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Note: The links and resources on this Web page are intended only for those who wish to data mine news and resources on this specific subject matter from the period of time starting with 2007, when Obama was running for office, until the near end of his term in late August 2012.




Let's Talk

A true oxymoron - Hillary and the heroes of 9/11.


Hillary using early activist training from Saul D. Alinsky, the extreme socialist. while claiming MediaMatters as her idea.

John 3:16 . . . in Congress? - November 2007

Even the writers of the Old Testament warned their readers about what comes out of the mouths of liberals - Duh!
Isaiah 32:5-8 - June 2007

The Moral Decline of Corporate America

Enron Movie - The Smartest Guys in the Room.  (Photo - Kenneth Lay, CEO, Enron.)

If you don't understand how the three major networks can go so far to the left, along with cable outlets such as CNN to allow the transmission of a terrorist's video shooting a GI's, not to mention the vile New York Times and other SP newspapers, then you really still don't understand the meaning of greed and corruption at the highest levels of America's corporations. We call it Bill Clinton's real legacy to the American people of, "I did it because I could, ass holes. "

Watch trailer now. - If playing, turn off piano music at homepage.

A Great Boulder Moment in Public Education - May 2007

Saw This One Coming - March 2007

The Word "God" Not Permitted On Flag Certificate - October 2007

A 17-year-old Eagle Scout from Ohio reportedly was denied the request to have a certificate read, "This flag was flown in honor of Marcel Larochelle, my grandfather, for his dedication and love of God, country and family."

The Future of Marriage - March 2007

"What this uproar tells us is that America is no longer a moral community. On the most fundamental issues -- abortion, promiscuity, homosexuality, euthanasia, sterilization, cloning, and the creation of, and buying and selling of, fetuses for research -- we are at war. What part of the nation sees as progress, the other sees as depravity." - Patrick Buchanan, March 15, 2007 - (on comments by General Peter Pace)


So whose the father?  It depends which vulture made it into the bedroom of Anna Nichole Smith, the new poster girl for America's values.
Best of Ramirez Cartoons
You can't made this stuff up. Nobody says it better - "the truth hurts."
America, America, the slut? You decide.


New billboard advert for Sony's white PSP has caused consternation across the US videogaming community. The ad shows a white model dressed entirely in white threateningly grasping the face of a black model. Next to them are the words, "PlayStation Portable. White is coming."


Ted Turner - He is what's wrong with America and why it will fail

On the Appointment of Professor Peter Singer to Princeton University!

Political Correctness gone amuck?!

Britain’s Ongoing Disappearing Pigs - Now Operas!

Oops, there's even more - a cross, a veil , and personal values. What's going on in liberal Britain!

Wow, and even more as everyday Muslim taxi drivers around the world refuse to pick up passengers with dogs or wine.

Wake up Christians! You're being cleansed from the America your ancestors formed. But who is doing it to you? Surprise, surprise!

Then read about Democrats on sex and children - October 2006

Who would believe that Hitler was a Christian? You should not be surprised.

Hitler reserved special scorn for the Christian values of equality and compassion, which he identified with weakness. Hitler’s leading advisers like Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich and Bormann were atheists who hated religion and sought to eradicate its influence in Germany.

In his multi-volume history of the Third Reich, historian Richard Evans writes that “the Nazis regarded the churches as the strongest and toughest reservoirs of ideological opposition to the principles they believed in.” Once Hitler and the Nazis came to power, they launched a ruthless drive to subdue and weaken the Christian churches in Germany. Evans points out that after 1937 the policies of Hitler’s government became increasingly anti-religious . . . read more

According to Woodward, insurgent attacks against coalition troops occur, on average, every 15 minutes, a shocking fact the administration has kept secret. "It’s getting to the point now where there are eight-, nine-hundred attacks a week. That's more than 100 a day. That is four an hour attacking our forces," says Woodward.

So Bob, since this is all being done for the media's and (your) attention and seduction, it looks like it is actually working. So when will their road show start on America's shores at malls and other soft targets? I mean if it works, why not bring it home to you cowards of the media.

(Remember in Bosnia, where the people had had it with the constant propaganda of their media, punching out the reporters?)

The Story of Little Miss Purple Riding Hood meeting the Big, Bad, Mainstream Media Writer.

Political Teen tells it like it is!





Dear Brave Iraqi Grandmother:

We don't know how to tell you this, but the mainstream media journalist (surprise) Bob Woodward says its getting too tough for him and his progressive buddies, and therefore you need to take your purple finger and stick it where the sun don't shine, just like his mainstream media did to your other associate, the beheaded Afghan school master who only wanted to educate girls using his need freedom.

Girls!? And not a peep or an award from NOW for this hero, murdered in front of his children? Oh my God, now we all know the truth. The proof is in! NOW is not about women. It's about screwing others.


