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The Divided States of America

Abraham Lincoln: Golden Apple; Silver Frame

America approaching the "Tipping Point" to slide into history's abyss

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Corrupt Politicians” for 2011

The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it's become an economic suicide pact. And we're here to challenge it.
Source: If I Wanted America to Fail, I would . . . (Click on graphic to watch)

Think you have privacy? What a joke!

So you think you know your Constitution?

Out of the Mouths of Heroes

Polish Freedom Fighter, Lech Walesa, warned in early 2010 that America was no longer the moral leader of the world.


Citizen Letter to all Leftists, Occupiers, Unionistas, and General Malcontents!

Occupy Unmasked - Warning violent images!


Gibson Guitar Settles

Stunning How the Fed Bites the Hand That Feeds It.

Gibson settles to avoid more Feds with machine guns entering its factory unannounced, the company realizing foreign issues on these exotic woods is STILL not resolved and continuing to be an open issue, as the Fed acknowledge. Gibson therefore agreed to pay $300,000 to avoid millions in court over an unresolved foreign issue it cannot control! Unbelievable. But at least Gibson gets the PC police off its back. However, Gibson also has to pay . . . wait for it . . . $50,000 to the far-left radical bully National Fish and Wildlife Foundation . . . Read More


City Orders Firefighters to Remove U.S. Flags From Trucks. Why? They’re Offensive!


Green Jobs . . . Stunning Look at The Obama Reality


Partisanship in Washington (and American politics generally) is quite possibly at an all-time high, and the matters which have polarized the right and left are manifold. Particularly at the height of campaign season, our leaders are name-calling and bickering over trivial social issues and neglecting (willfully or otherwise) many subjects which put at stake the very security and freedoms which grant us the right to bicker.
A DVD on the real tale of two fathers losing their sons to radical Islam that the U.S. Governement refuses to address . . . one son the shooter, the other the victim.
Losing Our Sons Trailer


Watch all 22 minutes and ask the question, "What changes will come in just 10 more years?"

These Christians are not preaching to the audience, simply carrying signs that promote the Bible. But note the Islamists cannot simply walk away, instead literally stoning these Christians with bottles and cans from approved hate obviously well taught to them by their Islamic parents. As you watch, the video will show that local police have no desire to protect the free speech of these Christian Americans that are being attacked by Muslim who say they love America's freedom in . . . wait for it . . . Dearborn, Michigan, USA.


Green Jobs . . . Stunning Look at The Obama Reality


How America elected an Amateur President   Stunning Sean Hannity Interview with Ed Klein, About His Interview With Jeremiah Wright



Down the Road to Serfdom: Warnings from a British Friend

America's Disgusting Entitlement Generation

Even illegal aliens are on the take for four billion dollars


TSA Grows Operations at California Bus Terminals and Train Stations


Communications Takeover; Executive Order Dictatorship


Human rights . . . for humans!


WND Managing Editor, Joseph Farah, witnesses Spy Drone Buzz his secluded home!


Welcome to Rome! Pelosi Dancing to ZZ Top At Barney Frank's Wedding


Obama wants America to sign the UN's Marxist Law of the Sea Treaty


U.N. Me


Click on graphic for enlarged view of Heritage document on these troubling stats.

2012 Stats from The Heritage Foundation. Format from the Eagle Forum

Click on graphic for enlarged chart. Visit Eagle Forum for 8 1/2 wide format


Timelapse of current 10 years of the ongoing replacement of the Twin Towers due to political correctness and politics. America won WWII in five without this new "progresssive" political cancer covering America today!


 The Life of Julia is a Web slideshow that shows a fictional everywoman named Julia at various stages of her life, and explains how Obama's policies would help her and Romney's would hurt her. Since the so-called "war on women" is also a war for women voters, Julia is going to be one of Obama's tools to lure them.
OMG! Obama's Life of Julia
The Obama Administration's Vagina Moment
'The Higher a Monkey Climbs on the Pole, the More You Can See His Butt' - David Axerod (12/2011)


Food stamp spending up 100 percent since Obama took office


Obama coal rules ‘painful every step of the way!’


Obama honors Socialist Leader at White House. He then proudly adds he stole her slogan for his own campaign for president, “Yes We Can.”


Neither Party in Congress wants to tell the truth about the budge that is sinking America. But this accountant will and in only five minutes. Watch then click on the full-screen option box on bottom right so you can read the charts.


Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’


HR-347 signed by Obama gives sweeping authority to Feds to arrest protestors


EPA Official's 'Philosophy' On Oil Companies: 'Crucify Them' - Just As Romans Crucified Conquered Citizens!


2011 Best and Worst Run Companies


One of the biggest scandals in American politics is waiting to explode: the full story of the inside game in Washington shows how the permanent political class enriches itself at the expense of the rest of us.


Glenn Beck and his guests dissect Skyrocketing Gas Prices and the Obama Admininstration's "Misleading Facts" about oil production


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's interview with Al Hayat TV, says current Constitution for U.S. isn't for Egypt - doesn't include Social Justice!


Maglev Shanghai 265mph Train. Not a trial, been up and running since 2006!


Shame on Chryster, having taken the bribe - February 5, 2012


Learn more and take action about ACTA



Although I enjoyed being a Girl Scout for a short time as a young girl I had not anticipated becoming involved with the Girl Scouts again after all these years. But now I am, and it happened in an unexpected and quite disturbing way.


No longer content with simply stonewalling a congressional investigation into “Operation Fast and Furious,” President Barack Obama’s Justice Department is now engaging in a full-blown cover-up through the promotion of hostile witnesses as investigators within BATFE.
NRA - The Obama administration's Cover Up


For more information, go to <>

The Agenda - Grinding America Down


In Stop Islamization of America, the renowned activist Pamela Geller lays bare the chilling details of the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy of steady subversion and erosion of our freedoms, while offering a practical guide for how to fight back.
Stop the Islamization of America


Scandals in our Schools!


Obama Justice Department moves from Gangster Government to Fascism, stalking Gibson effecting job?
Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., has responded to the August 24 raid of Gibson facilities in Nashville and Memphis by the Federal Government. In a press release, Juszkiewicz said: "Gibson is innocent and will fight to protect its rights.

Where is the Republican Party on this issue?

Obama's Justice Department bullies Gibson Guitar, shutting down its Memphis plant without charges, bringing in Federal armed agents and sending employees home while confiscating wood. This also happened two years ago without charges, reports the CEO in this video. Update reports the raid was an act of madness by the Obama adminstration. Listen to another interview with the CEO.

Environmental Enforcement by Obama's Feds Leaves Musicians in Fear
Gibson Guitar CEO on Obama DOJ Raids: ‘We’re Being Persecuted’
Gibson is a contributor to the Republican Party. Remember what Obama's Gangster Government did to car dealerships that were contributors to the Republican Party?


In this outrageous, unrated and fully extended version of Seed of Chucky, everyone's favorite killer doll returns - and he's bringing the entire family! This time around, Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) and his homicidal honey, Tiffany, are brought back to life by their orphan offspring, Glen.

Graphic source: NBC Universal Studios Seeds of Chucky
EPA could be America's most dangerous nanny, ready to shread your electric grid.


Warnings from Rome!

"The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and assistance to foreign hands should be curtailed, lest Rome fall." - Cicero 55 B.C.

| "The more corrupt the state, the more laws." | "A bad peace is even worse than war." | "The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise." | - Publius Tacitus


Arab Spring for Dummies!


Read this stunning report from the UN, openly pushing its Marxist agenda on a world with no borders that the UN runs.  Remember what they did to Food for Oil in Iraq, the most corrupt program in human history!

United Nation's Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF ACTION to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

STUNNING overview of UN's Marxist Sustainable Development / Social Justice on your life and America's Republic. Take time to listen how deep it already has gone into your everyday life. YouTube: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

- The UN Agenda 21 Marches on in America with the USDA-EPA National Partnership -

The UN had already been in the business of controlling societies that were none of their business, such as the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements in Vancouver, Canada, in June of 1976. Read this Marxist-like document of 35 years ago.



The man who leads one of China’s top rating agencies says the greenback’s status as the world’s reserve currency is set to wane as the world’s most powerful policy makers convene to examine the implication of S&P’s decision to strip the United States of its triple “A” rating.

In comments emailed to CNBC, Guan Jianzhong, chairman of Dagong Global Credit Rating, said the currency is “gradually discarded by the world, and the “process will be irreversible.”

Robert David Steele Vivas - Watch a stunning 7 1/2 minute video on this site.


The ratings agency Standard & Poor's has reduced the United States' credit rating from AAA to AA+ with a negative outlook, the company announced late Friday, saying a bipartisan deal to reduce the nation's debt did not go far enough and citing crippling political gridlock.

Watch Wall Street Journal Video on Atlasshrugs Shrugs Web Site, explaining what a downed credit rating means for everyday Americans . . . I guess it's like your having an 800 credit score and have it reduced to 720. Ugh!


"liu bolin is a young beijing based artist who has exhibited primarily in china until last year’s solo show at paris’ galerie bertin toublanc and a group show with the gallery in miami. he recently finished up a show at eli klein fine art in new york showcasing a variety of his pieces including some form the series camoflague.’"  - designboom - <>

This is what is very wrong with America. While this amazing Chinese Camouflage Artist, liu bolin, wants his freedom to express his art without interference from the Communist Chinese Government,, Barack Obama allowed the Chinese Communist Flag to be raised near the White House to honor the 60th year of Communism that had murdered over 50-million Chinese. This is while Obama's filthy-rich far-left progressive supporters still bathe in excess wealth after trashing millions of Vietnamese who only wanted their freedom. One Vietnamese businessman, who made it to America, referred to this far-left liberal Senator as Mr. Jane Fonda.


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Obama is successfully changing America. Hope all you "poor" voters looking for hope and change are happy.

“Nearly every day without fail…men stream to these [mining] operations looking for work in Walker County. They can’t pay their mortgage. They can’t pay their car note. They can’t feed their families. They don’t have health insurance. And as I stand here today, I just…you know…what’s the use? I got a permit to open up an underground coal mine that would employ probably 125 people. They’d be paid wages from $50,000 to $150,000 a year. We would consume probably $50 million to $60 million in consumables a year, putting more men to work. And my only idea today is to go home. What’s the use? I see these guys—I see them with tears in their eyes—looking for work. And if there’s so much opposition to these guys making a living, I feel like there’s no need in me putting out the effort to provide work for them. So…basically what I’ve decided is not to open the mine. I’m just quitting. Thank you.”

 Bryant remains resolute.  To him, it’s just not worth the time, money, and regulatory hassle to open up a new mine—even one located in a remote area with less environmental impact.


"It remains to be seen whether Redford and company will give WU radicals the glorified Hollywood treatment (The Motorcycle Diaries' is an example that comes to mind), or depict them as the narcissistic, deluded criminals they were." - The Blaze
In a new movie "The Company you Keep" Hollywood liberal Robert Redford is reported to play a Weather Underground Terrorist. Real Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers has unabashedly said that he still refuses to denounce the Weather Underground's violence. In this video Ayers calls John McCain "the" War Criminal. Ayers wrote the program for the socialist Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was chaired by Barack Obama who was reported to have given out millions of dollars on behalf of the CAC. Guess who else was reported to be involved in encouraging the CAC? Former Arkansas hippie, Bill Clinton, the CAC reported to have gathered one-billion dollars. Candidate Obama refused to say he even knew Ayers during the presidential election. Obama's ability to so easily lie was to become his legacy as president. Of course with the liberal media loving another liberal, you can see the successful results of Obama's election and the smiles on the faces of network hosts. Voters then took the media lies with them into the voting booth in 2008. It reminded me of the propaganda from Marxist dictators and the media outlets they ran, backed up by the self-serving designs of Obama's visual icons.


Over one-half million people have signed a pledge to boycott The Home Depot until it agrees to remain NEUTRAL in the culture and political war over homosexual marriage.
The HOME DEPOT celebrates only one type of pride? Why? No diversity?


Going, going, gone!

Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


The law discourages employers from hiring in several ways: (Click on link in text below or on this graphic.)
Private-sector job creation initially recovered from the recession at a normal rate, leading to predictions last year of a “Recovery Summer.” Since April 2010, however, net private-sector job creation has stalled. Within two months of the passage of Obamacare, the job market stopped improving. This suggests that businesses are not exaggerating when they tell pollsters that the new health care law is holding back hiring. The law significantly raises business costs and creates considerable uncertainty about the future.


Huffington Post and AOL declares war on the conservative wing of the Democrat party, protecting progressives while trashing conservatives in office.  The Huffington Post writes, "Fake Democratic Candidates Go Down In Recall Races."

HuffingtonPost and AOL openly aid war by unions against taxpayers in Wisconsin

Across America union dues are feeding democrats for the war of 2012. While Republicans rely on one-on-one donations, unions take forced membership dues and shovel it over to the progressive/Marxist side of the democrat party while trashing conservative democrats.. While Obama's 800-million stimulus was not shovel ready, the unions for Obama are.


"It's only been two and a half years. I got five and a half years more to go." - Real Clear Politics

No 1776 Here!

America Burns as Obama Fiddles . . . and Philadelphia crowd cheers?

Since when are July 4th Parades right wing?


There were eight attempts by members of Congress during the years Barack Obama was developing a power base and running for president to remove the Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural-born citizen," suggesting an organized strategy, according to a new video.
"Starting in 2003, eight attempts were made in 22 months to eliminate the natural born requirement for president of the United States in the Construction or redefine it." - WND


Republican Senators Blast Growing 'Isolationism' Within GOP Over Libya.

Why they're called RINOs - Donkey's wearing the face of Pachyderms

Oops, John! LIBYA: Rebels execute black immigrants while forces kidnap others


Lady Gaga accepted the Style Icon award from V magazine editor-in-chief Stephen Gan.

Lech Walesa, the Polish Freedom Fighter, said in 2010 that America was no longer the moral authority of the world. When you're the Great Satan, it's hard to be moral about anything, America's grass roots growing more rotten with each passing day as Lady GaGa's following goes past ten million on Twitter.


"There's my little Miss Sunshine with Dr. Death standing right behind her."

AOL wets its panties posting site that remembers Kevordian as simply brilliant


Bank spokesman Jim Strader is reported to have used the "O" word,  saying flying the flag coincides with Barack Obama's "proclamation" that June is the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.  What a guy they chose to run the Fed's bank, manage social issues rather than taxpayer money!

