tour . . . read more

Or this? - Obama lectured military in Muslim influenced Chicago community on 9/19/01

Or this? - On the job learning? Obama Shows He Doesn't Understand Role of Joint Chiefs

Or this? - Obama tries to buy the NASCAR vote

Or this?

Obama denied protection for infants of botched abortions

"He voted against it. He was the sole senator speaking against it on the [Illinois] senate floor [for] two years. And the third year, he held the bill from being considered altogether in committee and killed the bill," Stanek contends.
She says Obama's explanation for opposing the Illinois bill does not pass the straight-face test because, as a committee chairman, he blocked the measure's sponsor from adding the federal language protecting Roe vs. Wade. That federal provision says the bill does not deny or add rights to the species Homo sapiens before birth.
Stanek fought to stop "live-birth abortion" after holding a live aborted baby at a Chicago-area hospital where she worked as a registered nurse.
"Barack Obama is now saying that, had that provision been in the Illinois bill he would have voted for it, which is absolutely false – because in 2003, the senate sponsor tried to add that provision and Barack Obama, as the chairman of the committee where the bill was being held, disallowed him from adding that provision, disallowed me from testifying, disallowed the committee from even voting on it. So, it sat in committee for 22 months," Stanek explains.
She reveals it was not until Obama left the Illinois Senate that the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act passed in August of 2005
. . . read more

Obama: "Premature Babies Aren't People"

Obama’s abortion lies


Or this?

'Gay' man sues Bible publishers

As reports surface that deadly HIV-AIDS is on increase among young gays, black gay man asks for $70 million for emotional distress because homosexuality cast as sin

A homosexual man, who has a blog on Sen. Barack Obama's campaign web site, is suing two major Christian publishers for violating his constitutional rights and causing emotional pain, because the Bible versions they publish refer to homosexuality as a sin . . . read more


Or this?

Obama's answer to immigration: "Teach your children Spanish!"

(If music playing, turn off at homepage.)

Obama tells parents in this video to teach their children Spanish. This is as many illegal immigrants refuse to speak English, some classrooms now filled with them causing huge budget shortfalls pulled from too many American school system . - July


Or this? - Obama, Like Dodd and Conrad, Got Cheap Home Loan

Or this? - Communist Party Backs Obama

Or this?

"Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman . . . and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him."

- Why Does Obama Carry a Hindu Monkey God Charm? -


Or this? - SF Pagan Witch Backs Obama’s Poverty Bill

Or this? - Media Excuse Obama’s False Advertising

Or this?

Obama voted for the equal pay litigation bill in April. McCain was campaigning that day and did not vote. But he has expressed opposition to the legislation, fearing it would open the door to too much litigation.

On average, women working in Obama's Senate office were paid at least $6,000 below the average man working for the Illinois senator. That's according to data calculated from the Report of the Secretary of the Senate, which covered the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 2007. Of the five people in Obama's Senate office who were paid $100,000 or more on an annual basis, only one -- Obama's administrative manager -- was a woman . . . read more


Or this?

"Every Tuesday night Keith is up there as the face of NBC News. That’s a problem....[Tim] Russert has spent 20 years building credibility. All of a sudden he’s taking questions from Keith Olbermann, the Daily Kos blogger? . . . What’s it going to be like in the general election now that everyone knows we’re the in-house network of Barack Obama?"

- A "high level source inside MSNBC," as quoted in a June 3 posting by Steve Krakauer to the TVNewser blog . . . Source MRC


Or this?

Last July, Obama said "more young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities." Actually, more than twice as many black men 18-24 are in college as there are in jail. Last September he said, "We have a system that locks away too many young, first-time, nonviolent offenders for the better part of their lives." But Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute, writing in the institute's City Journal, notes that from 1999 to 2004, violent offenders accounted for all of the increase in the prison population. Furthermore, Mac Donald cites data indicating that:

"In the overwhelming majority of cases, prison remains a lifetime achievement award for persistence in criminal offending. Absent recidivism or a violent crime, the criminal-justice system will do everything it can to keep you out of the state or federal slammer." . . . read more


. . . And then, oh my, there's
Web site that is openly run by a group concerned about Obama's background, his voting record, the people he has chosen to hang around, and the bringing of that agenda to the office of the president of the United States.   The group identifies itself as conservative, which is obvious since on the other side of this mountain is and other groups supported by people such as George Soros, who want Obama's socialist agenda for control of America's society.


But one thing is perfectly clear. Obama reaches out to the fringe of mainstream America . . . where he seems to be the most comfortable - Webmaster

. . . from religious figures to even rock groups!

A hip rock band that features the Soviet National Anthem was on stage to open for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama at his record-breaking Portland, Ore., rally which had attracted part of the 75,000 in attendance.

The Decemberists, a Portland-based group with a large local following and classified as Indie Rock (Independent Rock), its origin said to have evolved from Punk bands, also closed the May 18 event. The Decemberists typically begin their concerts with a Russian-language recording of the USSR's national anthem . . . read more

Obama Unlikely to Support New Oil Drilling in U.S.

Obama - Traditional Black Churches Homophobic?

Obama's military claims inconsistent with records

The Obama May spin - "I just saw General Petraeus when he was testifying in Washington."

Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama
Amazing - Blog allowed on Obama's Official Web site - see for yourself - July 1, 2008
Socialism rears up its ugly head in the 2008 campaign for president of the United States.

Michelle Obama, campaigning for her husband, is quoted as saying "some will have to give up some of the pie so others will have more."

The comment was made in a 2008 tax environment in America where 10% of the people NOW pay 70% of the tax while over 40% of the bottom pay nothing.

(If music playing, turn off on homepage.)

Here we go again - Reagan's would-be assassin aided by top Obama adviser

Report: Obama mentored in early years by Communist Party figure

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, whose Roman Catholic archdiocese covers northeast Kansas, on May 9 called on Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to stop taking Communion until she disowns her support for the "serious moral evil" of abortion. That put the church in conflict with a rising star of the Democratic Party, often described as a "moderate" and perhaps the leading prospect to become Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate . . . read more

How bad did it have to get? - Obama quits Chicago church after long controversy

Magazine's reinforcement of anti-American rhetoric casts doubt on senator's insistence he was not aware

Obama, Farrakhan share
cover of Wright's monthly;

Sen. Barack Obama's face several times graced the cover of an anti-American magazine run by his longtime pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., appearing on one issue alongside Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan.

Issues of Wright's Trumpet magazine reportedly have suggested America was guilty of genocide in Africa, decried the Fourth of July as the "national holiday of the dominant culture," referred to America as a "diaspora" for blacks, repudiated American patriotism and entertained suggestions the Bush administration knew about the 9-11 attacks before they were carried out.

"It seems inconceivable that, in 20 years, Obama would never have picked up a copy of Trumpet," writes Stanley Kurtz in a lengthy Weekly Standard expose of Wright's magazine. "Obama himself graced the cover. ... There can be no mistaking it. What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Everything. Always." . . . read more

Christians copy Christ killers, says Obama pastor's magazine

'George Bush, unwitting prophets of Baal distort true practice of Gospel of Jesus'

In the Trumpet magazine, "White Christians are 'make pretend' believers and conservative Christians emulate the people who killed Jesus, according to articles in a controversial magazine run by Senator Barack Obama's longtime pastor that paint traditional Christianity as false and racist" . . . read more



Temple Mount only belongs to Muslims . . .
and don't you forget it, infidels!

"Jerusalem and the Temple Mount belong to the Muslims and any Israeli action that 'offends' the Mount will be answered by 1.5 billion Muslims," declared the chief of staff for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

In a fit of arrogance, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was reported to say, over the potential of Jews building a bridge, "Temple Mount belongs to Muslims!" . . . Muslims stealing the historic location from the rest of the people of the world as belonging only to their religion . . . read more

And then there is, again, the Obama factor . . .

A special tribute came from Khalidi's friend and frequent dinner companion, the young state Senator Barack Obama. Speaking to the crowd, Obama reminisced about meals prepared by Khalidi's wife, Mona, and conversations that had challenged his thinking.

His many talks with the Khalidis, Obama said, had been "consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases. . . . It's for that reason that I'm hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation -- a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid's dinner table," but around "this entire world."

And yet the warm embrace Obama gave to Khalidi, and words like those at the professor's going-away party, have left some Palestinian American leaders believing that Obama is more receptive to their viewpoint than he is willing to say.

Their belief is not drawn from Obama's speeches or campaign literature, but from comments that some say Obama made in private and from his association with the Palestinian American community in his hometown of Chicago, including his presence at events where anger at Israeli and U.S. Middle East policy was freely expressed.

At Khalidi's 2003 farewell party, for example, a young Palestinian American recited a poem accusing the Israeli government of terrorism in its treatment of Palestinians and sharply criticizing U.S. support of Israel. If Palestinians cannot secure their own land, she said, "then you will never see a day of peace." . . . read more

Rashid Khalidi is an internationally known scholar, critic of Israel, and advocate for Palestinian rights



"Another politically charged piece published in the June 10, 2007 bulletin, as previously reported by The Washington Times and CNN, was written by a person who is not a member of the church.

The piece was an open letter by Ali Baghdadi to TV talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, who was planning a trip to Israel. Baghdadi is editor of the Arab Journal and who, according to the bulletin, acted as a Middle East advisor to Elijah Muhammad, and later with Louis Farrakhan, both with the Nation of Islam.

In this letter to Winfrey, Baghdadi wrote:

'I must tell you that Israel was the closest ally to the White Supremacists of South Africa. In fact, South Africa allowed Israel to test its nuclear weapons in the ocean off South Africa. The Israelis were given a blank check: They could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. Both worked on an ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs.' . . . read more

Uh-oh, here we go again!

Meet Obama's new pastor, Otis Moss, compares Wright to Jesus, backs up predecessor on AIDS, drugs.

Obama's new pastor quotes 'F--- AmeriKKKa' rap song . . .
Wright's replacement cites lyrics saying U.S. 'still with the triple K'

Barack Potato Obama?

CNN, on a May 27th evening news show, let it slide as simply Obama didn't get enough sleep - a non-story. It is as if to CNN the man isn't running for any important office where he would have to get his facts as clear as possible before opening his mouth - Webmaster

Obama is wrong; why big government cannot be trusted!


Obama and the Cross

Source: DrudgeReport

Obama & The Cross

"I have been telling Brody File readers for months that if Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee he will make a pitch to win over independent/moderate Evangelicals. Well, we now have evidence." . . . read more

Think the Media isn't involved in this, seeing Obama walking on water? Then maybe you don't remember the following story that ran across the country about a real Minister:

Remember when Mike Huckabee had to defend his ‘Merry Christmas’ Ad, with the imagery of a cross formed by a light shining on a bookcase as incidental - while the same media six months later now bows down and worships Obama as he places on actual cross in his brochure. "I get a thrill going up my leg," said Chris (unbiased) Matthews.

"There's no media bias. Just ask Dan Rather or Media Matters. They won't know what you're talking about." - Webmaster

'Smash on, victory-eating Red Army'

Obama Campaign Gives Up On Finding "Mr. Wright."

