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Obama Continues To Ignore Horrific Murders

On day one of Obama's swearing in, former Republican White House Web site announces federal hate crimes legislation by demanding the passage of the "Matthew Shepard Act.” The site did not mention protection for reverse hate crimes to children and adults, such as in the horrific murders of Jesse Dirkhising, Jeffrey Curley, Jason Shephard, and Mary Stachowicz.

Read Barbara Curley's plea for justice for her 10-year old son's murder.

Jeffrey Curley - 1997 -Murdered at 10-years old.

Why is the press ignoring Jeffrey's mother's plight against NAMBA's Web site supported by the ACLU?

Read the police report on Jesse's torture and death.

Jesse Dirkhising - 1999Murdered at 13-years old.

Why did the presses stop all across America on reporting the death of this boy? It's called political correctness created by the socialist organization and friend to NAMBLA, the ACLU.

This service exists for one reason, and one reason only. The founders are tired of reading stories about missing 9 and 10 year old children killed by registered sex offenders, and decided to do something about it.



Photo source: Reuters / Pete Foley (US) - Yahoo! News

We hope this was not the first thing Jeffrey and Jesse saw as they entered Heaven. Tell the boys it's just a Pride thing, and nothing personal.

This Memorial is not put up to offend but to set the record straight lest we forget that freedom is always in danger when knowledge is suppressed.

The deaths of two boys, Jesse Dirkhising and Jeffrey Curley, and others has proven without a doubt that liberal managing editors of newspapers across this country no longer trust you to be able to make the right decisions for America. They instead want to make these decisions for you by suppressing stories they don't want you to know about.

If you remember, newspaper and television networks went out-of-their way to expose the abuses of several priests within the Catholic Church on young boys, the church having to pay tens of millions of dollars in retributions to many of their victims, some who were now adults.

Yet these same media outlets not only never called upon GLAAD to explain the abuses set upon the above two teenage boys by men, but never printed for the public their original stories and the heinous ways in which they were murdered. The priests who were caught at least never tired to kill their victims, while these men not only killed them, but did unspeakable deviant acts to the bodies of these young boys while taking away their civil rights.

American parents across the country need to begin to finally feel the pain for the parents of these two teenagers, because the media did not . . . and will not. These murderers forced objects into Jesse's bodily openings causing unconscionable and excruciating pain until he was dead. Then in some weird act his killers defecated on his body, which was tied down by duct tape to a mattress on the floor.

Little Jeffrey, on the other hand, was sat upon by his adult attacker in the back of the attacker's car, a rag filled with gasoline held against the young boy's face until the ten-year old was dead. It was alleged from the killer's diary that the man took the corpse back to his apartment and "played with it."

How could this not be reported across a nation in a world of Elizabeth Smart abductions? To answer that, you might want to also ask how could six-million Jews could be so horrifically murdered by intellectuals and elitists who enjoyed fine art, expensive wines, and classical music?

These things happen only when political correctness is allowed to run amuck supported by educated intellectuals who think they know what's best for you, as they openly exhibited in their actions in Nazi Germany, and now more recently in the United States starting around two decades ago.

GLAAD's national PR representative in 1999, and only a few months after Jesse's murder, openly bragged to a joyous membership that GLAAD now owned the presses, reporting six years ago that GLAAD had 1,500 member journalists infiltrated into press rooms across the United States, and no longer did journalist need to get the other side of stories.

And managing editors across the country said nothing . . . because it was true.

That's why when anyone dared to ask why the news stories on Jesse and Jeffrey were suppressed by the media, GLAAD immediately stepped in calling these people "homophobic," just like the Nazis had labeled those Germans who questioned the arrest of their Jewish friends as "sympathizers."

Yet the media readily printed GLAAD's press releases on the matter of the suppression of Jesse's story, the elitists of the Star Ledger of New Jersey actually pointing to this GLAAD press release and saying it was proof Jesse Dirkhising's name had appeared in their paper.

With the murders of Jesse and Jeffrey, you have been lied to by the media with your right-to-know trampled upon. And if you remember anything, remember this! When you contact your managing editor, you're almost always communicating to a supporter of GLAAD, NAMBLA, or the ACLU.

You can click below and read the details of the murders of these two boys along with the police report on Jesse's death. And while George Soro and the ACLU support Air America and other liberal media outlets that criticize Fox News, they do so because Fox News will not jump onto their propaganda bandwagon and join them in deceiving the American people.

It was only Fox News that was interested enough in Jesse's death to cover the trials of Jesse's murderers, where in contrast the ACLU actually joined with NAMBLA against Jeffrey's parents, who had only wanted NAMBLA's site taken down simply to protect other young boys from being murdered.

The ACLU said it was a critical free speech issue. Jeffrey's murderer, in a report had said it was NAMBLA's material that had helped him in killing the young boy. This suit has now been going on for over four years, with the ACLU continuing to side with NAMBLA pro-bono. The courts obviously have no interest in causing problems for the ACLU or NAMBLA, seeming to hope the matter will go away.The one mistake the Jews made was to do nothing while Germany was being taken over by pariahs and deviate German citizens in the late 1920s.

