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A personal observation of today's America, and why it's time we took our country back from the mainstream media.



Glenn Beck published facts on his Web site a few weeks ago about what American troops were doing for the Iraqi people, facts our self-anointed media just continues to refuse to report. He told the American people how our troops have helped many thousands of schools to open and have supplied millions of text books in Iraq for the children of an abused people . . . some finding their way into Saddam's wood chippers leaving families behind.

Glenn also reported the millions of cell phones that were now in use where there had been none, along with the fact that 98% of the Iraqi children have been given shots for freedom from diseases American parents take for granted as an everyday event.

Gee, I didn't know that. Did you?

So let's ask the appropriate question. Why did this information have to come from Glenn Beck to get to you? Let me repeat that. "Why did this information have to come from Glenn Beck to get to you?

Let's discuss some issues that are truly troubling about those that run our media today.

Did you know that a senior executive at AP dumped the word "terrorists" the year after 9/11, the arrogant elitist saying it had no meaning. It was reported he told his editors to instead simply refer to the terrorists as "bombers," as if they had blown up a gas station off of Route 3 in Jersey. Reuters put up faked photos on the Web during the Israel and Lebanon War in 2006. And I bet you forgot about the L.A. Times several years ago moving the position of a rifle in a photo from pointing down, to instead pointing at civilians. The person holding the rifle was an American G.I. and the civilians were Iraqi citizens.

Novak: Wilson did not forcefully object to naming of CIA wife in column

You must also know the news media lied about the Valerie Plame leak, her husband knowing all along that it had not come from anyone at the White House. But the press harassed Carl Rove in front of his home anyway. Do you think they did that to the real person that had leaked the information once they discovered it several years later in 2006? Actually, revealing the truth instantly became a non-story in newspapers that marched in step, ones Rush Limbaugh calls the "Drive-by Media." We don't know one that ever apologized for leaving their crap all over Carl's name, and only God knows what was left on his lawn.

Here's more.

So what did the mainstream media report on an event that took place to protect the Scouts from a law suit by the ACLU? Actually, nothing as virtually all outlets ignored it.

I'm talking about the U.S. Senate voting 98 - 0 to allow youth groups including the Boy Scouts of America to be able to walk on government property and be mentored by our men in the U.S. military. The ACLU was suing to prevent it, so we can only guess that so many Americans were furious to cause the Senate to vote to prevent the vile membership of the ACLU from having their way with America's young boys.

So again, what did the media do with this positive story about the Boy Scouts? You know what they did. They did nothing with virtually no reporting on this historic event where the United States Senate had to become involved against the members of a private organization that were trying to rewrite the basic elements of our American society.

Support our Scouts Act of 2005 (Introduced in Senate - S 642 IS - Senator Frist / Vote 98 - 0 - Vote 204 - S-1042

This non-reporting illustrates a very simple philosophy of today's media that goes like this:

When the media doesn't report an event that goes against the grain of its liberal agenda, than the media can assume its readers and viewers will probably never know that the event even took place, knowing they are too busy to do otherwise.

Here's a test to prove the point. Let's see if you know the answers to the following questions.

You've likely heard the name of Matthew Shepard, an adult who was murdered in Wyoming. But did you know about a boy named Jesse Dirkhising, and what horrific act was done to him? We bet you didn't.

Ten year old Jeffrey Curley, murdered by NAMLBA members.

And did you know there is a grieving mother out there in America, who is in her seventh year of a law suit over the horrific murder of her 10-year old son in 1997, as the Massachusetts courts along with the ACLU and the North American Man / Love Boy Association (NAMBLA) do all they can to hold up the suit in hopes she will run out of money? I bet you don't even know the name of this grieving woman and why her story could be important to the safety of your own children?

I had asked a sort-of conservative journalist at a large northeastern newspaper if he would consider publishing her letter that was asking for help in getting justice for the death of her young son. But he wrote back saying it wasn't worth the harassment that would be brought upon him from his other peers at the newspaper. Did you know this could happen at one of your nation's largest newspapers?

We didn't either, but now we do!