Bill Moyers just loves Rev. Wright - so what else is new?

Why is Obama distorting Rev. Wright's background?

Obama aide says, "Oh, I didn't mean to blaspheme Jesus"
Compliments, if you want to call it that, of Google Author's series.
Google Author Series for the "Do No Evil" company

Author says to Google employees when showing the above video, "People are a little sensitive but I can't understand why," while Google employees laugh.

(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

Obama and the Drive for Slavery Reparations

Obama Compares Pro-Life Republican . . . with Domestic Terrorist!

Obama Woos Gun-Toting God Nuts


Does Obama Make You Dizzy?
Source: ThePeoplesCube


The ad draws a parallel between Obama’s weakness on gang violence and the war on terror,” said Brown. Brown is the former head of Citizens United, which claims to be the largest political action group for conservatives in the United States.

As an Illinois Senator, Obama was reported to have voted to allow a child that survived an abortion to simply be allowed to lay there and die. Giving the child any assistance would have been against this proposed Nazi like legislation. Yet Obama would not give the death penalty to Black Chicago gang members, ones who were convicted of viscous crimes against humanity.

If Obama can't deal with violent African-American gang members, he certainly will not be able to deal with world terrorists if he would ever become president of the United States. It doesn't matter what he says. It's what he has done with his actions as Senator and it is simply frightening for a man whose tongue proclaims he is a Christian! Watch the list of murders of innocent Chicago citizens. Then visit for another perspective on this far-left radical Democrat candidate who says he is for change. Of course, that proclamation was at the heart of the rise of Adolf Hitler and by the attacks on 9/11 by Osama Bin Laden. - Webmaster

(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

The Michelle Factor


Obama's top adviser compares Muslim terrorists to born-again 'radicals' in Oregon - Mar.

"The new Jimmy Carter" by Bruce Walker. is just one article in this issue.

Obama camp 'flattered' by Hamas compliment
Terror group compared senator to JFK in its endorsement of him for president

Obama by definition: A True Elitist

"Barack Obama, who has not yet been able to escape the stain of Pastor Jeremiah Wright, is going to have a difficult time escaping the label of 'elitist' as his April 6 comments at a San Francisco fundraiser continue to be exposed. For the record, here is the quote that is being discussed:

"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Here's the context. A person in the audience, who was going to travel to Pennsylvania to help the Obama campaign, asked Obama what 'kinds of questions' should they expect to get. Obama interpreted the questioner as asking how could a person from San Francisco be prepared for the kind of people they might meet in Pennsylvania.

Full audio of Obama's speech to the super wealth of San Francisco, mocking the everyday American (Response to the question begins at 32:20; the quote above begins at 35:20)

Obama's response, which includes the quote above (about four minutes)

Democrat introducing Obama (3/18/08) in Philadelphia to explain Obama's twenty-year relationship with minister's hateful statements, compares Obama to great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

As Network Television continues blackout to viewers of Reverend Wright's 9/11 Rant, only ABC covers him night before speech

Obama's March 18th Philadelphia Speech

Now a hypocrite, too?

Obama had demanded Lott's resignation! - Mar.
Illinois senator just couldn't 'forgive' his embrace of segregationist colleague.

Why the Obama's don't advertise their standard of living

Oh, my just from March 2008!

Obama's pastor 'crucified' just like Jesus by Romans - Mar.

2nd Obama-linked pastor under fire for racist talk Minister called U.S. mayors 'slave masters,' blacks who protect white men 'house n**gers' - Mar.

Obama: FOX irresponsible distracting public from drive-by media's Goose step - Mar.

When Things get Tough, Throws Grandma Under the Bus - Mar.

Obama published his response to attending Wright's church for 20 years on the far-left hate site, Huffington Post. Obama's reaching out to this specific site, one that doesn't think much different than his former pastor, is at best very disturbing.

What do you think would have happened if a white American had run for president and it was discovered his pastor of 20 years had been a supporter of white separatism? You know that every damn drive-by media outlet would have carried it 24/7 until the candidate was forced to resign his candidacy, even though he had given the same response as Obama in his letter on the Huffington Post.

Sorry, seeing Obama not wanting to wear a flag pin or hold his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem had not made any sense until today . . . it now making perfect sense understanding the environment he had chosen to be in for the last two decades. You are what you eat! . . . read more

Wright: 'U.S. of KKKA' knew about Pearl Harbor.
Preacher tells black-on-black criminals they're fighting wrong enemy in video . . .
read more

Candidate's role model claims America made AIDS to wipe out blacks . . . read more


Illinois State Archives Letter Now Raises Questions about Obama’s Records Claim

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that forced the release of Hillary Clinton’s daily White House schedule on March 20, announced today that the preliminary results of an investigation into Senator Barack Obama’s record as an Illinois State Senator show that his statements about the maintenance of his files are suspect.  Judicial Watch’s investigation included the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request with the Illinois State Archives to obtain his records and papers.  Judicial Watch is seeking:  “Any and all public documents…resulting from Illinois State Senator Barack Obama’s years in the office (1997-2004) that the ISA [has] in its possession.”  Judicial Watch filed its open records request on February 7, 2008, after public statements made by Obama regarding his Illinois State Senate records.

During a campaign stop last fall, Obama at first claimed he did not have any records of his eight years in the Illinois state legislature.  “I don't have — I don't maintain — a file of eight years of work in the state Senate because I didn't have the resources available to maintain those kinds of records.” 

When questioned about the records by Meet the Press host Tim Russert on November 11, 2007, Obama said:  “Well, let’s be clear.  In the state Senate, every single piece of information, every document related to state government was kept by the state of Illinois and has been disclosed and is available and has been gone through with a fine-toothed comb by news outlets in Illinois…every document related to my interactions with government is available right now.” . . . read more


Obama said he didn't know, but an eyewitness in church says he did!

Freelance reporter Says "Obama Was There" when Wright spun out with his comments.

Obama even went on Foxnews and did an interview with Major Garrett. Obama, in my opinion, was terrible and Garrett was on his game. You can read and view the interview here. Fox's Garrett pinned Obama down and left little credibility in Obama's denials.

Obama acknowledged that he frequently donated to the church, was a regular attendee and that Wright married Barack and Michelle and baptized Obama's children (Wright also blessed his house). Obama's main defense is that Wright is retiring and it's no longer an issue. And he was careful to leave himself some "wiggle room" on what he actually knew about Wright's beliefs:

Garrett: So quick yes or no, if you had heard [the outrageous statements] in person you would have quit [the church].

Obama: If I had heard them repeated, I would've quit.

Note the use of the word "repeated," because we already have NewsMax reporting that one if its freelance writers was in attendance at the church last July with Obama when Pastor Wright continued his anti-American, racial diatribe. Obama didn't raise an objection:

In his sermon that day, Wright tore into America, referring to the “United States of White America” and lacing his sermon with expletives as Obama listened. Hearing Wright’s attacks on his own country, Obama had the opportunity to walk out, but [NewsMax's reporter] said the senator sat in his pew and nodded in agreement.

More on Barack and the pastor from NewsMax archives here -- a story from last summer. You can also read a year-old Rolling Stone article originally entitled "The Racial Roots of Barack Obama" (renamed since) that details much of Wright's controversial style.

ABC news' Jake Tapper questions Obama's "I wasn't there" defense. Tapper cites a New York Times article from March 2007 in which the Obama campaign disinvited Wright from giving an invocation because of the campaign's concerns about Wright's statements. The NYT quotes Wright as saying that Obama personally explained the disinvite this way: “You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.” . . . read more


Obama Web site suddenly yanks 'Black Panthers' plug - Mar.
'It's part of the game,' says the anti-white, anti-Jew leader

. . . but then it appears again! - Mar 31

Racists had endorsed Obama on candidate's web site . . .

New Black Panther Party condemns 'white men,' Jews, praises candidate

The NBPP's deceased chairman, Khallid Abdul Muhammad, a former Nation of Islam leader who was once considered Louis Farrakhan's most trusted adviser, gave speeches referring to the "white man" as the "devil" and claiming that "there is a little bit of Hitler in all white people."

In a 1993 speech condemned by the U.S. Congress and Senate, Muhammad, lionized on the NBPP site, referred to Jews as "bloodsuckers," labeled the pope a "no-good cracker" and advocated the murder of white South Africans who would not leave the nation subsequent to a 24-hour warning.

All NBPP members must memorize the group's rules, such as that no party member "can have a weapon in his possession while drunk or loaded off narcotics or weed," and no member "will commit any crimes against other party members or black people at all."

The NBPP endorses Obama on its own page of the presidential candidate's official site that allows registered users to post their own blogs.

The group labels itself on Obama's site as representing "Freedom, Justice, and Peace for all of Mankind." It links to the official NBPP web site, which contains what can be arguably regarded as hate material.

The NBPP racked up 396 Obama campaign points, which purportedly are points given to users who raise funds, sign up other supporters or score high user ratings.

While it appears anyone can initially sign up as a registered supporter on Obama's site, it isn't clear whether the campaign monitors the site or approves users. There is a link on each blog page for users to report any abusers, such as those who post controversial entries, to the administrator.

Obama's campaign did not return repeated phone calls seeking comment Monday and today . . . read more

(Obama has said his Web site does not support bloggers like the NBPP, but NBPP president says of comment, "It's just politics." *)

* When guest on Fox News, March 19, 2008

Black summit pastors defend Obama preacher - Mar.
'If he is guilty ... this former U.S. Marine is guilty of loving the United States enough to tell the truth'

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto

The revelation follows a recent WND article quoting Israeli security officials who expressed "concern" about Robert Malley, an adviser to Obama who has advocated negotiations with Hamas and providing international assistance to the terrorist group.

In his July 22, 2007, church newsletter, Wright reprinted an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, identified in the publication as a "deputy of the political bureau of Hamas." A photo image of the piece was captured and posted today by the business blog BizzyBlog, which first brought attention to it. The Hamas article was first published by the Los Angeles Times, garnering the newspaper much criticism.

According to senior Israeli security officials, Marzook, who resides in Syria alongside Hamas chieftain Khaled Meshaal, is considered the "brains" behind Hamas, designing much of the terror group's policies and ideology. Israel possesses what it says is a large volume of specific evidence that Marzook has been directly involved in calling for or planning scores of Hamas terrorist offensives, including deadly suicide bombings. He was also accused of attempting to set up a Hamas network in the U.S.

Marzook's original piece was titled, "Hamas' stand" but was re-titled "A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle" by Obama's church newsletter. The newsletter also referred to Hamas as the "Islamic Resistance Movement," and added in its introduction that Marzook was addressing Hamas' goals for "all of Palestine." . . . read more


Obama's Pastor Slurs Italians

The question has to be, "Why did Obama tolerate the continuous hate rhetoric year after year after year if he didn't agree with it? He tolerated it because he obviously didn't see anything wrong with it - duh! . . . that is until the ideology he was being taught in church started to derail his running for president. Sounds like an everyday politician to me, not one that is supposed to walk on water." - Webmaster

"(Jesus') enemies had their opinion about Him," Wright wrote in a eulogy of the late scholar Asa Hilliard in the November/December 2007 issue. "The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans."

