Jeffrey Curley - 1997 Jesse Dirkhising - 1999

This Memorial is not put up to offend anyone, but to set the record straight least we all forget.

The purpose of this continued memorial is to keep alive the memory of the deaths of these two boys until our fellow Americans force their national organization, GLAAD, to come out with an aggressive press release to the American media and the American people that proclaims leftists do not support any other homosexuals who murder young boys for sex or self-pleasure . . . and that they also openly disavowed past and future intentions of any homosexuals to hurt and take the life of children.

This was not the case in 1999 when GLAAD supported with their silence the adult men who murdered Jesse Dirkhising and never condemned their heinous act to the public. It was the day the presses of newspapers across the United States stood still, virtually all refusing to report Jesse's murder and throwing sand on his warm grave. Even the Fox News Channel (FNC) reported the event, asking what was driving all these newspapers and media outlets to march in rank step.

Then several months later when a few groups asked why virtually no newspapers or television network had touched the story of how Jesse Dirkhising was murdered, GLAAD's executive management basically went out of its way to make them into bashers, hissing and calling them "homophobic." This arrogance by GLAAD was made public through their official press release in the fall of the same year as Jesse's death.

Suddenly, newspapers were now delighted to carry Jesse's name when used in conjunction with GLAAD's PR statement. This was proven two years after Jesse's murder in a 2001 through a paid computer search of the archives of the leftist New Jersey newspaper, The Star Ledger, looking for any story that ran in the paper where Jesse Dirkhising's name appeared. Only one story came up on the screen. You guessed it. GLAAD's 1999 press release. The Star Ledger obviously never through his murder was important enough to carry a story of its own, as did virtually all other newspapers across the country.

And to make matters worse, in the same year that Jesse died, GLAAD had continued their arrogance by instead pointing to the death of the adult (1999), Matthew Shepard, saying it was an example of why America needed a national hate-crimes bill. Newspaper editors and network television news hosts "gladly" supported GLAAD that Shepard's death was a hate crime, printing so many of GLAAD's press releases it looked like the media was trying to wallpaper the world.

In the end, Matthew's death was never a hate crime as the evidence had proved six-years earlier. He was murdered by three young men who were drunk, drug users, and already high school losers.

To show the arrogance that even can come from lawmakers in Washington, D.C., Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, the state where the other boy, Jeffrey Curley, was murdered, ignored the outrageous death of Mrs. Curley's son in the U.S. Senate and in its place embraced on the senate floor the position of GLAAD's membership for a hate-crime's bill. This is also the same Senator who called Bush a liar.

We'll never understand Kennedy's ignoring the pain of Mrs. Curley to the U.S. Senate nor demanding action. Rose Kennedy and her three other sons were fine Americans, my father knowing Mrs. Kennedy through a business acquaintance in Palm Beach, Florida. Mrs. Kennedy understood and respected the values of the vast majority of Americans. We would hope the Senator would finally support a "Jeffrey Curley Day" in Massachusetts as a strong statement that the death of any young boy will never, ever again go unreported by the nation's newspapers for the purpose of political correctness . . . nor should the media ever again manipulate the public's trust through being influenced by private organizations on what it prints and doesn't print, in this case the ACLU and GLAAD.

But it doesn't stop there. It was also no accident that Cathy Renna, PR manager for GLAAD, reported to GLAAD's Convention that GLAAD's membership now had the high ground with the media . . . that journalists no longer needed to get the other side of a story! She bragged that GLAAD had members in over 1,500 newspapers at the time to push GLAAD's agenda.

Renna's arrogant statement was given to GLAAD's membership only MONTHS after Jesse's death in the fall of 1999, tied to the same homophobic press released that was mentioned above.

GLAAD never distanced itself from the two men who secured thirteen-year Jesse Dirkhising's young body to a mattress with duct tape and murdered him while pushing objects into his anus. Nor did GLAAD openly apologize to Jesse's mother, saying they would never support this kind of behavior with a child. They instead embraced Jesse's death as some kind of weird acceptable collateral damage for their cause. Collateral damage, if you remember, was the same excuse used by the Oklahoma bomber for his knowingly killing children who were in the daycare center on the Fed building's 2nd floor on that fateful day he rocked a nation.

Now the national newspapers and television networks are doing it all over again with another murdered child, Jeffrey Curley.

Since his mother's lawsuit being brought against NAMBLA several years ago to pull down its offensive Web site, the media is STILL TO THIS DAY actively suppressing the story that the ACLU's membership has been defending NAMBLA pro-bono against Mrs. Curley's efforts to protect other boys from being murdered through content found on NAMBLA's Web site. Remember that the ACLU's membership includes thousands of arrogant university professors, elite actors, and Hollywood producers that also stand against this lone mother. The ACLU's reason? They say it's a matter of free speech.

Jeffrey's death was not much different from Jesse's, a devious crime founded on the search for ghoulish self-pleasures.

In the back seat of his car, Jeffrey's murderer sat on him while pressing a gasoline-soaked rag against the little ten-year old boy's face until he was dead. It was alleged by the police that the man then went back to his apartment and violated the boy's cadaver, later saying it was information from NAMBLA's Web site that encouraged the him to try to hide what he had done from the authorities. This is why the mother sued, trying to protect other boy's and their parents from the pain she and her husband had to endure through her son's senseless murder, the event now six-years old.