Did you know there is a professor at one of America's most prestigious universities who advocates, among other things, sex with non-humans (animals)? Did you know the university president defended his hiring by saying that the university needed to be more open to other ideas?

Did you also know that high achieving high school students at graduation ceremonies are now being asked to remove their unique colored tassels so they don't offend other students?

Allow me to now ask you this.

Protest in Dearborn, Michigan, July 2006 on behallf of the National Councl of Arab Americans.

If you think the media is not against your right to know, during the Israel and Lebanon conflict in July of 2006, do you remember reading that over 17,000 Muslims had raised their fists against Israel? You may say, "What does that matter? They are always protesting in the Middle East."

Well, they weren't protesting in the Middle East. They were protesting on American soil in Dearborn, Michigan! This happened because most of the mainstream media has an issue with offending Muslims, so your right to know becomes trashed in the process. This type of non-reporting has a name. It's called political correctness. In Germany in the mid 1930's political correctness began to tell the German population that Jews were less than human. Ten years later six-million Jews had been murdered or turned to ashes in human ovens.

You see, these elite editors feel they are above you . . . that you really don't understand what is best for you. So they decide what you may read and what you may not read. You have become their uninformed child and that's exactly where they want to keep you.

Does this impact your freedom of running your democracy? What do you think?

If you didn't know any of the information I have just provided to you, and this to be just the tip of the iceberg, how could you ever make an intelligent decision in the voting booth or at a school board meeting? I ask the question because it's your democracy, not the media's. No one else owns it unless you gave it away to the media to watch over it for you.

Did you do that? If you did, shame on you.

So let me ask this again. How can you make an intelligent decision about the events happening around you if you're not being given the facts? That's an interesting question, isn't it, because we don't know how you can either.

Now here is a fact about the journalist trade we bet you didn't know.

A 2006 annual Harris Poll showed that the American people who thought the journalist trade would make a good career ran about 16%. Then there was the poll of the public's trust of the journalist trade, which seems to stay in the 45% range. Journalists love to tell you when a president's numbers are low but somehow forget to remind you that their numbers are in the toilet, too.

So here is a real useful present for you, wrapped in a reminder of what was given to you about 250 years ago. Look back now to those few who had put their lives on the line to breath life into a new idea for their time. . . an idea they had thought up, wrote down, and then proudly placed their John Hancock's on. They would call it the Declaration of Independence . . . a piece of parchment that today protects you and your family from harm's way while allowing you to worship to whom and what you want without fear of intimidation or harassment.

But t he year BEFORE the signing of this Declaration of Independence by patriots who would forge your country, these brave to be Americans had also written a warning document they called the Declaration of Arms. Stop and click to read the words of the men who had fought with their very lives for your right to know. When done, come back to answer the following questions.

- Would you have had the courage to put your signature on this document?

- Would today's Congress even tolerate this kind of language?

- Would you think that Ted Kennedy and John Kerry would call you a traitor for writing this document?

- Do you think you would be sued by the ACLU, calling you insensitive and divisive for having been involved in the writing of this document?

Yet it was men of steel like the ones who wrote the Declaration of Arms that gave you the free society you and your family live in and enjoy today. All that is required of you is to protect their original investment. Is that so hard?

Did you ever think that your forefathers might have expected YOU to run with the ball, and not hand it over to the mainstream media? The fight of your forefather's freedom was passed to you, not the media. That's a fact. The media was assigned to only report to you, not run your life. That's all they had to do. They were even given the right of free speech so they could do their job without excuse. You, on the other hand, were assigned to make the decisions. That's why they said this Republic was of the people, by the people, and for the people. What don't you get about that?

This was all based on a very simple concept. The media reports. You decide.

Can you now finally admit that today's very powerful news media outlets such as CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN, and with the blessing of the stealth organization, The American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), are not the friend of your democracy anymore especially if you're a moderate or a conservative of any shape or form?

We have discovered that maybe you will be able to add the Weather Channel to this list of politically correct organizations, as its employee, Heidi Cullen, threatens to have certificates removed from forecasters who do not follow her spin on global warming.