WARNING - new findings from the well-respected legal organization, Judicial Watch

Clinton Pushed RU-486 in First Official Act, Report Shows

May 15, 2006,
Randy Hall

“Judicial Watch’s research of the Clinton Archives has turned-up additional, never-before-seen records detailing Team Clinton’s strong support…for attacking the pro-life movement and aggressively expanding the abortion ethic, especially with abortion funding.”

According to the documents obtained last February from the National Archives at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark., Clinton ordered the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the FDA to coordinate the marketing of RU-486. He did so in his first official act three days after moving into the White House in January 1993.

Clinton had received advice concerning the abortion regimen in a letter from Ron Weddington, whose wife, Sarah, had advocated for the legal right to abortion as an attorney in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case. In urging the legalization of RU-486, Ron Weddington wrote in a Jan. 6, 1992, letter to Clinton. "Something's got to be done very quickly. Twenty-six million food stamp recipients is (sic) more than the economy can stand." The "president-to-be" should "start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of the country," Weddington added.

"Our survival depends upon our developing a population where everyone contributes," he wrote. "We don't need more cannon fodder. We don't need more parishioners. We don't need more cheap labor. We don't need more babies."

"Weddington's ravings were not relegated to a file for unsolicited constituent correspondence," the Judicial Watch report notes. "On the contrary, the Weddington letter is, chronologically and philosophically, the foundation document for the Clinton RU-486 files." . . . read more

Webmaster: A truly shocking news story, showing that the attitude against other humans in 1930's Germany is alive and well with the far-left wealthy elites of this country. Recent scientists in a standing ovation had been told by a guest speaker that the world could be saved with 90% of the humans removed from the face of the earth. We assume this elitist would be one of the "intelligent" 10% to remain, not much different than the thinking of the Third Reich to the lives of German Jews. So where do you think the wealthy,

Al Gore, is heading with his control of the earth's climate, a very dangerous man who almost became president of the United States. Hey, Hollywood, forget the phony Da Vinci Code movie. You have a real story right here that will raise the hair on the back of all theater goers, Hollywood stars probably already involved with their contributions and support of organizations like MoveOn.org. Who knows, if these people want to spread a virus that will kill many of the world's population while they get inoculations. Silly? No different than the Da Vinci Code, this one more real and possible. Get smart or get dead?

Boulder Colorado - The Coming French Revolution?


| ACLU | ASNE | In Memorial | Killing Fields | Madalyn Murray O'Hair |
| Mouth of Madness | Planned Parenthood | Sheehan | Viagra | War Over Words | Watermelon Ice Cream |


Frightened? You better be!


We know that federal biologists need only claim that an endangered species inhabits a piece of private land for that land's value to be wiped out. If protecting species that really are in danger is a laudable public purpose, then the public should pay for it, and not saddle private landowners with the costs.
Victims of the Endangered Species Act

Click on "Trailer" hot link to watch this disturbing film on America's extremely serious and growing  border war.

Fixing Illegal Immigration In 10 Common Sense Steps - June 2007

Left-Wing Extremists Want to 'Reconquista' Southwest - July 2007


When Propaganda Becomes the Meat of Your National Media - Ouch!


"OUCH AGAIN," but you can't be surprised, eh?

You didn't know the background of the ASNE and that their managing member newspaper editors can discriminate against people of religion when hiring journalists?

It looks like the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) discriminates against people of religion for being hired as journalists by their own mission statement of record on diversity hiring as recommended for the nation's newspapers.

Click above is view the copy along with the actual Web URL where this diversity mission statement was published by the ASNE and the word "religion" has been purposely left out.

The ASNE probably believes it has taken the high ground here, just as GLAAD's PR manager, Kathy Renna had also believed when she said, at GLAAD's fall convention, that homosexuals now owned the high ground with the press, bragging that GLAAD at the time had over 1,500 members in newsrooms across America to sway the news in GLAAD's favor.

If you're religious, war was declared on you by GLAAD's members in 1999 and you didn't even know it. Shame, shame. Freedom is knowledge. Use it or lose it, Christian couch potato!




Joy to the World . . . "for the ACLU?"


Watermelon Ice Cream

Watermelon Ice Cream.

"Is it really just a treat or does it reflect your elite American lifestyle?"


While Washington, D.C., and the American media have seen fit to take Idaho Senator Larry Craig to task for his misdemeanor guilty plea and subsequent attempt to withdraw it, there seems to be a convenient lack of discussion on why an otherwise seemingly well-adjusted, successful politician, who is married with children, would proposition a same-sex encounter in a public restroom . . . read more


What if it was your son's death that was to be America's acceptable collateral damage?

The Stories of Jeffrey and Jesse


The Real Signs of Intelligent Life Forms in San Francisco

Next time you're forced to visit the city with the Golden Arches, review these signs to remind you they don't like to hear your opinions. If going there at the end of December, remember to say, "I'm so excited to be here on winter vacation," so you don't offend them. They love controversy, but only their own. If you're in the armed services, think twice about showing up in uniform. And if you pass an S&M shop, it isn't an ice cream chain.

And don't bring your kids. Families are reported to be already trying to leave the city as fast as they can.