In the deaths of these two boys, the cowards in the news rooms of almost all newspapers and all network television networks have never called upon GLAAD to accept responsibility concerning the deaths of these two young boys through its support of NAMBLA, nor asked GLAAD to immediately disavow the murders and the forcing of anal sex upon them, or otherwise. Again, Jeffrey was only 10-years old and Jesse, thirteen.

In 2005 the parents of Jeffrey would be celebrating his 16th birthday while the mother of Jesse would be celebrating his 19th. We were saddened to recently discover that the parents of Jeffrey Curley had taken down his memorial page. We think the site should stay up until the mother's suit is aggressively supported by the mainstream press to force NAMBLA's agenda to its knees, an agenda that is reaching out for legislation that will allow boys down to ten-years old to give permission to have sex with men.

What makes this all so much more troubling is the filing of an ACLU brief in Kansas City in 2002, saying that boys down to 13-years old should be able to give permission to have sex with anyone they want. So there is more to this strange marriage of the ACLU and NAMBLA than meets the eye, which the media will not investigate. It's obviously involved with the agenda's of these organizations, one hand washing the other.

Yet this same media aggressively didn't blink an eye going after some Catholic Priests with a vengeance, yet none of these Priests had ever murdered a single child to hide their unpriestly acts as the men had done who murdered Jesse and Jeffrey. Double standard? You bet!

Now with reports that the Canadian legislature has allowed Canadian boys down to 14-years old to give permission to have sex with anyone they want, you can see the ACLU licking its chops believing adults are no longer watching over the safety of their children when it comes to behavior.

If you think you live in a country where the Fourth Estate protects you and provides continuous coverage of similar stories of outrage from parents like those of Jesse and Jeffrey, then you're living in a world where denial is a river in Egypt. It's sad when the job of reporting on the murders of these boys is left up to independent Web sites. But Freedom is Knowledge . . . knowledge meaning you cannot depend on the media to inform you of the truth. You must search it out for yourself.

Newspapers and national television networks actively color the news you see and read, many seeming to believe you cannot be trusted to make the right decisions with the information they are holding back. That's why they are called elitists and hate any news organization that cannot be controlled, openly mocking* outlets such as the Fox News Channel. However, according to the Arkansas police representative that I spoke with last year, it was only Fox News that chose to cover the trial of those who had murdered Jesse Dirkhising in 1999.

When everyday non-advocating leftists around the country finally put pressure on the ACLU and GLAAD to stop this political correctness when young boys are murdered by their own lifestyle, I believe Americans may finally be able to begin to accepted them as really embracing the same values as all parents who love their children, no longer seen as only mouthing them. I think the same goes for the Boy Scouts, and why agendas cannot be trusted until this is all resolved in the open where those who murder young boys will be held accountable not only by society, but aggressively by the community itself.

Having been unsuccessfully attacked by a man when I was sixteen-years old, I will stand by these two boys until their murders are properly reported by the press so they can finally be laid to rest with justice served.

"In Memorial" (Scroll down for Jesse's police report)



* Note: It has become painfully obvious that the press is no longer made up of blue-collar journalists looking out to help the everyday Joe on the street because they love their profession. Too many have evolved today into white-collar, career hungry individuals in an open environment where managing editors of major newspapers and TV networks serve a personal agenda for power to move the nation to their way of thinking. They arrogantly view the American public as so many cattle that can be easily herded through manipulation or suppression of the news when they deem it necessary.

Be aware, there is a word for what some are doing. It's called propaganda, exactly the opposite of what was intended for the Fourth Estate by those who sacrificed their lives when forming this unique democracy.

Our founding fathers had created this Fourth Estate (in addition to the other three) that would be free to report events helpful to the American population when making decisions about their country and government, and thereby protecting the fabric of the democracy into future generations when they were gone.

But instead, today's media more and more undermines your Republic by pushing a secular and socialistic agenda that would emulate those that are worshiped in elite countries of Europe. Is this what Americans want for their country? Let's hope not. Just look what's happening "over there."

France is destined to become a Muslim nation through its high abortion rate, younger Muslims needed for the massive missing labor pool. The Netherlands is a haven for sending out child pornography around the world. Swedish law allows sex with animals and will put anyone in jail who openly opposes homosexuals having sex with children. Canada, which also emulates Europe, allows children down to 14-years of age to have sex with anyone they want without parental interference. And in Germany, the Neo-Nazi Party is on the rise with over 5,000 protesting in Munich in early 2005.

And now in the far-left Netherlands, pedophiles have formed their own political party to change laws for the purpose of dropping the age of consent for sex with children down or below 12-years old along with sex with any animal without restriction.

America more like Europe? I don't think so. For managing editors and network news moguls wanting Europe's non-religious and valueless lifestyle for America, we must certainly have some really strange people running the media. But who gives them the power to abuse their leadership of the Fourth Estate?

Actually, you do! You give them the power. And you can also take it away when you're ready.

How? Stop buying or supporting their product they produce. Without money in the form of subscriptions, viewership ratings, and profits from movie theater tickets, CDs, and DVDs, they are helpless.

As the fairy princess said to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, "You've always had the power to go back to Kansas."






"Freedom is Knowledge"