Wright continued, "From the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth (in a barn in a township that was under the Apartheid Roman government that said his daddy had to be in), up to and including the circumstances surrounding Jesus' death on a cross, a Roman cross, public lynching Italian style. ...

"He refused to be defined by others and Dr. Asa Hilliard also refused to be defined by others. The government runs everything from the White House to the schoolhouse, from the Capitol to the Klan, white supremacy is clearly in charge, but Asa, like Jesus, refused to be defined by an oppressive government because Asa got his identity from an Omnipotent God."

Every issue of the magazine published last year included Wright's column, "The Message," in which he covered a range of subjects, including his views on other African-American churches as expressed in his April 2007 commentary "Facing the Rising Sun."

"In a world that is controlled by white supremacy, in a country that is on its way to hell in a hand basket because of lying politicians, in a culture that still thinks 'white is right' and with young people who do not have a clue as to our story, our history, our legacy or our destiny, we still have African-American Christians who are more concerned about 'bling bling' than about freeing our minds," Wright wrote . . . read more


The blog prominently displays the July 11 cover of the German magazine Der Spiegel, which has a photo of Obama under the title, "The Messiah Factor, Barack Obama and the Yearning for a New America."
Source: Obamamessiah
Obama . . . the Messiah?

Obama's Alleged Christianity": Reaction

Obama's Earmarks: $1 Million for Wife's Hospital - Mar.

PhD / African-American minister calls Obama "pimp," angry of his trashing Clinton - Mar.

"A black man with a white mother became a savior to us. A black man with a white mother could turn out to be one who can lift America from her fall," former Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said Sunday.
Source: Breitbart
‘Hope of the Entire World’: Farrakhan Sings Obama’s Praises
Retired Air Force Gen. Scott Gration, who accompanied Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on his trip to Kenya in 2006, on Monday defended Obama’s trying on local garb over his clothes during a visit to the rural Wajir region in the country, a picture of which is at the top right now of the Drudge Report.
Source: Drudgereport
Is Hillary now . . . Obama's Mama?


The Top Nine "Changes" Barack Obama Would Make as President

By John Hawkins, March 7, 2008

"All change is not growth; as all movement is not forward." - Ellen Glasgow

As people who have followed Barack Obama closely over the last few months have long since realized, there has been very little substance to the man's campaign besides his determination to lose -- oops, I mean "end" -- the war in Iraq.

If you boil Obama's appeal down to its essential core, most of his supporters seem to like him because he's a relatively young, charismatic, black man who talks a lot about "change," "unity," and the "audacity of hope."

But, what does that tell you about how Obama would behave if he gets into office? Very, very little. After all, pretty much anybody, from Napoleon, to Fidel Castro, to Mickey Mouse could run on a platform of "hope," "change," and "unity" because it's so broad and meaningless.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Barack doesn't have an agenda. He most certainly does have one, but it's just an agenda that he tries to avoid talking about because the better Americans get to know him, the less appealing he's going to be.

So, with that in mind, let me take you through a short tour of some of Barack Obama's radical beliefs. In all fairness, I should note that he has flip-flopped on some of these issues after his Barney the Dinosaur style "I Love You, You Love Me" campaign for the presidency got into full swing. But, experience has taught us that you can put a lot more stock into what a politician says before he starts trying to desperately convince middle America to vote him into the White House, than after.

1.) Weakening America's Military:

Barack Obama has pledged, among other things, to make defense cuts during war time, to cut spending on national missile defense, that he won't weaponize space, to slow development of future combat systems, and to seek a "world without nuclear weapons." Is this a man who can be trusted as Commander-In-Chief?

2.) Losing the War in Iraq:

Obama is promising to throw away the hard earned gains our troops have made in Iraq by immediately removing combat brigades each month, regardless of the situation on the ground, and by having all of our "combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months."

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff publicly warned Barack and, for that matter, Hillary that they could create a "chaotic situation" with their policy that could take the "gains we have achieved and struggled to achieve and turn them around overnight." Come on, Admiral, don't you know that Obama isn't going to listen to what the military has to say about a war when there's an election to be won?

3.) Gay Marriage:

As president, he says, "I will place the weight of my administration behind the enactment of the Matthew Shepard Act to outlaw hate crimes and a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity."
Obama Pride Logo

Although Barack Obama claims to oppose gay marriage, in 2004 he said that he opposed the Defense of Marriage Act, which is the only thing keeping the courts from imposing gay marriage on the whole country. If you want to see gay marriage become the law of the land in your state, no matter what the voters think, vote for Obama.


Obama lobbies 'gays' for edge over Hillary Letter to 'LGBT community' affirms he'd dump Defense of Marriage Act. He also would enact a Hate Crimes Bill via Matthew Sheperd's killing nine years ago. - Webmaster

"But Obama, what about your love for Jesse Dirkhising and Jeffrey Curley? Are they now dirty little dead boys in your eyes, victims of love?"

4.) Pro-Partial Birth Abortion:

"No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." - Winston Churchill

(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

It's never a surprise to find a Democrat who's a big fan of abortion, but Obama goes above and beyond the call of duty. He had a perfect rating of 100% from NARAL in 2005, 2006, and 2007, opposes "notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions," and he even opposed banning partial birth abortions. If you want to see as many women as humanly possible in this country putting their own children to death via abortion, vote Obama.

5.) Legalizing Marijuana:

Obama, a former (we hope) druggie, who has admitted to using marijuana and cocaine, has said that he favors "decriminalizing marijuana." Perhaps you can't blame him for wanting to make it easier for people to get drugs since, after all, he used them and look how he turned out. If Barack gets into the White House, one day mothers all over America can tell their children that they'll never be anything in life if they use hard drugs and those children can reply, "Well, at least I can be President!"

6.) Handing 845 billion dollars of your money to other nations:

Obama's Global Poverty Act would commit the United States to spending, over the next 13 years, 845 billion dollars more than what we already do on global poverty. Obama followed that up with a release that said in part, "It must be a priority of American foreign policy to commit to eliminating extreme poverty..." If Obama actually believes that not only is the United States capable of "eliminating extreme poverty," but that we should actually make that utopian dream a "priority," then he's far too naive to be in the White House.

7.) If you think George Bush is a big spender, you haven't met Obama:

Even though the United States is already running a deficit, Obama is planning to push a whole host of new big government programs including a "10-year, $150 billion program to establish a green energy sector," a "$60 billion National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank," and a "nearly universal health care plan (whose annual price tag he low-balls at $50 to $65 billion)." If you're all for tax and spend liberalism and watching the deficit spiral even further out of control, there's no one you should want in the White House more than Obama.

8.) Amnesty and your tax dollars for illegal aliens:

Believe it or not, John McCain, the Republican who is most closely associated with catering to illegal aliens, is actually well to Barack Obama's right on the issue.

Obama favors drivers licenses for illegals, wants to give illegals welfare and Medicaid, wants to let them participate in Social Security, opposes making English our national language, and he favors a comprehensive approach to illegal immigration, AKA amnesty, that even John McCain now claims to oppose.

9.) Gun Control:

Obama is a perfect example of the stereotypical, liberal gun grabber. Obama has pledged to "Ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons," has "opined unequivocally that D.C.'s ban was 'constitutional'," and in 1996, Obama, in a survey, "supported banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns." If you're an opponent of the 2nd Amendment, who believes law abiding citizens shouldn't be allowed to defend themselves, Obama is your man.


John Hawkins is a professional blogger who runs Conservative Grapevine and Right Wing News.

Copyright © 2006 Salem Web Network. All Rights Reserved.


By another other name . . .
No, we didn't make this up about his followers . . .
. . . from Obama's Web page. - Webmaster


Planned Parenthood Web Site Promotes Porn to Teens

"Why aren't we discussing this in the 2008 Presidential elections with Obama?" - Webmaster

Obama's speech for support of Parenthood, Socialize Medicine, removal of conservative supreme court, and applauds Maggie Sanger and writings of Ruth Bater Ginsberg.
Source: YouTube posted by
(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

Here is Obama's July 17, 2007, speech that gives his rock-solid support to Planned Parenthood while he also demands the implementation of Socialize Medicine, the removal of the conservative supreme court, and openly applauds Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, along with the writings of Ruth Bater Ginsburg (.pdf.)

Obama's glorification of Ginsburg is very disturbing, this Supreme Court Justice and former ACLU executive is the one who demanded extreme socialized changes for America such as the combination of the Boys and Girl Scouts into one organization while wanting the reduction for consent to sex for children down to 12-years old.

This reflects Ginsburg liberal agenda to demand America emulates Europe's Progressive Justice System. She is a very radical, far-left secular Jew who has pushed her singular beliefs upon the American people through her close activity in the ACLU and its active support in continuing to sue Christian values in America where ever and when ever it can.

Obama's speech sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

But history has brought us here before. Hitler was seen as if a God by the German people, Adolf receiving 96% of the vote in 1932 with his telling the people they would be under a socialized government for the benefit of all and the Fatherland. Fifteen years later six-million German Jews would be dead and German cities in rubble.

So will America go with Obama just as it has tried to do with the vile Al Gore and his global warming hysteria, followers threatening the careers and the lives of those that dare to disagree, some followers with Communist ties, many of his leaders saying "The debate is over."

In America, the debate is never over! If it is, then so is our freedom as an independent people. If this is the year of change, what exactly is that change and at what cost to the independence of the American people and the promise of their Constitution.

Americans could be looking at the end of everything they had known as good, the famous American way of life neutralized by arrogant liberal socialists who have sacrificed little for the security of this country, too many the children of arrogant boomer brats., the Planned Parenthood Web site that says it was created "to provide medically accurate sexual health information for teens on the Internet," is advising teens that viewing pornography is a normal and "safer" way of enjoying sex.

In a 2007 article, "Birth Control Choices for Teens," the writer for the Planned Parenthood site tells readers about "Outercourse."

Under the subtitle, "lower-risk forms of outercourse," in addition to kissing, masturbation, erotic massage and body rubbing, or frottage, is "fantasy."

"Many couples can read or watch sexy stories or pictures together," the article states. "They can also share or act out sex fantasies. People do it in person, on the phone, surfing the Internet or through e-mail instant messaging."

Another advice piece, "Porn vs. Reality," warns that federal law makes it illegal for anyone under 18 to view pornography; "however, not everyone follows the rules, and you may run across some porn before you turn 18.

There are a few things you should know about the images you might see. First of all, many people enjoy pornography alone or with a partner as part of sex play. People have different ideas of what is arousing, and there are many different kinds of porn that appeal to people's different interests."

On the Web site's "Ask the Experts" page, young readers pose questions about pornography.

"Dear Experts," one young reader wrote, "I look at porno sites but I got all A's for my subjects. People say looking at those sites affects your school work, but since I think I'm not affected, should I stop it? If I should, how?"

The answer given by experts includes the advice that "many people enjoy using pornography as a part of their sex play -- alone or with a partner." And "there is no correlation between using pornography and getting bad grades in school."

The experts also told a young male viewer of pornography that masturbating while looking at pornography was not cheating on his girlfriend.