Virginia Federal Bank Flies Rainbow Flag under Old Glory

Why? Report says bank managers got a request from "an employee group" and the request to fly the flag was approved. So the question is, "Are America's Federal Banks now going to fly flags honoring any social group that requests it?" For instance, what about Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Communists, or even radical Mexican revolutionaries?

Remember America is a country of equal rights and diversity of ideas, so fly one flag and the Federal bank could be forced to fly hundreds of different flags during the year or be sued for discrimination. But there is a simple answer. Fire the Federal Bank's management, reminding their job is not to set social codes but to protect our money.

Obama Administration - Finally Come Out of the Closet' Inc.’s one-day, 99-cent promotion of Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated second studio album, “Born This Way,” is resulting in downloading delays on the Internet retailer’s website due to high volume, the company said Monday.
It's not the president. It's not the Congress. They only represent America's excessive rotting grassroots.


America’s Marxist Media


Beck was right to warn that international socialists are working with Muslims to take down Western World.

Socialists explains how they work with Muslim Brotherhood & Islamic Extremists in the Mid-East Revolutions to Unite Arab World against the United States, Britain, and Israel. Beck was right to warn that international socialists are working with Muslims to take down Western World, and why Obama's radicalism fits into their Marxist agenda.


Obama's Union Rats

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled on Thursday that labor unions should have the right to display 16-foot, rat-shaped balloons outside businesses with which they disagree.

Union rats celebrate Memorial Weekend blessed by Obama administration

“The agenda pursued by President Obama’s labor board in support of job-killing policies that encourage union bosses to intimidate workers is appalling,” Wszolek said in an email to TheDC. “There is no mistaking that job creation is the American people’s top priority, and it is deeply unfortunate that our government is more committed to rewarding Big Labor than standing with job creators struggling through an extremely challenging economic period. The White House should understand very clearly that they will be held responsible for the actions of the individuals they have nominated and appointed to the National Labor Relations Board.”


See Charts of May 2011 - Federal Spending per Household Skyrocketing

“Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business."


President Obama gives his most patriotic speech, reporting Osama bin laden was killed by a special military unit of brave American soldiers. But will Obama FINALLY now distance himself and his administration from Van Jones, who on this video link the day after 9/11 celebrated the attack saying, "It's the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders."


Obama's DIVA sure loves America now!


The danger to America is not Barack Hussein Obama but a [new] citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the presidency.



Does it seem like some products don’t last as long as they used to? From toothpaste to tuna fish, hot dogs to hand soap, companies have been shaving ounces and inches from packages for years. ConsumerReports’ latest investigation, featured in the February issue of Consumer Reports and online at, found that more and more products are getting downsized.

Beck Tried to Warn Americans About Food Prices! Democrats brag things are improving, as corporations shrink size of food containers to fool consumers

Greedy pariah auto manufacturers downsize, too, endangering your safety with spare tires eliminated and sold (cough) as option!

Surprise surprise! All traces of America pride in country have been quietly removed by Obama's Justice Department, replaced with a quote from a former Communist.
American Spectator's comment on why this has happened


Just one bumper sticker from a neat assortment created by the mad minds at Worldnetdaily.


America’s Disgusting Marxist Media


How Democrats Rule - Memory Lane 2009 Photo Americans Should Never Forget

These are the folks that couldn't decide on a budget and are on their way to pass Obamacare. And don't forget Cap & Trade was on their minds. (Photo source from the AP.)

House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, pictured standing on the far right is speaking while colleagues, Rep. Barbara Lambert (Democrat from Milford) and Rep. Jack F. Hennessy (Democrat from Bridgeport) play solitaire as the House convened to vote on a new budget. The guy sitting in the row in front of those two Democrats? He's on Facebook while the guy behind Hennessy is checking out the baseball scores.


The Vacuum Effect


Disease Clusters - The dumming down of America's Health


Obama just another Carter repurposed to put our jewels at risk so the enemy is not offended.  The America voter again has blood on its hands.

Rubber Bullets to Bean Bags

An Obama / Carter Moment still kills our American Jewels


In November 2010 Obama's GE Jobs promoter sent two hundred workers out to pasture!

In September 2010 Obama's GE Job promoter to make Obama's Green Wind Turbines . . . wait for it . . . in China

In March 2011 Obama's GE Job promoter plans to make Obama's Green Wind Turbine parts . . . wait for it . . . in India


If you're a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, you might put off a vacation.  - Barack Obama
Top 10 POTUS Leisure Activities During Tough Times


Google tosses Democracy out the Window, sees small sites as "Rubbish!" Google says don't worry. Google will determine what small sites are valuable!


The nationwide chain has several locations in Madison, Wisconsin.  One young socialist, Rob Lewis, who is involved in the protests around Madison is now blowing the lid off the real story.
They're here! Students taught by Marxist professors at American universities finally flower, ready for orders from Barack Obama.

Letter from a concerned Rabbi

Heroes of the Liberal Progressive Movement

Eugenics - the study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, esp by selective breeding. From Greek eugenēs [meaning for those who are ] well-born, from eu-  + -genēs  born

Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger, an Obama heroine, in her legacy has now completed reducing America's Black population by half while liberal progressives applaud the organization's achievement through mass abortions.

NBC gushes their naming Bill Clinton President of the World, as Clinton himself STILL refuses to challenge a rape charge against him.

Now Judical Watch reports another Democrat Party icon, Ted Kennedy, rented an entire Chile Brothel for an evening, which obviously wouldn't have been a surprise to Mary Jo's parents, Ted reported to have later hid family funds overseas to avoid paying taxes.

Planned Parenthood, Bill Clinton, and Ted Kennedy all heroes of the Socialist Democrat Party as the best in leadership, the party a majority of U.S. voters allowed to rule America in 2008. And they did, socializing America's healthcare system, now destroying America as a moral leader of the world.


For the love of money! Nintendo brings orgies to young adults and in turn, children


Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House Democrats departed the the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation.
Democrats and Marxists - Do it our way or we wouldn't play!


As American tax dollars in the hundreds of millions helps restore Mosques overseas, the weasel liberal Democrats in Congress talk about taking away the interest deduction on American homes.
Obama won't build Greek Church destroyed on 9/11, yet U.S. State Departent uses tax dollars to repair Mosques overseas


All four gals on The View say Obama is not a Muslim, while refusing to equate the Black Liberation Theology of Obama's former church to Obama's being there for 20 years, a belief a black Christ is coming back to destroy whites. Instead (cough) the ladies assume Obama's faith is of a Biblical foundation and not one taught to him and his family by Rev. Wright. (Remember candidate Obama calling the grandmother that raised him, "a typical white person?" Where do you think that came from, First John?

But how did these liberal progressive spin doctors of The View miss Obama's video where he openly says, Western civilization must accept the Muslim religion in their society "as Muslims see fit," Muslim religion a code word for Sharia.

WAKE UP! If Sharia is allowed in America as Obama wants, one man beating his wife on Main Street USA would go to jail for abuse while another, a Muslim, living next door also beating his wife would be considered giving an honor beating and left alone. It's why national network shows such as The View, where four egotists become judge and jury, are so damn dangerous to our freedoms and right to know all the facts before shutting down free speech through intimidation, as the Third Reich had effective done to those who wanted to protect the lives of Jews. Already a New Jersey, Obama supporting life-time judge tired to rule a Muslim man raping his wife was only a religious matter, and threw the case out. A higher court overruled him.

Click here for a full 10-minute video on some of Obama's statements on defending Muslim lifestyles at all cost, no president ever protecting one religion with such passion. It is why so many Americans are lead to believe Obama's Christian statements are only following the directive of the Koran, in that you may lie to your enemy if the end result is to honor Allah . . . and to fundamental change America?


MTV Skins - Glorification of Kiddie Porn for the Great Satan.

MTV morphs to kiddie porn, assuring America the position of The Great Satan to the eyes of the world


Germans revolt to bailouts of irresponsible EU Countries is not unlike Tea Party revolting against the U.S. Treasury to bail out the irresponsible progressives in California who cuddle illegals

'Germany will bail out every Euro country before collapsing.'

Dec 10, 2010 - Another Eurozone country - another threat of an imminent bailout. Italy is the third largest economy that uses the Euro - and there are fears it may start plunging in the same direction as Greece and Ireland. With the Euro falling, the amount of money it costs Rome to lend to debt-ridden countries is rising dramatically. Spain, Portugal and Belgium are also at risk of being pulled into the crisis. Doubts about the future of the single currency and the EU itself have been intensified by fresh protests sweeping across Europe - with people angry at facing savage cuts to pay for it all.

Jan 12, 2011 - Grandson of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer wants Germany to end eurozone bailouts.


Marxist Frances Fox Piven Calls For A Violent Uprising Against the American System.

What is going on behind the scene of the Progressive Left in America?

After Saturday's shooting, (January 8, 2011), let's stop beating around the bush and go to the heart of what's going on today with America's far-left mainstream media and its supporters in the Democrat Party. Their comments only days (and some even hours) after the shooting in Arizona has clearly revealed their radical agenda for America to never let a serious crisis go to waste.

These journalists and media outlets seem to always be ready on instant queue to force the public's eyes on conservatives, such as Sarah Palin and the Tea Party as trouble makers, and off the real villains who hide behind the curtain of revolution. This Marxist professor is not unlike some Czars and Communist representatives like Van Jones, who were hand-picked by Obama's handlers in 2009 and approved by the president for their positions in our government.

Frances FOX Piven (shown above) is a valued, long-time liberal progressive who is well protected by the far-left media and ready to train more angry Americans for her revolution to fundamentally change America, hating people who have turned success into personal wealth through the capitalist system that works on the needs of the marketplace (11:30 - 12:00 minutes.)

Ironically it is these entrepreneurs who take the risks that provide the jobs in the private sector to allow tens-of-millions of people to pay their bills and mortgages. Interfering in the efforts of businesses across America results in millions losing their homes, families broken - the perfect storm pariahs like Piven are betting on to create the environment that will provide mass recruitment for their revolutionary army of hope and change.


Glenn Beck was right.  Here is what happens when you do your own resarch.

Glenn Beck was Right!


Looking For A George Washington

Lt Colonel Allen West's Speech on Jihad and Islam for Freedom Defense Initiative.

Retired Lt. Col. West with a stunning speech on the attacks on America by Jihadist when he was candidate West, elected to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"I find it most distressing that the largest gathering of conservatives in America does nothing to address the single greatest threat to our national security, our Constitution, our very way of life." - Freedom Defense Initiative, February 19, 2010


We warned you five years ago!


Heritage Foundation's Solutions for America

We are the Masters of our Fate and Captains of our Soul!

Death by Handling - The Dark Side of Homeland Security!


Photo source: Washington Times, July 10th - AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File

A Dangerous Game - Who is fooling Whom?

Photo source: Washington Times, July 10th - AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File


Top Gear - General Motors hy wire.flv

Chevy HyWire hydrogen-driven car. Doesn't need a battery. You don't need to rape your electric bill at home for a recharge. And the steerage can be on the left or right, rear-view mirrors flat-screen monitors. And if you don't like the body design, discontect the computer cable and a few bolts to put on a new styled body. But it could be 20 years before in production.

But think Hyundi and Toyota are going to wait around for Chevy's HyWire to reach the market before they produce their own in the estimated 20 years Chevy might be ready?


Fantastic video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman, remixed.  By the way, I did not create this video! Search on the names above if you want more info - they are responsible.

2010 - From the series, Did You Know?


Which causes MORE long-term destruction?

An atomic bomb or a liberal government welfare program?


Disgusting! The Poverty President Paints the Town Red!

Fall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.  President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body. A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet.


Rick Sanchez, Dr. Laura and Helen Thomas take note: Carry the Travel Teleprompter for all your foot-in-mouth needs.

Liberal Democrats Love Their Talking Points - Get one today!

That's why an entrepreneur developed the new Travel Teleprompter


Now For A Walk Down Memory Lane

Do you remember these spoiled hippie brats, radicals who hated the establishment and those horrible self-achieving Americans? This smiling female hippie even followed the teachings of Alinsky, years later proudly calling herself a progressive.

And remember what the smiling male hippie did to America's education system and then to America's financial system through harassing banks to give out bad loans in the 1990s? Remember, his having been accused of raping a women in Arkansas, the media saying his actions were only (cough)"about sex?"

Yet the same liberal media brats of TV network news, cable news, and ASNE always loved hypocrites like these, writing how wonderful their ideas were for America, seeing conservatives instead as just plain bad for the country and not understanding what it took to run the country into the ground. So who are these two people the media just loves?

On my God . . . they're the same ones below who just gave their daughter, are you ready, a three-million dollar wedding! Can you believe it? These hippies became the people they hated. No hippie communes for these brats, eh?

The media pisses on itself writing, "Excitement Builds as Clinton Prepares to Tie Knot."
The media wets its panties writing about the child of these two former hippies, "Excitement Builds as Clinton Prepares to Tie Knot."


What BS! Yuppie Youth who fought for nothing, Clegg and Obama, apologize for U.S. and UK being proud of achievements. Diaper babies?


"There are those who view a skyscraper as an art that defines an image of a city.  Al Hamra, however, presents a new iconic dimention to the world; a landscape of business and lifestyle that will create a relationship for centuries to come."  - Al Hamra CEO.

The Al Hamra. More than a Building!

Kuwait now looks to a bright future with the fall of the regime and egotist Saddam Hussein and his thug sons. (Continued on next column.)

Their personal greed created an environment that destroyed innovation and creativity as they sucked the life out of their country and its neighbors.

It was the resolve of Bush Senior and later his son, George, in the United States, which destroyed the Saddam Hussein regime revealing his working with the most sinister organization on earth since human kind, the United Nations (UN) , and its corrupt Oil for Food program that fed three maniacs instead of millions of needy Iraqis.

That's all ironic in 2010 as America itself now comes under control of its own egotistical dictator, Barack Obama, and his congressional thugs who destroy innovation and creativity through their own Saddamic greed and love of money with control from the UN. Under the weight of this new regime, they now take their turn to suck the life out of a country and its people, another once proud culture morphing into decay. - Webmaster


From Russia with Love?

- News from the Russian Bear -

Russia-U.S. spy scandal - " a wonderful comedy?

From Russia with Love?

- News from the Russian Bear -

Russia defeats U.S. in ICQ battle

From Russia with Love?

- News from the Russian Bear -

Offshore economy will not let U.S. off its knees


Conservative Books


Where did my America go?

- One of New York City's Finest Speaks Out -

Michael Solomon's Newsletters

Michael Solomon is the author of "Where did my America go?"  He is a decorated former drug enforcement officier for the New York City Police Department, now an activist investigating the activities of ACORN.  Obama had served ACORN's Chicago chapter as an attorney in the late 1990s, responsible for training ACORN in legal tactics to harass banks to give out mortgages to customers who couldn't afford them.  Now a decade later he suddenly claims it was someone else that caused this mess!