They sadly discovered there was a tipping point of no return, paying heavily for that mistake. Without America's military and its Allies finally coming to the rescue of the Jews in 1945, those remaining in camps would have wiped off the face of the earth by their politically-correct elitist murderers.

If you believe what happened in Germany can't happen to your values and beliefs in America, then you truly deserve the future that awaits you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Now you need to ask the media why it has not demanded GLAAD or NAMBLA to pay retribution to the parents of these two murdered boys, as they so actively did with Catholic priests for their living victims. They will not, because the media is now filled with supporters of the ACLU.

Click here for the truth about these boys and their murders.


Refection back to 2003 - "You can't say you didn't know."


Video of Jason Shephard remembered.
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Source: Keloland

Young intern killed for sex, no outcry follows -'Silence is deafening' - Nov. 06

A prosecutor maintained Monday that 23-year-old Jason Shephard “underwent a horrific death for an unspeakable reason” at the hands of William Smithson.

“This defendant killed Jason Shephard over his desire to have sex with this young man,” Assistant District Attorney Thomas Lawrie told a packed courtroom, in his opening statement, as the murder trial for Smithson got under way.

Lawrie charged that Smithson drugged the intern and then while attempting to undress him, Shephard began stirring and tried to fight off the sexual attack. Lawrie charged that he will show the victim had defensive wounds on his hands and face indicating he was trying to fend off a rape when he was killed.

Daniel Hall, the former lover of William Smithson, testified Monday he received an urgent call from Smithson on Sept 19, 2006, and he traveled from Virginia believing there was hope that they would reconcile and that he thought the defendant was in financial trouble . . . read more

A 27-year-old man, who described himself as a “responsible drug addict,” testified today for the defense in the murder trial of William Smithson and told of sex, drugs, pornography and the “twisted fantasy” of another man to drug and rape somebody . . . read more


Mary Stachowicz, mother of four, was stuffed under floorboards by her homosexual murderer
Photo - Americans for Truth

Why Not The ‘Mary Stachowicz Hate Crime Act’? Killer escapes death penalty.

Last November, Nicholas Gutierrez, who had worked with Mary Stachowicz at the F. J. Sikorski Funeral Home on Chicago’s Northwest side, was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering her. Days after her murder, authorities found Stachowicz’s raped, battered, stabbed and strangled body in a crawl space beneath the floorboards of Gutierrez’s apartment above the mortuary.

In addition to being vaginally raped, sodomized, and sustaining 10 fractured ribs, Mary suffered 11 stab wounds in the head, face, and neck due to Gutierrez attacking her with such ferocity that the tip of the steel hunting knife used to commit the crime was bent. Afterward, he stole money from her purse, attempted to hide the killing, and “even ate meals at the table he placed over the floorboards covering Stachowicz’s body,” according to a June 27 Chicago Tribune report.

Mrs. Stachowicz’s children described their mother as a supportive woman who cooked holiday meals and took them to church every Sunday. Ruffolo told the Chicago Tribune that her mother would have given Gutierrez the money he stole from her, if he had only asked. Ruffolo added that Mary never got to see her three sons get married or meet her five grandchildren, one of whom was born the day Gutierrez was convicted of her murder.

In her victim impact statement, Ruffolo told Gutierrez, “You took all of that away. Why couldn’t you take your own mother and leave mine alone?” . . . Read More


Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring

A team of international investigators infiltrated an Internet chat room used by pedophiles who streamed live videos of children being raped, rescuing 31 children and identifying more than 700 suspects worldwide.

Undercover officers in Britain, the U.S., Canada and Australia busted up the pedophile ring using surveillance techniques more commonly associated with fighting terrorism and organized crime.

The chat room, which was called "Kids the Light of Our Lives," featured images, including live videos, of children, some only months old, being subjected to horrific sexual abuse, said Jim Gamble, chief executive of Britain's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center.

"You could go and if you were in the club, arrange a time and a place when online you could view a child being raped and brutalized in real time," he said . . . Read More


High School Offers Homosexual Porn, Parents Complain - Mar. 08

Parents in Deerfield, Ill., are upset that a local high school is using books in advanced English classes this spring that they say are laced with graphic sexual content, pervasive expletives and mockery of religion.

Worse, the books - "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes (Parts 1 & 2)" - are required reading for advanced placement English students at Deerfield High School, but a parents' group wants them removed.

"Who would have ever thought that we would be handing out pornography in public schools?" asked Lora Sue Hauser, executive director of North Shore Student Advocacy, and a Deerfield parent.

"The fact that this was required is even more astonishing," she told Cybercast News Service.

Hauser cites numerous examples of offensive passages from the text, including the following:

Man: What do you want?
Louis: I want you to f*** me, hurt me, make me bleed.
Man: I want to.
Louis: Yeah?
Man: I want to hurt you.
Louis: F*** me.
Man: Yeah.
Louis: Hard?
Man: Yeah. You been a bad boy?

(They begin to f***.)

(Louis slips his hand down the front of Joe's pants. They embrace more tightly. Louis pulls his hand out, smells and tastes his fingers, and then holds them for Joe to smell ... they kiss again.)

Hauser said her group formally challenged the use of the books in school, and a school district committee reviewed their challenge . . . Read More


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