Repeated requests for interviews with Planned Parenthood and staff by CNS were not answered. . . . read more

Margaret Sanger: old-skool eugenicist, Obama’s hero

Obama reported to have raised funds for Islamic causes

Ali Abunimah, a Chicago-based Palestinian-American activist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian online publication, recalls introducing Obama at one such event, a 1999 fundraiser for the Deheisha Palestinian camp in the West Bank.

Abunimah is also a harsh critic of Israel and has protested outside pro-Israel events in the Chicago area.

"I knew Barack Obama for many years as my state senator – when he used to attend events in the Palestinian community in Chicago all the time," stated Abuminah during an interview last month with Democracy Now!, a nationally syndicated radio and television political program.

"I remember personally introducing [Obama] onstage in 1999, when we had a major community fundraiser for the community center in Deheisha refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. And that's just one example of how Barack Obama used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation," Abunimah said.

Abunimah also was recently quoted saying that until a few years ago, Obama was "quite frank that the U.S. needed to be more evenhanded, that it leaned too much toward Israel." . . . read more

ABC News discovers Obama is a . . . liberal who loves raising taxes

ABC News sent Terry Moran to Springfield, the capital of Illinois, to explore Barack Obama's record as a state Senator and, deep in his Monday story on World News, Moran acknowledged a reality rarely mentioned in network campaign coverage: "Obama was . . . considered a reliable liberal Democratic vote in Illinois, voting for most gun control measures, opposing efforts to ban so-called 'partial birth abortions,' and supporting hundreds of tax increases." Moran then showed a sound bite of Republican State Senator Kirk Dillard, who declared: "Senator Obama certainly is a liberal."

Earlier in the story, without applying any liberal label, Moran trumpeted how "before he left for Washington, Obama did rack up some accomplishments -- a major overhaul of the state's death penalty system, an ethics reform bill, expanded health care for the state's children." . . . read more

A Comment About This Photo Taken During A 2007 Campaign Stop

We published this photo to our Web site several weeks ago, concerned what can happen when you're not raised as a child in America and then want to run for president later in life. Obama, shown in this photo, was originally born in Hawaii and raised in Indonesia, unlike other Americans who were raised here from birth. So is this important when running for office?

We believe it is, and here is a perfect example of why. In this photo, it's obvious Obama does not see the importance of honoring the playing of the National Anthem as do those who were raised here and went through 12 years of public schools, trained to do otherwise. It shows he is not in touch with the grassroots of America and how people feel about certain traditions that are as basic to them as eating a mother's homemade apple pie.

His words during the campaign are fine and his reaching out to everyday Americans is admirable. But for him to not understand why many Americans would not be upset with this photo says he really doesn't understand the passion that has been ingrained in tens-of-millions by their families and by those who have been their role models, serving the country in the military.

It is a serious flaw in character to not understand the very heart of the American people. - Webmaster

Demcrat candidates at a Steak Fry in Indianola, IA, during the playing of our National Anthem.

Watch Video - Allow time to download into Window's Media

(If music playing, pause on homepage.)

The above is a photo that was reported to be credited to an edition of 'Time." It shows several of the 2008 Democrat candidates at a Steak Fry by Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) on September 17, 2007, in Indianola, Iowa. The photo was said to be taken during the playing of our National Anthem, the same song as mentioned in the above story . . . read source

So what should Americans look for in the role model that is going to lead our military as president starting January 20th of 2009?

In the end, you have to decide. But here are some comments from the pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of the church Obama has attended for 20 years. The pastor's comments may explain the real reason Obama will not wear a flag pin on his jacket or put his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem, as shown above. It may prove again you really are what you eat. (Please wait for national anthem to stop playing or use audio controls at the bottom of page before clicking on the above two links.) Now Obama said he didn't know, but a freelance reporter at a service says he did.

- Picture of Che flag hanging in Obama's office sends 'disturbing' message -

The United States Flag Code

History of the Star Spangled Banner

Read how Snopes sees it, saying the others standing on the stage were wrong. But you decide from following photos.

Marion, left, 12, sings the national anthem of Honduras with other children at a Texas shelter. On behalf of President Bush and the nation, I want to thank you for helping us celebrate the lives of those we lost on September 11.
Marion, left, 12, sings the national anthem of Honduras with other children at a Texas shelter. "I thought, 'How can a parent send a child on that long journey, not knowing what's going to happen?' " said one shelter official. " There is no hope, and the only way out of that environment is to come to America." (Washington Post / Linda Davidson) - Denver Post - October 2006 Laura Bush listens to the National Anthem with Bill and Elayne Bennett, left, and Secretary of Education Rod Paige, right, during a Best Friends for Our Children Event at Bertie Backus Middle School Nov. 7, 2001 in Washington, D.C. . . . White House Press Release - November 2001

Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.
Cartoons by Michael Ramirez
From October 2007! My oh my, now he can't wear it enough, (3/09), making you feel warm and fuzzy - and that's exactly the point in Alinsky training, isn't it? - Webmaster


Obama Archived News Stories


Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama's Past

Obama's Labor Dept. Could care less about private sector . . . protect government jobs

Obama's Iftar Dinner

Michelle Obama – Who Loves Her Fudge & Ice Cream – Scolds Gold Medal Olympian Gabby Douglas On Leno

Young Obama’s Dreams of a Communist Revolution in America

Crooked Obama administration strips non-union workers of their pensions while maintaining union pensions during GM government bailout

Is Your Neighbor a Democrat? Obama Has an App for That!

After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option

DCCC apologizes to Adelson . . . but so what, Obama sharks know damage is done with the lie!

BUSTED! Team O Plants 3 “Surprised” Veterans at Out-of-the-Way Diner to Speak With Obama – Then Suddenly Obama's Team Releases . . . wait for it . . . Their Bios

DHS looking for vendors to perform ‘remote sensing’ airborne photography

Homeland Security to experiment with rescue drones inside the United States

DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as 2012 election nears

Obama creating African-American education office

President Obama Thanks 'Gay-Porn Kingpin' Democrat Fundraiser

Obama marks Ramadan

Communication powers given to DHS by Obama, the department that has said returning vets are potential terrorists

Obama Signs Executive Order for More Control of Communications in Times of Emergency

Hollywood knows how to pick them, Obama's buddy and Voice over for Speedy Conzales cartoons throws swear words at Arizona Sheriff

36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes

Chevy Volt Makes NO Money, Costs Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Car

Obama’s Mentor Frank Marshall Davis Exposed

Obama's accomplishments. Hey, where are the 100 Golf games in less than four years? Where is the greatest debt in U.S. History? Where is forcing Americans to pay for something they didn't buy?

While Obama, America's Campaigner in Chief, told a sick woman on his June 2012 campaign bus tour she would be in his "thoughts," look what George Bush was quietly doing with virtually no media coverage.

Obama campaign rejects report defending Romney . . . Makes up its own facts

Napolitano: A Vast New Federal Power

Sowell: Judicial Betrayal

Justice Kennedy: ‘In Our View, The Entire Act Before Us Is Invalid In Its Entirety’

U.S. manufacturing shrinks for first time in 3 years

8,733,461: Workers on Federal 'Disability' Exceed Population of New York City

Airbus to Build Planes in Alabama, Challenging Boeing

Ford China to Build US $760 Million Assembly Plant in Shanghai; Doubles China Passenger Car Capacity to 1.2 Million Units Annually

GM's CEO reported in 2011 that 7 out of 10 Chevy vehicles are built outside the United States

Tarkenton blows whistle on Obama

Obama’s Peace Partners Attack Kabul Hotel the Day After Killing 3 U.S. Troops

First Obama Bypasses Congress Grants Immunity To Illegal Immigrants By Executive Order

. . . then Obama's corrupt Campaign Sends ‘Dreamers’ Fundraising Email Hours after Amnesty Announcement

Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs

Global survey shows drop in support for Barack Obama

President Obama’s Third Party Ties

Classless Obama beats dead horse, unnecessarily insults George W. Bush

Krauthammer: WH Leaking Iran Intel To NYT Is A ‘Scandal’

Obama and His Pot-Smoking ‘Choom Gang’

The 2008 Presidential candidate, who said waterboarding was tortune, now has his own finger on the bomb-release button of a drone to kill 15 terrorists along with those standing around them

Obama backs Muslim Brotherhood again

Obama Bundler’s Husband Received One Billion Plus in DoE Solar Loans

Obama Administration Pressured Contractors to Change Coal Mining Job Loss Numbers

This may ruffle your feathers! Obama and Warren Claim Cherokee Ancestry

Obama, would you have been proud to have a daughter like Eve Carson?

How do you fundamentally change a country? Obama says it's easy. "Mess with its history."

The ‘bribe’ to silence Wright

Obama meets the 1% at a Hollywood party, giving this "Christian" president millions to push a radical culture

President Obama's former doctor claims that the president lacks passion, feeling and humanity

King 5 Cameraman Assaulted By Obama's Occupy Goons Live on TV

Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos & Violence

53 Percent Of All Young College Graduates In America Are Either Unemployed Or Underemployed

Bully Obamas use school rooms and campuses for their messages

Scaring Our Children

Rep. Chaffetz: House Committee Could Cite Holder for Contempt

Obama's Occupy threatens to shut down Manhattan-bound bridges / tunnels at May Day Protests

Obama's Latest Plan to Snooker Seniors

Not even Jesus passes Obama test

Revealed By WikiLeaks: Obama Team Stole Election, Bribed Jesse Jackson And Took Russian Money In 2008

Where’s the Lib Media? Mobile Man Clings to Life After Brutal Beating By Black Mob

Obama to Redistribute American Wealth Overseas to Fight “Global Warming”

Three years into office, Obama continues to fundamentally change America . . . If you don't like your job, you can go back to unemployment

Axelrod joins the 1% - buys $1.7 million Michigan Ave condo

Did Buffett Help Obama Kill Keystone Pipeline to Reap Financial Gain?

How Obama pays for Obamacare: Taxing the sale of Homes Across America

Judicial Watch Sues DOD and CIA for Records Detailing Possible Leak of bin Laden Classified Information to Hollywood Director

Did you miss this February news story - Obama's giveaway: Oil-rich islands to Russia

Obama’s 2013 Education Budget and Blueprint: A Costly Expansion of Federal Control

National Movement Launched To Impeach Obama

Obama bundler helps convicted, alleged financial criminals secure Virgin Islands tax breaks

Class Warfare the Last Refuge of a Failed Presidency

Palestinian Official Calls for Hamas-Fatah Alliance to Destroy Israel - Hillary Sends Them Money!

Obama Sycophant to Teach 'Understanding Obama' Class at Harvard

Latest New Black Panther Call for Race War: "Kill a Cracker For Trayvon."

Surprise, surprise! Photo of Obama campaign reveals a stunning lack of blacks among the president’s own Chicago staff

More blood of African blacks on Obama's Marxist hands

Obama’s Knife in Israel’s Back

Obama's Communist Van Jones group plans spring revolt against corporations

The Obama Legacy - Stats show Americans are giving up on finding a full time job

Liberal, Just Another Word for Stupid [Not just stupid, really like zero education stupid!]