Author and activist Michael Solomon with Governor Sara Palin

ACORN Watch Report

Note: Michael Solomon's newletters are no longer available

Baby. it's cold outside Call me hypocritical The Power of Thirty-One Little Words
The Other White Meat Is Politics Interfering with Your Sex Life? Book Review - April 2007
Shattered Records and Shattered Lives Always Having to Say You're Sorry To Build a Better Mousetrap
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Green Is The New Gold Thou Shalt Not . . . Don't Card Me Bro.
The Audacity Of Hopelessness Did Obama Do His Homework? Breakfast At Tiffany's
I Need Your Help, Please Priceless The Presidential Speech You Will Never Hear
How To Turn A Fantasy Into A Miracle Tribute to Russert Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
Sex, Lies, and Photoshop Sir Isaac Newton And The Economy "There's A Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza,"
Stop the Presses Yes, we can? Nailing Jell-O To The Wall- A History Lesson
John McCain's Next Move The Final Perspective One Plus One Equal Three?
Is all fair in love, war and talk radio? Trickle Down Poverty And The Winner Is . . .
The Eleventh Commandment Mr. Goodwrench The Next Andromeda Strain
That's Entertainment! The Fire Of Intolerance Ignorance And Apathy
Mob Rule Boston Harbor 2009 All Present And Accounted For
The Wampanoags    


Gee, I wish I had said that!

There is an excellent phrase available for you to use today to describe the pomperoneous media in our country, it capturing an image in the mind how the media really operates. The phrase we are talking about is "The Drive-by Media." We believed it was coined by Rush Limbaugh to describe how the media reports the news today, as in "hit and run." But "pomperoneous," as seen above, is yet to be classified as a word and was submitted for consideration by Michael Solomon, author of "Where did My America Go".

In addition you also have a new word to use in your rantings and writings that perfectly describes today's far-left elitists. Check it out on the right to see how it's used in other sentences. You can also see it used in this political cartoon.

Pomperoneous© - adjective:

"the art of sounding arrogant or important by expressing false or misleading statements about ones-self"- as in 'pomperoneous speech."

Examples of usage:

"I invented the Internet"

"Tipper and I were the subject of Eric Segal's novel Love Story."


Vacations Great and Small that will take your breath away!  (Thanks to Karl of Florida.)

World Vacations Great and Small

(Download pp file)


Guess Who Helped Bring Us This Housing Mess!

The main core of the problem goes back to 1999 when Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. The act was enacted during the Great Depression. It protected bank depositors from the additional risks associated with security transactions. Passed by Congress in 1933, the act prohibited commercial banks from collaborating with full-service brokerage firms or participating in investment banking activities. Glass-Steagall was one of the moves made by FDR to deal with the Depression. It was essentially repealed in 1998 and officially overturned in 1999 by the Clinton administration when Travelers Insurance, the parent of Salomon Smith Barney acquired Citicorp . . . read more



Special Report - Unmasking the Myths Behind the Fairness Doctrine - .pdf

Companies Hit Hardest By Credit Crisis - Oct



Democrats Go On Vacation While Republicans Stay To Fight For Energy Independence.

Top 10 Energy Questions For Speaker Pelosi

More Obama Change you can believe in!

But WND reviewed the list of 789 closing franchises and databases of political donors and found that of dealership majority owners making contributions in the November 2008 election, less than 10 percent gifted to Democrats while 90 percent gave substantial sums to Republican candidates . . . read more


If you can, imagine a vehicle that runs on air, achieves over 100 gas-equivalent mpg and over 90 mph, has zero to low C02 emissions, seats six, has plenty of space for luggage, cuts no safety corners, and costs no more than an average economy to mid-size vehicle.
Source: Zero Pollution Motors

India’s largest automaker is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle. The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre for Luxembourg-based MDI, uses compressed air, as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen explosions of internal-combustion models, to push its engine’s pistons. Some 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars are scheduled to hit Indian streets in August of 2008. - read more

And then there's the Tweel

- America's Fastest-Changing Industries -


So exactly who promised changes in 2006 to protect you and instead worried about the Polar Bears?


Hollywood Slobbers Over Chic Commie Symbols

The people of Peru suffered decades of violence from a Maoist guerrilla insurgency by touring there on Friday with a bag emblazoned with one of Mao Zedong's favourite political slogans. While she explored the Inca city of high in Peru's Andes, Diaz wore over her shoulder an olive green messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and the words 'Serve the People' printed in Chinese on the flap, perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao's most famous political slogan.
Hollywood goes Mao.
Photo Source: DrudgeReport

Napoleon remarked, "History is a lie agreed upon." This bit of wisdom is superbly illustrated by the conventional wisdom concerning the Communist Party of the United States of America.

We are supposed to believe that the CPUSA was never more than an insignificant flea on the American body politic, and that the charges concerning its alleged influence and activities in the 1930s and 1940s were simply wild exaggerations concocted by cynical politicians -- most notably Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wis., McCarthy himself was duly censured by the Senate in 1954, and America has slowly drifted back to sleep on the subject . . . read more - Dec 2007


Many building projects in Dubai, which is going through a construction frenzy, have been facing delays caused by shortage of building materials and skilled labour.
Burj Dubai - It's done. World's tallest structure!
See drawings and pictures of the new Terminal 3 at Beijing's International Airport.

Future plans for O'Hare, Newark Liberty, Kennedy or LAX? Nope, guess again!

The oxymoron of a Brave New World - Lethal Injections: the human thing to do

Beijing airport is now largest building on earth - May 07

China opens one of world's largest bridges - May 07

Where the hell has my America Gone?

"If you're a liberal, failure just means we're not spending enough." - Rush Limbaugh


Big Brother to control thermostats in your home

"The implications of this language are far-reaching and Orwellian," he said. "For the government and utility company to say, 'We're going to control the devices in your house, and you have no choice in that matter,' that's where the line is drawn. That sentence must be removed." . . . read more


"I Have a Plan to Destroy America."


This site, a part of the network, is committed to providing detailed and up-to-date information about the funding source of radical anti-consumer organizations and activists. We have analyzed over 410,000 pages of IRS documents to create this database, and new information will be added every month.


Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.  Through its educational endeavors, Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people.   Judicial Watch fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations and public outreach.

Judical Watch's list of Most Corrupt Politicians for 2007

Judical Watch Archive


Compliments Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An Iraqi voter putting their lives on the blue line.

This is not a vote. Nothing to click on. We're just asking, "Which one would you want running the values of your family?" America, the greatest country in the world? But by what benchmark?



Candy wrappers typically list just the U.S. distributor of the products, so label readers can't determine the origin of the vanillin found in a Nestle Crunch bar, the carageenan in a Baby Ruth or the gum arabic in a pack of Mentos. Those three ingredients, and numerous other flavoring and preservative additives, commonly come from Chinese companies, Hubbard said.

"The cocoa might come from another country and the sugar might be American, so you're not going to get a country of origin on that product," Hubbard said. Companies in China produce about 80 percent of the world's wheat gluten, common in most breads, cakes and cookies, and 80 percent of its sorbic acid, a preservative used in just about everything, he said . . . read more - June 2007


What Senator McCain Tried To Do to America in 2006. Never Forget He's a Flaming RINO!

The wonderful cartoons of Michael Ramirez.
Yes, it's the Best of Ramirez Cartoons!



Six Reasons Why the World Hates Us!


One of the top ten most corrupt politicians in 2006 - Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton (

Photo Source: DrudgeReport


It's over!

Clinton suspends historic campaign, endorses Obama - would rather stay a Democrat and endore men then launch a historic independent party for women?

Hillary was waiting for Obama to make the big mistake, and then . . .


"We never hear a word about her radical socialist views," said Kupelian. "We never hear about her scandals and notoriously shady enterprises with Bill Clinton, about Whitewater, Travelgate, Pardongate, the impossible $1,000-to-$100,000 futures trade, about her repeated episodes of obstructing justice, hiding and shredding subpoenaed documents, lying to investigators and ordering subordinates to lie. We never hear about her incredibly foul mouth or her legendary abuse of Secret Service agents."
"It is like looking into the face of socialism, hell, and despair." - Webmaster
All 2006 charitable donations reported by Clintons went to . . . (drum roll) . . . the Clinton Foundation, or course!


My Finest Hour

Photo refutes Hillary's statement of arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire.

"I remember landing under sniper fire," Clinton recounted. "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

Image of Bosnia ceremony contradicts story used to boost foreign policy cred:

Sen. Hillary Clinton has used a story of arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire to bolster her foreign policy bona fides, but the Washington Post retrieved a photo showing that upon landing, she actually was greeted in a customary tarmac ceremony, complete with a kiss for a native child.

Clinton has declared on the campaign trail that a welcoming ceremony for the March 25, 1996, arrival in Tuzla was canceled, and she had to run from the airplane into an airport building for safety. The then-first lady's traveling party included 15-year-old daughter Chelsea, the comedian Sinbad and singer Sheryl Crow . . . read more

Watch CBS News on actual Bosnia landing

Roll the Video Tape: So whose's sorry now?

Hillary and Edwards had conspired early on to edge out other "unimportant" candidates.
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Hillary's List of Lies

Cartoons from Mike Lester.
Cartoons by Mike Lester

Hillary: Swiftboated!


Back in 1997, a spokesman for the first lady referred inquiries about the meeting to the National Security Council. At the time, a spokesman for the National Security Council, Eric Rubin, responded by saying that President Clinton, not the first lady, sets foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton and Muthanna Hanooti in 1996.

A Michigan man facing federal criminal charges of illegally working for Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Intelligence Service says he met with Hillary Clinton at the White House in May 1996.

In a 1997 interview with this reporter, Muthanna Hanooti said that at the meeting, Mrs. Clinton was "very receptive" to his request for an easing of the American sanctions on Iraq that were in place at the time. He said Mrs. Clinton "passed a message to the State Department" about the need to implement the oil-for-food deal, which was intended to allow Saddam to sell billions of dollars' worth of oil to pay for food for Iraqi citizens . . . read more

Will the REAL Hillary Clinton please stand up?

Need to know what Hillary Clinton would be like if she gets into the White House again, this time with real power? Well here's a hint.

Maybe you would find out like Barack Obama has, his hearing on January 13, 2008, how she had smiled brightly at a southern church meeting, her eyes enlarging as she spoke kindly about him:

"I am so proud of my party I am so proud of my country and I am so proud of Sen. Barack Obama, because together we have presented our cases to the people."

And then maybe again in a Texas debate of February 21, 2008, where she would smile again but this time directly at him while grabbing his hand:

"And, you know, no matter what happens in this contest -- and I am honored, I am honored to be here with Barack Obama. I am absolutely honored."

Then suddenly, two days later as if Mommy Dearest, she gives a swift kick between the legs:

"Shame on you, Barack Obama," she screams at the top of her lungs as if his room had not been cleaned, "It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. That's what I expect from you. Meet me in Ohio. Let's have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign."

Talk about the socialist tactics of Saul D. Alinsky from his The Thirteen Rules for Power, Hillary's early idol. I believe the last thing America needs now in the White House is another dangerous socialist nanny.

Already too many government officials are telling Americans what they should drive, what they should eat, what they should say, what should be taught in their schools, and what temperature the inside of our homes should be kept. Instead of electing more of these wealthy elitists, we need to boot more of them out of office if we are to protect our freedoms from an inflating government bureaucracy.

Now scan this entire page to discover the REAL Hillary Clinton. - Webmaster

As one blogger wrote, and we could have not said it better, "She absolutely disgusts me. If it ends up being Clinton v. McCain, I will vote Republican for the first time in my life." - CNN

(Be sure to visit our Election Coverage)

Experience counts? Read on . . . then you decide


Hillary: Stand By Some Other Man! - Mar.

I have no doubt that you are the same conniving, self-serving person you were twenty-two years ago when I had the misfortune to meet you. When I see you on television, campaigning for the New York senate race, I can see the same hypocrisy  in your face that you displayed to me one evening in 1978. You have not changed.

"Hey Hillary, how did you forget these tears?"

Heard the drive-by bring this up to the First Lady? Didn't think so. Debates? What a joke! The fix is in by the smucks of the drive-by media.

Judicial Watch Releases Records Re: Hillary’s Health Care Reform Plan - January 2008

P.S.: We're Lying to You - January 2008

Hillary Tears - So what do the people say! - January 2008

Reviewer says this is just another right wing smear.  But if it had been made by Media Matters, would it then pass the smell test?   We want to know what happened to Peter Paul, who created a new company after merging with a former executive of Marvel Comics.  After they committed millions of dollars on a Hollywood gala for Hillary, she trashed Paul, Hillary on video later not even acknowledging his existance.  Once the funds were verified as true she then dumped the mess on her fundraiser.

The Hillary Movie
(From her own words)
We just want to know why she trashed Peter Paul, after giving her millions she said she didn't know about.
(Liar, Liar, pants on fire!)

Judicial Watch wins lawsuit - 10,000 pages of Hillary's schedule records to be released!

The archivists' decision to withhold documents, based on guidance provided by Bill Clinton . . .

Liar, liar! National Archives reveals 10,000 documents from Hillary's time in White House ready for public view - (.pdf)

So What Else is New?

A group that lobbies for needle exchanges, for allowing more immigrants with HIV/AIDS to legally enter the country, and for condom distribution in prisons received a $303,000 federal earmark pushed by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).

That was one of 261 earmarks Clinton personally helped usher through Congress. That's more earmarks than any other member of Congress seeking the presidency, according to an analysis by the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW).

This specific appropriation is from the Department of Justice and is aimed at fighting methamphetamine use - that's what the Gay Men's Health Crisis Center is supposed to do with the taxpayer-funded money.

Clinton announced the grant in October 2007, a month after receiving a $750 donation and a $250 donation from Felix Lopez, an attorney for the "Gay Men's Health Crisis" and for a clinic based in New York.

A number of other non-profit organizations in New York state that received Clinton earmarks also had employees who contributed to her presidential campaign or political action committee, HillPAC . . .
read more

- Pastor Got $1.5 Million in Clinton Earmarks Before Endorsement -

A true oxymoron - Hillary and the heroes of 9/11.

Finally! Her TRUE COLORS!