Beginning in the 1960s, those who controlled the media began to realize they could not only report the news but could also create and even change or color the news. They learned through suppression and non-reporting that they could even undo the news. Don't you find it frightening that the media is able to so easily trample on your right to know and the heritage left to you by others . . . others who had fought and died for an idea they believed was a better way to life for humans to live under?

The mainstream news media is doing what it does best today, and that is to take care of itself while protecting its turf with a vengeance. It is represented by an alphabet of far-left organizations with socialist intent. . . the ACLU, NEA, NAMBLA, GLAAD, NOW, a list that goes on and on. And you thought they were protecting your American ideals!

Political Teen tells it like it is!

So let's move onto the media's greatest crime of all and how they have damaged the efforts of those brave young men and women who serve our country overseas today.

First, I want to ask the media, "What did you do with all those wonderful stories about what our citizens in uniform have been doing for the good people of Iraq? Where do you put them?"

We don't know and why we ask. In fact, we don't know who knows. Only those who run the media can provide us with the truth, and we have proven they are not very good at doing that.

We have been advised that this little girl's entire family was executed by insurgents who thought they had killed this little girl, too, shooting her in the back of the head. But she survived. She is being cared for by one of military's best, John Gebhardt, who has been watching over her. She had been crying and moaning, this soldier's love being the only thing that would calm her down for four nights while she was struggling for her life.

Thank you, sir, for a job well done. We will not forget the representation you have done on behalf of all of us back home.

Thanks for the heads-up by Jim Doremus, New Jersey

But more troubling, what has this done to the future prospects of the Iraqis themselves, like the proud grandmother above with the purple finger pointing in the air? Has the American media denied them the freedom that had been at hand, which our military had been forging for them over the last few years?

What happened to their stories of success? We know the stories were ready to report to the American people because our troops told us so again and again they had accomplished them, individual men and women who has a group would not lie . . . proud to serve.

Did you ever think about this, while pouring eggnog at your last holiday family gathering, how these unique people have been denied thousands of stories that should have been placed upon the world's stage by our media . . . about a society wanting to only celebrate their lease on life from 30-years of oppression?

And what do you believe our troops overseas must think, discovering that these cowards of the keyboards, the ones responsible for reporting the news of their achievements in the field, have instead been suppressing to the folks back home about the personal efforts the troops were doing to get the job done the American way . . . the only way they know how.

Did you know the leader of the pack, the New York Times, whose editors have discredited our troops in Iraq, were also reported to have tried to discredit our military's efforts right after they had won World War II, telling them to come home . . . that they were wasting their time in Japan and Germany trying to democratized those societies while writing on their liberal pages that it couldn't be done?

We believe the media is dedicated to an agenda that hopes you continue to stay on the sidelines, just as you have been doing for many years now, giving up on the players who have been taking a beating on the field of battle in your name.

Now maybe you'll finally understand what is happening in your country and how a few arrogant and selfish managing editors want to change history and steal away your American dream into the dark of night.

Will you change anything? Probably not. History teaches us that once a country slides into the human cess pool it just keeps on moving.


Webmaster, 2007


My grandmother had a name for people like the Republicans, it is called Mensch. (If you do not know what it means, ask your Jewish friends.)

"Thank you Michael for a book well done."



Facts About Life in Iraq at the end of 2006

The leading cell phone company Iraqna is set to take in nearly $520 million in revenues in 2006. That follows a record year in 2005 of $333 million. The leading export of Iraq is producing nearly $41 billion in revenues. In 2004 there were only 8,000 registered companies with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - today there are over 34,000.

While we in the U.S. are thrilled to hear about GDP (gross domestic product) coming in at around 4% (so much so that it begins to bring down our national debt faster than expected), imagine enjoying Iraq's GDP growth of 13% in 2006. Which followed a record year in 2005 of 17%.

Since 2003 the salaries of average Iraqis have risen in excess of 100%. In addition the Iraqi government has slashed the income tax rates from 45% to just around 15%. That has resulted in the average Iraqi family being able to develop long term nest-eggs (we call them IRAs).

Gasoline is only .56 cents a gallon. It wouldn't be that high except that Iraq decided to payoff some of its debt to the World Bank and are using energy profits to do so . .
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