SEIU and Obamacare Waivers

Obama Becomes O'mobba

Drilling permits on federal land declining under Obama

POTUS at the top of his game! Report says Obama's direct failure to respond to three letters sent to the White House on the murder of two white British students at the hands of a black man in Florida was because there was "no political value and not worthy of a few minutes of Obama's time."

Hillary Clinton's U.S. State Department . . . wait for it . . . Won’t Say Jerusalem Is in Israel

"I can't afford expensive piano lessons," goes on yet another vacation on taxpayer dime

Obama's Marxism morphs to NLRB - Plan Would Mandate Sharing of Workers’ Email, Phone Numbers

Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe

What was going on between Obama and Russia?

Obama silent while Saudi grand mufti targets Christianity

Obama Administration Sends Shipload Of Arms to Anti-Israel Anti-American Egyptian Regime

Obama 1990 Interview: “We’re Going To Reshape Mean Spirited Selfish America …The Suburbs Bore Me”

CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs

Surprise, surprise! Former Obama Adviser Anita Dunn’s PR Firm Representing Fluke

Obama tells Palestinians to sit tight for new term - will seek Palestinian Statehood

Obama's Secretary of Defense caught in scheme to work with UN - but not Congress

As if from the movie Atlas Shrugged, with all the disgusting Congressional players in place to shut down business, Senate Democrats obey Obama and reject move to fast-track Canadian Keystone Pipeline

Don't hold your breath. Will Obama Super PAC Return Misogynist's Million-Dollar Donation?

Rezko partner says he gave Tony $400K for Obama

Guantanamo detainees get new $750,000 soccer field

New York Times reports Obama trying to silence Federal Whistle-blowers in "Fast & Furious" With Espionage Act

Keep on Spending! President Obama had Tour Buses Flown to Stump Speeches

The one Likens Himself To Gandhi And Nelson Mandela

Obama gets ready for the November 2012 election - The Rebranding of ACORN

Obama Pledges to Pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

What's wrong with Greece? It's where America is headed, dude!

The Chart Barack Obama Doesn’t Want America To Know About

There he goes again!

Obama's OWS on the march! OWS Letter to the Editor in USA Today: We Will Storm Wall Street With Guns

Obama: "I've got another five years coming up. We're going to get this done." Going to get what done, Mr. President?

Obama touts S.C. Boeing plant that his NLRB sued to shut down

Obama Proposes $800 Million in Aid for Islamic Spring Countries

Obama export adviser exports jobs

Dependency Index Surges 23% Under President Obama

Occupy Oakland Lunatics Incite 15 Year Old To Murder Adoptive Parents

Pelosi: Girl Scouts' Relationship With Planned Parenthood ‘Very Valuable’

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous!’

Winter thaw: Occupy plotting spring chaos

Obama's new tax on the poor: Internet Gambling by States

‘God’-awful OWS mob steals sacred item from church

Political Correctness: A T ool of Marxism

Obama's 1% Contributor is Winner From Obama's Keystone Denial

Even liberals have limits? Ruth Bader Ginsburg won’t give Obama SCOTUS opening this year

The War on South Carolina Continues

The Bank of (Democratic Party) America

Obama’s Red Tape Strangled The American Dream — And My Brother’s Business

Obama turned down Canada-Texas oil pipeline

Obama's former church drops social justice, wants to earn it the old fashioned way in pride of ownership

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama is a Third World, Pro-Muslim, Anti-American Radical

The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012

Obama asks Congress to Lift Debt Ceiling by "another" $1.2 Trillion

Communist Chinese correctly saw Occupy Wall Street as a Victory for Socialism


Obama Fantasy Comes True At Pentagon

Surprise, Surprise! Labor unions primary recipients of Obamacare waivers

Real Jobless Rate Is 11.4% With Realistic Labor Force Participation Rate

Maybe Obama will promise more free stuff! Have the youth given up on Obama?

Obama: I’ll Break the Laws I Sign to Keep Violating the Constitutition

Krauthammer: Eric Holder ‘one of the most incompetent attorney general in U.S. history’

Flash back on Obama appointments in 2009: Obama's Justice Department's Eric Holder: Black Panther Case Demeans “My People”

Obama-supported ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Participation To Earn Class Credit at . . . wait for it . . . Columbia University

In 2009 Obama gave taxpayer money to a Brazilian company with Soros connections to drill for oil in deeper waters than BP's failed rig. Now Obama denies Hawker-Beechcraft a large Air Force Contract in favor of Brazilian Company . . . wait for it . . . again with Soros Connections!

So where is Obama's attention after coming back to Washington from his vacation to Hawaii?

Last OWS strong hold for political correctness in 2011 fell over the Christmas holiday

GO AWAY! Michelle Obama’s Unsavory School Lunch Flop

New Documents Show Department of Justice Coordination with ACORN-Connected Project Vote

OMG! Another Obama bundler benefits from DoE loan

Obama administration intends to make the United States the global sex cop

Stunning, and all the way from Taiwan: Obama whines to Iran to give back downed U.S. drone

The New Deal Was A Failure: Hoover and FDR Prolonged the Great Depression with Big Government

LIES: Analysis of Obama’s ‘New Nationalism’ Speech

Obama's Social Justice marches on! Organizing the Takers Against the Makers

The left wakes up: "Wall Street Has Their Man And His Name Is Barack Obama."

Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

"What an exciting and humbling experience!" (Wait until you get the bill to insure your employee's health insurance!)

Georgia Company’s Breaking Point: ‘We Are Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone’

Judicial Watch - Most Of Obama’s Minority Judicial Nominees “Not Qualified”

CBO: Obama's 2009 Stimulus Hurt the Economy

Judicial Watch - Obama Administration has abruptly sealed court records on Border Patrol Agent's Murder

Candidate who called Americans "typical white people," off to the links again - 88th time since taking office

U.S. Government may be primary suppliers of Mexican Drug Cartel Guns

Obama pardons drug dealer . . . and a Chicago thief convicted of stealing $70,000 of jewels

Obama's 1990's CAC buddy, Bill Ayers, teaches Occupy group on protesting

Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands

Former SEAL stands by account of bin Laden raid, says administration out to get him

Solyndra: Energy Dept. pushed firm to keep layoffs quiet until after midterms

Labor Dept. Sells Out Union Members for Big Labor Boss 1%

Charolette Mayor Foxx and close ally of Obama - union jobs to be rewarded in 2012 DNC Convention

Obama Admin Opposes Prayer at WWII Memorial

Major MRFF Victory: USAF Academy Backs Down on Extremist Fundamentalist Charity

Hope and Change Worked! Obama: 'We Have Lost Our Ambition, Our Imagination . . .'

Obama 's Third Reich! Justice Dept. proposes lying, hiding existence of records under new FOIA rule

White House backed Biden’s rape, murder remarks that would be caused by Republicans

Consumer electronics chief: Obama regulators lack business experience - (Duh!)

Surprise, surprise! Fake signatures may mean Obama didn't actually qualify in Indiana

Occupy Wall Street. It's an ACORN Rent-A-Mob

White House Draws Closer To Occupy Wall Street, Says Obama Is Fighting For The Interests Of The 99%

A Pair Of (Nobel) Aces

This for our Blood & Treasure?! Not a Single Christian Church Left Standing in Afghanistan

Obama's Army! Longshore union fined $250,000 for sabotage; thugs threaten: “Do what we have to do”

Van Jones: 'Occupy Wall Street', Leftists Will Eclipse TEA Party in 2012

Progressive Democrat Party openly supports ACORN and ACORN openly supports Wall Street Protest

The Hill - Documents show Holder was informed of Fast and Furious operation in 2010

CBS News Reporter Says White House Screamed, Swore at Her Over Fast and Furious

Did Media Matters Collude With DOJ On Black Panther Story?

Michelle Obama's African junket wasted tax dollars and the resources of our overextended military

The Day America Died

Marxists want Obama Re-elected

Attackers Carve Star of David Into the Back of Iraqi Poet in St. Louis

Pentagon violates DOMA, allows chaplains to perform same-sex weddings - on military bases!

Hundreds of plants, animals up for new protections by Federal Fish and Wildlife Services. So who will lose their home, property, or water right to our Fascist Government?

Van Jones Threatens Progressive push in October. Who is Van Jones? Just another Obama appointee!

Ms. Sodom and Gomorrah herself gives Obama $38,500 for his campaign

C-SPAN CEO: President ‘never’ requested to air Obamacare negotiations

As Obama Promised, Administration Actively Cultivating Muslim Minorities in the European Union

Pass the Bill! $15 billion of your tax dollars proposed by Obama for Alinsky-inspired groups

Obama to his personal army (SA) of the Congressional Black Caucus: 'Put On Your Marching Shoes'

Tea Party Standing behind Gibson Guitar against Obama's SA in October 8th Rally

Obama's pet project - Ground Zero Mosque Opens for Business

Not unlike Nazi Germany with the Jews. PayPal blacklists Christian Writer!

Obama's promise of transparency continues: Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing

Obama Pressured General to Lie About Company He Invested In

Panetta: 12 more U.S. troops sent to Libya

Before - After. Which is real?

Blah, Blah, Blah

Compliments of Marxist Harvard: OMG! Another one?

Barack, this is why we called him Slick Willy. It's not about you. It's about Hillary!

Obama's street walkers are back for another handout

Restaurants, working with Obama's socialism, will tell you what your kids are going to be served

September 2011 message to Obama. Stay with your far-left liberal base and you'll be replaced!

Obama's Gift Has Stopped Giving

Obama pulling Americans down to the bottom of the pot - U.S. poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6

Government Gone Wild!

Marxists come out in the open - Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event: "Take These Son Of Bitches Out"

Obama cess pool deepens - New Fast & Furious details indicate gov’t cover-up, White House involvement

Obama's hands involved in this, too - Vicki McKenna on the Wisconsin Mobs

Underpublicized threat deep in White House - FBI: Penetration by radical agents worse than thought

Judicial Watch! "The government agency that recently spent millions on a genitalia-washing program for uncircumcised African men and condoms for Asian drug abusers has determined that Uncle Sam discriminates against a certain group of minority biomedical researchers."

Obama's [In]Justice Department Feds raid Gibson Guitar Factory over wood used. But Gibson is also a Republican Contributor. Remember what happened to Republican contributors who were car dealerships?

Obama's Labor Secretary: U.S. will ‘protect’ illegal workers

Obama's National Labor Relationship Board (NLRB) tells church school it's not religious enough

Wild Scene Erupts at Playland Amusement Park, NY. Muslims continue to push other Americans around

Ugly situation surfaces again. Is Obama foreign policy financing Muslim extermination of blacks in Tripoli?

Surprise, surprise! Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability (cough) to Write

Unions. They don't give politicians money to help America. They give politicians money to deliver!

Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels, Michelle Obama spends millions in taxpayer money on her vacations, like sand running out between her fingers - acting as if a Marxist dictator's wife

Abracadabra! 'Obama alias' vanish quickly from Web

Judicial Watch - Obama Creates "Office Of Diversity, Inclusion" to continue the spread of social engineering across all deparments of the Federal Government, pushing his radical Marxist agenda to fulfill his promise to fundamentally change America!