Revisit the Clinton Record? You bet! - December 2007

What Giuliani and others had lived with on 9/11, former hippie Hillary now exploits in political ad. - Oct. 2007
PS: In case you don't know, Hillary is the one with the mask on.
Photo Source: DrudgeReport
Hillary's Airtight Archives - November 2007
You can believe that Hillary is using her early activist training from Saul D. Alinsky, an extreme socialist. Hillary also claims to be the developer of far-left radical Web site, MediaMatters. (Let' see if you can turn $1,000 into $100,000. Gee, where are networks when you need them?)

We're confused. So who is running for president, Bill or Hillary? - November 2007

Thanks to Jim of New Jersey, for this photo they call Hill-Billy.  Like we said, we're confused who is running for president, Hillary or Bill . . . or maybe as in this strange photo, you just can't even separate them.
Welcome to the world of Sci-Fi.

The Case of Peter Paul vs. Hillary Clinton - the buying of America's judicial branch!

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Clintons to face fraud trial in Peter Paul case - February 2008

Consider the case of Kazakhstan - February 2008

What are the Clintons hiding? - February 2008

Seven Things To Know About the Clintons - October 2007

Thief that stole documents for former Clinton Administration is rewarded . . . asked to be advisor to Hillary. - October 2007
And Foster committed suicide. The color of evil never changes.
Judical Watch Files Bar Complaint Against Sandy Berger - May 2005

The important issue with respect to Berger is this: 

As a foreign policy advisor to candidate (and potential president) Hillary Clinton, he would presumably have access to sensitive information, and he has proven time and time again that he cannot be trusted.  By continuing to use the criminal Berger as an advisor, Mrs. Clinton again shows that contempt for the rule of law is as much of a “policy” for her as universal health care.

Clinton Library Won't Release Berger Documents - May

"I am sorry that the communist who falsely accused me of falsely accusing Hillary Rodham Clinton of being a Marxist has not bothered to read her Master’s thesis or “her” book, "It Takes a Village" . . . read more

"Something Has to be Taken Away from Some People!" - Hillary Clinton - June 2007

What is religion in America today?  It's worthless . . . no more useful to changing your life than a stone in your yard or a palm tree out back of your home, as was the actual case of a couple in Hawaii.  If these three politicians are examples of religion, than the human race is doomed as a joke, simply cycled out of hot rock, one day to return.  So then what is the rule for mankind? Simple.  Go do what you want.  Just don't get caught, like this Holy Trinity.

Hillary on Her Faith

- July 2007

Photo Source: DrudgeReport / Time The Holy Trinity? TIME thinks so.
If Hillary really is a woman and married, where is her anger over what her husband did to Juanita while an employee of the government of Arkansas?  And let's not forget about all the other chicks Hillary went after with her private detectives to protect Bill?  Hillary has proven again, a corrupt politician named by Judicial Watch, that morals are the least of platforms when running for the office today in America.  Where has your America gone, Michael?  In the dump.

Bill looks wonderful, doesn't he? It caused us to ask the question, "Where did they hide the walker?"

And Hillary, where is your outrage over all the chicks you had to chase away all those decades and then never asking Bill, "Was Juanita Broaddrick worth it when you had such a fine woman standing by your side?"If goes again to prove that in today's political world there really are very strange bedfellows, and that in the end many secular progressive Americans may finally get the government they so richly deserve.

Photo Source: DrudgeReport  

The 2009 Democrat hidden tax plan?

The Clinton RU-486 Files! - Law suit by Judicial Watch - May 2006

Hillary's run for White House blocking 'Path to 9/11' DVD? - September 2007

Clinton campaign twist media's arm to kill negative story - September 2007

Hillary’s Attack on Patients’ Choice - September 2007

Judicial Watch sues Clinton Library for First Lady activities from 1993 - 2001 (.pdf) - July 2007
Judicial Watch includes Hillary in its “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians 2006 ” - December 2006
Ten (plus) Unanswered Questions for Hillary
. . . or which party really has the most smelly swamp.

Here is a question Hillary, Obama, and Edwards would rather not answer . . .

"Who saved the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with a powerful speech, delivered minutes before the vote in the Senate?" . . .click here for answer

When the military lends a hand at the White House!

A look at the mind of Hillary Clinton. Hold onto your hat!

Project on Death in America - former code name for HillaryCare!

Hillary's Thesis: The Village Needs an Enemy - March 2007
In 1969 thesis, Clinton tackled radicalism tag - March 2007


2008 will not be like 1984.

Hillary - 1984

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Source: Drudge - YouTube

What Hillary and other Democrats originally said about Saddam having WMDs.

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Clinton to Return $850,000 Raised by Hsu - September 2007

Shades of Vince Foster - Hsu Sent Suicide Note Before Disappearance - September 2007

Micromanager Hillary - why she got caught with her panties down. - September 2007

The Real Legacy of Bill Clinton's Presidency

The famed "allies," whom liberals claim they are so interested in pleasing, went ballistic at this cave-in to North Korea. Japan and South Korea -- actual allies, unlike France and Germany -- were furious. Even Hans Blix thought we were being patsies. If you need any more evidence that it was a rotten deal, The New York Times hailed it as "a resounding triumph." . . . read more - October 2006

Source unknown.

Contributions from Selected Industries to 2008 Democrat Candidates





Diaz wore over her shoulder an olive green messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and the words 'Serve the People' printed in Chinese on the flap, perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao's most famous political slogan.

Photo Source: DrudgeReport

Webmaster - How can someone so dumb about the murder of millions of people make so much money? Why? Because tits and a** outweigh brains. Didn't you see "A Chorus Line?"

As usual, tolerant Hollywood sticks it to the poor.

Actress Cameron Diaz appears to have committed a major fashion crime in Peru. The voice of Princess Fiona in the animated Shrek films may have inadvertently offended Peruvians. They suffered decades of violence from a Maoist guerrilla insurgency by touring there on Friday with a bag emblazoned with one of Mao Zedong's favourite political slogans. While she explored the Inca city of high in Peru's Andes, Diaz wore over her shoulder an olive green messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and the words 'Serve the People' printed in Chinese on the flap, perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao's most famous political slogan. While the bags are marketed as trendy fashion accessories in some world capitals, the phrase has particular resonance in Peru. The Maoist Shining Path insurgency took Peru to the edge of chaos in the 1980s and early 1990s with a campaign of massacres, assassinations and bombings. Nearly 70,000 people were killed during the insurgency. A prominent Peruvian human rights activist said the star of There's Something About Mary should have been a little more aware of local sensitivities when picking her accessories. "It alludes to a concept that did so much damage to Peru, that brought about so many victims," said Pablo Rojas about the bag's slogan. "I don't think she should have used that bag where the followers of that ideology" did so much damage. Source: - June 2007

Update - "I sincerely apologise to anyone I may have inadvertently offended," Diaz said in a statement. "The bag was a purchase I made as a tourist in China and I did not realise the potentially hurtful nature of the slogan printed on it." Source writes, "One prominent Peruvian human rights activist said Diaz should have been a little more aware of local sensitivities when picking her accessories."



The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . .

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News

The elitist witch is ready to serve you!
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Paris Hilton pays tribute to her favorite icon - herself!

Want to know why the world hates us? This is why the world hates us. The United States of America, and this is what it has all come down to? And the media? As a U.S. Airman fights for his life after being shot on July 4th by a peacenik, (July 2007) America's media totally ignores the story and pushes this baby slut on us. America was supposed to inspire the world while its media was supposed to protect demcracy. Fat chance that means anything today, eh?

The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . The media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . . the media's witch . . .



"Nothing can revive that trainwreck....her career is over! But hey, she still makes $750,000/month which is more than I make in 10 years. Yeah, life is fair."  Posted comment.

Photo source: TMZ

Muslims, take a listen to an example of today's screwed-up American youth or at least a good actor. But it doesn't matter since you get the picture. For the record, it's part of America's new Valtrex society . . . young adults lied to by America's liberal education system, which in turn helped to create the most diseased generation in America's history. According to a 2004 release by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American teens will have a 50% chance of contacting an STD by age 25. You can't make this up.

Britney Spears - the poster child of why America is no "City on a Hill" nor role model for any democracy.

"Iraqi citizens, do you really want this? You could do better with your hands tied behind your back (no pun intended.)"

Want to know why the world hates us? This is again why the world hates us. The United States of America fighting to become the City on Hill, and this is what it has all come down to? And the media? America's journalists have chosen to become aliens in their own country, not citizens but aloof and arrogant internationalists not wanting to dirty their hands on patriotism. Journalists during WWII lived as Americans . . . were side by side with Americans. But the scabs that run the Fourth Estate today "do not live with us" but instead simply "live among us," wanting to also be objective for those who want to destroy the country. Living with today's press is like living in a world of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," lifeless humans that rip their society apart in the name of "political correctness," the walking dead.

The media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . The media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . The media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . The media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . The media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . . the media's bitch . . .



"The policy from the White House has been to allocate funds to religious institutions, even those that channel those funds exclusively to their own particular group of believers in a particular religion," Carter said. "As a traditional Baptist, I've always believed in separation of church and state and honored that premise when I was president, and so have all other presidents, I might say, except this one."
Photo source: DrudgeReport

The Ugliest of Americans -

"Oh, it's just another picture of Dorian Gray."

Meet the president that gave the American people the finger with over 17% interest rates on homes, long gas lines, and caused the democratic leader of Iran to fall on his face, resulting in the taking of 88 American embassy hostages for over a year - the activist who took them now the President of Iran.

Of course the media and the three major television networks still just love him, proving again you are what you eat.

Jackass Party's rear-end, Jimmy Carter, Bashes U.S. In Meeting With Communists



The Anti-American Writings of Chief Justice Ruth Bater Ginsburg
Judiciary Hearings U.S. Senate, July 23,1993 - .pdf file -

Finally, they found a hero at, "Oh my God," MSNBC?

(In a time when host is allowed to call Fox News the KKK.) - June 2007

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Kind of interesting to read about how the people in Iowa are handling the flood . . .

Such as moving quickly to evac centers, setting up tables with needed bathroom supplies, spare clothing grouped by size for those who need it, tending to each other and helping the enfeebled. No riots, no whining,no demands that the government take care of them, no stealing, no accusing President Bush of a plot to wipe them out, etc., etc.

What do you figure the difference is? Curious minds want to know.

Thanks to Jim of NJ


America Not! Archived News Stories


U.S. Taxpayers Bail Out California Homeowners

Whatever happen To Common Sense?

A Golden State train wreck

Do You Know What a ‘Pansexual’ Is? A TX State Rep. Just Came Out as One

LGBT volunteer shoots conservative group's guard

America is losing its future, as atheism dictates new values

Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination

Domestic Spying: Mini-Drone Can Watch Neighbors From Above

The NAACP attack one of their own color . . . yet they say his blackness is not enough!

With RINO support to make Congress less important, Obama signs bill exempting presidential appointees from Senate confirmation

After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option

Meet the Real Workers Obama screwed over

Sessions Wants Answers From ICE About Agent Possibly Suspended For Upholding The Law

Emails Reveal Fed Agency Asked Law Enforcement to Stand Down and Not Arrest Occupiers After Consulting Obama White House

San Francisco Pelosi: Republican Jews 'Being Exploited'

Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen With Health Law

Skype makes chats and user data more available to police

Retailers Ready To Force Consumers To Pay ‘Swipe Fee’ For Using Plastic

Decades Democrat-run northern city reaches its pinicle of success

Another Flash Mob Of Teens can't wait to 2013 for Obama's spread the wealth and steals $3K Of Jeans From Chicago Wicker Park Store

There he goes again!

China partners with Disney to project 'soft power!'

Mayor of Boston and Roseanne Barr get half their wish - Chick-Fil-A's Head Of PR died of A Heart Attack

DHS looking for vendors to perform ‘remote sensing’ airborne photography

Homeland Security to experiment with rescue drones inside the United States

DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as 2012 election nears

What Me Worry? YES!

So is the problem Americans no longer believe the Republic is worth saving?

Earnings Show Recession May Be 'Fast Approaching'

Obama creating African-American education office

President Obama Thanks 'Porn Kingpin' Democrat Fundraiser

Is The U.S. Government Planning To Implement Secret Scanners That Can Detect Anything?

Communication powers given to DHS by Obama, the department that has said returning vets are potential terrorists

Obama Signs Executive Order for More Control of Communications in Times of Emergency

Hollywood knows how to pick them, Obama's buddy and Voice over for Speedy Conzales cartoons throws swear words at Arizona Sheriff

Speaking of Felonies: The White House and the Sestak 'Bribe'

America jumps off the cliff to social engineering: Calif. Lawmakers Mull Adjusting Family Structure

For the First Time, Canadians Now Richer Than Americans

Americans Joining Disability Now Outpacing Americans Finding Jobs Now

Media Fail: Chevy Volt Makes NO Money, Costs Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Car

Some minorities can't wait for free stuff in November, as Flash Mobs storm local stores in Portland, Oregaon, and AGAIN in Jacksonville, Florida

China ascends to Number 2 on Fortune 500

IRS to Issue ‘Scary Letters & Threats,’ Hire Thousands of New Employees to Enforce Health Care Law

America's coming civil war - makers vs. takers!

U.S. Government's Consumer bureau to police credit reporting bureaus - giving Obama Democrats control from A to Z of the reporting on bad credit?

Feds foist chicken ID on frustrated farmers

China ascends to number two on Fortune 500

French Solar Company Wins $25 million Contract After Posting Losses of $70 Million

With Today's Tax Flip-Flop Obama Moves Left of Pelosi, Hits 900K Small Bizs

Man gets 60 days in jail over home Bible studies

These are fetuses, which fascist liberals continue to say aren't human, Americans ready to be born as citizens

True colors of leftist supporters in America? (Warning, hate mail copy can be disturbing.)

Cherokee women try to meet with Elizabeth Warren's campaign on Warren being Cherokee, but she refuses to meet with them

Why is the Home Depot, a home improvement store, supporting groups that are related to the North American Man / Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)?

Dismal hiring shows economy stuck in low gear

Typical of Obama promises after three years of yada, yada, yada, disability ranks for Americans OUTPACE New Jobs In Obama Recovery by 5,000!

Maple Seed sized Drones From Lockheed Martin Will Swarm The Future

WND Spy Drone Buzzes Journalist’s Secluded Home

Dearborn Police encourage Muslims To ‘Stone’ Christians with bottles and cans at Public Event by removing Christian freedom of speech from their eyes

Recapping three years of Obama’s lies

New Black Panther Declares: We Will Hunt ‘Pink A**es’ Down, ‘Kill ’Em, Dig ‘Em Up & Kill ‘Em Again & Again & Again!’