Source: "Why the hell not?"

"It is simply amazing to us that the city, which heralds itself as the most diverse in the nation, is also the most intolerant, emulating an environment of hate that had allowed the creation of a Third Reich."


The Gestapo


"Guided by that view, the Supreme Court has come to resemble a Super Legislature, handing down policy decisions that cannot be appealed. Even if its decisions were wise, if a Super Legislature made up of nine unelected justices with lifetime tenure is not the rule of man, it is hard to imagine what is. It is certainly not the rule of law."

Source: War over Words, Margaret A. Wilson, World Magazine, December 10, 2005, - Scroll down to see this magzine's side bar article.


HumanEvents - August 22, 2005 Newscom/Melanie Gomez/Gamma
Venezuela is sole owner of record of Citgo.
Photo source: Miraflores Palace via Reuters / MSNBC, January 30, 2006
Cindy Sheehan, the antiwar activist. Chavez recently had as his guest Harry Belafonte, who called President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world."

Proof again flies always seem to find the pile.

We, too, have a son in the military serving overseas, his losing two Marine bros in Afghanistan against Taliban drug lords on Mother's Day in 2005. It was Taliban profits that provided financial support to enabled terrorists to destroy the Twin Towers in NYC and kill over 2,700 people on its soil. (duh.)Note: AP's yuppie senior management disagrees that those who took down the twin towers were terrorists, down playing them as only bombers in AP's articles. I guess that means the AP will now report on street gangs as only being "neighborhood motivational participants." Your enemy is not only overseas.


Political Teen tells it like it is!
Compliments of Against the Grain / Fox News

Read about the day the Iraqi's put their finger up against all odds and voted for a Democracy. Hey David Letterman, why do stand in the way of this woman's future? Focusing instead on that American dream of making even more money, laughing all the way to the bank?

“Anybody who doesn’t appreciate what America has done and President Bush, let them go to hell!” Source: Iraqi Citizen, Betty Dawisha

The Bible, proving again that the human character hasn't changed in close to 2,000 years, notes the human tongue is no different than the rudder of a ship that directs its way through the water. To that end, the following should interest you:

"On the bright side, Sheehan shows us what Democrats would say if they thought they were immunized from disagreement. Sheehan has called Bush "that filth-spewer and warmonger." She says: "America has been killing people on this continent since it was started" and "the killing has gone on unabated for over 200 years." She calls the U.S. Government a "morally repugnant system" and says, "This country is not worth dying for." I have a feeling every time this gal opens her trap, Moore gets a residuals check.

Evidently, however, there are some things worth killing for. Sheehan recently said she only seemed calm "because if I started hitting something, I wouldn't stop 'til it was dead." It's a wonder Bush won't meet with her.

Ann Coulter: HumanEventsOnline.com, August 22, 2005; page 6.


Killing Fields


My Mother, my brother, and my daughter were murdered!

Statement by William J. Murray, son of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, on May 1999 on the murder and kidnapping of his famous mother, who was directly responsible for removing prayer from America's public schools.

Read his statement on the Religious Freedom Coalition Web site


Sweden's rush into the mouth of madness. Into The Mouth of Madness?


Women Sign 'We Had Abortions' Petition
(So Proudly we Hail? I think not!)

And you thought the Incas were a sick nation. No longer around, eh? The more things change, the more they remain the same.


Pfizer connects its erectiion drug to a singer who died of AIDS. ---

Pfizer chooses "We are the Champions" to represent their product.

"More than just Freddie, Firestone showed how AIDS can ravage a community. The book starts with a humorous "cast of characters" with dozens of people who played roles in the tragic-comedy that was Freddie's life. The book ends with the same cast and their present whereabouts. More than a dozen also died of AIDS."

Nate Schweber, Kaimin Arts Writer, Kraimin Online

Queen's recording of "We are the Champions" was ironically chosen by Pfizer's corporate office to musically represent its erection drug, Viagra, its television and cable ads showing older straight American men dancing around in the street, sometimes by themselves or the opposite sex, while the viewers are asked to assume they all have just relieved their prostrate glands for the first time in eight years.

"We are the Champions" was recorded by Queen's lead singer, Freddie Mercury, whose alleged desire for excessive sex with some saying it was extended to between different lifestyles probably lead to his demise through his contracting an STD that ended in his dying of Pneumonia from complications of the AIDS virus . . . a microscopic organism that held the final vote on when Mercury was to shut down his short career.

Mercury was just the tip of an iceberg that was to come in the world, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC) reporting that half of all the youth in America today will probably have an STD of their own when reaching the young age of only 25-years, not exactly a story one would attribute to champions. Mercury died at the age of 45.

However, as these almost all white American men are shown to be dancing around in the street via Pfizer's ad after their having experience an erection, the biggest and best erection of all may ironically come from the Chinese as they put America in its place, their manufacturing, technology, and high-tech graduates now outstripping the USA. (See bottom section on Michael Moore on this page for stats.)


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