U.S. District Judge, appointed by Obama, decided that the administration wasn’t playing fair

Obama: ‘I Have it Tougher Than Abe Lincoln’

AFL-CIO: Labor will stand by Obama . . . of course! Where else can Marxist-like supporters go?

News like this must be boring Obama - Five headless bodies found in Acapulco

The Most Dangerous Nanny of All? - Chainsaw EPA gets ready to shread your sources of electricity

Obama's Government Motors at its best - GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs

Outgoing Obama ‘Car Czar’ Makes Yet ANOTHER Communist Reference

Union organizer suspected of shooting non-union Ohio employer

‘Open Season’: Union Removes Controversial Message Calling for ‘Torture’ of Verizon Manager

Looking for more Free Stuff

So what does Obama do amidst all the depression? He plays golf with "typical white people."

Pre-Existing Prevarication

When do you call treason, treason? 16 Countries Side with Obama's Justice Department Against Alabama

TKS to Obama's Mom, promising U.S. to homeschool son, instead signs him up as Muslim in Indonesia

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Threatens Lawsuit over Union Rules

OMG, not again! Hey BHO, so this is how you look for jobs for John Doe? Obama's 50th Birthday bash: Stevie Wonder, Chris Rock, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Herbie Hancock, Jay Z?

Why Hollywood loves radical Obama. Redford's new film is reported to be based on a 2004 novel that viewed the Bill Ayers' Weathermen as American heroes, patriots against an evil American government

As economy threatens collapse, President BHO celebrates with LAVISH 50th birthday dinner. Want a picture with Nero? You'll have to take $10,000 out of your pocket and put it into his.

United Nation's Agenda 21 Update: U.S. Family Farms next to be attacked by Obama Administration

Obama continues agenda now spending even more! - Dedicates Another $95 Mil To “Social Equity."

Obama's Nanny State protects unprotected sex - Insurers must cover birth control with no copays

Obama's ACORN Marxists are back, the one that assisted Clinton's Janet Reno to force bank CEO's to give out mortgages to the poor in 1990's that destroyed today's home values

Beck was right, while mainstream media filled with its own delusion. Tension Rises as Islamists Dominate Tahrir Square, as 10,000 fundamentalists shout, "The people want Sharia!"

Only 'theft' detours Social Security checks, social security contributions always coming into the treasury

Under Arms Export Control Act of 1976, Obama/Holder Could Face Felony Charges for Fast and Furious

Obama's Domestic Army? - Study: U.S. Marshals suited to be ‘Stability Police’ in U.S.

Marxist Van Jones left Washington? - Think again - still cozy with Pelosi and House Democrats

Obama Redefining 'Poverty'

Look who Obama has hired for his Cybersecurity Team - Ex-Clinton staffer 'lost' thousands of White House e-mails, booted by DHS for faking credentials

88-Page Portfolio on SEIU Tactics - Candidate Obama's Favorite Union

Obama caught in a massive lie about his mother and her healthcare in the U.S.

Gun-Running Timeline: How DOJ’s ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Unfolded

Canada Free Press - Obama using private e-mails to get re-elected

For all of those worried that Obama would shut down the Internet: He merely transformed the worldwide net as his most valuable re-election tool, starting with peoples’ private emails

Obama's Harvard Shows its Marxist' Underwear: Says July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing; Indoctrinates American Children [against Communism?]

Bogus Obama document bigger than Watergate

Obama's Progressives in Nazi form harass Beck's Family at Bryant Park, applaud when they leave

Blacks Hit Hardest by Obama's Liberal Agenda

Michelle Obama: 'I can't stop eating French fries. But eat your vegetables.'

The Obama File

6 Things The Progressive Media Would Say About Obama If He Were A Republican

Golf is Back! POTUS acts like the "typical white people" candidate Obama complained about. 60th outing for this arrogant President

Michelle Obama: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media"

May 2011 AP-GfK gives Obama a 60% approval after bin laden capture. Yet averaged Gallup, Rasmussen, Pew, and Reuters only show a 49% approval. GOP reports AP's report fails to pass the smell test

Judicial Watch! Obama Donors Get Top Department of Justice Jobs

As America sinks into the Abyss, the captain of the ship continues to campaign to do more damage

Congress agrees that Obama is above the law

Fewer jobs for unemployed workers

Solicitor general well represents Obama's agenda: If you don't like mandate, earn less money.

Obama's Regulatory Czar Suddenly Grows up - Had called for Gov't to Attach Lower Value to Older People.

Obama's radical agenda continues! Obama's faith adviser likens Pat Robertson to bin Laden

Judicial Watch - At least 3,700 recipients of Obama's stimulus money owe Uncle Sam more than $750 million in taxes

Former Huffington Post/ AOL far-left Blogger will head up Obama's Online Attack Team

Hear No Middle East, See No Middle East

Barack Arafat Obama out on the surprise trail

Obama's union thugs beat up Whistleblowers who accused bosses of looting

Michelle Obama invites rapper Common to a poetry reading: "Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button . . ."

Scrubbed again! Obama's hospital doctor changed. Reference to Rodney West edited out of hoaxbusting

Obama adviser and Muslim activist declared affinity for radicalism of Weather Underground Movement

“Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business."

President Obama gives his most patriotic speech, reporting Osama bin laden was killed by a special military unit of brave American soldiers. But will Obama FINALLY now distance himself and his administration from Van Jones, who on this video link the day after 9/11 celebrated the attack saying, "It's the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders."

What role model? Obama's father forced out at Harvard - Couldn't figure out how many wives he had?

Oh my! Presidential limousine, security vehicles exempt from fed 'green' vehicle policy

Obama authorizes secret support for Libya rebels

Judical Watch: Corruption continues - Obama’s Judicial Pick Gets Millions In Settlements Till 2024

While O'Reilly supports attack on Lybia, Harvard's Obama calls it (cough) a 'kinetic military action'

Mad Magazine dishes on Obama's birthplace - Lampoons eligibility, Teleprompters, middle name, busted lip, Jeremiah Wright

Obama's VP compares Republican economic policies to blaming rape victims

Obama Marxists in America - Rally Pumped by Van Jones Had Socialist Hosts

Democrats lecture Conservatives to watch their language, as Obama reports, "U.S. is tightening noose on Libyan leader."

The View from Crackerland

Obama & Hillary Clinton Calling Al-Jazeera News Superior to U.S.

Golf is Back! POTUS acts like "typical white people," 60th outing for this arrogant President

House Votes to Dethrone Obama’s Czars

House Votes to Deny Obama Healthcare Law Fund

Government Obama White House Defends Anti-American State Dinner Music

Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate - Suggests (cough) controversy could hurt president's re-election chances

Unrepentant Commies

Detroit May Close Half of Its Schools to Pay for Union Benefits

Duh! African Americans suffering under Obama

Grandson of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer wants Germany to end eurozone bailouts . . . as idiot supporters of EU say, "Hey, look what the U.S. is going to to for the nuts in California!"

Define Hope and Change? Southern Poverty Law Center is Now Part of Department of Homeland Security

France is our biggest ally, declares Obama - The President's blow to Special Relationship with Britain

Why Chinese-controlled Hong Kong beats the United States on economic freedom

Oil Spill Commission Cites ‘Systematic Failures’ in BP Case But Presents No Evidence of Such Failures With Other Rig Operators

It was a Political Rally in Arizona when Obama spoke - Never let a serious crisis go to waste? - Theme of “Together We Thrive” T-shirt at memorial came from Obama’s Organizing for America

The Quest for an Obamacare Martyr - Democrats wish for a Clinton Moment

STUNNING - Judicial Watch: As Mexican drug violence reaches epic proportions, Homeland Security officials prepare to reopen a remote port of entry—closed years ago for security reasons—as an unmanned border crossing monitored by federal agents hundreds of miles away

The Progressive Climate of Hate: An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

After 2 Years of Policy Failures Democrats Switch Gears – Aim to Silence Vocal Conservative Critics

UK Customers Face Huge Bill
for Wind Farms That Don't Work

Too Bad Obama Is Only Half-White

The Wolf attacks the hen house, as Obama supporter suddenly launches a congressional petition to get members of Congress and the news media to drop any references to “violence” from political discussion. But it is itself that has openly produced media violence related to what the shooter was following. Watch an ad by comparing George Bush to Hitler

Political persecution at its worst in small town USA

Arizona shooter did not fit DHS Domestic Terror Profile, not conservative enough for Julian Bond's Southern Poverty Law Center used by Obama's DHS to profile Americans on the right

As Obama runs to Chicago to prepare to run for president in November of 2012, signs still point to a long slog of a recovery for the rest of America, the unemployment rate likely to remain above 8 percent — it sits at 9.4 percent after Friday’s report — at least through the rest of the president’s four-year term

Amazing what happens when dictators lose their power - White House Strikes Death Panels

American Automaker Rises to Top of Consumer Reports Brand Survey, Tying Toyota, and they never needed an Obama bailout!

U.S. military expert who served in Viet Nam, trying to return ROTC to leftist unversities, found dead in Delaware landfill

Issa, House GOP Preparing Major Investigations of Obama Administration

The ACLU, Obama Justice Department, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want businesses to stop using E-Verify to weed out illegals . . . Obama just loves the slave labor and high unemployment as long as illegals support Democrats

"General Washington would never have allowed his name on this city if he knew it would become a den of thieves."

More of Obama's fundamentally changing America! Americans ‘Double Up’ in Recession-Strained Quarters

Obama Sidesteps Hill With EPA Carbon Limits

China Fuels Its Ravenous Appetite for Coal . . . to be shipped from the politically-correct West Coast!

The [Ongoing] Immortal Tyranny Of Climate Change

Judicial Watch! Of course he would! Obama Considers Corrupt Clinton Official As Economic Adviser

Hawaii guv suddenly 'mum' on Obama birth 'certificate' - after blizzard of attacks on 'birthers,' Abercrombie now avoids interviews

The Vacuum Under the Soetoro Sombrero

Hawaii Governor Will End Birther Debate (Whether Obama Wants Him To Or Not)

Via the UN, Obama thinking of giving parts of Manhattan back to Native Americans? Let's give them San Francisco, instead

Remember when all the media's progressive's laughed at Sarah Palin talking about death panels? Well now Obama returns to that End-of-Life Plan that (cough) never existed

After two years of promised Hope and Change, the Conference of National Black Churches says the Black Community continues to suffers From Abortions, Poverty

Judicial Watch! Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Sue ICE For Rights Violations

Great day for celebration for Obama and progressive women in America! Planned Parenthood's Federal Funding Rose to $363.2 Million in FY 2008-2009, Aborted 324,008 Unborn Americans in 2008

Officer won't sign order for troop indoctrination. Asks to be relieved of command over repeal of 'gay' ban in military

Estate Tax Changes May Crimp Charitable Giving

Obama's Good News is Bad News for America

Slain Border Agent’s Family Gives Napolitano a Tongue Lashing: ‘Empty Words’

Soros Exposed: Research on the Progressive Puppet Master

Now this Marxist, Harvard graduated U.S. President, who hates business success, says Credit Checks are Racially Discriminatory

MORE DETAILS NOW EMERGE: Obama Supported Ousted Honduran Thug Zelaya to Appease Chavez

Obama and Democrat Congressional Hispanic Caucus Discuss Ways to Shut Down Enforcement Legislation

Members of the Islamic movement which seeks to establish a universal caliphate have established their newest charter school on a U.S. Marine base in Kailuna. The school, which will be funded by US taxpayers, is called the Mokapu STEM School

Marxist Obama's Communist Van Jones at it again! Van Jones Admits Left is ‘PRETENDING’ Need for Regulations in Green Movement

ABC NEWS MISSES THE POINT AGAIN! One year ago Attorney General Holder wouldn't even admit there were terrorists. He couldn't even speak the word! Now suddenly Holder is worried about the American people. What happened? Do your job, ABC! Attorney General's Blunt Warning on Terror Attacks

Watch out! More Obama union pay-offs in the works

NAFBPO Speaks Out on Murder of Border Patrol Agent

Obama quietly erasing borders - Dem administration advancing 'North American Union' agenda

Is Barack Obama In Bed—so to speak—With Julian Assange?