U.S. manufacturing shrinks for first time in 3 years

8,733,461: Workers on Federal 'Disability' Exceed Population of New York City

Airbus to Build Planes in Alabama, Challenging Boeing

Ford China to Build US $760 Million Assembly Plant in Hangzhou; Doubles China Passenger Car Capacity to 1.2 Million Units Annually

GM's CEO reported in 2011 that 7 out of 10 Chevy vehicles are built outside the United States

Pentagon Creating Legions Of Insect Spy Drones

This is why there are no jobs in America

How Did Lawmakers Treat Small Business?

NRA: Fast and Furious a gun-control plot

The Real War on Women

Flash Mobbery Portland: Black Mobs Loot Albertsons and Nordstroms in Portland Area

Ninth Circuit Heading for Sun and Surf – On Our Dime!

Feds won't say what food stamps buy

Oreo Pride: Rainbow-Stuffed Cookie Sparks Threats of Boycott

Tarkenton blows whistle on Obama

Congressmen Ask Defense Secretary to Halt Air Force Attack on Religious Faith

Obama Proclaims June Pride Month

Just keep America spending until it self-destructs? Democrat Senate Votes Down MODEST Food Stamp Reforms

EPA Agents Interrogate Asheville Computer consultant for trying to e-mail EPA officier who claimed that American businesses should be treated as Rome had crucified small towns

Sewall-Belmont House draws fire from NOW for . . . wait for it . . . honoring Laura Bush

Spending Off the Hook: Free Phones Costing Taxpayers $2.1 Billion Per Year

Rio conferees mull $1,325 'green tax' on U.S. families

Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs

Food stamp spending up 100 percent since Obama took office

The Nation’s Top “Progressives” … And Socialists And Communists

Time to Crush the Myth about Gender Pay Inequality

Dr. Phil gets involved with acceptable Mercey killing, asking an audience that has already approved 50-million abortions. But what is acceptable, too whom, and when?

Bloomberg puts New Yorkers on a tighter leash, I guess their thinking its S&M and giving a "thumbs up."

Obama is discarding the Constitution in favor of International Law

U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show

Obama risks national security to secure his own re-election

WTO seeks to scrap 'Made in USA' labels

What will America do as EU studies serious options if Greece abandons euro?

Americans saw wealth plummet 40 percent from 2007 to 2010, Federal Reserve says

Hillary Clinton should explain where religious freedom went as a civil right to be protected

School pulls patriotic song at graduation, but Justin Bieber's 'Baby' is OK . . . for graduation?!

The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and their great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years." - David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Member

Why the U.S. Dollar will Hyperinflate

Military May Be Using Drones in U.S. to Help Police

Liberal Secular Jews gone wild? Bloomberg doesn't like New Yorkers drinking large cups of soda, but leave them alone if they're . . . wait for it . . . smoking Marijuana

Freedom is Knowledge reported this back in 2008, few Americans fatten from the work of others cared if their president was a communist

RFID Chip Implants For Human Use Being Developed And Debated Right Now

Elizabeth Warren railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, yet is reported to have netted hefty profits through “flipping” properties

Elizabeth Warren railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, yet is reported to have netted hefty profits through “flipping” properties

EPA Using Drones to Spy on Cattle Ranchers in Nebraska and Iowa

Krauthammer: WH Leaking Iran Intel To NYT Is A ‘Scandal’

The Secret Kill List

French Fried Potatoheads

U.S. Jobs Data Confirm Worst Fears: Employers Not Hiring Much in 2012 . . . Obama White House blames Bush

Living in a Pagan America - House Democrats vote to Support Gender-Based Abortion

DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appeals Court

Bloomberg On Soda Ban: "We're Simply Forcing You To Understand"

Obama and His Pot-Smoking ‘Choom Gang’

Sinister truth about Google spies: Street View cars stole information from British households but executives 'covered it up' for years

Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation

Youtube removed 16-year old Madeleine McAulay comments on North Carolina vote, while she experiences hate mail and death threats from progressive fascists

New profit-making plan available at Planned Parenthood: ‘Sex-selective’ abortions

Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’

Liar, liar, panties on fire! Women Senate Democrats, creating bill to equal pay of female and male staffers, pay their own female staffers less than male

Hustler Magazine Responds to Faked S.E. Cupp Porn Image: “That’s Satire!”

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: "Obama Has Authority to Override Congress to Declare War!"

Facebook Censors Mother Photos of Baby Born With Birth Defect, Bans Her From Network

How do you fundamentally change a country? Obama says it's easy. "Mess with its history."

Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops

House Dems Receive Training On Portraying Conservatives As Racist

Obama kisses the 1% that RUN to give this faux Christian millions to push America into pagan culture

If you can't get rid of it, judge says take a chisel to the Ten Commandments to satisfy the secular Jewish membership of the ACLU?

Number of Women Not in Labor Force Hits Historic High

The U.S. Department of Justice? Correction: The Liberal Progressive's Department of Justice

Fired Higher Ed Writer who is also married to a black: Outcry Is Proof That ‘There Is No Legitimacy’ in Race Studies

Unprecedented: Top DOJ Officials Were Obama Bundlers with Wall Street Ties!

Obama, who promoted the Occupy movement into existence in 2011, ignores capture of Occupy domestic terrorists

Be afraid, exultant Greek neo-Nazis warn rivals

New UN Demand: U.S. should return stolen land to Indian tribes

The Obama Culture accepted by the new Democrat Party is a sign of the coming storm against all common sense

Current pagan culture wins over Biblical writings watering down the message to the consistency of jello

As advocating leftists influence enters the corpcorate world . . . catalog pages begin to look like San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair

Why U.S. House Prices Won't Recover

Welcome to the Democrats of North Carolina. Party Head in Sexual harrasement Case? North Carolina Governor says. Get over it. It's an "internal" matter.

King 5 Cameraman Assaulted By Obama's Occupy Goons Live on TV

Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos & Violence

Panel tells Park Service banning recreation defies common sense

Abraham Lincoln: Golden Apple; Silver Frame

Revealed By WikiLeaks: Obama Team Stole Election, Bribed Jesse Jackson And Took Russian Money In 2008

Federal Communications Commission is more secretive than the CIA

Who "CAIRs" about the Constitution?

OMG, Obama's unions at it again! Progressives ‘Force’ Unionization
of Daycare Providers in CT

Obama to Redistribute American Wealth Overseas to Fight “Global Warming”

America quickly becoming Greece . . . if you don't like your job, you can go back to unemployment

Obama targets oil markets with tighter oversight

Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment

Dodd-Frank devours more man hours than Panama Canal

Did Buffett Help Obama Kill Keystone Pipeline to Reap Financial Gain?

Michigan Department of Natural Resources turns Marxist, forces farmers' to shoot pigs under "Invasive Species Order," traditional livestock suddenly declased an invasive species!

How Obama pays for Obamacare: Taxing the sale of Homes Across America

Judicial Watch Sues DOD and CIA for Records Detailing Possible Leak of bin Laden Classified Information to Hollywood Director

New book: Napolitano lied to Congress on Fast and Furious

Did you miss this February news story - Obama's giveaway: Oil-rich islands to Russia

Obama’s 2013 Education Budget and Blueprint: A Costly Expansion of Federal Control

Obama's OWS getting ready for 2012 with Spring Training

“My Allah is Bigger Than Yours and He Will Wipe This Country From the Face of the Earth”

The Coming Cultural Disintegration

Palestinian Official Calls for Hamas-Fatah Alliance to Destroy Israel - Hillary Sends Them Money!

‘Brother Ain’t Shooting No Blanks’: Farrakhan Tells Blacks — Breeding With Whites Is the ‘End of Your Race’

It Begins … Leftists Call Ann Romney a C*nt, B*tch, Wh*re for Being Stay-at-Home Mom

Latest New Black Panther Call for Race War: "Kill a Cracker For Trayvon."

Defend him now! Marine to be Discharged for being a Tea Partier

Obama's presidency pushing UN's world climate agenda even reaches down into NASA

More blood of African blacks on Obama's Marxist hands

Obama's Communist Van Jones group plans spring revolt against corporations

‘America Is Better Than Glenn Beck’: College Textbook Includes Anti-Beck and Anti-Tea Party Writings

The Obama Legacy - Stats show Americans are giving up on finding a full time job

Associated Press Chief wets his panties offering praise for Obama

Obama Instructs Journalists On How To Report His Positions

Democrats working with Communist Van Jones's, Color of Change, go after Coke and Walmart for supporting Voter ID Laws

Liberal, Just Another Word for Stupid [Not just stupid, really like zero education stupid!]

The NSA is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center . . . but for whom?

Everybody’s a Target in the American Surveillance State

Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Detail Big Pharma Campaign Access to Democratic Governors during 2012 National Governors Association Meeting

Drilling permits on federal land declining under Obama

The Left Resumes Its War on History

POTUS at the top of his game! Report says Obama's direct failure to respond to three letters sent to the White House on the murder of two white British students at the hands of a black man in Florida was because there was "no political value and not worthy of a few minutes of Obama's time."

Hillary Clinton's U.S. State Department . . . wait for it . . . Won’t Say Jerusalem Is in Israel

MSNBC's Sewer of Hate

Sinister Liberal Version of “Natural Law” is a Perverse, Anti-Constitutional Hoax

What was going on between Obama and Russia?

Obamacare Versus the U.S. Constitution

Ken Blackwell: Holder’s ‘All-Out War’ on Voter IDs Is Obama Re-election Tool

Phony Divide Between Fiscal & Social Issues

Congresswoman: We’re Not ‘Promoting Sterilization’ of College Girls, We're Just Making It Free

Chu: I would give myself an ‘A’ for energy prices

Newt Gingrich Slams Actor Robert De Niro For "Inexcusable" Racist Comments

What happens when progressives elect a Jewish Nanny to run one of the largest cities in America

Say good-bye to privacy thanks to Stellar Wind

Massachusetts Marxist Principal Replaces 'St. Patrick's Day' with 'O'Green Day,' as children's parents act like sheep!

AFL-CIO affiliate Union Names Chinese Premier 'Best Friend of American Worker'

Former NASA specialist claims he was fired over intelligent design

Surprise, surprise! Former Obama Adviser Anita Dunn’s PR Firm Representing Fluke

Obama tells Palestinians to sit tight for new term - will seek Palestinian Statehood

Obama's Secretary of Defense caught in scheme to work with UN - but not Congress

As if from the movie Atlas Shrugged, with all the disgusting Congressional players in place to shut down business, Senate Democrats obey Obama and reject move to fast-track Canadian Keystone Pipeline

NIH Grants China $90 million taxpayer dollars over the last decade to study. . . wait for it . . . mother rats and effects of cocaine

After Obama Blew $3 Billion on the Chevy Volt – GM Suspends Production & Lays Off 1,300 Workers for five weeks

New York Times reports Obama trying to silence Federal Whistle-blowers in "Fast & Furious" With Espionage Act

Keep on Spending! President Obama had Tour Buses Flown to Stump Speeches

SEIU celebrates religious groups will not be exhempted from Obama's Healthcare Bill

Obama gets ready for the November 2012 election - The Rebranding of ACORN

Obama Pledges to Pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care

What's wrong with Greece? It's where America is headed, dude!

The Chart Barack Obama Doesn’t Want America To Know About

Immigration enforcement program to be shut down

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”

Blacks take Martin Luther King's importance down a notch

Harvard, Jew Haters, Motherhood and Israel

OWS Letter to the Editor in USA Today: We Will Storm Wall Street With Guns

Gallup Finds Unemployment Climbing to Nine Percent in February

Well it has been a whole month! Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii vacation Michelle hits the slopes with daughters on Aspen ski trip

Obama touts S.C. Boeing plant that his NLRB sued to shut down

Obama Proposes $800 Million in Aid for Islamic Spring Countries

Obama's former Green Czar, Van Jones, uses his Communist Color of Change, which took Beck off the air by threatening advertisers, goes after Patrick J. Buchanan on behalf of MSNBC

The Catholic Bishops Vs. Obama? Justice Ginsberg Vs. Our “Rather Old Constitution?"

What's in North Carolina's air and water?

Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation

Inside Media Matters: David Brock’s enemies list

Samuel L. Jackson: ‘I Voted For Barack Obama Because He Was Black’

Tony Bennett Calls For Drug Legalization - then stars can kill themselves legally instead through a drug dealer?

GM warns of 'horrendous losses' in Europe

Obama export adviser exports jobs

Coming to America? Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones

Dependency Index Surges 23% Under President Obama

Nevada RINO vote fraud official

OWS & the planned “endgame” for the U.S.?

Vote on Term Limits - guess which party doesn't want to give up the free lunch?

Occupy Oakland Lunatics Incite 15 Year Old To Murder Adoptive Parents

Pelosi: Girl Scouts' Relationship With Planned Parenthood ‘Very Valuable’

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous!’

Muslim Hate Groups on Campus

2011 GDP: 1.7%!

Secular Theocracy: The Foundations and Folly of Modern Tyranny

Obama Administration. Offers Grants to Sign Up MORE Food Stamp Recipients

Finally, clear proof that the Obama administration scans private social postings!

Winter thaw: Occupy plotting spring chaos

Working Into the Grave

Drip, Drip, Drip: Yet Another Green Energy Stimulus Recipient Hits the Skids (the third this week!)

Obama's new tax on the poor: Internet Gambling by States

U.S falls to 47th in press freedom rankings after Occupy crackdown

Supreme Court declines to take on public prayer cases

Soros: 'The situation is about as serious and difficult as I've experienced in my career.'

Obama's 1% Contributor is Winner From Obama's Keystone Denial

CURL: The truly dismal state of the union

Arizona strikes back: State investigates feds over gun-running

The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012

I told you so four years ago! - The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012

Obama continues his promise to fundamentally change America - Will reject Keystone Pipeline, eh?

White House Official Addressed Conference Aiming to . . . wait for it . . . 'Abolish Private Ownership of Means of Production'

Multicultural progressive Western countries beginning to show signs of serious social stress

Union fight pits rights of free speech, private land

Obama asks Congress to Lift Debt Ceiling by "another" $1.2 Trillion

Communist Chinese correctly saw Occupy Wall Street as a Victory for Socialism

As America's influence drops in the world, San Francisco worries about its porn workers

Why is the DHS collecting information on journalists & social network users?

U.S. Debt Now Equal to entire U.S. Economy

Is Bankruptcy of Hostess Bakery a picture of what's coming for the U.S.?

DailyKOS contributor says Hostess caused its own problems, but doesn't realize he is describing the mismanagement of the U.S. Government under Barack Obama

America's Dark Mood

Real Jobless Rate Is 11.4% With Realistic Labor Force Participation Rate

Money/CNN - Our doctors are going broke!

If Obama has four more years, son of Russian immigrant envisions something worse than Euro-socialism

Boeing Will Lay Off More Than 2,100 Workers At Wichita Plant

Anyone surprised? Michelle Obama jokes: "I kind of like being called 'Your Excellency'"

Feds Predict The Future Of The Auto Industry, Foresee Chrysler Freefall, GM Stagnation

Krauthammer: Eric Holder ‘one of the most incompetent attorney general in U.S. history’

Another win for U.S. Unions! Airbus on course to push Boeing to the lowest market share in 40-years!

Why people are moving out of lala land. Too many damn regulations!

U.S. State Department accused of doing dangerous dance with OIC

GO AWAY! Michelle Obama’s Unsavory School Lunch Flop

Obama's State Department pushes Islamic law on Americans: Applying Sharia at Home!

Now America's young adults want guarantees! - Divorce Fears To Blame For Low Marriage Rates?

Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front

Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America!

Men Using Women’s Fitting Rooms Appears to be a Common problem at Macy’s

New Documents Show Department of Justice Coordination with ACORN-Connected Project Vote

A Romance With Risk That Brought On a Panic

America's edge in technology is rapidly slipping away. Drone was downed in a cyber attack, not shot down

Obama's weakened America! Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi - backing protests

OMG! Another Obama bundler benefits from DoE loan

U.S. [Obama Administration] Proposes Unmanned Border Entry With Mexico

Charity Boycott step to Criminalizing Christianity

DHS Drafts ‘Environmental Justice Strategy’

Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

Senate approved bill that legalizes sodomy and bestiality in U.S. Military

Trump Warns of Obama Tipping Point

How U.S. Post Office deals with an emergency. It commits suicide

OK to discriminate against Christians, says Vanderbilt University

Stunning! 85-year-old woman may sue TSA after being strip searched at JFK Airport

The Federal ID that Pays Illegal Aliens Billions a Year!

RINO attack on Constitution! - Senate to vote on allowing citizens to be "detained indefinitely!"

Judicial Watch - Most Of Obama’s Minority Judicial Nominees “Not Qualified”

CBO: Obama's 2009 Stimulus Hurt the Economy

In Germany, citizens were required to have radios to hear the messages from the Third Reich - Sprint Launches Soon To Be Mandatory Emergency Alert Messages from Obama's Federal Government

Democrats Take First Step Towards Federal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

Another Prayer Controversy at Flagpole Erupts at Florida School

Fed Judge: Calif. School Was Right to Forbid Students’ American Flag T-Shirts on Cinco de Mayo

OWS Rushing USA to Point of No Return

ICE Officers Forbidden running Alien Records Check or Speaking to them

We’re Approaching the Tipping Point

Former Navy SEAL, Jesse Ventura: "I will never stand for a national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise a fist." (Angry at a broken government and its judicial system!)

Obama Admin Opposes Prayer at WWII Memorial

Major MRFF Victory: USAF Academy Backs Down on Extremist Fundamentalist Charity

San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi would even allow the destruction of Boeing to keep Union contributions to Democrats!

Live from Occupy Oakland: Window smashing, vandalism, and more; charter buses to port, Teamsters in the house; port shut down, trucks overrun!

House Reaffirms 'In God We Trust' As National Motto; 8 Dems, 1 Republican Vote No

Hope and Change Worked! Obama: 'We Have Lost Our Ambition, Our Imagination . . .'

America is Approaching a Dangerous Tipping Point of No Return

Sordid origins of Obamacare legislation traced to Soros group, marketed by slew of radicals

Obama 's Third Reich! Justice Dept. proposes lying, hiding existence of records under new FOIA rule

First progressive ideology causes STDs to become an epidemic in our kids. How they want to give shots to stop it while not not giving an inoculation for their failed ideology that is still destroying America

Muslim Fascism shutting down free speech in America - another hotel threatened that would allow speeches on Muslim threat to America

12-Year-Olds To Get Gardasil Without Parents’ Consent

San Bernardino flooded in welfare funds

Fascist principal forces personal opinion on elementary school, bans Thanksgiving as 'insensitive'

Thomas More Law Center to appeal 9th circus decision outlawing classroom banners mentioning “God"

Calif. Democrat Party Is Among Solyndra Creditors

Why U.S. military in Uganda? Soros fingerprints all over it

Never forget! No American Flags at GITMO in Submission to Muslim Terrorist Detainees

American Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street‘s 'Courage?'

The Revolution is Upon Us

This for our Blood & Treasure?! Not a Single Christian Church Left Standing in Afghanistan

Obama's Army! Longshore union fined $250,000 for sabotage; thugs threaten: “Do what we have to do”

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized By SEIU/ACORN Front and Working Family Party - All Tie to the Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides, and George Soros

Boy Scouts infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood?

Feds to design health insurance for the masses

Progressive Democrat Party openly supports ACORN and ACORN openly supports Wall Street Protest

The Hill - Documents show Holder was informed of Fast and Furious operation in 2010

CBS News Reporter Says White House Screamed, Swore at Her Over Fast and Furious

Did Media Matters Collude With DOJ On Black Panther Story?

Michelle Obama's African junket wasted tax dollars and the resources of our overextended military

The Day America Died

Marxists want Obama Re-elected

Attackers Carve Star of David Into the Back of Iraqi Poet in St. Louis

Pentagon violates DOMA, allows chaplains to perform same-sex weddings - on military bases!

Spend, spend, spend! Oregon gets its 5th 5-million Fed bonus for Food Stamp sign up

Judicial Watch - Federal judge blasts government scientists for lying to protect an endangered "fish" to justify their drastic reduction of water to California’s central valley

Hundreds of plants, animals up for new protections by Federal Fish and Wildlife Services. So who will lose their home, property, or water right to our Fascist Government?

Van Jones Threatens Progressive push in October. Who is Van Jones? Just another Obama appointee!

Remember, this quote is from the Democrat's choice for Governor of the state where the good-old-boy Attorney General didn't have the balls to stop liberal women from pulling off their bras in the public square. From North Carolina, the state that proudly brought you John Edwards, it really enjoys wallowing in the mud with the pigs

Home-buying season the worst in at least 50 years

Pass the Bill! $15 billion of your tax dollars proposed by Obama for Alinsky-inspired groups

Where the HELL did House Members get $65,000 for a Portrait to Honor Censured Charlie Rangel?!

China: American Financial Colony or Mercantilist Predator?

Sex survey now a standardized test for youngsters

Victoria Nourse v. The Constitution

Tea Party Standing behind Gibson Guitar against Obama's SA in October 8th Rally

Obama's pet project - Ground Zero Mosque Opens for Business

Not unlike Nazi Germany with the Jews. PayPal blacklists Christian Writer!

AT&T broke up years ago due to its grip on domestic communications. It's time to break up Google!

The First Muslim “No Go Zone” on American Soil?

Federal Judge: Public School Teacher Has Constitutional Right to Display Christian Patriotism

Obama's street walkers are back for another handout

Restaurants, cooperating with the White House's socialism, will tell you what your kids are going to be served

Obama pulling Americans down to the bottom of the pot - U.S. poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6

Democrats have staked out the position that Americans are not capable of being free men and women who can live their own lives when it matters most

Bank of America cutting 30,000 jobs!

Obama' EPA regulation forces closure of Texas energy facilities, eliminates 500 jobs

Disney CEO buries "inconvenient facts" about 9/11 to protect Hillary Clinton, say activists

Evangelicals are Left Off National Cathedral 9/11 Program

Illegal Immigrants Fight To Keep Driver’s Licenses

Remembering Muslim Colonialism on September 11 - Obama helps Libya Islamists that murder Blacks!

Muslim backer, Michael Bloomberg, Nanny Mayor of New York City, tells American's "Stop calling it Ground Zero."

Monumental Hubris

Sieg Heil Biden! - Hitler moved to blame the Jews for Germany's troubles. Now Vice President Biden moves to blame conservatives for America's problems, calling them "barbarians at the gate" and that the union thugs are the only ones "that can stop this onslaught" of the (cough) Tea Party.

HUD Launches Initiative To Help Illegal Immigrants

Marxists come out in the open - Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event: "Take These Son Of Bitches Out"

Obama cess pool deepens - New Fast & Furious details indicate gov’t cover-up, White House involvement

Obama's hands involved in this, too - Vicki McKenna on the Wisconsin Mobs

Judicial Watch! One Million Safety Violations Won’t Keep Mexican Trucks Out Of U.S.

"The government agency that recently spent millions on a genitalia-washing program for uncircumcised African men and condoms for Asian drug abusers has determined that Uncle Sam discriminates against a certain group of minority biomedical researchers."

Obama's [In]Justice Department Feds raid Gibson Guitar Factory over wood used. But Gibson is also a Republican Contributor. Remember what happened to Republican contributors who were car dealerships? Read Update.

Obama's Labor Secretary: U.S. will ‘protect’ illegal workers

Surprise, surprise! Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability (cough) to Write

Major Report - Scandals in our Schools!

Arab Spring for Dummies

Lawsuit continues for Houston VA Cemetery where 'God' was banned by an Obama appointee. Google search has FOX News MIA in continuing to update the story after initial report on Web site

Judicial Watch sues for documents detailing cost to taxpayers for Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa

Outrage - Religious leaders’ exclused from 9/11 Memorial by New York City's Secular Jewish Mayor

FDA wages secret war on raw milk farmers, using KGB-style spying and infiltration techniques

Boehner to Biden: Back up one-child policy clarification with actions

Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels, Michelle Obama spends millions in taxpayer money on her vacations, like sand running out between her fingers - acting as if a Marxist dictator's wife

Judicial Watch - Obama Creates "Office Of Diversity, Inclusion" to continue the spread of social engineering across all deparments of the Federal Government, pushing his radical Marxist agenda to fulfill his promise to fundamentally change America!

Israel news columnist: Obama a living and breathing nightmare - leading American empire into dark abyss

Anyone have any tears? California unemployment rises in July to 12%

American Psychiatric Association (APA) wants to destigmatize pedophilia. Now everyone's a victim!

The Cookie Crumbles: American girls abandoning Girl Scouts - 'I felt misled, betrayed, offended, and hurt'

You were warned! - Lessons in lesbianism, Communists, radical feminists cited as Girl Scout role models

U.S. District Judge, appointed by Obama, decided that the administration wasn’t playing fair

Computer lab’s Chinese-made parts raise spy concerns

AFL-CIO: Labor will stand by Obama . . . of course! Where else can Marxist-like supporters go?

The Most Dangerous Nanny of All? - Chainsaw EPA gets ready to shread your sources of electricity

Obama's Government Motors at its best - GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs

Outgoing Obama ‘Car Czar’ Makes Yet ANOTHER Communist Reference

EPA is America's most dangerous nanny, ready to shread your electric grid!

Hey Michelle Obama, like America any better now that you can fly in your own private jet not having to wait a few hours for your (cough) hard-working husband?

United Nations and Agenda 21 forcing society back to the Ghetto

Union organizer suspected of shooting non-union Ohio employer

‘Open Season’: Union Removes Controversial Message Calling for ‘Torture’ of Verizon Manager

Looking for more Free Stuff

New Yorker Publishes a Fairy Tale - Creating Evidence Where There Is None

U.S. Consumer Confidence Drops to Three-Decade Low Amid Economic Headwinds

Postal Service proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan

More of Obama's BS?! They lose the house when they don't pay the mortgage. So what if they don't pay their rent? OMG, Gov't considers turning foreclosures into rentals

America's stock market a roller coast | Philadephia confronts flash race mobs | as England burns

When do you call treason, treason? 16 Countries Side with Obama's Justice Department Against Alabama

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Threatens Lawsuit over Union Rules

Why Is the Stock Market Plunging?

China - American currency is “gradually discarded by the world,” and the “process will be irreversible.”

Obama's War on America: S&P Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating - Wall Street Journal Explains

Mr. Jane Fonda says: Media has responsibility to "Not Give Equal Time" to Tea Party

OMG, not again! Hey BHO, so this is how you look for jobs for John Doe? Obama's 50th Birthday bash: Stevie Wonder, Chris Rock, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Herbie Hancock, Jay Z?

USAF Suspends Christian-Themed Ethics Training Over Bible Passages

Stunning news as Obama has lavish birthday party! U.S. Debt Reaches 100 Percent of Country’s GDP

Sam Webb, chairman of The Communist Party USA, throws his support behind Obama's re-election bid

U.S. Market drops 512 points! Global stock sell-off accelerates some asking what will tomorrow bring?

As economy threatens collapse, President BHO celebrates with LAVISH 50th birthday dinner. Want a picture with Nero? You'll have to take $10,000 out of your pocket and put it into his.

ObamaCare's Most Frightening Consequence: Not Enough Doctors!

United Nation's Agenda 21 Update: U.S. Family Farms next to be attacked by Obama Administration

Obama continues agenda now spending even more! - Dedicates Another $95 Mil To “Social Equity."

Ten Signs the Double-Dip Recession has Begun

Debt Ceiling Deal Advances; Cuts Won't Start Until 2013, National Debt Still Rises!

Obama's Nanny State protects unprotected sex - Insurers must cover birth control with no copays

Obama's ACORN Marxists are back, the one that assisted Clinton's Janet Reno to force bank CEO's to give out mortgages to the poor in 1990's that destroyed today's home values

As Congress worries about debt, China builds electromagnetic pulse weapon for use against our carriers

Judicial Watch! Government Ethics Conference at Lavish Golf Resort

U.S. debt drama enters theatre of absurd

BHO's Crocodile Tears

Gender Balance in Sports - More Socialist / Marxist Programming of our Nation's Schools!

Marxist Obama's job promoter moves more jobs to China, Obama pushing America to its knees

Only 'theft' detours Social Security checks, social security contributions always coming into the treasury

Under Arms Export Control Act of 1976, Obama/Holder Could Face Felony Charges for Fast and Furious

Obama's Domestic Army? - Study: U.S. Marshals suited to be ‘Stability Police’ in U.S.

Progressives learning a hard lesson about multiculturalism: The right to be different has its limits

Herman Cain got it on America's multiculturalism - We have a right to ban victory Mosque near 9/11

Marxist Van Jones left Washington? - Think again - still cozy with Pelosi and House Democrats

Hope and Change as defined by a Harvard graduate - Fiat will be Chrysler's majority shareholder at 53%

Let's get on our knees and thank all those voters whose homes were underwater in Arizona

White House water boy says (cough), "We never talk with NBC!"