Judicial Watch - U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will decide if and when schools can have bake sales and the agency has the authority to ban them all together

Get these Marxist out of our government! Climate Change is ‘One of the Greatest Threats Facing Our Planet,’ Says Agriculture Secretary Vilsack

The North American Union is alive and well in the Obama administration - Janet Napolitano signed, with little fanfare, an agreement in Mexico that would extend special "trusted traveler" access to the U.S. to an estimated 84-million Mexicans!

What Canadian Prime Minister Harper can teach Obama — the case of Anwar Ibrahim

Under Progressive Democrat leadership U.S. home values set to drop 1.7 trillion dollars in 2010

You won't believe what you paid for GM bailout!

Open Congress - Progressive House Democrats Revolt, Vote Down Obama's Tax Deal

WikiLeaks Vindicates George W. Bush - Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction -- and intended to restart his program once the heat was off

When American voters elected a Communist, they got one! Members of Prayer Caucus demands President Obama issue a correction for referring to our National Motto as, “E Pluribus Unum,” when, in case you didn't know, it's "In God We Trust."

Medicare Director, who said Health-Care Systems 'Must' Redistribute Wealth, says He's delighted with Obamacare

The Coming Constitutional Crisis!

Obama's War on Chris Christie

White House Says Amnesty Will Make U.S. Smarter

FCC Commissioner Wants to Test the 'Public Value' of every Broadcast Station in America!

Hold the Brownies! Feds try to stick their nose into your school's Bake Sales

Obama to Voters: Drop Dead!

Investigator: Gov’t fogging Obama’s Connecticut ties

American food safety bill not what it seems

Right on schedule! Obama’s Peace Partners Vow Not to Recognize Israel

Why no Salute by Obama at Medal of Honor Ceremony?

Pay Freeze? Oh, Please!

Obama's progressive sacrificial lambs, as SEIU that supported Obama's healthcare drops Health Coverage for Workers’ Children

What happens when progressives elect an Alfred E. Newman to live in the White House - Leaked US cables reveal sensitive diplomacy

Woman Who Confronted Obama on Economy Has Lost Her Job

Another Obama stealth land grab: Salazar and the NCLS

FORD builds most advanced factory in the world . . . wait for it . . . in Brazil. Why? Because Obama's UAW wouldn't allow it!

Marxist Obama uses office to give nation's highest honor to socialist activist who brought communism into America's biggest union

Obama Tax Hikes: The Economic and Fiscal Effect

Podesta: Obama Can Use ‘Armed Forces’ to Force Progressive Agenda

More bad news for Obama's Marxists. Change is on the way as the Roman Catholic Church, in a surprise move, takes a right turn for directing the church in American

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicks black leader, James Clyburn, willingly to the back of the bus

Obama Redefines America's Gift to the World . . . and of course it's got nothing to do with a special nation

Republicans Capture House in Historic Wave

Disgusting! The poverty president paints the town red!

The Coming Resignation of The One?

Congress 'socialist bloc' expected to survive vote

The President's Nun: Obamacare Scranton Scandal Explodes

October 2010 Poll - 91% of blacks just love their president

And it goes on! Obama DNC document missing constitutional language to run for president, added only later by proclamation from Pelosi!

Chuck Green gets it right: Obama is a victim of Bush's failed promise

Dinesh D'Souza - How Obama Thinks

Kuhner: President's socialist takeover must be stopped

Stunning! President Barack Obama – Editor of the Harvard Law Review – has no Law License?

Obama Wants $1.25 BILLION to Compensate up to 66,000 African American Farmers for Discrimination in 1981-96

What a hoot! Casting Call to protect POTUS's MTV Appearance

Obama, Democrats Declare War on . . . wait for it . . . the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!

ObamaCare Breaks the Top Ten

Obama Is Colluding with a New Fascist Imperialism

Gangster Government - Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

What Barack Obama learned from the Communist Party

FBI Destroyed File on Obama’s Grandfather, Journalist Discloses

Obama helps his major financial supporter from the election, George Soros, to drill for oil . . . in Brazil!

Obama Visits Mosque Where Crowd Cheered Ahmadinejad With: 'Fight America, Fight Israel!'

Obama Administration Cover-Up - Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border

Watchdog wants probe of Google's 'unusually close' ties to Obama

In Indonesia, Obama introduced as ‘fellow Kenyan’

Obama Exempts Sudan, Chad, Yemen, and the Democratic Republic of Congo from Law Barring U.S. Military Assistance to Nations Using Child Soldiers!

Muslim Obama Praises "Great Religion" Islam - Won't Condemn Jihad!

ACORN razzes President Obama in New Delhi during India visit

"When I told them in March that he [Obama] had cancelled his trip again some of the children cried and asked why?" HJ Hasimah said. "I don't know what I will tell them this time."

Communist Party (referred to as the New Democrat Party at the time) covers up support for candidate Obama in his win as Senator in Illinois

Has History Passed Obama By

Obama: D.C. schools don't measure up to needs of daughters

POTUS jetted to his vacation with the rich [that he hates so much] with a huff and a jab

What a hoot! Obama's "Ethic's Czar" sent to serve U.S. in the Czech Republic, Obama transferring job . . . to a lobbyist, of course!

Spread the Wealth! Chump change for Obamas - First Lady’s Most Excellent Spanish Adventure Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers Over $200,000

WOW - 23% Say U.S. Government Has the Consent of the Governed!

Feds bash reliability of birth documents - Inspector general: Even certificates in doubt because of fraud potential

Stuck on stupid: Obama’s czar fetish!

Judicial Watch - Deputy Atty. Gen. Nominee Defended Saudi Terrorist

Obama Administration Adds U.S. to List of Nations That Traffic in Slavery!

Obama takes a dump on those who died on D-Day – Goes to Theatre Party Instead

Obama Used Bill Clinton To Orchestrate Sestak Bribery Scheme

Thick Blobs of Tar Begin Washing Up on Alabama Shore – as Obama Goes Golfing . . . again!

Stunning! Barack Obama had quickly begun to shut down Bush-era terrorist investigations when becoming president last year, stunningly removing the names of potential Muslim terrorists. One of those terrorists was the Times Square attempted bomber Faisal Shahzad. So the question now is what other terrorists were removed by Obama who are now under the radar?

Report says BP was given an exemption by the Obama administration from any detailed analysis of the company’s environmental impact, a “categorical exclusion” from the National Enviromental Policy Act, the same BP that had handed Obama a massive campaign contribution

Obama Stands with Muslims as he Promised!

Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

According to author, President Obama used sexual slur calling Tea Party Americans Tea-baggers - Media: "You can't talk when you are tea-bagging!"

Stunning! Team Obama calls in SWAT Team on Tea Party women

Obama Returns to Cooper Union… Where He Once Attended Socialist Conferences

White House: Obama Did Not Take Goldman PAC Money, Will Not Return Donations!

Obama's group from back in Chicago, ACORN, has its leader, Bertha Lewis, tell audience at March 2010 meeting of Youth Democratic Socialists that Tea Party is a racist movement - they are coming after you - proud to be a Socialist that loves entitlements and spreading the wealth

More - Kenyan officials affirm: Obama 'son of this soil' - In partying mood after election win, did African lawmakers say too much?

Kenyan official: Obama born here - In debate over constitution, minister urges African nation to emulate U.S. inclusion

Obama ignores his white mother and the grandmother who raised him, tells Census he is only African-American

Obama Uses Recess Appointments To Hires More Lobbyists

Meet Obama's new controversial pastor! - Champion of communism, socialism called U.S. 'destroyer of human life'

Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib?

Obama uses Global Warming to destroy the U.S. Economy

African Kenyan Radical finally brought to task - Obama sued for secret abortion meetings

Obama's dangerous denials to become his legacy at our peril!

Ron Paul Warns Of Coming “Social And Political Chaos”

Keeping awake while Obama sings his Marxist Lullabye

Glenn Beck - Obama's 32 Czars and their Biographies

ObamaCare's Scary October Surprise; it's still a Frankenstein Monster!

President honored Communist China at White House.

What Bill Ayers Saw in Barack Obama

Obama’s Website: Hub of Hate

You'll Need a Weatherman To Tell Which Way Obama Will Go

Obama the Kakistocrat

Barack Obama described as prophet Moses by bishop

Experts affirm: Ayers wrote Obama's memoir - Scientific analyses independently find radical's mark on 'Dreams From My Father'

Another one pops up ignored by the Harvard educated elitist, Obama - his Aunt Zeituni Onyango found in a rundown Boston estate

Obama And Machete Politics

North Carolina mother proves the corruptness of Obama campaign donations

Mayor Daley puts $2 million city price tag for Obamafest. Obama will pay election night rally

GLSEN founder, who promotes teen / adult sex, part of Obama's team

Obama was close to Ayers early on, review found of Barack's glowing forward for Ayer's book, "A Kind and Just Parent: Children of Juvenile Court."

We can again see what president Obama will do, as his campaign now writes letter to the Department of Justice to shut down those who are criticizing ACORN

Obama angry at FOX for tarnishing halo effect, prophetic for a "Fairness Doctrine" if president to shut down freedom of speech

The best candidate for president that foreign money can buy

Farrakhan Proclaims to the American people, Obama's election is a 'new beginning for Nation of Islam.'

Obama gives media and Democrats new marching orders - Destroy Blue Collar "Joe the Plumber"

Obama’s amazing plan for Illegal Driver’s Licenses

Obama Contributors Emerged from Staff and Boards of Annenberg Grantees

"Yea, ACRON has made it that bad," as Ohio elections chief appeals U.S. Supreme Court ruling

Michelle Obama calls Corsi 'evil' - She tells foreign news agency 'to support Africans and African-American view'

Wow! What do these people know that Americans don't as Obama raised one million dollars for foreign thug's election - Democrat joined Libya's Gadhafi among top contributors to Odinga

Obama says he plans to spread YOUR wealth around

Obama vile supporters cross the line again and again!