Obama Redefining 'Poverty'

Judicial Watch - Obama DO(in)J Sues Pro Lifer while leaving Black Panthers Alone

Do it our way or don't do it at all! Lesbians sue Vermont resort over reception refusal

BHO Backs Repeal of ‘So-Called Defense of Marriage Act’

Exactly what is poverty in the United States?

Look who Obama has hired for his Cybersecurity Team - Ex-Clinton staffer 'lost' thousands of White House e-mails, booted by DHS for faking credentials

Top 10 Most Egregious Government Regulations

Told you so! Democrats have changed the name illegal to undocumented, then treats it as legal!

Only in the Great Satan! Suspect accused of child sex crimes okay to view child porn in Tacoma jail

The system is stunningly broken and the corruption of the liberal and progressive establishment broke it

Majority of parents are helping their adult kids financially

Many over 55 expect to help their kids financially

So what's new? Obama’s auto czar now doesn’t recall saying, ‘I did this all for the unions

Obama caught in a massive lie about his mother and her healthcare in the U.S.

Officers Tell Soon-to-Be Killed Soldier: - Don’t Fire on Taliban Bomb-Layers

‘Fast And Furious’ Smoking Gun

Netflix joins the products on grocery store shelves; less for more

The ACLU's membership's Reign of Terror on Christians comes to an end in Santa Rosa County Schools

No Job? BHO spins the Wheel of Fortune again! FHA Homeowners out of work may not have to pay their mortgages for a FULL YEAR. [So if you have a huge mortgage, it's better to stay unemployed? Only a graduate from Marxist Harvard U could think that up. - Webmaster]

Muslim polygamy – in Seattle

The Government’s New War on the Public's taking Photographs

Canada Free Press - Obama using private e-mails to get re-elected

For all of those worried that Obama would shut down the Internet: He merely transformed the worldwide net as his most valuable re-election tool, starting with peoples’ private emails

Investigation into cheating at Atlanta's Public Schools finds unethical behavior across every level

Texas Republican U.S. House of Representative Lamar gets HR-1249 passed in House "harmonizing" U.S. patents with the world, ruling "First to File" to now override "First to Invent!"

RINOs put their heel on the throat of the Tea Party - increase new revenues by 200 (B)illion!

Citing Evidence They Call 'Contradictory' to Kagan's Confirmation Testimony, 49 Lawmakers Call for Judiciary Committee Investigation

The Dutch Ditch Multiculturalism - legislature now wants immigrants to speak Dutch

Obama losing Canada's Oil to . . . wait for it . . . China

Obama's Harvard Shows its Marxist' Underwear: Says July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing; Indoctrinates American Children [against Communism?]

Since When are July 4th Parades Right Wing?

Obama ‘defiance’ of Constitution Earns Impeachment Call

Bogus Obama document bigger than Watergate

Progressive Tech company, Cisco, fires Christian consultant because of his faith

Former Hippie, Hillary: Meeting With 'Sex Workers' Is 'People-to-People Diplomacy at Its Best'

Project Gunrunner’ whistleblower says Obama's ATF sent him termination notice

Democratic-controlled Senate reported to be trying to pass an amendment that would decriminalize homosexual act of sodomy in the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Obama Administration wanted to send out 'Secret Shoppers' posing as patients to check up on Doctors

Fix was in on 'study of homosexuality' in ranks - executive summary written before troops surveyed

Delta & Saudi Alliance Raises Concerns

Obama's Progressives in Nazi form harass Beck's Family at Bryant Park, applaud when they leave

Oy vay! The fruit cakes of San Francisco are at it again

Blacks Hit Hardest by Obama's Liberal Agenda

CBO releases ‘daunting’ long-term budget outlook

Michelle Obama: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media"

Detroit Tragedy Morphing into National Tragedy

Michelle Obama Wants Second Obama Term to Complete Fundamental Change to America

Why the Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks

Methodist trial may prove, "Believe in a church that embraces progressive ideology? What a joke!"

Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased five-fold

I had told you so on my Dead in the Water Web page! "I no longer trust Fox News!" - Jean Claude Tremblay

Issa staffer: Gunrunner investigation points much higher than ATF director

Taliban comment reveals strict progressive culture at NPR, a reported recipient of George Soros' donation

Only after backlash of broadcast from Sunday's U.S. Open, the progressive management of NBC barely apologizes for ‘Under God’ and "indivisible" omitted in video of children reciting Pledge of Allegiance

Van Jones, who is still part of the Obama Administration, and in a video tape the day after 9/11 blames America for the attack and murder of nearly 3,000 people, now calls FOX unpatriotic!

"Modern liberalism is nothing more than a religion that its practitioners preach blindly on faith." - Mamet

Food manufacturers cut size of product and increase prices so you don't notice, while greedy pariah auto manufacturers downsize, too, endangering your safety with spare tires eliminated and sold (cough) as option!

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis - says our government is playing with fire!

Why they're called Weasels! Democrats try to channel Obama Administration scandal into gun control push

May 2011 AP-GfK gives Obama a 60% approval after bin laden capture. Yet averaged Gallup, Rasmussen, Pew, and Reuters only show a 49% approval. GOP reports AP's report fails to pass the smell test

Judicial Watch! Obama Donors Get Top Department of Justice Jobs

Goshen College Declares War on National Anthem

Congressman Weiner now qualifies to be the next host at CNN

If you're a conservative cable newcaster and hang around liberals, soon you become one

As America sinks into the Abyss, the captain of the ship continues to campaign to do more damage

Congress agrees that Obama is above the law

Weiner's horror movie continues in Washington D.C.

Fewer jobs for unemployed workers

Pelosi continues to fill the Democrat's swamp

Judicial Watch - DOJ Lies About Immigration Courts To Hide Corruption

Judicial Watch - Mexican Gang Charged With Terrorizing Blacks

Zombie Protesters Interrupt Special Olympics Event to Protest Wis. Gov. Walker

Obama Administration's Youth Summit: Gov’t ‘Has Finally Come Out of the Closet'

Home Depot How-To-Classes include Social Engineering of Your Family

Democrats know they're the party of sleaze. So when their own is sleazy they ask, "So what's the problem?"

Solicitor general well represents Obama's agenda: If you don't like mandate, earn less money.

Obama's Regulatory Czar Suddenly Grows up - Had called for Gov't to Attach Lower Value to Older People.

Can't raise taxes? Colorado's slithery politicians came up with an idea. Just call it a 'fee.

China makes a huge move! - Divests itself from 97 percent of its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills

Obama and Democrats are clueless! U.S. home price fall 'beats Great Depression slide'

Daily KOS sticks up for far-left New York Democrat Congressman Weiner by publishing identities of underage girls

U.S. House: Obama, you have broken the constitutional chain of authority in Libya!

SWAT Team of Far-Left Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik of Tucson, who falsely accused Tea Party of shooting U.S. House Member Gifford, murders Marine vet with 70 shots while protecting his family

Nazis would have loved this new creepy Homeland Security Screening system asking, "Are you a Jew?"

Judicial Watch - ICE Keeps Seizing . . . wait for it . . . Music Sharing Websites

When socialists run a free economy. 'Double-Dip' Housing Plunge Threatens Economy

Obama's radical agenda continues! Obama's faith adviser likens Pat Robertson to bin Laden

Surprise, surprise? - Michelle, (I'm ashamed of America), brags at a London School about hosting Cop-Killer lyric rapper.

Creepy Homeland Security Mobile 'Malcontent Pre-Crime Screening System to Scan Americans . . . video reminds one from the movie Winds of War with SS Officer asking, "Are you a Jew?"

Judicial Watch - At least 3,700 recipients of Obama's stimulus money owe Uncle Sam more than $750 million in taxes

Judge, whose son is reported to have been a former Wisconsin labor union operative, puts hold on new labor law

Tennessee's Hampton High School's Progressive Principal Threatened High School Graduates with jail if they prayed, but they prayed anyway to a standing ovation

New Details Emerge of Radical Imam's Lunch at the Pentagon

NYC Teacher Claims She Was Harassed, Then Fired Over Her Christian Faith

Under Obama White Americans See Anti-White Bias on the Rise

Obama Throws Israel to the Dogs!

Banning Male Circumcision? San Francisco may vote to tell Jews you've got no skin in the game, "Your Old Testament traditions offend us."

America brims over with progressive nuts! - 91-year-old stands by "exit kits" despite suicide furor

Obama's union thugs beat up Whistleblowers who accused bosses of looting

Report says teacher tells 11-year old Masschusette's student, Your drawing of American flag is offensive to another student.

Sony Network Breach Shows Amazon Cloud’s Appeal for Hackers

. . . Stunningly, then a (cough) school board member asks reader to stop using cuss words from the text book that is being taught in the 3rd grade classes the school board is responsible for!

Crack Pipes Often Disguised As Novelty Items At Stores. Guess where? In Democrat-run Detroit where 50% of the population can't read!

America's Progressives - Living up to the Image!

Obama's choosen Green Communist Van Jones' Political Group Targets "Celebrity Apprentice" after Trump's attacks on Obama

New Black Panthers Target Jews and Tea Partiers

Obama adviser and Muslim activist declared affinity for radicalism of Weather Underground Movement

See Charts of May 2011 - Federal Spending per Household Skyrocketing

Could a three-inch lizard collapse the West Texas oil industry?

Judicial Watch - Half of U.S. Food Imported, at Risk of Bioterrorism

Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Administration

“Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business."

President Obama gives his most patriotic speech, reporting Osama bin laden was killed by a special military unit of brave American soldiers. But will Obama FINALLY now distance himself and his administration from Van Jones, who on this video link the day after 9/11 celebrated the attack saying, "It's the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders."

California State Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg . . . surprise, liberals politicians turning to thug tactics

The Professional, the Brave, and now the Thugs

ACLU Pariah Continues Attack on “Pledge of Allegiance’

U.S. Economy: Home Prices Decrease, Approach Recession Low

Polls show Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years!

Obama says the Libyan rebels deserve America's help - as they terrorize Black Africans, Barack?

Duh! California Descends Deeper Into Self-Destruction

Coed showers coming? Lawmakers push 'equality' plan, say men have right to take showers with women

National Union Spokesman Sent Talking Points to Senate Democrats!

America’s Disgusting Marxist Media

Obama administration creates "Climate Change Adaptation Plan" For All your Govt. Agencies

Jackass Party's rear-end, Jimmy Carter, Bashes U.S. In Meeting With Communists

Democrats brag things improving, as corporations shrink size of food containers to fool consumers

Here comes Another Democrat Horror Show - Cash for Clunkers 2!

Gas Prices See Highest March Price Ever and 7th Consecutive Weekly Increase

Obama Says Too Much Testing Makes Education Boring; Sees Tests As Punishment!

In November 2010 Obama's GE Job Manager sent two hundred workers out to pasture!

In September 2010 Obama's GE Job Manager to make Obama's Green Wind Turbines . . . wait for it . . . in China

In March 2011 Obama's GE Job Manager plans to make Obama's Green Wind Turbine parts . . . wait for it . . . in India

Defense Secretary: Libya Did Not Pose Threat to U.S., Was Not 'Vital National Interest' to Intervene

While O'Reilly supports attack on Lybia, Harvard's Obama calls it (cough) a 'kinetic military action'

Florida circuit court judge allows case to proceed under Islamic law

SEIU's Chilling ‘Economic Terrorism’ Audio

Business Cockroaches, Harassment, & Extortion: Food Company Sues SEIU Over Bully Tactics

Vile NPR Mocks Michelle Malkin’s Family After Her Cousin Goes Missing

What the hell is going on? U.S. Army 'kill team' in Afghanistan posed for photos of murdered civilians

Biden compares Republican economic policies to blaming rape victims

U.S. branded. European governments “completely puzzled” over POTUS's position on Libya

Obama Marxists in America - Rally Pumped by Van Jones Had Socialist Hosts

Jesse Jackson - So how's life after decades under the (cough) Rev.?

Shock Video Captures Angry Union Marxist Mob Busting Wis. Police Barricades

Letter from a concerned Rabbi to a dirty secular Jew

Rubber Bullets to Bean Bags

Union Activists Investigated for Providing Material Support to Islamic Terrorist

‘Fascists Go Home!’: Tea Partier Injured in Assault by ‘Teamster’ at Sacramento Protest

Rioting Anarchists Attack Seattle Police With Fireworks, Flares & Fire Extinguishers

A Guy Just Hit Me’: Fox News Reporter Attacked at Wis. Protest During Live Broadcast

Communists, socialists rallying support behind Madison protests

1,500 teachers paid to do union business and miss class

Hidden report found - Taxpayers Provided $170 Million Support to Federal Unions

Top 10 Labor Union Outrage

Google tosses Democracy out the Window, sees small sites as "Rubbish!" Google says don't worry. Google will determine what small sites are valuable!

Wisconsin union backers defame Virginia, flunk basic math, spread false factoids

Obama Plans to Nationalize Wireless Internet

U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Hear Case on Ten Commandments Display

Obama won't build Greek Church destroyed on 9/11, yet U.S. State Departent uses tax dollars to repair Mosques overseas

Carrying Bibles for the world, four American Christians abducted at sea murdered by Muslim Pirates

Sharia in the U.S.A.: Christians Jailed for Preaching to Muslims - Dearborn, MI Officials Sued

Obama's yuppie DIVA sure loves America now!

California schools nre role models

CIA Director admits getting his intel from ‘media broadcasts’

A member of Congress is shot by a lunatic gunman, and all of a sudden you can't say "crosshairs" on CNN. Not to make light of a tragedy, but had Rep. Giffords been hit in the face with a whipped cream pie, would the Food Network have to go off the air

Yet another secular Jew / national entertainer calls Sarah Palin a ‘Nazi,‘ Bristol ’Stupid’

Democrat Congressman compares Republicans to Nazis - Hey Tennessee voters, bring this nut home to send a message or is this the best you can produce?

Over a Million Immigrants Landed Jobs in 2008-10

An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors

By 8-to-1 Margin, far-left out-of-control progressive Media Target Conservative Speech after Tucson Shooting

Hu Highlights Need for U.S.-China Cooperation, Questions Dollar

France is our biggest ally, declares Obama - The President's blow to Special Relationship with Britain

India has more honor students than America has students

Why Chinese-controlled Hong Kong beats the United States on economic freedom

Oil Spill Commission Cites ‘Systematic Failures’ in BP Case But Presents No Evidence of Such Failures With Other Rig Operators

Shooting victim's statement to far-left media: "I wanted to give her (Giffords) a boost and to protect her from the tea-party crime syndicate and to shout them down," he said. "I can make a lot of noise."