Opinion - Obama didn't write 'Dreams from My Father', Ayers did.

Obama Web site lies about ACORN ties - campaign tries to distance senator from group convicted of voter fraud

Crushing the vile Obamedia narrative: Look who’s instead “gripped by insane rage.” Check it out for yourself

The Coming Obama Thugocracy

Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

Farrakhan on Obama: 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking'

Meet Some More of Barack Obama’s Political Mentors: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

Judicial Watch - Obama Earmarks Benefited Donors and Relatives

Kenya detains Corsi during Obama probe - Officials scuttle WND reporter's news conference on investigation

Pro-Obama, Muslim-led voter registration in mosques

Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign

Fourteen Biden errors at Vice-president Debate

Obama, as director of the Woods Fund Board, gave a total of $75,000 to the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), an anti-Israel organization

Weathermen frightening ties to Obama

Weathermen domestic terrorists declare support for Obama, call for 'grassroots effort' to help boost campaign

October Vice-Presidential Debate - The Fix Is In, to be moderated by an avid Obama supporter

ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess

Obama Wants NRA Ads Banned, a hot sign of what he will do to our freedom of speech as president

Kissinger: Obama Was Wrong

Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Shed Light on Barack and Michelle Obama's Chicago Connections

$65,000 of a grant for Englewood Botanic instead reported to have gone to Obama's 2000 congressional campaign volunteer

Action Wire Dirty Tricks

Rules 'bent' to provide Obama advisers loans Fannie Mae CEOs Raines, Johnson got exemptions from standard requirements

Obama worked closely with terrorist Bill Ayers - Records show collaboration on funding leftists despite claim he's just 'a guy' in neighborhood

UMass chaplain fails in effort to boost Barack Obama’s chances

George Obama, Start Packing

Will Obama Embrace Global Health Care Taxes?

Obama Pays Women Only 78 Percent of What He Pays Men

Democrat Fakery on Obama, Biden "Working Class" Origins

Obama ad to inspire hate among Hispanics purposely takes Limbaugh out of context

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac execs now offering advice to Obama Senator's links to mortgage giants . . . include campaign contributions

Obama Campaign Mocks McCain's War Wounds as Computer Illiteracy

Obama cited Ayers job as qualification to run

Obama's Plumbers

By 5-to-1 Public Thinks Most Journalists - Trying to Elect Obama

OMG, talk about roll over and die! Obama now says, Terror groups have 'legitimate claims'

The Real Obama is the Obama Oprah Knows

Iranian State-Run Media goes nuts over Obama, dislikes McCain seeing him as a old man

Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age

Who Vetted Obama?

Obama says he has more experience than Palin. But we thought he was running against McCain

Obama finally calls off the attack dogs, realizing the negative images of Democrat-supported blogs were too much for many Americans to handle

Sen. Obama’s Acceptance Speech Filled With Half-Truths And Distortions About Sen. John McCain

Cindy McCain sees Obama as a elitist snob, his success in America doesn't apply to others

Michelle Obama Signals Husband's Support for Amnesty

Oh, my. someone forgot their history - Gore Compares Obama to Lincoln

Turning the tables again on Obama’s speech-squelching thugs

Wow, now Fascist tactics against political ads?

Obama disguising ties to radical leftist group?

Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair

Networks Gave Fawning Coverage to Obama

Obama Adviser Met With Syria, assumes Obama will be president

Is Barack Obama really Barry Soetor?

Slick Obama Woos Abortion Foes With Platform Embracing Motherhood

Obama: Embarrassed by America

Muslims barred from picture at Obama event

Obama tightens control of image and access, morphs in just another politican


Obama News Archive 2007 - 2008

Obama the Kakistocrat

Barack Obama described as prophet Moses by bishop

Experts affirm: Ayers wrote Obama's memoir - Scientific analyses independently find radical's mark on 'Dreams From My Father'

North Carolina mother proves the corruptness of Obama campaign donations

Mayor Daley puts $2 million city price tag for Obamafest. Obama will pay election night rally

OMG - Look who were involved in grooming Barack Obama

Experts affirm: Ayers wrote Obama's memoir - Scientific analyses independently find radical's mark on 'Dreams From My Father'

Another one pops up ignored by the Harvard educated elitist, Obama - his Aunt Zeituni Onyango found in a rundown Boston estate

Obama And Machete Politics

GLSEN founder, who promotes teen / adult sex, part of Obama's team

We can again see what president Obama will do, as his campaign now writes letter to the Department of Justice to shut down those who are criticizing ACORN

Obama angry at FOX for tarnishing halo effect, prophetic for a "Fairness Doctrine" if president to shut down freedom of speech

The best candidate for president that foreign money can buy

Michelle Obama calls Corsi 'evil' - She tells foreign news agency 'to support Africans and African-American view'

Wow! What do these people know that Americans don't as Obama raised one million dollars for foreign thug's election - Democrat joined Libya's Gadhafi among top contributors to Odinga

Obama says he plans to spread YOUR wealth around

Obama vile supporters cross the line again and again!

Opinion - Obama didn't write 'Dreams from My Father', Ayers did.

Obama Web site lies about ACORN ties - campaign tries to distance senator from group convicted of voter fraud

Crushing the vile Obamedia narrative: Look who’s instead “gripped by insane rage.” Check it out for yourself

The Coming Obama Thugocracy

Farrakhan on Obama: 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking'

Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

Judicial Watch - Obama Earmarks Benefited Donors and Relatives

Kenya detains Corsi during Obama probe - Officials scuttle WND reporter's news conference on investigation

Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign

Got it right? - Fourteen Biden errors at Vice-president Debate

Witness - Obama, as director of the Woods Fund Board, gave a total of $75,000 to the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), an anti-Israel organization

Weathermen domestic terrorists declare support for Obama, call for 'grassroots effort' to help boost campaign

October Vice-Presidential Debate - The Fix Is In, to be moderated by an avid Obama supporter

ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess

Obama Wants NRA Ads Banned, a hot sign of what he will do to our freedom of speech as president

Kissinger: Obama Was Wrong

Judicial Watch News Release! Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Shed Light on Barack and Michelle Obama's Chicago Connections

$65,000 of a grant for Englewood Botanic instead reported to have gone to Obama's 2000 congressional campaign volunteer

Action Wire Dirty Tricks

Rules 'bent' to provide Obama advisers loans Fannie Mae CEOs Raines, Johnson got exemptions from standard requirements

Obama worked closely with terrorist Bill Ayers - Records show collaboration on funding leftists despite claim he's just 'a guy' in neighborhood

Obama worked closely with terrorist Bill Ayers - Records show collaboration on funding leftists despite claim he's just 'a guy' in neighborhood

UMass chaplain fails in effort to boost Barack Obama’s chances

Obama Campaign Mocks McCain's War Wounds as Computer Illiteracy

Obama cited Ayers job as qualification to run

Obama's Plumbers

By 5-to-1 Public Thinks Most Journalists - Trying to Elect Obama

OMG, talk about roll over and die! Obama now says, Terror groups have 'legitimate claims'

The Real Obama is the Obama Oprah Knows

Who Vetted Obama?

Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age

Obama says he has more experience than Palin. But we thought he was running against McCain

Sen. Obama’s Acceptance Speech Filled With Half-Truths And Distortions About Sen. John McCain

Cindy McCain sees Obama as a elitist snob, his success in America doesn't apply to others

Michelle Obama Signals Husband's Support for Amnesty

Turning the tables again on Obama’s speech-squelching thugs

Obama disguising ties to radical leftist group?

Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair

Obama Picks a Catholic Running Mate with Long Pro-Abortion Record

Best-laid text-messaging plans: Media Beat Obama to the Punch

Networks Gave Fawning Coverage to Obama

Obama hid $800,000 payment to ACORN through “Citizen Services, Inc.”

Obama's 'clergy ad' avoids biblical issues

Is Barack Obama really Barry Soetor?

Obama’s Communist Cover-up Continues

Records document Obama's opposition to protecting born-alive babies

Obama goes ballistic over Corsi best-seller

Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member

Why Obama’s Flip-Flops Matter

Obama - the pro-'gay' candidate

Obama’s Scandal is Bigger than Edwards’

7 Worrisome Signs for Obama

Obama’s abortion lies

AP Lies About Obama’s Red Mentor!

What Would An Obama Supreme Court Look Like?

Barack Obama is afraid of himself

Obama: Embarrassed by America

O'Reilly pandering to Obama? Holy Batman!

Gay man on Obama blog sues Bible publishers

Obama's answer to immigration - teach your children Spanish!

Obama denied protection for infants of botched abortions

Communist Party Backs Obama

Obama, Like Dodd and Conrad, Got Cheap Home Loan

Media Excuse Obama’s False Advertising

SF Pagan Witch Backs Obama’s Poverty Bill

"Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman, and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him," said Bhama

You Need a Weatherman To Tell Which Way Obama Will Go

Obama tightens control of image and access, morphs in just another politican

Muslims barred from picture at Obama event

Obama Unlikely to Support New Oil Drilling in U.S

Obama quits Chicago church after long controversy

Obama - Traditional Black Churches Homophobic?

Obama's military claims inconsistent with records

Reagan's would-be assassin aided by top Obama adviser

Obama mentored in early years by Communist Party figure

Meet Obama's new pastor, Otis Moss, compares Wright to Jesus, backs up predecessor on AIDS, drugs.

Obama's new pastor quotes 'F--- AmeriKKKa' rap song . . . Wright's replacement cites lyrics saying U.S. 'still with the triple K'

Bill Moyers just Loves Rev. Wright - so what else is new?

Why is Obama distorting Rev. Wright's background?

Obama aide says, "Oh, I didn't mean to blaspheme Jesus"

Obama's pastor 'crucified' just like Jesus by Romans

2nd Obama-linked pastor under fire for racist talk Minister called U.S. mayors 'slave masters,' blacks who protect white men 'house n**gers'

Obama: FOX irresponsible distracting public from drive-by media's Goose step

When Things get Tough, Throws Grandma Under the Bus

Obama had demanded Lott's resignation!

Obama Web site yanks 'Black Panthers' plug

Racists endorse Obama on candidate's website

Obama Admits Rezko Had Bigger Fundraising Role

Tony Rezko and "The Silence of the Media Lamb"

Obama: Sermon on Mount Justifies Same-Sex Unions

Obama says Canadian Officials "Misinterpreted" his NAFTA remarks

Canadian TV, "Obama Deceived Debate Viewers on NAFTA Plans."

Obama's Global Poverty Bill to Cost Taxpayers Billions

Obama Defends His Christian Religion

Obama regrets intervening to save Terri

McCain: Obama Represents Politics of the Past

Radicals, when in error, never say, "I'm Sorry"



"This re-educational tool develops politically correct attitude towards . . ." (You know the drill.) - The People's cube.

Socialist slogans can be found throughout human history


"Freedom is Knowledge"












...if the government can impose this kind of "economic mandate"-if it can force individuals to enter contracts with private companies "from birth to death"-there are no longer limits on what it cannot do. "These types of purchasing decisions are legion," Judges Hall and Dubina write.   Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so.  Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so.  Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so.  Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so.