Former Judge to AZ Sheriff: ‘Shut Up Before You Do Any More Damage to the Prosecution’s Case’

Fundamentally changing America - You were warned - Jobless claims jump, wholesale food costs surge

Bad-boy millionarie former Rep. Patrick Kennedy says there is a direct connection between Sarah Palin and the shooting rampage in Arizona that critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

STUNNING - Judicial Watch: As Mexican drug violence reaches epic proportions, Homeland Security officials prepare to reopen a remote port of entry—closed years ago for security reasons—as an unmanned border crossing monitored by federal agents hundreds of miles away

The Progressive Climate of Hate: An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings

As Obama runs to Chicago to prepare to run for president in November of 2012, signs still point to a long slog of a recovery for the rest of America, the unemployment rate likely to remain above 8 percent — it sits at 9.4 percent after Friday’s report — at least through the rest of the president’s four-year term

Democrats denounce the fierce partisan atmosphere they and the Obama administration caused by attacking Arizona for trying to protect its borders while Democrats in California called Arizona racist

Greenhouse Effect; Everybody Talks About It But Few Know What It Is

America now over $14 trillion in debt

The Military after DADT

The Political Correct Vandalism of Huckleberry Finn

Why they're called Demoncrats - Pelosi: 'We Have No Regrets' About Debt Piled Up Over Last Two Years

Though the Ninth U.S. Circus Court of Appeals has ruled as unconstitutional the Mt. Soledad cross that has been on display in San Diego since 1913 to honor slain soldiers, one Christian attorney says this latest decision doesn't bring the case to a close

In August 2010 the Home Depot fired Trevor Keezor for refusing to remove an offensive "One Nation Under God" button from his work apron, while today the Home Depot encourages employees to OPENLY decorate their aprons to promote homosexual events in front of families and friends visiting the Depot

The ACLU, Obama Justice Department, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want businesses to stop using E-Verify to weed out illegals . . . Obama just loves the slave labor and high unemployment as long as illegals support Democrats

Global warming Marxists want to shame people into progressive indoctrination. They obviously know what happened in Germany using the same technique

Why No Credit for Stay-at-Home Moms? No importance in today's "progressive" America?

As frustration grows, airports consider ditching TSA

More of Obama's fundamentally changing America! Americans ‘Double Up’ in Recession-Strained Quarters

Under new Obamacare regulation, doctors will have a financial incentive to counsel patients on end-of-life care on a massive scale starting January 1

Where are the jobs? For many companies the answer is "overseas"

Shy of her first anniversary on the federal bench, an Obama-appointed judge known for promoting “racial tolerance” has ordered U.S. taxpayers to provide criminally convicted immigrants with “diminished mental capacities” lawyers to fight deportation

Inappropriate Involvement Between NYC Mayor's Office & Ground Zero Mosque Developers

Specter of Communism in New York

Evangelical Lutherans lose another congregation to leftist lifestyle taking over the church

Dollar Touches Three-Week low Versus Yen After China Rate Hike

Via the UN, Obama thinking of giving parts of Manhattan back to Native Americans? Let's give them San Francisco, instead

Woman arrested by TSA at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down (At least this one didn't die.)

Remember when all the media's progressive's laughed at Sarah Palin talking about death panels? Well now Obama returns to that End-of-Life Plan that (cough) never existed

The Conference of National Black Churches says the Black Community continues to suffers From Abortions, Poverty

Judicial Watch! Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Sue ICE For Rights Violations

Great day for celebration for progressive women in America! Planned Parenthood's Federal Funding Rose to $363.2 Million in FY 2008-2009, Aborted 324,008 Unborn Americans in 2008

As America Celebrates Christmas, Rev. Franklin Graham Says Secular 'War' Rages Against Christians

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Commutes Sentence of Man Sent to Jail for Owning Guns Legally

TSA not above committing petty acts of vengeance

Obama's Good News is Bad News for America

Now this Marxist, Harvard graduated U.S. President, who hates business success, says Credit Checks are Racially Discriminatory

Two-Trillion Dollar debt crisis threatens to bring down at least 100 U.S. cities

GOP leaders demand laws be constitutional

Struggling U.S. town looks to China for help

Congressmen respond to FCC’s net neutrality plan - Will push back in 2011

Members of the Islamic movement which seeks to establish a universal caliphate have established their newest charter school on a U.S. Marine base in Kailuna. The school, which will be funded by US taxpayers, is called the Mokapu STEM School

You are living in the United Socialist States of America (USSA.) U.S. proposes cellphone ban for truck drivers

Watch out! More Obama union pay-offs in the works

NPR Liberals are now openly apologizing – Forgive the Expression – for Using the Word “Christmas” On the Air

A small-town bank in Perkins, Oklahoma, reported our Federal Reserve won’t allow it keep religious signs and symbols on display on its Web site or in its lobby

NAFBPO Speaks Out on Murder of Border Patrol Agent

Obama quietly erasing borders - Dem administration advancing 'North American Union' agenda

Did you forget this story of 2006? Did you forgot Rome fell in a day? Did you forget the water aqueducts are no different than the Internet aqueducts? Beijing secretly fires lasers to disable U.S. satellites

Mother, Health Group Sue McDonald‘s for ’Baiting’ Kids With Happy Meal Toys

Judicial Watch - U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will decide if and when schools can have bake sales and the agency has the authority to ban them all together

Get these Marxist out of our government! Climate Change is ‘One of the Greatest Threats Facing Our Planet,’ Says Agriculture Secretary Vilsack

The North American Union is alive and well in the Obama administration - Janet Napolitano signed, with little fanfare, an agreement in Mexico that would extend special "trusted traveler" access to the U.S. to an estimated 84-million Mexicans!

Mainstream media DOA on arrival - this is from a British newspaper! Muslim woman teacher sues Chicago school after being denied three weeks unpaid leave to make pilgrimage to Mecca

Climate Distortions Were Achieved. National Weather Agencies Are The Trojan Horses

The Tribe of Young Unbelievers Increases

Environmental Protection Agency regulations could make it difficult for Americans to stay warm this winter

In an environment where Obama says terrorists acts are only man-made disasters, Michelle Obama Says Child Obesity is . . . wait for it . . . a ‘National Security Threat’

Under Progressive Democrat leadership U.S. home values set to drop 1.7 trillion dollars in 2010

Judicial Watch - In this age of terrorism, can you believe Feds Lose Track of who owns more than 100,000 Airplanes?

You won't believe what you paid for GM bailout!

Hollywood's pagan environment takes down another teenage role model, Miley Cyrus Caught Taking Bong Hits on her . . . wait for it . . . 18th birthday

Parents Pull Son Out of New Hampshire School Over Assigned Book that Refers to Jesus as 'Wine-Guzzling Vagrant and Socialist'

The Chinese Handset Wars Are On - After years of trailing global giants, mainland Chinese companies are surging with their cheap smartphones

When American voters elected a Communist, they got one! Members of Prayer Caucus demands President Obama issue a correction for referring to our National Motto as, “E Pluribus Unum,” when, in case you didn't know, it's "In God We Trust."

High school student faces expulsion for accidentally leaving unloaded hunting rifle in car

Waco Berkeley City Council considers a resolution that would declare the Army private suspected of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks a hero

Catch-and-release of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan angers troops

Jobless Recovery?: 25 Unemployment Statistics That Are Almost Too Depressing To Read

Medicare Director, who said Health-Care Systems 'Must' Redistribute Wealth, says He's delighted with Obamacare

Wachovia Policy Now Allows Christmas Trees

WikiLeaks releases list of global sites 'vital' to U.S.

White House Says Amnesty Will Make U.S. Smarter

America's Park Service's intent of changing history: brushes off mistakes about historical record of founders

FCC Commissioner Wants to Test the 'Public Value' of every Broadcast Station in America!

Hold the Brownies! Feds try to stick their nose into your school's Bake Sales

State-‘Controlled’ Russian Company Set to Take Over Wyoming Uranium Mines

DREAM Act would add at least 2.1 Million illegal Aliens workers to American Job Market

Border Drug Tunnels Put Warehouses Under Scrutiny

WikiLeaks, The New York Times, and Double Standards

Investigator: Gov’t fogging Obama’s Connecticut ties

American food safety bill not what it seems

Right on schedule! Obama’s Peace Partners Vow Not to Recognize Israel

Remember what the Smithsonian did at the Air and Space Museum in 1994 - At the Smithsonian, history grapples with cultural angst

April 2010 - Did you miss this story? Homosexuals, liberals, and lawyers continue their attacks on the Boy Scouts of America!

Pastor on trial for witnessing to Muslims . . . wait for it . . . in Wichita, Kansas

How ACORN walked away with half a million in taxpayer dollars from DHS for ‘fire prevention’

SHAME ON THE SMITHSONIAN, calls porn diversity while denigrating Christ on a cross at Christmas

Southern Poverty Law Center, formed by Julian Bond and that Obama's Homeland Security used in 2009 to say anti-abortion protestors and returning vets very potential terrorists, now lists 13 Christian organizations as hate groups, which include American Family Association, Coral Ridge Ministries, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, Liberty Counsel, Traditional Values Coalition, and the National Organization for Marriage.

Smithsonian Christmas - Season Exhibit Features Ant-Covered Jesus, Naked Brothers Kissing, Genitalia, and Ellen DeGeneres Grabbing Her Breasts

Marxists at work! Florida School Bans Christmas… And Christmas Colors

Progressive's sacrificial lambs, as SEIU that supported Obama's healthcare drops Health Coverage for Workers’ Children

Amazing! Netflix Stock Hits $200 as Value Tops $10.4 Billion - More proof Americans are hypnotized by the entertainment media and not what is going on around them. A Plato moment for the U.S.?

Heritage Foundation - EMP Attacks: What the U.S. Must Do Now!

What's Happened to Public School Curriculum?

New Atheist Billboard Calls Christmas a Myth

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society

FBI investigate as Bristol Palin is sent mystery substance in fan mail, which turns out to be talcum powder

Dems want to hand $44 billion to illegals - Provisions in Dream Act qualify undocumented for fed money

Another Obama stealth land grab: Salazar and the NCLS

Al Gore: I was for it before I was against it!

FORD builds most advanced factory in the world . . . wait for it . . . in Brazil. Why? Because Obama's UAW wouldn't allow it!

Ground Zero Mosque Builders Apply for $5 Million From 9/11 Rebuilding Fund

Cap and Trade Returns

Denying Americans Their Own Energy

Members of Congress Exempt From TSA AIT Full Body Scanners

Obama Tax Hikes: The Economic and Fiscal Effects

Marxist Obama uses office to give nation's highest honor to socialist activist who brought communism into America's biggest union

Teachers Unions - The Dinosaur in the Classroom soiling America's jewels

Get this useless Harvard professor off our backs! 'Coal war' with Beijing next hit on U.S. economy

DREAM Act: Democrats try again to stick to America to pay for another voting block

Boehner: GM Bailout Hurt ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Americans

DREAM Amnesty Supporters Show Zero Interest In Unemployed Americans

Naked truth behind ‘naked body scanners’

OPEN SOCIETY: Soros Explains The Anti-Capitalist, Pro-Marxist Tactics He Uses to Fundamentally Transform Countries

Podesta: Obama Can Use ‘Armed Forces’ to Force Progressive Agenda

Home Depot gets into your face and and pushes social engineering, giving gifts to thousands of homosexual activists

The Big Bad Loser RINO Wolf with the far-left family home is baaaaack compliments of RINO Arizona voters, trying to lasso the new sheep.

Political Correctness invades the NCAA! University of North Dakota Prepares to Ditch Fighting Sioux Logo

Stunning! Army report ignores Fort Hood shooter's religion

Greenspan: High deficits could spark bond crisis

New Jersey warns TSA: Stop breaking the law at our airports!

Obama Redefines America's Gift to the World . . . and of course it's got nothing to do with a special nation

Student Banned from Displaying American Flag on Veterans’ Day Gets Help from Liberty Counsel

Americans line up to join 'no-fly' list - Tolerance maxed out for TSA security's voyeurism, molestation, radiation blasts

G-20 Summit: US a global punching bag

Watchdog wants probe of Google's 'unusually close' ties to Obama

America is falling apart at the seams! - Pledge of Allegiance Debate Divides NY School District

Credit Rater Downgrades America - U.S. loses it AA Rating with China

Jewish Nanny Mayor Bloomberg's latest health campaign - cut salt from soup, as New Yorkers look more and more like the walking dead!

Defeated Democrats Pen Letter to Implore Pelosi to step aside

In a Marxist Obama World - NASA: Lost in Space!

"People are becoming vegetables."

Financial revolution next for U.S. - Recovery is a cover up!

Democrats go Back to the Future of the 1930'

China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals

Stunning Defeat for Progressives in Europe - Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed!

China Emerges as a Scapegoat in Campaign Ads

Original Hershey Chocolate Factory closing in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Judicial Watch - "Drunks in Bunks"

Obama fundamentally changing America - Marriages in 2009 at record low level in one-hundred years!

Trade War begins - China puts tariff on imports of American chickens

Home Depot goes out of it way to push homosexuality on contractors and customers . . . includes employee training

In the Way of the Prophet - Ideologies and Institutions in Dearborn, Michigan, America’s Muslim Capitol

The people of the next great super power get it - Chinese Factories Now Compete to Woo Laborers

China renews Google's license - From the company's mission statement, Do No Harm?

Twisting the Constitution to kill God

In Pennsylvania, the price of gas is polluted water

Not in America! - DNA egg swap in UK prevents rare diseases in babies

Three new families instead of the lost one? - Three Russian families willing to adopt Russian boy kicked out of American family

Twitter is watching you . . . New technology tells the world where you're tweeting from!

Forget About the Economy… Statist Obama and his Radicals in Congress Plan to Revamp YOUR Education System Next

Finally some encouraging news - IBM Tops in U.S. Patents for 17th Year

Lame Stream Media Warns of Grave GOP Danger, takes heat off of Obama and Christmas bomber

Political Correctness continues to kill the United States - Berkeley's Unbearable Whiteness of Science

What Can Americans Expect in the Next Two Years?

Defending Indoctrination

Why Are you giving up your Freedom?

China to bid on U.S. High-Speed Rail Projects

Toyota outsells GM worldwide in first half

Now Toyota replaces GM as top global automaker

China Pharmaceutical Trade a Prescription for Disaster

No China Trips by U.S. Food Inspectors


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